Box Score Recap; Post Season – 9/10/2016

… and then there was one.

Reading’s playoff run came to an end last night in a 3-2 loss at home to Trenton.  That leaves only one team from the organization alive in the post season, the Lakewood BlueClaws.

With our teams having been eliminated by teams affiliated with the Cardinals and Yankees, Lakewood will continue their playoff run against the Rome Braves, the Class A affiliate of the Atlanta Braves.  They begin the championship series on Monday on the road.

Reading (89-52, 1-2)  Lost to Trenton, 3-2, and dropped the series three games to one, thus ending the Phils’ playoff run and season.

Tyler Viza pitched 6.0 innings and held the Thunder to one earned run on four hits and two walks.  He struck out five.  Unfortunately for Viza and the Phils, the Thunder scored two unearned runs to break a 1-1 tie and forge a two-run lead that the Phils could not completely overcome.

Viza gave up a two-out home run to Dante Bichete in the second inning.  The Phils responded in the home half of the inning with a Jake Fox RBI single following a Rhys Hoskins lead off double.

With two out in the third inning, Viza issued a walk followed by an infield single.  The first unearned run scored on a throwing error on a ground ball to third.  In the bottom of the inning, Christian Marrero led off with a single.  Dylan Cozens’ one-out double put runners in scoring position.  But, the Phils were unable to convert.

In the fifth inning, another throwing error by an infielder put a runner on base, extended the inning, and eventually led to the second unearned run scoring and a two run deficit. The Phils didn’t respond until the seventh inning.  KC Serna opened the inning with a double.  He moved to third on a sacrifice bunt and scored on a ground out.

Serna was the Phils last base runner.  The Thunder’s bull pen retired nine in a row and struck out the Phils’ final four batters.

Hoby Milner struck out two in 1.2 innings and gave up 3 hits but no runs.  Victor Arano entered with two out in the eighth and stranded a base runner.  He struck out all four batters he faced.

KC Serna (.429) went 2-3 with a run scored, double and a walk.  Rhys Hoskins (.200) went   1-4 with a run scored and a double.  Christian Marrero (.250) went 1-4 with an RBI.

Among other prospects, Roman Quinn (.294) went 1-3 with a sacrifice and stolen base. Dylan Cozens (.400) went 1-4 with a double.  Jorge Alfaro (.353) went 0-4.  Scott Kingery (.188) went 0-4.

As a team, the Phils committed three errors, struck out 14 times, and went 1-9 with RISP.

Reading’s box score.

  1. Wednesday, September 7th:    lost to Trenton, 3-2  (Mark Leiter, 0-1)
  2. Thursday, September 8th:         lost to Trenton, 9-4  (Ricardo Pinto, 0-1)
  3. Friday, September 9th:                defeated Trenton, 13-5  (Elniery Garcia, 1-0)
  4. Saturday, September 10th:       lost to Trenton, 3-2  (Tyler Viza, 0-1)

Lakewood (74-65, 2-0)  Will return to action Monday against the South Division winner, the Rome Braves.

  1. Wednesday, September 7th:  defeated Hagerstown, 6-1 (Grant Dyer, 1-0)
  2. Friday, September 9th:              defeated Hagerstown, 5-2 (Jose Taveras, 1-0)
  1. Monday, September 12th:         @Rome
  2. Tuesday, September 13th:        @Rome
  3. Wednesday, September 14th:  No game scheduled
  4. Thursday, September 15th:      v. Rome
  5. Friday, September 16th:             v. Rome (if necessary)
  6. Saturday, September 17th:       v. Rome (if necessary)

Extra Innings:

  • In case you missed this earlier, Nick Williams was removed from Lehigh’s game Friday night after running into a railing in an attempt to catch a foul fly ball.
  • 9/10 – Phillies designated 2B Taylor Featherston for assignment.
  • 9/10 – Phillies selected the contract of Joely Rodriguez from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • 9/10 – Phillies recalled Luis Garcia from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • 9/10 – Phillies recalled Cody Asche from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • 9/10 – Phillies recalled Phil Klein from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • Organization Rosters are up to date.


45 thoughts on “Box Score Recap; Post Season – 9/10/2016

  1. Great season by Reading. Disappointing that it had to end here. A lot of these guys will be in AAA next year so there is that. Some may even taste the flavor of the Major Leagues by the this time next year. So the rallying cry has to be, “Wait until next year.”

  2. Jim, the heading should read 9/10/2016 but I understand why it wasn’t worth making the change. Also the link to the box score didn’t work but again, what does it matter?

