2017 Spring Training, Full Squad, 2/19

Sunday morning in Clearwater and Jeremy Hellickson started our day with a live batting practice session.  He pitched to Cameron Perkins and Andrew Knapp.  I have some video of Hellickson’s performance, three pitches.  I do not have the video of Knapp parking the fifth or sixth pitch he saw in the handicapped parking section beyond the right field fence on Ashburn Field.  As he left the cage, I called over “way to bash” or some such witticism. Knapp grinned and nodded ever so slightly in acknowledgement.

Hellickson throws under the watchful eye of Bob McClure.  Knapp also banged a line drive off the horizontal pipe that likely would have been a single to center.  Prior to this session (which occurred before the team came out to stretch), Knapp was taking ground balls on the half-field at first base.  He did the same on Saturday.

Vince Velasquez throwing in front of Larry Andersen on Saturday.  One pitch on each video, Vince was taking a lot of time between pitches.  Either he couldn’t get comfortable on the mound or he’s been watching video of Buchholz.


Video of Jerad Eickhoff from Saturday’s workouts.

After the team completes their calisthenics and stretching, the position players have been going through base running drills on two fields.  Freddy Galvis who begged off the Venezuelan National team in the WBC due to a hamstring, hasn’t been taking part in these or any drills that require running.  The pitchers long toss in the outfield on Schmidt Field. When done their drills, the position players also long toss.

Saturday, the teams split into two groups and worked on pick offs and rundowns.  Sunday, they worked on throws from the outfield to second, third, and home; throws to the relay man, and throws by the infielders from relay depth to home.  The pitchers simulated a pitch off the mound to start the action.  They did a lot of standing around waiting for their turn.  The lines were a little shorter on Saturday as the pitchers scheduled to throw live BP were warming up on the Seven Mounds.  Sunday, there was no live BP other than Hellickson early on, so the pitchers waited for their turn during the defensive drills.

The defensive drills are followed by live BP if it is scheduled and then regular BP off the coaches.  Here are some photos from Sunday’s BP.

Cozens at bat with Quinn and Goeddel waiting their turns.
Cozens with Williams behind him
Quinn stepping into the batters box
Quinn with a high follow through

I think that is Steve Noworyta the Assistant Director, Player Development in the black shirt.

I saw Mickey Moniak, Cole Stobbe, and Kyle Young at the Complex today.  They were in and out in 20 minutes.  I think they went unnoticed by the professional autograph hunters.  I took great joy in telling them Moniak was there 30 minutes after he left.

At first glance, Mickey didn’t look noticeably bigger in spite of reports we received during the off season about a 20 pound weight gain.  I’ll get a better look tomorrow.  However, as he turned to leave, his arms looked to be considerably more massive.  I’m not prepared to say they have reached Alfaro-like proportions, but they aren’t Tocci-like twigs either.  It was a promising first glance.  I’m getting a little bored watching the same drills everyday, maybe I’ll just wait in the parking lot and see him when he arrives.

Phuture Phillies reporter talking to Coach Bob Stumpo

I spoke with Bob Stumpo after practice.  He’s holding his daughter.  That’s his wife between me and the stroller.  Bob took a construction and home remodeling job to be near his family, but missed baseball.  When the Phillies offered him an opportunity to rejoin the organization, he accepted.

Personal aside:  Bob coached my wife’s cousin’s son in little league.  He reached draft age this year.  He was a multi-position player who settled on catcher in high school, a three-year starter.  He is being courted by Duke, Kentucky, NC State, Florida, and Florida State.  He has not committed.  He was also an all-state wrestler and two-way football player in middle school.  He dropped football in HS, but is ranked second in the state at 195 lbs going into the state wrestling finals.  He was at a baseball classic this weekend taking BP off a former major leaguer.  I don’t remember his name.  He’s got 3-4 years of Spanish under his belt, too.  








