2017 Spring Training, 3/15

Spring training games continued for the minor league groups today.  Groups 1 and 2 (AAA and AA) traveled to Bradenton to play the Pirates.  Groups 3 and 4 (A+ and A) played at the Complex.  The youngest players hosted a JuCo squad from Southwest Missouri.

Adam Morgan started for Group 3 and promptly gave up a lead off home run to the Pirates first batter.  They continued to make solid contact for a couple batters before he settled in and dominated.  Morgan pitched four innings and kept the young Pirates off the board the rest of his appearance.

Adam Morgan video.

Group 3’s line up included – 2B Chandler Hall, CF Mickey Moniak, C Edgar Cabral, 1B Darick Hall, LF “C” Randolph, 3B Luke Williams, RF Cord Sandberg, DH David Martinelli, DH Luke Maglich, SS Emmanuel Marrero.  Andrew Knapp came over with Morgan and acted as his catcher.  He batted in each of the first four innings before returning to the major league camp with Morgan.

With the Phillies playing at night in Tampa, there was a larger than normal crowd at the Complex.  I shot a few videos from the less than optimum location behind home plate.

Mickey Moniak video.

Moniak reached on an errant throw by the shortstop his first at bat.  He successfully stole second.  His father was in town this week.  I spoke with him on several occasions during the game.  Mostly baseball talk without the intention of printing any of our conversation.  It’s not like I asked for an interview, although he knows I write for Phuture Phillies.  However, I don’t think it would be unethical to share one observation.  I brought up Mickey’s weight gain and asked where he put it since it wasn’t obvious to me.  Mr. Moniak concurred that Mickey had gained weight since signing when he weighed around 172 pounds.  He said that he can see a difference in his hips/thighs and arms, and that he weighs 190-192 now. ,

David Martinelli video.

Luke Maglich video.

Seranthony Dominguez pitched a couple innings.  He began by striking out the side in his first inning.

Seranthony Dominguez video.

Darick Hall had a heck of a game.  The Phillies were held to one hit through the early innings.  Edgar Cabral doubled of the fence in left center for their second hit.  Hall followed with a bomb to right field.  Later he crushed another home run to left center.  Gkita got at least one of the homers on video.  I hope he’ll post it here today.  The Phils won8-2.

In the other game, Cole Stobbe hit a 3-run home run.  The line up was – SS Gamboa, 2B Brito, RF Carlos Duran, 1B Eldridge, 3B Stobbe, C N. Martinez, LF Alastre, DH Rodolfo Duran, DH Rivas, CF Matos.

I didn’t watch much of the game on the back field (It’s cold back there with the wind out of the north.  I’m not looking for sympathy.  I know you guys up north got plastered.  But, I offer this as a simple explanation why I didn’t spend any time with this group.)  Jhon Nunez started and Gustavo Armas followed.  The starting line up included C Luis Aparacio, 1B Edwin Rodriguez, 2B Jose Antequerra, 3B Keudy Bocio, SS Jonathan Guzman, LF Josh Stephen, CF Simon Muzziotti, RF Ben Pelletier.

Blue Jays tomorrow.  The A groups will be at the Complex, again.  Friday is a camp day. Probable intrasquad games in the afternoon.  We still haven’t found out which three minor leaguers were released Tuesday.  Narrowed it down to a catcher and two pitchers.

Nick Fanti is back from the WBC.  He traveled to Tampa with the big club last night.

I heard something today for the fourth time from another source.  The first source was the most reliable, but the sheer volume of people passing this tidbit along gives it a little credibility.  I don’t know if y’all care, but it appears that RH has received 3-4 offers of a minor league contract with an invite to major league camp like Jimmy Rollins accepted with SanFrancisco.  It is assumed that he is holding out for a roster spot like Chace Utley got with the Dodgers.  I wish him the best, but think a roster spot is a little optimistic after his last several seasons in pin stripes.

