Phuture Phillies 2017 Reader Top 30 Poll for #12

Scott Kingery was your selection as the #11 prospect in the Phillies’ organization. Kingery captured a majority decision receiving 164 votes (52%).  Kevin Gowdy finished second with 47 votes (15%).  

Scott Kingery was the Phillies 2nd  round pick in the 2015 June Amateur Draft from the University of Arizona.

Kingery was a walk-on as a Freshman at Arizona and started over half of their games.  He was a starter the next two years and won the PAC-12 bating title both seasons.  He was the PAC 12 Player of the Year in 2015, his Junior season.

The Phillies think highly of Kingery.  Scouting Director, Johnny Almarez, sees Kingery as an advanced hitter and everyday second baseman.  The organization showed their belief in Kingery when they assigned him directly to full season ball at Lakewood, an aggressive assignment for the new prospect.

Kingery posted a .250/.314/.337/.652 in 66 games and 282 plate appearances.  He hit 3 home runs and successful in 11 of 12 stolen base attempts.  He had a BB rate of 6.4% probably due to his lack of pop, but had a K rate of only 15.2%.

Kingery started 2016 in Clearwater.  He improved across the board – .293/.360/.411/.770 in 94 games and 420 PA.  Still just 3 HR, but stole 26 bases in 31 attempts.  Batting at the top of the order, Kingery had a BB rate of 7.9% and a K rate of 12.9%.  He was among the league leaders with 29 doubles when he was promoted to Reading where his numbers dropped.

Opinions on Kingery range from yay to meh.  He is viewed by many as the heir apparent to Chase Utley with Cesar Hernandez as just a place holder until some time during the 2017 season or start of the 2018 season.  Others see him as something a lot less than what the Phillies see in him.

I probably come in closer to the second group.  I watched Kingery in Clearwater.  I liked him at the top of the order.  His speed created runs for the Threshers.  But in spite of all his doubles, a lot of his contact seemed to result in bunt attempts, weak ground balls, and soft flares to the outfield.  He wasn’t a stand out fielder (10 errors, .975 Fld %).  He is a battler and an exciting player, but I didn’t see a player any better than Angelo Mora or Carlos Alonzo when they manned second base for the Threshers.

Fortunately, I’m not a scout or an analyst.  Maybe Kingery will be exactly what the organization hopes he’ll become.  Or perhaps, he’s just going to be a place holder for one of our highly regarded prospects in Rookie ball, Daniel Brito or Arquimedes Gamboa for instance.  I wouldn’t bet against Kingery though.  He seems to excel when people don’t give him credit for the skills he possesses.

Next up is your selection for the #12 prospect in the organization.


Poll to date –

  1. J.P. Crawford
  2. Jorge Alfaro
  3. Mickey Moniak
  4. Roman Quinn
  5. Nick Williams
  6. Franklyn Kilome
  7. Sixto Sanchez
  8. Rhys Hoskins
  9. Dylan Cozens
  10. “C” Randolph
  11. Scott Kingery


65 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2017 Reader Top 30 Poll for #12

  1. Personally, I think there’s a drop-off after our Top 12. We may all have the top 12 in a different order, but there seems to be consensus that these 12 are our top prospects.

    And its obviously a good group–diverse and loaded with upside.

    7 guys in the high minors, 5 in the lower levels.

    9 position players, 3 pitchers. And the position players have one at each position (except 3B), plus five OF.

    All three pitchers are in the lowest levels, but that could also be because of the pitchers who had graduated to The Show last year.

    C Jorge Alfaro
    1B Rhys Hoskins
    2B Scott Kingery
    SS J.P. Crawford

    RF Dylan Cozens
    RF “C” Randolph
    CF Mickey Moniak
    CF Roman Quinn
    LF Nick Williams

    SP Franklyn Kilome
    SP Sixto Sanchez
    SP Gowdy

    I’ll take it!

