Phuture Phillies 2017 Reader Top 30 Poll for #11

“C” Randolph was your selection as the #10 prospect in the Phillies’ organization. Randolph won a close race with Scott Kingery by 10 votes.  Randolph received 118 votes (39%) while Kingery received 108 votes (36%).   Kevin Gowdy finished a distant third with 19 votes.  Nineteen of the twenty prospects listed on the poll received votes.

Cornelius Randolph was the Phillies 1st round pick (10th overall) of the 2015 MLB June Amateur Draft from Griffin High School, in Griffin GA.  (The last draft under the Amaro regime.)

Randolph played shortstop in high school but began his professional career learning to play the outfield.  While playing left field in the GCL, Randolph posted very respectable numbers in 2015.

Much has been made of his approach at the plate.  Some have compared his approach to that of Tony Gwynn.  I don’t know about that.  I’ve only ever seen Gwynn as a veteran in All Star games.  I will say this though.  Randolph is all business once he enters the on deck circle.  He does exhibit superior discipline at the plate.  His approach reminds me of J.P. Crawford and Kelly Dugan.  He’s not afraid to bat behind in the count while waiting for his pitch.  He accepts walks.  He takes pitches to left and left-center rather than trying to pull them to right.  That said, his only home run in his first season was crushed to right field.

Randolph started 2016 in Lakewood and struggled out of the gate.  When he finally seemed to have found a groove, he went down with an injury.  He finished with a slash of .274/.355/.357/.712.  However his BB  and K rates dropped to 9.4% and 20.6% from 15.1% and 15.1% in 2015.

Okay, I purposely didn’t put Randolph’s GCL stats above so I could include them here with the stats of another recent GCL player.

Age   Dif     Aff    G      PA     AB     R     H    2B   3B   HR   RBI   SB   CS   BB   SO    BA/OBP/SLG/OPS
18   -1.5   PHI   53   212   172   35   52   15     3      1      24     7      5     32    32   .302/.425/.442/.866
18   -1.5   PHI   46   194   176   27   50   11     4      1      28   10     4     11    35   .284/.340/.409/.749

The first line is Randolph in 2015.  The second line is Mickey Moniak last season.  They compare favorably.  I like watching Randolph bat.  I am looking forward to his arrival in Clearwater.  However, I think it likely that he begins 2017 in Lakewood (along side Moniak?) before a mid-season promotion to Clearwater.

I wasn’t going to provide an anecdote, but I can’t resist.  During his rehab in Clearwater last summer, Randolph played in several GCL games.  In his last game, he was in the line up, playing left field.  Jhailyn Ortiz was the DH.  Between innings, Ortiz had gone into the clubhouse.  While he was in there, it began to rain heavy enough for the umpires to call for a delay.  Ortiz came out as his team mates streamed from the dugout (on Ashburn Field) toward the clubhouse.  Ortiz called out from the fence by the door, “Coach, can you get my bat?”.  Well, coach ignored him, but Randolph turned around to retrieve the bat for Ortiz.

It struck me that a player from a higher level, a veteran if you will, would do that for a younger player, a rookie.  I would consider that a positive component of a player’s make up.  While I’m at it, I also noticed that Sixto Sanchez would bring cups of water or gatorade from the dugout during Instructs to fellow players in the stands at Bright House, I mean Spectrum Field.  Seems like our future stars aren’t so full of themselves.

Next up is your selection for the #11 prospect in the organization.


Poll to date –

  1. J.P. Crawford
  2. Jorge Alfaro
  3. Mickey Moniak
  4. Roman Quinn
  5. Nick Williams
  6. Franklyn Kilome
  7. Sixto Sanchez
  8. Rhys Hoskins
  9. Dylan Cozens
  10. “C” Randolph


48 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2017 Reader Top 30 Poll for #11

  1. Its hard to compare a low-level pitcher with an upper-level infielder, but, based on upside alone, I have Gowdy over Kingery here.

    I absolutely love the way Kingery plays–and gets the most of his given talent. And I agree with most of this board that he has a very high floor. He might be our 2B for the next ten years.

    But his ceiling seems limited; whereas for Gowdy right now, the sky is the limit. Well, maybe not “the limit,” but he certainly has #2 upside. And that’s why I’m voting him here.

