Phillies Mid-Season Top 30 Prospects by MLB

The long-awaited, mid-season Top 30 was posted by MLB.  Speculation on where analysts rank top performing players, top draft picks, and fading prospects can finally end.  The discussion on the accuracy of the rankings will commence.

The prospect rankings are available on the Phillies site.  I have listed them here with pre-season rankings where applicable.

2016 Mid-Season     (name, pre-season rank, +/- change)

  1. J.P. Crawford               (Pre-season – 1)
  2. Mickey Moniak                                      NR
  3. Nick Williams                                           (3)
  4. Jorge Alfaro                                             (6)      +2
  5. Jake Thompson                                    (2)      -3
  6. “C” Randolph                                          (5)      -1
  7. Dylan Cozens                                        (22)     +15
  8. Roman Quinn                                         (7)      -1
  9. Franklyn Kilome                                    (8)      -1
  10. Kevin Gowdy                                          NR
  11. Mark Appel                                               (4)      -7
  12. Andrew Knapp                                       (9)      -3
  13. Rhys Hoskins                                        (19)     +6
  14. Scott Kingery                                        (11)      -3
  15. Cole Stobbe                                            NR
  16. Ricardo Pinto                                       (10)      -6
  17. Adonis Medina                                    (16)      -1
  18. Nick Pivetta                                            (18)
  19. Tom Eshelman                                     (15)      -4
  20. Elniery Garcia                                       (21)      +1
  21. Jhailyn Ortiz                                         (25)      +4
  22. Malquin Canelo                                  (12)     -10
  23. Carlos Tocci                                          (14)       -9
  24. Ben Lively                                               (30)      +6
  25. JoJo Romero                                        NR
  26. Jimmy Cordero                                  (17)       -9
  27. Jose Pujols                                           (24)       -3
  28. Edubray Ramos                                  (28)
  29. Edgar Garcia                                         NR
  30. Alberto Tirado                                    (20)      -10

No longer in the Top 30 – Zach Eflin (13, promoted to Phillies), Darnel Sweeney (23), Alec Asher (26), Aaron Brown (27), and Deivi Grullon (29).

There are 5 new names in the top 30, 4 are 2016 draft picks – Moniak, Gowdy, Stobbe, and Romero.  Lakewood’s Edgar Garcia is the fifth new name on the prospect list.

Twenty-one players moved up or down in the rankings.  Four retained the same rank.  Six moved up, 15 moved down.

The biggest moves up the rankings were by Dylan Cozens from #22 to #7, Rhys Hoskins from #19 to #13, and Ben Lively from #30 to #24.

The largest drops (other than out) in the rankings were by – Alberto Tirado from #20 to #30, Malquin Canelo from #12 to #12, Jimmy Cordero from #17 to #26, Carlos Tocci from #14 to #23, Mark Appel from #4 to #11, and Ricardo from #10 to #16.

The 2016 pre-season rankings are listed below –

  • #1 Crawford
  • #2 Thompson
  • #3 Williams
  • #4 Appel
  • #5 Randolph
  • #6 Alfaro
  • #7 Quinn
  • #8 Kilome
  • #9 Knapp
  • #10 Pinto –
  • #11 Kingery
  • #12 Canelo
  • #13 Eflin
  • #14 Tocci
  • #15 Eshelman
  • #16 Medina
  • #17 Cordero
  • #18 Pivetta
  • #19 Hoskins
  • #20 Tirado
  • #21 Garcia
  • #22 Cozens
  • #23 Sweeney
  • #24 Pujols
  • #25 Jhailyn Ortiz
  • #26 Asher
  • #27 Brown
  • #28 Ramos
  • #29 Grullon
  • #30 Lively

111 thoughts on “Phillies Mid-Season Top 30 Prospects by MLB

  1. Unless the player is a force of nature, I can’t rate a draft pick #2 in his first year. Not in an organization that is as deep as the Phillies. Moniak’s a million miles from the show. His floor is exceptional but his ceiling is unknown right now. Being the #1 overall pick rates him highly but he certainly wasn’t the consensus #1. So the #2 slot is too high in my book. I have him above “C” Randolph since they are not that far apart in levels.

    Roman Quinn at #8 is crazy. He can’t stay healthy for a half a season, let alone a whole season. He’s dynamic when he’s in the game but that doesn’t appear to be in the cards. Right now I’m in the wait and see mode and that drops him in my rankings. If he comes back to play AA in August and really show his skills, I’ll revisit my ranking. He can start in AAA next year and be a call up in 2017. If he doesn’t come back strong and dynamic, he’ll have to start next year in AA and that could put him in Philly in 2018. He’ll be 25 in 2018.

    Besides Moniak, 3 other guys from this year’s draft are in the top 30. Gowdy, Stobbe and Romero make it. If that’s the case then this year’s draft is exceptional. I think these guys are rated purely on where they were drafted and they are very far away from their full potential. I’m not sure I’d have then quite as high as MLB but they’d be on my top 30. Jhailyn Ortiz seems low on this list. He got a $4M signing bonus and is putting up some prolific power numbers and he’s 6 slots below Stobbe?