    1. Agree Fritz. There may an outlier here and there, but would agree that there is likely wide consensus with respect to the top 12. In a somewhat different order, here’s what my top 12 looks like:

      2017 Prospect Rankings (Dec 17, 2016)

      1. JP Crawford
      2. Jorge Alfaro
      3. Mickey Moniak
      4. Franklyn Kilome
      5. Nick Williams
      6. Roman Quinn
      7. Dylan Cozens
      8. Cornelius Randolph
      9. Rhys Hoskins
      10.Kevin Gowdy

      11.Sixto Sanchez
      12.Scott Kingery

      I have Pinto coming up next. I’m not sure how many folks realize that he was mandated to focus on his breaking pitches last season as his change-up is already a plus offering. He could pass as a back-end starter in the majors right now but I suspect we’ll need to wait until the end of summer to see his first major league start.

      13.Ricardo Pinto
      14.Ben Lively
      15.Adonis Medina

        1. Me too Murray. I then heard a rumor that the rumor was nothing more than a rumor. Could be just a rumor though

          As for Pinto, I hope that’s not the case. I didn’t get to see him pitch last season but I know he rarely showed his change up which is a plus offering by any scout’s standards. He pocketed the change by design (or by mandate) so he can work on his secondaries. His 4S FB, while 92-94 ish – is very hittable. So if rumors of a move to the pen are indeed true, that means his breaking pitches haven’t developed as hoped – and I have him ranked (#13) 7-10 spots higher than he should be

          1. A little scouting blurb on Pinto PRIOR to last season:
            “Boasting a mid-90’s fastball and a plus change up, Pinto has looked great at the lower levels of the minors. Phillies director of player development Joe Jordan states that Pinto’s is the best change up among the organization’s righty prospects. Development of a third offering, his slider, will be the determining factor of the type of progress he’ll see.”
            ….perhaps it was his slider that was being worked on in 2016.

  2. Thanks for all your efforts and I hope you are pleased with the response. On that subject, I wanted to respond but all I can access is “Poll results for Prospect #11 (closed). Operator error somehow?

  3. Hey Jim, not sure if you can see it, but the closed poll for #11 is showing up here (and Kingery isn’t in it). Thanks!

  4. Jim,

    Same problem. The poll shows results but is closed to voting.

    FWIW, I’m going with Appel when voting glitch is corrected. At this point, everyone’s a question mark so my hope is that Appel is okay physically and now reaches something approaching the potential that had been seen for him. He impressed me the one time I saw him pitch last spring. Definitely has stuff.

    Coincidentally, I had Appel 12 on my Top 30 so this is a good time to vote for him.

  5. I couldn’t vote but I would probably have Appel or Knapp at this stage of the voting – then guys like Pivetta, Lively, Pinto, Medina, Pullin and Ortiz – they are in the next grouping. Tirado would be up there, but he coughed up a hair ball in the winter leagues (tons of walks, which are his downfall) – if he gets his control under control, he could be fast riser at some point.

    1. Hey Catch – Do you have a link to tirado’s winter league stats? Not questioning you, just couldn’t find them.

      1. Just run a Google search of “Phillies Winter League Stats” and the first link or two will contain just those stats. He walked a batter an inning, but he was pitching in relief. His real advances seemed to come when he had a predictable place in the rotation so maybe this is just a hiccup. The stuff is said to be among the best in the organization, including the major league level, so he’s a guy to keep an eye on.

    2. Tirada is a very long shot in my opinion. He is in the discussion here merely because of his speed. I got very little hope.

  6. This is where it becomes a grab bag. I do like Gowdy’s profile as a pitcher who knows how to pitch especially at his age. My hope for Appel is that he’s sound in body AND mind. AND that the brass decides whether to keep him as a starter who put him right into the bullpen. Knapp is almost a sure fire big leaguer but without a position. Nice piece to somebody’s puzzle. Just not sure whether it’s here or on an AL club.

  7. And regards to Kingery not that my opinion matters but I think he will be lucky to have a season as good as Cesar H just had last year, but I am no scout and hopefully I am wrong and he is an all star for the next decade

    1. Yeah, people are acting as if it’s a foregone conclusion that Kingery will be better than Hernandez. It’s not clear at all and, by the way, Cesar produced some serious WAR last year – he was a 4.4 fWAR – and I think he has a quite a bit of room for improvement. So don’t be surprised that while we all wait for Kingery to take over the position, the Phillies sign Cesar to a longer term, team-friendly contract to keep all of their options opened. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, whatever the problems are with this team, Cesar isn’t one of them.