    Interesting that Walding made appearances in 2 games. In the 1st game, he pinch ran for Jake Fox and in yesterday’s game he pinch hit for Harold Martinez in the 9th inning. I’m wondering what that was about? No trust in him in the playoffs? Was he injured so he couldn’t play in the field? Is he a platoon guy… at best?

    1. Martinez played 3b for the team for two years and deserved the playoff starts. Walding will have that job next year I assume.

    2. Sorry, it was worth changing and does matter. They were the last two edits I made this morning. I must have exited without saving. Score it, E-JIM.

      As for Walding, I didn’t miss him in the box score until Harold committed the error last night. I like both, but H-Mart was my first “favorite” player when he was promoted to Clearwater in 2012 (my first summer down here). He was critical in my maturation as a fan. If interested, I’ll relate the story some time during the off season, but not in a comment thread.

  3. The series against Rome is going to be a real test. Rome is loaded with prospects. I watched Rome’s game on and heard the Rome did not promote any prospect to advanced A. My bias frorecast is that we split games in Rome and sweep at home with Taveras and Arauz. We will need one strong outing from kilome or dominguez in Rome. And two decent outings from Taveras and Arauz. By the way. Arauz ERA at home is a microscopic 0.98 with 6 wins an no losses.
    We have to find a way to have Hernandez in the line up as 2nd base maybe. Rome pitching is as stellar as LWD. We need bats!!!

    1. Who could ever imagined that, after Lakewood’s horrendous start of the season, they would be the last “man” standing in the postseason. It’s a great tribute to management and, of course, the players, that they weren’t daunted by the hole they had to dig out from. Beat Rome, if not in a day, a series!

      1. True, it’s a tribute to great pitching and timely hitting. The old formula still holds true. I’m happy to go into a series with Kilome, Dominguez, Tirado, and Taveras. That’s as good as we have right now. It should be great experience for the kids.

  4. With Reading now gone….I wonder if Roman Quinn will be called up to the Phillies.
    Would be nice to see him play all the remaining Phillies games in CF and lead off…..O.H., on the other hand, can use the break and perhaps have to time to reflect on what he must do going forward to improve his game. especially seeing first hand and upfront the competition…which brings out the best in all..

    1. I’m going to the Phillies game Tuesday and have my fingers crossed that I see Roman and Alfaro play…
      Hard to believe that Lwood is the last man up. Reading disappointed me…

      1. Great news……19 games to go after today….have Quinn start all 19 in CF…maybe 75/80 PAs…..Doobie can rest and reflect.
        Not sure how to get Alfaro in there…Rupp seems to be going along fine and Ellis as the mentor of sorts seems to help the whole catching venue.

        1. Great Idea if Quinn can’t hit his own wait, or you can beach Altherr and Bourjos since there hitting a lot worse . Start Quinn in RF a handful of games Mack hasn’t shown a willingness to play rookies over vet’s.

        2. Sounds great in a vacuum but doobie isn’t gonna let Quinn start in center for the rest of season so he can “reflect”. I want to see Quinn play, but hell Ryan Howard still plays all the time. It’s not that easy to sit guys

          1. Yes…just a thought…..but Doobie does not have the influence, prestige, status or stature of a Ryan Howard. So it could be done ……and with 18 games or so left it isn’t a big deal.
            Anyway, I hope winning is not the sole objective now for these last three weeks, but more evaluation and development.
            Incidentally, the Phillies now pick 8th in the draft next June….and they could very well drop down to the 4th or 5th pick.

  5. Thing that’s killing me is we need POWER up top not speed . I’d rather have a look at Cozens and Hoskins C HERANDEZ , Herrera , Bourjos, Altherr are all fast . ALFARO just caught 4 games in a row so he might a break.Quinn nice but AA to the Majors is a Hugh jump.

      1. So u don’t think moving from AA to the mlb is a big step. Herrera did it and most of his numbers have improved this yr. We will see if Quinn can hit mlb pitching and stay healthy for a full yr.

          1. Funny Curious first time I seen you post here . You really never seen my posts most of my post are upbeat . You tell to to get a life because I state that a AA hitter might have problems hitting Mlb pitching. I still up for Herrera all the time just because I’m not A big Quinn fan because he’s always hurt . I’m also a big Tj fan who just hit a bomb. I think u and state are 1 person and u only post when something said about Quinn HAVE U PLAYED BASEBALL? if you did you know that The Phillies need Power. They have PJ and Kingery coming up .

            1. Tim I have pOster before u r just getting on the posting lately I have played baseball and I know when someone dnt know what they are talking about since u r a T J fan I am a Roman Quinn fan what u say doesn’t matter because we r here to give opinion and we r not coaches we know u r neithet

            2. Tim…..power these days in the MLB normally comes from the corners…LF/RF/3rd/1st and it is gravy from the middle of the field guys.