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  1. Weather-wise, I was in the sweet spot of the latest storm. 23.5 inches of snow fell. I love winter and snow but between February and March this year, well over 50 inches of snow has fallen. But I will be heading to Florida on Friday. Don’t expect to see any baseball but I’ll mention it to my outlaws every chance I get.

    1. Where are you from that almost two feet of snow assaulted you? We’re in St. Augustine, having arrived in the nick of time from Maine. My sister lives in Clearwater and we’ll cross the state for a “visit” soon. Coincidentally, it will be when the Phils are playing at a home game.

        1. My winters got a hell of lot better when I moved from Connecticut to the Delaware Valley in the 80s.

  2. One guy whose name I keep seeing mentioned favorably, here and elsewhere, is Darick Hall. After Hoskins, it seems like he might be the second among 1b prospects. A lefty bat with serious power, I’ll be following closely. Lakewood this year?

    1. The two most impressive bp bats to me last week were Martin and D Hall, two big lefty hitting 1b. I expect big years from each. They’ll both likely be the 4th hitter in their respective lineups.
      Every spring the battles I enjoy the most are to play at Lakewood rather than staying in Extended. This year is no different. Both A lineups yesterday were filled with guys fighting for a job at Lwood. Moniak and Hall are a given but battles are taking place everywhere else.

    2. 8mark,

      I haven’t seen Hall play, but watching from a distance last year I became interested in his potential. He’s one of my players to watch in 2017. I’m hoping for a Hoskins-like year at Lakewood.

        1. LOL – people here actually think Ryan Howard was better than Joey Votto? There is no comparison between the two – Votto is that much better, including years when Howard was at his peak.

          1. Votto has a lifetime .961 OPS (including a lifetime .425 OBP and .313 average), over 100 points higher than Howard’s and Votto is a better fielder and runner. IT’S NOT CLOSE!!!

            1. Votto is 18th in major league history in both career OPS and career OPS+ – ahead of guys like Hank Aaron and Willie Mays in those categories (overall, he’s not as good of a player as Aaron or Mays – but he’s right up there in the batter’s box).

            2. IDK Catch I think you’re trying to start trouble by providing the right answer to the wrong question

              I would not have traded RH’s age 25-29 seasons for Votto’s. From a pure entertainment and excitement value I’ll chose sixes 220 bombs to Votto’s 129 and the WS Championship and 09 WS.

            3. DMAR – I’ll choose the better player every time. I like and respect Ryan Howard and I wasn’t asking to erase the championships by any means. But if the issue is whether we would like another Ryan Howard or another Joey Votto – it’s a no-brainer. Votto is clearly the superior player.

    3. Probably, but there is no one blocking him at Clearwater if the Phillies are so inclined. With Kyle Martin likely moving up to Reading, that leaves Wilson Garcia and Damek Tomscha as probable first basemen for the Threshers.

  3. Just got back from Clearwater. Thinking about the games and the weather is making me sad. Enjoy yourself to all those going.

  4. Hey Guys – been stuck in a very busy audit season (financial statement), so haven’t had a chance to follow ST as closely as I’d like.

    Can anyone here project out the LHV/Reading 25 man rosters to start the year. Much appreciated!

    1. LHV
      Starters – Eflin (DL to start the year), Thompson, Pivetta, Lively, Appel, Asher
      Pen – Murray, Hinojosa, Nunez, Therrien, Vendette, Mariot, Garcia
      1b- Hoskins, 2b-Featherston (I think Valentin will be in majors), SS- JP, 3b-Gomez, C- Alfaro, LF-Williams, cf-Quinn, RF-Cozens, DH – Perkins , bench- Florimon, Logan Moore, a few others

      Starters-Pinto, Viza, Eshelman, Anderson, Garcia, maybe Liebrandt
      Pen- Arano, some others
      1b- Martin, 2b-Kingery, SS-Canelo, 3b-Walding, c-Bossart and Numata, LF-Pullin, cf-Tocci, RF-Brown, DH- Martinez
      I’m assuming they’ll lose Goeddel off 40

      1. Imo, Shane Watson should be in the Reading rotation to begin the season. He has nothing left to prove in high A.

        1. Every year, I mutter to myself, “This is the year for Shane Watson.” Every year. Last year, he finally had over 20 starts and pitched over 100 innings. He’ll be 24 this year and has had a serious injury or two or three. Maybe this will be the year or he’ll be selling insurance in Lakewood, CA by July.

