2016 Instructs Roster

Baseball America posted a report that lists the players the Phillies invited to Instructs this fall.  Players are scheduled to report this Sunday.  I won’t have to stalk the Complex to get a roster this year.  Yay!

The list includes 62 prospects – 30 pitchers, 7 catchers, 14 infielders, and 11 outfielders.

Invitees finished the 2016 season with the following clubs – 11 DSL, 18 GCL, 17 Williamsport, 8 Lakewood, 1 Clearwater (Josh Tobias), 4 International signings, 1 FA signing (Simon Muzziotti), and 1 who was on the 60-day DL all season (Gregg Pickett).

Twenty of the Phillies’ 2016 draft signees were invited.  Those not invited include – Cole Stobbe, Danny Zardon, Will Hibbs, Trevor Bettencourt, Alex Kline, Tyler Frohwirth, Daniel Garnier, and Luke Maglich.  (Tyler Kent retired soon after reporting to Williamsport.)

Five of the prospects signed during the International Signing Period were invited -RHP Franco Morales, C Juan Aparicio, and infielders Brayan Gonzalez, Nicolas Torres, and Jose Tortolero.

This Baseball America report list all players invited to Instructs.

When the report was first posted, it only listed 13 of the 14 infielders.  I think they overlooked Cole Stobbe.  I decided not to call it to their attention in their comments section.  The privacy they expect you to surrender is ridiculous.  If I were to log in using my Twitter account for instance, the Disqus application that handles their comments would be able to –   

  • See who I follow, and follow new people for me.
  • Update my profile for me.
  • Post Tweets as me.

Screw you Disqus.

There will be other players not listed above in Clearwater.  Elniery Garcia is supposed to be in town working on a slider.  Players going to the AFL will also be in town getting/staying sharp for their season which starts on October 11th.



25 thoughts on “2016 Instructs Roster

  1. JimP…..any word yet on the winter league participants.
    From what I understand Roman Quinn is headed back to the DR, along with Cozens.
    Interested in seeing where Hoskins, Williams, JPC, Alfaro or Kingery play this winter.
    I assume someone will be heading down under again to Aussie land.

  2. Encarnacion is on it. After the year he had, he better be getting tons of instruction. Caleb Eldridge is on the Instructs Roster. I guess that’s a surprise since they didn’t give him much of a chance during the season. It’s possible he was injured but it didn’t look like they put him on the DL at all.

    1. I don’t know for sure, but I think Eldridge may have been injured. That could explain his inclusion here. It would also explain some of the line up decisions in August. They began the season with Eldridge and Edwin Rodriguez platooning at first. Eldridge last played on July 20th and Rodriguez (another injury candidate) only made 6 starts in August. Those two guys were their only L/L options other than OF Josh Stephen. They ended up platooning 3B Danny Zardon and C Nerluis Martinez at first. The pinch on the corners was also felt when Raul Rivas closed out the season on Clearwater’s bench after the Threshers’ Zach Green and Derek Campbell suffered injuries.

  3. Jim, thanks for all your work. It is greatly appreciated.

    I would be interested in your thoughts on why Cole Stobbe is not on the list. Is there a numbers issues on how many you can have? Is possible he is taking college courses? The Phillies want to keep the Latin American players in camp a little longer?

    1. The BA staff states 14 infielders at Instructs but only lists 13. I believe that they just missed typing his name on the list. I can’t imagine any normal scenario where an organization’s #3 draft selection (and a HS player to boot) would not be included on the Instructs roster. I think it’s just a mistake. They happen. Heaven knows how many mistakes I make here. I can’t believe some of the mistakes I’ve made when I refer back to an article I published 8, 10, 12 months ago.

    1. Yes they do. Sort of. And they are open to the public. Usually in Bright House Field. They play games against a couple other organizations, most notably the Blue Jays and Yankees who are the two closest orgs. They also play intrasquad games. I said “sort of” above, because they follow a spring training format most days:

      – Most starters are replaced half way through the game.
      – They usually have 2 DHs.
      – Sometimes they’ll start innings with runners on base.
      – Pitchers rarely throw more than 2 innings.
      – If a pitch count gets too high in an inning, they will just “roll” the inning. (Roll means just stop the inning. Pitchers are usually in trouble and have reached a high pitch count for the inning.)
      – When the AFL position players are in camp, they will bat each inning until they get their “work” in.
      – Rehabbing MLB guys get the same consideration as the AFL guys. (Ben Revere spent a week here when he finished the regular season on the DL. )
      – MiLB rehab guys, too. (Roman Quinn)

      These games are lightly attended by locals (like me), some players’ families, and a few people who travel down specifically to watch. There are a lot of Phillies’ brass in the stands. Too many to list here. But, I once spent an inning talking to Larry Andersen during a game.

      When I get the schedule, I’ll post it on Phuture Phillies.

        1. In past years, Sundays were always off days. Something has always been scheduled on the other days of the week. Before the Pirates dropped out of the rotation last year, Wednesday was “camp day” for the intrasquad games. Last year, “camp days” were split among two Wednesdays and two Fridays, and they made one road trip to play the Orioles in Sarasota. I think Pittsburgh withdrew late and affected scheduling.

  4. Great balanced breakdown of entire system by outside scouts on Matt Gelb’s article posted on philly.com yesterday.

    1. That’s funny – I just posted a similar comment in the general comments section. It’s one of the best articles I’ve ever seen on the Phillies’ system and probably the best article by a major (non-baseball) news publication. Gelb did an outstanding job doing his homework and getting everything right – it’s also clear that Gelb has a firm understanding of baseball and the developmental process.

      1. Agreed. Spot-on, entirely.

        Interesting that he wrote part of the reason our system has been scouted often is because teams are expected to make a run at players we leave unprotected in the Rule V draft.

        Also introduced the idea that we may make some trades–players who need to be protected (but can’t be, because of the numbers) for lower-level prospects. Rare to see trades like that–but I agree with the principle.

        1. Try as I might, I can’t see the Phils losing quality in the majors league portion of the Rule 5 draft. I think they can — and we can debate the ‘should’– protect Carlos Tocci, who was left unprotected last year. There would have to be major roster adds at the MLB level before November 15 or whenever they firm the 40-man roster. There’s just so much coming off and the Phils didn’t force things by calling up Crawford or Hoskins.

    1. That option is not showing up for me. I’ve commented in the past. Don’t know why I have to login this time. Another commenter pointed out the probable omission of Stobbe. If no response/update today, I’m heading over to the Complex tomorrow to find out.

    1. I don’t know why he was on the 60-day DL. He participated in XST, and I was surprised when he started the GCL season on the 60-day DL. He has been at the Complex all summer. He looks healthy, but I didn’t see him take part in any baseball activities. I sure hope he’s ready.

    2. Pickett had an Encarnacion type season last year but in the GCL. Losing a year to injury hurts even more. He needs all the instruction they can give him.

  5. I saw that Joey Curletta was the player to be named in the Chooch deal- fringe prospect/org filler? Hit a little in high A, but I hear that is a very hitter friendly league.

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