            3. ROMUS Maybe last yr not this yr Trout 27 hr , Blackmon 24, Bradley 24, A Jones 27,Desmond 22,Peterson 22, Osuna 22,Grichuk 22, McCutchen 20 .now CF stolen Bases Hamilton 58 , R Davis 30 and so on. I just realized Romus I didn’t say anything about CF needing power. I JUST SAID THE phillies needed power and would have liked to seen Cozens and Hoskins.

            4. Well there are going to be exceptions every year…..9/10 CFers this year have 15 or more HRs……there is approx.double that number CFers that have less than 15. same holds tru for shortstops and catchers.
              I would think MLB teams put as their priority defense first for their middle guys then offense.
              Hoskins , like JPC has the 40 conundrum going against them this year, since they do not need to be protected.
              Cozens on the hand, like Lively, have to be protected in two months anyway…might as well put them on it this week.
              But the manager has to find time for all the propects and the regular guys and that can be hard.
              Are they going for wins in these 18/19 games ….or future evaluation and development of their prospects!

          2. Ok Curious will see who knows more about Baseball. I’ll take Mickey Mo in 5 yrs u can have Quinn as the a phillies CF. 1 Quinn has never Competed more then 328 Atbats in 1 season. He’s a top of the order player so 600 atbats might be a goal.2 Cozens did play some CF in Reading Quinn did play RF in a couple of games. MK did say today that Altherr is still the CF Quinn will start next yr in Lvh. I DO belief they might go after Desmond and sign him to 4 yr deal.

  6. With 2 position players in Alfaro and Quinn called up, in my mind the rebuild has officially started. Yes they are already on the 40man roster so it wasn’t a shock but just the same, it’s good to see some fresh talent at the big league level.

    Now if only we can get a couple decent arms to bolster a worn out bullpen, maybe we can enjoy the last 3 weeks of an otherwise nondescript season.

    Looking forward to an intriguing off season.

  7. 36 players from the 40 are now playing for Philly, after you take off the free agents and players who should not be on the 40 I have a count of 26. That leaves space for the 14 that Matt said he would move up to the 40.

    1. The way I see it:
      Outside of the pitching which can be very fluid, depending on what MK decides.
      But position players who will/may be off the 40:
      1.AJ Ellis
      2.Ryan Howard
      3.Cody Ashe
      4.Peter Bourjos
      5.Jimmy Paredes
      6.Darin Ruf
      Position players to be added:
      1.Dylan Cozens
      2.Nick Williams
      3.Andrew Knapp
      4.Jesmuel Valentin

        1. The rule reads like this…..players who were signed when they were 19 or older and have played in professional baseball for four years are eligible, as are players who were signed at 18 and have played for five years

        1. Knapp should make it the team as the back-up…especially if Alfaro goes to LHV as is expected.
          As for a veteran…would be nice , but who carries three catchers anymore on the 25!.
          Of course, MK may make some trades and thin the herd..

          1. I think it would be great for MK to make some trades or Middleton to spend some money in FA. Unfortunately, the players someone would want IMO are the players we should keep for the future. It has been a long year and quite frankly I’m disappointed in most of the position players, only the guys at AA look like they have the potential to be MLB regulars.

            I don’t see guys like Williams and Crawford making an impact next year. In my estimation Crawford hasn’t done enough to move Galvis and Hernandez. Ruf, Asche, Paredes, Altherr, Borjous are not building blocks for the future. Ellis is a backup. Joseph needs to prove he can play everyday and improve in his defense and it is only conjecture on how that turns out. Franco needs to develop some consistency and keep his head in the game in order to improve. He sometimes gives you the impression he has arrived. Herrera, I’m still not sure what we have there over the long haul.

            As much as it is time for Howard to go, his loss represents a loss of 20+ HRs. We need bats. Sick to my guts of losing 3 – 0, 3 -2, etc., and not scoring any runs. If
            we were scoring runs we wouldn’t have a bullpen full of sore arm pitchers.

            I think we are years from contending unless we acquire some players. What we have now will compliment some capable FAs.

            This probably will be viewed as negative by some. It is not meant to be…………simply a reality check. Unless there is some dramatic changes, next year will improve very little over this year.

            1. rocco…beside first base also LF …he did it with the Golden Bears for his first, and maybe second year there.

  8. LWD rotation for the final series is out!!!!!

    They did not post # 5, but is obvious that if needed it will be Taveras.

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