17 thoughts on “2017 Spring Training, Full Squad, 2/19

  1. Thanks Jim, great stuff. I went to West Palm Beach yesterday and saw the Nationals and Astros. We bounced back and forth between the two. Amazing place, 12 fields. We watched Altuve and Bregman take bp and then walked over and saw Harper, Werth, Turner, and Murphy hit. That’s a lot of talent we watched. Also watched Turner take fielding practice. He’s nowhere near as good as JP in the field. The Phils have quite a ways to catch the Nationals in terms of talent unfortunately.

      1. My money also says they won’t get deep into the playoffs because that little “something” is missing – the Utley / Rollins component. I see the talented players aging, continued money problems using back ended contracts, and diminshment of their assets (Strasborg, the first baseman now a shell of his former self), through injury. They are paying huge amounts of money to players who have or will suffer declines .Lastly, their winter trade depleting the minor league system was ill advised and they still can’t find a closer. Other than Trea Turner and Harper (every other year ? ) I believe the window is in the process of closing, albeit slowly, but surely.

      2. 8mark…..have to assume Rizzo will not let the face of the Nats walk, but who knows. They still have Rendon, Turner and Victor Robles coming along. So they will not be totally decimated by monetary restraints.
        And Scherzer’s and Strasburg’s contract are pretty club friendly the way they structured it..
        But I am with you in the hope that the cycle swings downward for them.

        1. Financially, the Nats aren’t in terrible shape in the near term. As Romas points out, they have a ton of money deferred starting in 2022 and beyond for Scherzer and Strausburg and Werth’s $21m comes off the books after this year.

          Their real problem is that their core is aging (Zimmerman, Werth, Murphy, Scherzer, Gio) and their two star young players, Harper and Rendon, are both getting ready to hit FA and will demand big $$$. They will struggle to use the FA market to fill holes moving forward if they pay to keep both of them.

          They have some talent in the system but traded Giolito was a hit. Also think the Strausburg contract is going to be a disaster because he can’t stay healthy..

          1. In regard to the Nats I wonder if they are talking internally about that they can do with $300+ million if they don’t resign Harper????

  2. Given the current state of the NL East, I’m gauging the next 5 years based on the quality of the organizations as I perceive them. The Braves will give us the biggest run for our money. Atlanta simply has a good organization and have for some time despite a recent downturn. The Mets and Nats have not demonstrated that they’re taking their clubs in the right direction, plus the Mets seem to be under an injury bug curse while the Nats act like they’re multiple WS champs when they can’t win a playoff series. The Marlins have talent but don’t seem to have a clue what to do with them (i.e. Marcell Ozuna should be among the top 20 players in baseball but not the way they’ve used him).

    1. Although praising the Mets is hard for me to do I think they have done well for themselves they were competitive when we were even a little before and then had some lean years and now are pretty stocked with young pitching and a few decent young position players with few on the way, ugh I need to spit now , but yeah Nats and Marlins are a joke however one has a with a big wallet , I think Harper leaves for a better market , i.e. LA or NY , and the Braves get close but then show how small minded they are and sell there assets prematurely. But I will probably be wrong

      1. Now I see Nats are nearing a deal for Matt Wieters who is also on the decline, otherwise he’d been signed by now especially for a premium position like catcher and a contending team like Washington.

          1. It’s not as bad as it seems. That’s like a 1.5-1.8 WAR player – he played to a 1.7 WAR in limited time last year. This is not that big of a contract in the MLB these days – they are hoping for a bounce back, change of scenery, performance which is certainly possible.

            1. It’s not that this contract is so crazy it’s that they could have spent about the same amount and retained Wilson Ramos who is a much, much better player. Why they let him go, and how he signed for so little, is a mystery to me. The Rays got themselves one hell of deal.

            2. Actually, I take that back – they could have had Ramos for almost HALF the price. The reasoning seems crazy. Maybe they disliked him as a receiver, but their pitchers certainly seemed to do well with him. None of it makes any sense to me – but that’s good, because I freaking hate the Nationals.

            3. I think it was Wilson Ramos’ ACL surgery in October that dissuaded buyers.
              Eight months from playing can be detrimental to a free agents chances of landing a lucrative contract. Plus when he does come back….catching will be limited to restrictive games.

            4. Got it – thanks. I hadn’t realized he had ACL surgery – otherwise, these transactions don’t make any sense.

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