  2. Knapp is falling like a bolder in our rankings. I think his upside has maxed out and he could even start the year in AA but he has the ability to catch and play 1B. He’s a switch hitter who can hit the ball out of the park once in a while. I’d hate to see him platoon in the big leagues right now but he’s likely to end up as that. I have him as #16 on my list.

    I voted for Ortiz right here. I have Kingery after that but I looked back at last years ranking and I had Kingery at #20. There’s something about him that doesn’t quite say he’s our top 2B and he’ll be that for 10 years. Maybe it’s his tendency to not hit righties well, which Romus pointed out yesterday. I didn’t know it per se but maybe I felt it in my bones. He might just a need a year to catch his breath and allow himself to catch up to his promotional level. He has moved very fast up the organization. If he starts in AA and catches fire, I might just jump on his band wagon.

    1. I thought Knapp was going to start the year as the backup catcher in MLB and Alfaro was going to play everyday in Lehigh Valley.

    2. Went with Gowdy at this spot based on his potential upside over Kingery who is the much safer bet. I’m a fan of Kingery’s game but don’t see much high end projection..

      1. Based on that signing bonus logic, shouldn’t Ortiz be ranked higher than Gowdy? What did Ortiz get? $4.5 million? To Gowdy’s $3.5 million?

      2. That’s a ton of cash!!!!!!
        it makes him kind of a sure shot.. Very close to the money Appel got.

  3. I went medina here as I have Medina at 10 Knapp at 11 and Kingery at 12. Funny how some are flat out ignoring all of Kingery’s red flags but pointing to proximity as a justification to rank him ahead of C

    and yet Knapp is the next closest guy to the big leagues left on the board and he is not getting votes…

    1. DMAR,

      Could it be because Knapp doesn’t seem to have a position given the prevalent view that Alfaro is the catcher of the future?

      Also, returning to Earth last year as a hitter after his Reading-fueled 2015 might temper some earlier enthusiasm.

      I had him 11th last year and 14th this year. And, as has been noted elsewhere on this board, that’s more a reflection of added depth as guys leap past than it is a lower opinion of Knapp.

      1. No doubt about it SWFL but here is the thing Knapp can hit and he can hit from both sides of the plate. I definitely dropped him in my rankings from a year ago and not so much for his AAA offensive production. I know he was working hard to improve his defensive and game calling skills.

        More for the fact it didn’t seem to me that he made enough strides defensively to make me feel like he can be a everyday catcher.

      2. I wouldn’t downgrade a prospect simply because there is a better prospect at his position. I rank based on intrinsic value, without regard to how clean a shot a guy has to the majors.

        I think the key issue with Knapp is questions about his game, both offensively and defensively. He popped as a prospect in 2015, because his offense came literally out of almost nowhere to 1.00+ OPS in Reading in a little over 200 AB, after being a fairly consistent .720-.750 OPS prior to that. Last year his offense returned to .720, so take away those 200 AB at Reading and he projects as not much of an offensive force. We’ve seen so many not-all-that-great hitters pop at Reading and then have their numbers strongly regress in AllentownThat is coupled with what is routinely described as defensive skills which are at best adequate.

        The offense of catchers is tough to judge, since they are more often dinged than other players. Joseph’s offense blossomed when he gave up catching.

        I think Knapp should be in Philly as the backup this year. I don’t see a lot of unachieved ceiling in his performance and he’ll be 25. That slides him into what likely will be his career role and he can learn at the MLB level. Since he isn’t going to start in AAA as an alternative, I think that is the best learning environment for him.

        1. At the end of it all I believe Knapp is destined for an AL team somebody like the Tigers who covet switch hitting catchers with more bat than defense.

          That is if he shows so semblance of being at least capable in a back-up or DH role

  4. Knapp gets my vote. He has worked hard at his receiver skills while maintaining a decent hitting level. It looks like he may begin the year in CBP. That said he is my #11.

  5. Seeing Moniak, CRan, and Gowdy all healthy and having full seasons (especially the latter two) will give us a better gauge on how far along they are and how high they should be ranked this time next year.

  6. I went with Medina here due to his crazy upside, just ahead of Kingery and Gowdy. I don’t have Knapp for awhile, I question whether he’ll ever be a major league starter at catcher and his bat isn’t good enough for any where else. We have a nice depth of talent to continue pulling from for this just.