      1. And I’m not saying this because I dislike Kingery. He easily could become a better player than Hernandez, perhaps quite a bit better, but there’s risk on that end and Cesar is still getting better; in fact consistent improvement is a hallmark of Cesar’s minor league and major league careers. He was a damn fine player the second half of last year.

      2. Catch, you may be right. But word is the Twins are taking final offers for Dozier. Once that’s resolved, talks could open up for other teams with 2b openings. I still find it difficult to believe Kendrick was acquired simply to be the starting LF on opening day. Just my opinion.

        1. I like Brian Dozier a lot, but what makes you think this is going to happen? By the way, I view the acquisition of Kendrick as providing insurance at a number of positions (including second) not necessarily as a precursor to a Brian Dozier trade. But yeah, I think Cesar is a name that is going to get hung out there while the team looks for value and Kendrick and Freddy (along with Blanco) provide coverage at that position for the short and medium term if such a trade is made.

          1. No, I’m not saying the Phillies are interested in Dozier. I’m suggesting possible ripple effects involving Cesar being moved because of his current value AND the apparent depth at 2b already within the organization.

            1. 8mark…the ripple effect concerning Cesar H., I thought was whether or not the Tigers’ moved Ian Kinsler.

            2. Romus, I haven’t seen or heard squatta on anything with the Tigers for a few weeks. JDM is the only righty bat I’d be interested in via trade. Have you heard anything lately?

            3. Nothing…..all I am aware of is that the Tigers need to do something to better themselves to be more in a better financial status for 2017 and they do need to make some personnel moves.

  8. Okay, I corrected the current poll. While preparing poll #12, I inadvertently deleted Kingery from the poll he won (#11). I concentrated all my efforts on trying to recover the correct polling information for #11 and then compounded the problem by posting the closed #11 again (without the Kingery results) as poll #12.

    I have the correct poll posted and will leave it open until we get a similar number of votes cast as in previous polls so as to allow all to get their votes posted. It will remain pinned to the top of the site for a couple days.

    I hadn’t planned on posting #13 until Monday anyway, so this won’t affect the poll schedule. I hope my mistake doesn’t skew this portion of the process.

    Sorry for the mistake, and thank you for bearing with me.

    1. Jim,

      Thanks and Happy Phuture Phillies New Year.

      Agree with Fritz that there’s a consensus on the top names. I looked at my Top 30 and the first 11 names are the same 11 as the group’s.

      Hope we’re right more than we’re susceptible to group think.

      One fairly popular comment of recent days is that the system has depth but no superstars. I’m not sure about that. Guys further down like Medina, Ortiz, Pujols might be superstars. If so, that could be evident by season-end. Meanwhile, they are big question marks, which is probably why consensus ends here.

  9. All good Jim, Thanks for all you do! I went Gowdy here as I had him at 10. My Top 12 have been set for some time, not necessarily in the same order. Now it gets really tough. I think 20 prospects can fit into the next dozen spots.

  10. i know i’m in the minority here but i went with 2014 Reds Minor league player of the year and 2016 Phillies Paul Owens winner Ben Lively.

    1. Lively is definitely better than he is given credit for on this site. He doesn’t throw super hard but his pitches are deceptive and he knows how to pitch. If you’re looking for the next Eickhoff look no further than Lively.

      1. It is an interesting point to consider, Lively did win 18 games last year, and had similar success previously for the Reds. Could he be similar to Eickhoff and just know how to pitch? Spring training will be fun watching all these young guys throw and fight for the “next man up” rankings.

        1. yup, and it was at high levels in AA/AAA. he’s actually had success at every level he’s been at. this is really the only reason i have him above gowdy who’s only pitched a handful of innings. i like medina too but i want to see him have success at the next level. I’ve seen too many guys like severino who have great success in the lower levels but drop-off at AA/AAA.

  11. I haven’t been participating in this year’s rankings because I haven’t paid as close attention to the farm in the last 12 months, though I have been enjoying following the increase in talent in the system. But I voted for Carlos Tocci just for old time’s sake, seems like it’s been ages since I last had that argument. He’s still JUST 21 YEARS OLD people!

    Ah, memories.

    1. Tocci is having a great winter off-season…..also second in all baseball winter league play with 10 HBP in 60 or so games.

