2017 Spring Training, 3/9

No report on the 8th.  I was at the Complex, but I didn’t take any video and only made a few observations, so I saved them for today.  I gave a detailed account of the activities the players perform at each of their stations.  I saw that I missed two.  Position players spend rotation in the indoor batting cages.  And, pitchers rotate into the weight room.  

I saw Charlie Hayes walking to the outdoor cages and he stopped to talk when I welcomed him to Clearwater.  He has spent the past several years following his son on his career through high school and the Pirates organization.  Ke’Bryan Hayes was the Pirates first round pick in 2015.  It was while attending one of his son’s games on the road that Charlie Hayes ran into Joe Jordan.  Mr. Jordan suggested that Charlie join the organization in some capacity.  This year they were able to come up with a plan on the level of activity that worked for both.  Coach Hayes will go north with Lehigh Valley at the end of spring training but return to Clearwater in mid-June to join the GCL Phillies coaching staff.

I have a lot of video of batters during group four’s BP and of pitchers during the two intrasquad games.  I apologize for the quality.  My battery ran down and I had to switch from camera to cell phone.  Also the angles on some of the videos are not optimal.  It’s tough getting left-handed hitters from their face side.  On deck batters generally wait on the left side of the cage and usually block the best angles.  Also the the shots of the pitchers on Schmidt Field have to be shot a distance from the fence, so they are not as clear as I would have liked.

I noticed that when I put video directly into an article that it slows down the load when I access an article.  The more videos, the slower the load.  Since I have 35 videos today, I’m going to post the links individually.  Or, you can access the PhuturePhillies channel on YouTube directly – page 1, page 2.

Morning BP, catchers –

Juan Aparicio video.

Lenin Rodriguez video.

Nerluis Martinez video.

Rafael Marchan video.

Infielders –

Keudy Bocio video.

Caleb Eldridge video.

Luis Encarnacion video1, video2.

Jonathan Guzman video1, video2.

Greg Picket video1, video2, video3.

Raul Rivas video.

Outfielders –

Enmanuel Garcia video.

Malvin Matos video1, video2.

Simon Muzziotti video1, video2.

Ben Pelletier video1, video2.

Jhailyn Ortiz video1, video2.

Josh Stephen video1, video2, video3.

Alex Wojociechowski video.

Pitchers on Schmidt Field, I shot full at bats.  Some run longer than others.  In the early going, some innings started with a runner on first.

Sixto Sanchez video.  Sanchez looked good in his inning. He seemed to gain velocity from one batter to the next.  He jumped ahead of Muzziotti 0-2 and got a couple of foul balls before walking him on four consecutive pitches.  He got the next batter to pop up, and struck out Jhailyn Ortiz on a foul tip.  The coaches rolled the inning when he reached his pitch count.

Kyle Young video1, video2.  Young started with a runner on first and promptly picked him off before his first pitch.

Bailey Falter video.

Kevin Gowdy video1, video2.

And a couple of videos from Ashburn Field.  I ended up just watching the game here, the sight lines were better.

Franklyn Kilome video.

Tom Eshelman video.  He looked sharp in his inning.

I overheard one of the coaches describe the intrasquad games as “live BP for the pitchers”. A very apt description.  I’ll probably steal it and use it in the future.

Today was the first time most of these pitchers have thrown a live BP.  No one threw more than one inning.  Some innings were rolled.  And a very few, were asked to face an additional batter if they recorded three outs on too few pitches.  In addition to the 6 guys above, I saw the following pitchers on a mound – Leiter (pitched well), Whitehead (gave up two ground singles, then shut the opposition down), Leibrandt (pitched well, dropped a pop up and was ribbed mercilessly by the other pitchers.  He looks thinner than I remember, a lot thinner), Casimiro, Gilbert, Stewart, Nin, Miller, Beal (pitched effectively), Wander Perez (side-armer, gave young hitters problems), Waguespack, Hollands, Windle, Davis, and Mario Sanchez.

Since 4 teams were involved and 7 innings were played, 28 pitchers were used.  I only saw these 21.

Two hitters stood out.  Herlis Rodriguez went 2-3 in the game between the two higher level teams.  But the biggest contributor was catcher Joel Fisher.  He threw out a base runner, lined a double down the left field line, and crushed a three-run home run over the fence in left center field on Ashburn Field.  He battled through a long at bat before crushing a mistake.  I fairly certain the victim was LHP Tyler Gilbert.

