2017 Spring Training, 3/11

No report on the 10th.  I was at the Complex and took some video.  I’ll post them with today’s video.  Friday, another 20-plus pitchers pitched an inning apiece.  Saturday, some of the pitchers from Phillies’ spring training came over and pitched – Jake Thompson, Drew Anderson, and Ricardo Pinto.  A few pitchers threw more than one inning – Jose Nin, Matt Hockenberry, and Miguel Nunez.

You can access the videos individually from the links below, or you can access the PhuturePhillies channel on YouTube directly.

March 10th, 10 pitching videos plus one of Josh Stephen batting.

Bergans v Marrero video.

Bergjans v Curletta video.

Quinn v Brown video.

Dyer v Coppola video.

Phuture Phillies #13 prospect Harold Arauz video.  He went on to strike out the side.

Dominguez v Hernandez video.

Dominguez v Laird video.

Dominguez v Stankiewicz video.

Viza v Marrero video.

Viza v Sandberg video.

Josh Stephen video.

March 11th, 6 pitching videos.

Indriago v Stobbe video.

Hockenberry v Maglich video.

Hoffmann v Antequerra video.

Kelzer v Garner video.

Thompson v Walding video.

Miller v Garcia video.

A few more Phuture Phillies readers were in camp this week.  Justin, Jeff, John, Stu, and frequent commenter Murray with friends and family.  It’s nice to be able to put a face to readers.

The other day I referred to analytic equipment that the Phillies installed on Ashburn field.  I took a couple pictures so that you can see what I’m talking about.

View from the first base side, it’s inside the cage they built for protection
Here’s another angle from the third base side, it looks a lot like a computer monitor

And, if you ever listen to the Clearwater Threshers broadcasts, you are familiar with the voice of their play-by-play announcer Kirsten Karbach.  On March 21st, she will join Larry Andersen in Fort Myers and broadcast MLB’s audio coverage of the Phillies’ game against the Twins.

13 thoughts on “2017 Spring Training, 3/11

  1. We watched JP take bp in the morning and he started slowly struggling to find his swing. Suddenly it clicked for him in the last two swings of a round. Then his next round was 5 line drives and the next round was 5 line drives with several homers and the next round was 5 line drives. It’s fun to see something click like that for a player. He then went to the game and got two hits. It wouldn’t surprise me if those are his last at bats in major league camp with minor league games starting Tuesday. JP is definitely much stronger than last year’s version, it should definitely help him. FYI, other big bp hitters for me yesterday were Bossart, Hall, Curletta, Martin, Walding and of course Cozens and Franco. In Maikel’s final round he hit 4 straight homers and a 5th to the warning track. He’s got a future…. Cozens is just a beast of a man and hits balls farther than anyone in a while. Also FYI, Pinto pitched 5 innings so I don’t think he’s moving to the pen just yet.

    1. Encouraging, Murray. Your report coincides with Todd Zolecki’s on Phillies site. Crawford said he focused yesterday on going back through the box. Vs a tough lefty Howell in his first game AB, pulled a liner to RF. What a boost if he’s found something to build on. Let’s watch and see if it carries into minor league camp this week.

    1. Tim….as a one/two inning reliever, he can pitch every game….one day LH and the next RH.
      Is there any rule that prevents him from switching hands facing a batter?

      1. Tim….got the ruling….Major League Baseball instituted a rule before Venditte’s debut in 2015 with Oakland, forcing ambidextrous pitchers to indicate what hand they would pitch with before an at-bat. He usually throws righthanded against righthanded hitters and lefthanded against lefthanded hitters. Venditte has a glove that can be worn on either hand. The advantage goes to switch hitters, who are allowed to choose their side of the plate after Venditte indicates his hand.

    2. I assume now either Adam Morgan or Luis Garcia gets DFAed tomorrow when P.V. gets put on the 40.

  2. JIM, it was great to meet you and chat for awhile. I plan to head down from ATL again next year and look forward to seeing you there. Thank you for all you do to keep the rest of us informed. It is so helpful and I am so appreciative!

    ALL, for those who have not actually met Jim, he’s as considerate and genuine as the sacrificial work and humility of his writing suggests. And you should all know that he is very grateful for all the great comments so many of you regularly bring to the conversation to help make this such a valuable forum! I’ve only posted about 4 times total so I join him to express my thanks.

    JEFF (jet3ofus), great to meet and chat with you too! It was a lot of fun to watch your son’s excitement to interact with the players! 🙂

  3. Bossart is a favorite of mine big time. I saw him in LWD last year. Great game caller. I am a bit concerned about Seranthony’s body. Looks less lean than last year.
    Thanks Jim for all the videos.

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