      1. Romus,

        I’ve posted several times over the months that I was impressed by Tocci’s improvement last season in the games I saw him play. He doesn’t yet, and probably never will, have adequate power, but he does everything else very well, including play smart ball at the plate and on the bases. Maybe this will be his break-out year. And with just a little more power — a few more double, please CT — he might have a Major League future yet.

  12. Thanks Jim for fixing things. I had nine of the first ten selections, although not in the same order. I learn so much just following other participants. Thanks for making this so user friendly. I really appreciate it.

  13. I voted for Nick Pivetta. He should start the season in AAA, but I think he will be in the Phillies staff this year.

  14. Tirado not only has one of the best fastballs in the org, he has arguably the best slider as well. If he can continue what he did during the year and come up w just an average change up, he’s either a really good 3 or a high leverage RP.

    1. The one big impressive metric Tirado has in winter ball, is H/9, which is off the charts great. Hitters cannot hit him, but then again his BB rate is so bad they may not have anything close to hit.
      This is where you need to get reports from someone there and have first hand observation on him and what he is throwing.

      On another note Mike Rosenbaum’s on Tocci’s winter ball:
      — The Venezuela native finished his week on a high note, going 5-for-9 with four RBIs between Tigres de Aragua’s contests on Wednesday and Thursday. After hitting .333 in 11 games last offseason, the Phillies’ No. 22 prospect has produced a .323/.403/.392 batting line, with 11 extra-base hits and 40 runs scored, in 59 games for Tigres.

      1. Romus,

        You might have seen my comment above posted just a minute ago about my positive impressions of Tocci from the games I saw him play last summer.

        In thinking about who could be break-out players this year, I’m leaning towards Tocci and C Randolph. I’ll also be interested in how Grullon does. He showed signs last year of finally starting to mature. Like Tocci, he’s another perennial
        “still young” prospect.

  15. Players of interest I’ll be tracking at the next level in ’17:
    Jeff Singer (feel good story)
    Austin Bossart (more than a backup?)
    Rafael Marchan (stateside)
    Daniel Brito (Utley-esque?)
    Cole Stobbe (5 tool player?)
    “C” Randolph (durability)
    Franco Morales (stateside)
    Jhailyn Ortiz (conditioning)

    1. 8mark,

      Excellent list. I like Bossart as the unsung prospect. With Alfaro, Knapp, Grullon, even Numata, a Penn guy gets no respect.

      Jose Pujols (cut out the K’s?)

      Couple of 2016 draftees to watch:

      Darick Hall (power bat)
      Josh Stephen (okay rookie year, can he show the hit tool some say he has?)

      1. Oops – I typed Kyle Martin above but I intended to type Kyle Young. If we could find a few ticks out of his FB he becomes an easy top 20 system prospect. He’s currently ranked 38th for me.

        This system may be unspectacular at the top, but the first 12 are as good as any organization’s – not to mention that I”m still ranking very interesting names as I approach 50 (currently up to 45)

    1. Good read Romus. Thanks for sharing.

      He if could consistently get into the 93-94 range, and with his command, his profile really starts to look brighter. He’s still only 22 –

      1. Steve… is refreshing to read where a pitcher actually says what he thinks he needs to do to correct a flaw in order to move forward.. When he says he gets two-strikes on batters very easy, but just cannot put them away Tells me, he knows what he needs to do, to work on the out pitch, whatever it eventually becomes..

    2. I think we need to keep an open mind about Eshelman for the next couple of (I posted about this last summer). First, Eshelman has incredible command. Not good command, not plus command, but plus plus command. His pitches are also said to be deceptive based on his motion, which is a nice thing for a righty. But he really doesn’t have that much in the way of breaking pitches. But why is that? It’s because his fastball command is so exceptional that, prior to being drafted, he could dominate by throwing his fastball wherever he wanted against amateurs. So he now has to develop breaking pitches that work and it could take a few years. But once he does, he could surge forward quickly. I still can’t believe that, in addition to Velasquez and Appel, the Phillies were also able to steal Eshelman from the Astros. Eshelman is not high profile and he won’t burn up a JUGS gun, but he still has a very intriguing ceiling and I’m excited to see how he develops.

    1. Serna isn’t a bad player and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if stuck in the major leagues for several years as an Andres Blanco type back-up.

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