    1. Medina is certainly in the current bushel basket. My only concern on him is the K-rate. I like him as well as I like Kingery, who looks certain to grab this spot. I like Gowdy just a little bit better and I like Ortiz better than most, but really these guys are all so close in this range. A lot of questions. How should I rate a guy like Knapp, whom I see having about a 1% chance of becoming an average or better MLB starting catcher but a 99% chance of becoming an MLB backup catcher? What about Kingery, who I see as having close to a 50% chance of becoming an MLB starting 2B, perhaps a 30-40% chance of achieving average starter WAR, and a 5% chance to be a star?

      1. I willing to put a small bet on the fact that they made Medina refine his chang up instead of going with his two best pitches which would have enabled him to stoke out a lot more batters,
        I’m not worried I think he has good upside and voted for him here as well , instead of the replacement level second basemen everyone loves
        JUst Kidding , he will probably turn into a Cesar H type of player minus the infuriating boneheaded plays

      1. 8mark/DMAR……sticking with, him though he does need to get a little more bulkier.
        He will dominate the EL this year, then onto the IL.

    1. Romus the LHP whisperer —- I’ll support you if you can see El Cid Garcia as the Phils version of Johann Santana. The sudden end to a promising future provided by Yoel Mecias stunned me (I’m supposed to watch him pitch in LWD on the day he was released) — Elniery can bridge that while we are waiting for the progression of other LHPs in the farm like Fanti, Falter, JoJo and Irvin.

      1. Mecias is an object lesson, right up there with Domonic Brown and Sev Gonzales, when it comes to evaluating performances, especially in the lower minors.

        1. July 2013 Mecias blew out his UCL at age 20 or so, and he had to have Tommy John surgery. Perhaps good reason to believe he didn’t achieve what was expected of him.
          Unless Elniery encounters similar arm/shoulder injuries his future is still hopeful.

        2. success in business (and life) is all about taking chances and while the success rate of prospects is low, this should not stop the Phils in putting wager on the prospects. this explains Matt’s Klentak’s philosophy in IFA of spreading the resource in wide size of prospects — more tickets might yield higher success rate.

          While Domo, Sev and Yoel did not plan as expected, I will not take anything against the Phils since these are low wager lottery — I hope lessons were learned when the Phils invest resources on Savery, Dugan, Hewitt, Collier, LJG, etc

  7. I really appreciate your anecdotes: please keep them coming. I am learning a lot from this exercise.

    It looks like this is Kingery’s spot, and I am glad since I can finally stop voting for him every day and start considering who is next. We are getting to the point where lesser known (to me) prospects are being mentioned (Medina), and since I am one of those who voted for Imhof in the additional players poll obviously I have a lot to learn about the depths of the organization and am benefiting from reading the discussion.

    1. krazy….you do realize Imhof’s injury from last season can be career threatening. Understand a comeback however may be in order for him.

  8. I voted Gowdy here, based on upside. I think we’re at a point in the list where there are a half dozen or more guys of almost equal value: Gowdy, Medina, Kingery,Ortiz, Pivetta, Tirado, Knapp, Stobbe, Valentin, and Garcia. They are very different sorts of players at very different development stages, so they are difficult to compare. It’s really a question of do you prefer your medium-quality ice cream as vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry.

    1. This is the part of the draft (post top 10) where my original top 30 is not set in stone and I will probably be more flexible in my daily votes and yield more to the persuasion of other fans here. Ortiz is the next guy (#12) for me: his hitting upside is intriguing to me and after knowing about him for a few years I have been pleased with what I saw last season.

      1. I love Ortiz. The idea of having a bomber at CBP, I mean an easy 35+ HR guy again, in the cleanup hole. He might not turn out that good but pure power in a lineup affects the way the opposing team pitches to everybody else.

        1. In addition to his power potential, Ortiz really hit the ground running in GCL. I am encouraged by that, and have him coming up pretty soon.

          1. I also see Ortiz fitting right around this point in the list (10-14). The Phillies obviously loved him, or he wouldn’t be sitting on $4 million in bonus money. Super young, but a very nice start in GCL and a future to drool over. Guys with the potential, and glowing Phillies view on them, of Gowdy and Ortiz, is why I haven’t voted Kingery or Knapp yet. Proximity isn’t everything.

