2017 Spring Training, 3/18


Groups 3 and 4 faced the Yankees at the Complex today.  The work groups published yesterday have changed or are just a suggestion from day to day.  The group 3 line up consisted of catcher Cabral, infielders D. Hall, Stankiewicz, E. Marrero, L. Williams, outfielders Randolph, C. Duran, Coppola, and DH Barbier, and Laird.  Group 4 was made up of catcher R. Duran, infielders Wojciechowski, Brito, Gamboa, Stobbe, outfielders Alastre, Moniak, Maglich, and DH N. Martinez and Matos.

Nick Fanti started for group 4 and pitched 3.0 innings.  The lefty made his first appearance since returning from his WBC stint with Team Italy.  Fanti only pitched a few innings (three, I think) in game conditions during his absence.  Here are videos of six of the batters he faced. video1, video2, video3, video4, video5, video6.

By my count, Fanti went 3.0 innings allowing 1 hit and striking out three.  He gave up a double to Blake Rutherford who advanced to third on a wild pitch/passed ball. Rutherford took too wide a turn around third and Rodolfo Duran gunned him out, Cole Stobbe applied the tag.

Arquimedes Gamboa made a nice play at short, going into the hole and throwing a batter out at first.  The play is in one of the above videos.  He hit a ground rule double to the left of the batter’s eye in center field that accounted for group 4’s first run.

Cole Stobbe video.

Mickey Moniak video and video2.  He cleared the bases with a double to fight field in the second one.

Luke Maglich video.

I think group 4 won 4-1.  Over on the other field, group 3 was shut out 2-0 on three hits.

Waguespack video, and video2.

Coed Sandberg video.

Darrick Hall video.

Jan Hernandez video.

Zach Morris video, and video2.

Henri Lartigue (pronounced Henry Larteeg) had a double.  I missed it walking around the backstop for a better view.

The same groups will be at the Complex tomorrow.  I don’t expect to be though.

Pitchers are charting pitches and recording velocity with radar guns.  They also have to work the scoreboard on Ashburn Field.

A lot of family members of our young prospects read this site.  Many have approached me over the past two weeks, and some I have approached.  It is gratifying to hear the nice comments they have about Phuture Phillies.  I’m happy to provide them with a glimpse of what their boys are doing, and I’m especially glad that we have the best and most informed readers of any Phillies site.  They don’t all read the comments, but those that do had nice things to say about you guys.  I’m proud to provide the service to you and them.


14 thoughts on “2017 Spring Training, 3/18

  1. Jim headed down Monday again, I think the aa/aaa will be playing Pitt, the Phils have a off day will they be in camp also? Thanks for any info.

  2. JP…thanks for the outstanding videos.
    Even watching Nick Fanti’s mechanics and delivery reminds me of a younger Cubs’ pitcher Jaime Moyer.

  3. I think most of Group 3 and group 4 are fighting it out for Lakewood full season spots. Some of group 3 will be at Clearwater but not many

    1. Yes, Shawn Williams is still with Group 2. Almost all the position players I expect to see on the Threshers are still with him. There’s no clear first baseman yet, so maybe Darick Hall has a chance to stick. And it’s not clear where they plan to start Randolph, Lakewood’s not out of the question.

  4. “They don’t all read the comments, but those that do had nice things to say about you guys. I’m proud to provide the service to you and them.”

    I swear Jim, even the sweet way you write about people makes me happy to be a reader!

    These recaps, and the background explainers of what the players are up to (tracking pitches, working the scoreboard, etc) are fascinating and relaxing reading up here in the icy north.


  5. Down in West Palm Beach for the season. The Rays FOX affiliate showed their game with the Phillies this afternoon. Was really excited to see our boys play. Granted, they only started three regulars, Hernandez, Rupp, and Galvis, but they were absolutely pathetic!

    The first twenty two batters went down in order. No balls were hit hard. What a disappointment! I know that Tommy Joseph is a catcher by trade but he looked terrible at first base. Fortunately, Eichoff pitched well. Glad I can vent here on PP.

    1. ciada,

      I was at the game and it wasn’t quite as depressing. Stassi made some really good plays at 1B stopping balls that would otherwise have been hits. Some balls were hit hard, but right at people. Eickhoff had nine Ks and no walks in six innings. Some of the Rays offense would not have happened in a regular season game as the relief pitcher would have been given the hook earlier.

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