Fisher had caught my eye earlier.  He manages to do things that get him noticed.  I know he’s not a prospect and that we are pretty deep at catcher right now.  But he strikes me as the kind of player who might just hang around as prospects fail or get traded.  Maybe he emerges as an Erik Kratz type of player.

More intrasquad games tomorrow.  First pitch at 1:00PM.

(Post script: The Phillies have installed equipment on Ashburn Field that will gather a lot of analytic information on pitchers.  It is on the fence behind the catcher, about 20-25 feet above the ground.  It was in operation today)

16 thoughts on “2017 Spring Training, 3/9

  1. Great reporting from the Edward R Murrow of Phillies journalism ! With reviews of our minors we can look into the future that promises much better results for the big club in the near and far future. Look at the season of ’17:
    The following young “gang” is likely to appear in the Phillie unis sometime in ’17—-
    Pivetta, Lively, Eflin, Thompson, Pinto, and possibly Drew Anderson who is slated to open at Reading. Besides these pitchers, appearances by these is likely:
    Crawford,Kingery,Quinn,Valentin,Knapp,Hoskins,Alfaro, and (hopefully) Williams.
    That looks like wholesale changes to the 25……today’s 25 roster will be almost unrecognizable at ’18th going into that season.

    Add Moniac to the future dream…..Happy days ahead.

  2. Oh, and the recent considerations of Goeddel should consider that his highest attainment in the minors was at AA ball before chosen in the Rule 5. Watching this skinny 6’2″ guy swing his bat is almost painful. IMO, the proper place for him to toil this year is at Reading. LV is crowded, any anyway he is not up to AAA ball. AA ball with give him a chance to return to the theme and place he left to join the Phils. Playing every day instead of occasionally at LV will benefit his growth. Also, where were the strength and conditioning people over this winter for him? he could use a bunch of that…as well as adding 15-20 lbs to his frame….

    1. It depends on whether the team plans in getting Curletta or Aaron Brown at bats because Tocci and Pullin, when healthy, will certainly play every day. This is called compression, not enough guys are graduating to the majors or getting released. Spring training, at the end, will see quite a few guys released. Goeddel however will most likely be released as a 40 man casualty when the team makes its final 25. Knapp isn’t helping the 40 situation either since the two veterans have clearly outplayed him.

      1. @murray – expect both Goeddel and Garcia to be DFAd to open needed roster sports and Klentak hopes that he can slip them thru waiver with poor ST stats.

        I heard rumors that Hannigan can be a potential traded candidate. Knapp’s role is to be the bat from the bench for situational hitting but he is putting bad hitting numbers. Although some thinks that Knapp’s hitting tool MLB ready for a bench role.

        If Goeddel is kept, REA is definitely his destination and if Pullin is not 100%, he may get some at bats there. But with a number of prospects to be added again in the 40-man by the end of 2017, there’s really no spot for Goeddel.

  3. Great report Jim.
    This kid Simon Muzziotti intrigues me.
    The Sox knew what they were doing, signing him.
    Though a year younger, he sort of has that Moniak look about him.

  4. Forgot to mention that newly bespectacled “C” Randolph ripped a line drive double into the right field corner. A couple years ago, some down here “worried” that he didn’t pull pitches. I always countered that he hit balls where they were pitched rather than trying to pull everything. Well, during batting practices this spring, he has been pulling balls over the fence. It was good to see him get around on a real pitcher today. Should silence the local critics.

    1. Randolph breaking out this season might be the biggest of the organization. Great to hear he’s putting more thump on the ball. His bat is his game.

  5. Joel Fisher, Logan Moore, Chance Numata…have to have mad respect for these guys. Grinders with selfless attitudes and tireless work ethics. That’s what the catching position is all about. Figure out how to get your swings in and weight lifting sessions around catching pens, scouting reports, helping the pitching staff level their mental states with everything from pampering them like the babies they are or digging into their rear ends when they need it. Easy to root for the minor league catcher.

    1. They’ve been starting around 10 every day and then break around 11:30 and then have an intrasquad game at 1:00. I assume tomorrow will be the same. Cuts from the major league camp are probably coming Sunday, in time to play in the Tuesday games.
      I watched some BP today, Hall impressed me the most.

  6. The reality of prospect development – 2 steps forward, today 1 step back at the plate for some of the kids. Kingery 3Ks….ooh, and a fielding error. Get ’em back out there tomorrow.

    1. Kingery looked bad today but he wasn’t alone. I counted 16 men left on base in a shutout, it was ugly. Kingery might go down in the first round of cuts Sunday, with any other AA guys.

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