          1. Let’s hope the organization’s future pitching success doesn’t hinge on how well Shane Watson progresses.

      2. It’s looking like Altherr, Blanco, Knapp, and Valentin as virtual locks for the bench. All are on the 40man roster. Which leaves Coghlan, Nava, or Stassi vying as the one NRI to make it. Luis Garcia or Goeddel may be moved either in a trade or DFA. Although he hasn’t had a great spring, Knapp may also be an eventual trade piece later in the season.

        I believe Kingery will be assigned to Lehigh. He’s 23 and showing he’s ready for a full season at AAA.

        1. I agree with everything you said except about Kingery, who I think will start at Reading. 4A guys will play 2b at LHV until Kingery earns a promotion. I also think Phils will keep Garcia as first call up reliever and therefore drop Goeddel, unless he gets hot and wins the job on the 25.

          1. Agreed. They also want Kingery to prove himself at Reading before promoting him. I think he’s too good to be there for very long. I expect him to be promoted sometime between May and June.

    2. @matt – looks like we are in the same field. but i ditched the audit work for a job that provides better work-life balance. I can see the following starting in LHV and REA:

      LHV Iron Pigs

      Starters – Jake, Lively, Pivetta, Asher and Appel (Eflin will probably start in the DL)
      Pen – Murray, Nunez, Vendette, Hollands, JDT, Mariot and Windle. I haven’t seen Hinojosa play so I assume he’s injured (if not he’ll start in LHV), the NRIs will request to be released and Garcia will be traded to PTBNL. Joey deNato can start in the pen if Mariot requested to be released.
      Position – C Alfaro, 1B Hoskins, 2B Valentin, 3B Walding, SS JPC, LF Nick, CF Quinn, RF Cozens
      Bench – C Moore, INF Mora, INF Featherston, OF/DH Perkins, OF Aguila

      REA Phils

      Starters – Pinto, Anderson, Viza, Eshelman and El Garcia (Leibrant will start in XST)
      Pen – Arano, Rivero, Richy, Davis, Hockenberry, Morris, Beal and Sanchez
      Position – C Numata, 1B Martin, 2B Kingery, 3B Walding, SS Canelo, CF Tocci, RF Brown, LF Goeddel (if not traded) or Tromp (if Pullin will start in the DL)
      Bench – C Fisher, INF Stanki, 3B Martinez, RF Campbell, OF Marrero (Green will start in XST but will join REA)

      1. Kuko, I noticed you have Walding at 3b for both Lehigh and Reading. Gomez will probably be assigned to Lehigh if they keep him. Somebody else listed Featherston as starting 2b at Lehigh. I can’t see giving him a starting position unless there’s an injury. He’s barely a AAAA player.

        1. 8mark…you never know about Featherston.
          Feathers is a MK guy. As the well-worn expressions goes…it is not always what you know, its who you know. He was a Rule 5 of MK when he was the Angels asst GM to Jerry DiPoto, who at the time was being jettisoned or making his own way out the door in a ‘friendly-feud’ with manager Mike S.

        2. @8mark – you’re right. I forgot to note that where Walding start will depend on Klentak’s plan with Flores, Gomez or Florimon.

          If I can make a revision – Featherston will probably start at 3B in LFH with Flores in the bench as util INF and Walding starts in REA as 3B.

            1. DMAR..I guess, maybe Featherston reminds him of himself when he played shortstop for Dartmouth back in the late 90s.

  5. Jim, Mauricio Llovera pitched two innings yesterday entirely from the stretch. Is that his usual delivery or might he be getting converted to a reliever? He was pretty effective as a starter last year but the Phillies have a lot of promising pitchers in the lower minors.

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