    1. DMAR……he ranks as all time top ten signing bonus in LA history at $4.4M or so.
      I think he is 5th or 6th. So that was the departing last hurrah for the Ruben/Monty regime.

  9. Ortiz is 22 for me and he is more bust than boom. Again dig into the splits he ops’d 1.100 against lefties and just 631 against RHP

    By month June 1100 July 817 and Aug 617 some would say he wore down I would say he got figured out.

    His conditioning should greatly improve this year but will he develop the ability to recognize and hit the good curves and hard sliders from RHP?

    1. @DMAR – i’m also skeptic about Jhailyn and I even refuse to rank him in my Top 50 (where most puts him in their Top 30) right after the Phils signed him in July 2015. You’re probably right that the team figured him out — but remember Jhailyn is probably at least 2 years younger than most of the pitchers he faced and I bet that Jhailyn hasn’t faced any quality pitching in DR compared to the pitching he faced throughout GCL.

      In his stint in GCL, the positive signs outweights the negatives. Jhailyn is unexpectedly a disciplined hitter for a 16/17 power hitter and he is not bad in the OF and the base paths. Jhailyn proved that he can show that power against weaker pitchers and he has enough time and progression left to continue working on hitting against better pitchers.

      I have Jhailyn as my #20 prospect, right after then Stobbe and a bunch of MLB ready prospects already in the 40-man. If Quinn’s elite speed vaulted him to #4 in this list, Jhailyn’s power will carry him in the rankings.

      1. Sure KuKo obviously I like him enough to put him at 22 and I do so for many of the reasons you cite. I watched as much Baseball Betsy video as I could consume on him and there is cause for promise age being the big factor.

        1. based on the SSS of Jhailyn stint with GCL, my concern for now is his ability to stay in the corner OF. An OF trio of C, Mickey and Jhailyn progressing together throughout the farm is something to look forward to (considering the Phils still have Stephen also). Not sure who is the conditioning guru in the Phils farm but considering how MickeyMo bulked up — there’s reason to believe that Jhailyn conditioning will be taken care of too.

    2. Fair assessment, DMAR. I think he’s an all or nothing kind of player. Either major impact power hitter or marginal DH in the AL someday.

      I think he pooped out at the end of ’16. Yes, conditioning will be huge for his physical growth and development.

  10. C and Kingery looks like tied to the hip in in forum so I will not be surprise to see Kingery follow after C. I have Gowdy on top of my (remaining) prospect ranking/list followed by Medina. Other than youth, I don’t see any glaring red flags on Gowdy that’s why he ranks higher than C and Kingery on my personal ranking.

  11. i like the upside of gowdy and ortiz and will pick them soon but i kind of favor lively right now. he shouldn’t be overlooked because he is older. he has a bunch of guys ahead of him for a rotation spot but i think he’s proven himself in AAA and will pitch in the majors.

    1. i have lively #17 in my list ahead of other higher ceiling prospects in the 40-man like Garcia, Tirado and Anderson — with proximity and solid 2016 as the main consideration.

      Lively’s low floor, lack of above average pitch and almost no projection left affects his overall prospect profile. Lively was a forgotten man last year (he’s the comeback prospect if we have that award) and if not for a really good 2016, he may not be even considered for the Top 30.

  12. Dang. We only have two pitchers in our top 10. Maybe it easier to fall for hitting prospects than pitching prospects. We have a deep AAA set of pitchers and some great low level pitching prospects. If I treated the players in our system like stocks, I would spread the money out among the AAA and A pitchers. Then I would maybe put some on Moniak too. I guess some of the AAA pitchers arent in the poll though because they were in the majors last year for a little bit.

  13. I went with Appel here. I realize that I am going to have him higher than most. I still believe (hope?) there is value in the arm. Maybe the roll is not 6 innings at a time but instead is 1 inning at a time, but I think there is still value there..

    Taking a step back – compare this year to years gone by. We are talking about players in the teens that seem to have legitimate shots at making it to the majors, and success would not be unexpected. 3 or 4 years ago, by the time you got past the top 5 or 8, you were talking “if everything goes just right, this guy has a chance to make it to the majors”

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