    I haven’t done my full mid-season top 30 but it wouldn’t have Appel anywhere near #11.

    1. I think he only moved dropped to 11 bc 1. He’s prob at min a 5th starter right now (obviously if he was healthy)
      2. His “injury” isn’t a big deal, he’ll be fine next year.
      3. If he doesn’t work as a starter, he could be a high leverage reliever
      4. He wasn’t pitching terribly this year before he was shut down.
      5. Still has a plus fastball

      The lists are always interesting

    2. Bellman, I agree with every point you just made especially Appel @ #11. That’s just… mind blowing.

    3. Yeah the new picks all seem a bit high. I agree that Ortiz seems very low for a player that got a huge bonus, was a big time IFA, and putting up huge numbers. For me, he’s in the top 15 at the very least or maybe top ten. Appel is basically nothing to me at this point. Didn’t want him when they got him and I just don’t see him as much of a prospect. They might just be better off trying to make him a high leverage reliever when he comes back next year.

  2. My List
    1. JP
    2. The Natural
    3. Nick
    4. Alfaro
    5. Jake
    6. C
    7. Kilome
    8. Kingery
    9. Rhys
    10. Dylan
    11. Knapp
    12. Quinn
    13. Ortiz
    14. Medina
    15. Gowdy
    16. Pivetta
    17. Pinto
    18. Stobbe
    19. Tocci
    20. Garcia

    1. Not sure how / why they dropped Kingery 3 spots when all he’s done is looked impressive.

      1. Adding Cozens, Moniak and Gowdy seem to be the reason for the drop….but having Mark Appel above him is a head scratcher

        1. Also having Gowdy above him when both were second round picks and Kingrey is in AA while the former is in rookie ball. Moniak and Cozens can be argued for, but Appel and Gowdy should be lower.

  3. I was looking at Nick Pivetta’s numbers this year and realized something . . . For as much as we comment on how Cozens and Hoskins are benefitting by playing in Reading, I don’t remember anyone of us ever saying how it affects a pitchers numbers. With that said, Pivetta is really having a good season playing for Reading. Btw I really think he could break out next year and warrant a call up.

    1. I see Pivetta’s floor as a top notch 8th inning guy. A la Ryan Madson. And I see his ceiling as somewhere between a #3 and #4. Could also be a lights out closer.

      1. Pivetta has a problem and that he has no wipeout second pitch. He has big velocity but he needs to come up with a second pitch that’s reliable besides the fastball. Imo

        1. His secondary pitches flash above average and his K rate (even if its only a little bit) has went up since we acquired him.

    2. EricD……Pivetta splits indicate 8 Reading starts and 11 away starts.
      According to Bill James Game Scoring (GS).
      GS average for home starts is 53.
      GS average for away starts is 55.
      Home he had 3 plus 60 starts….3, 50 to60 starts-(average)…and 2 clunkers (below 50)
      Away he had 4 plus 60 starts…..again 3 average starts….and 4 clunkers of below 50.
      So his splits would seem to indicate the Reading effect is minimal on his performance.

        1. Yes.
          The Reading park Factor doesn’t seem to play into his performance….which projects out favorably to Citizens Bandbox Park

    3. Shouldn’t be surprised by Pivetta’s success this year. He was great in High A last year. The perception of him was damaged by the small sample he had when he was promoted to AA. Pivetta was better than Pinto in HighA, last year. Getting promoted was held against him.

  4. IMO Eshelman doesn’t belong in the top 30. I would have him at the back end of it if at all. Josh Stephen is being overlooked.

    1. DMAR…..Eric Longhagen’s assessment of Josh Stephen:
      ” Stephen is easily the best of that group (Stephen, Brown, Young and Miller). He has some bat-to-ball skills and is a solid athlete but there isn’t a whole lot else there. He was a nice complimentary piece to the draft class but barring a stark development that the industry doesn’t foresee, he’s probably only a fringe regular at best. In round 11 though, that’s a pretty good pick.”

        1. DMAR……when it comes down to it… is all about hitting for an OFer like him.
          He is athletic enough to handle the defensive side…..if he hits he projects higher. But what I see in him is maybe something akin and similar to another Andrew Pullin/Steve SusdorfEric Valent type player….a LFer left handed bat with some pop but a better hit tool..

          1. When Longhagen’s assessment was posted by someone last week, my first thought was Stephen sounds like a “left-handed” Cameron Perkins. As a HS pick, he’ll have three years working as a professional before he reaches Perkins’ draft age, three years to work on the other facets of his game in a major league system rather than in a college program.

      1. A nitpick but why is it that people who write on a serious basis don’t know the spelling of ‘complementary’?

  5. Based upon what the Braves got for the arms they traded yesterday, we can safely assume the Phillies get another top 10 prospect soon.

  6. Have to admit I’m shocked that Pujols and Tocci are still on the list. The system is so much deeper than it was even a year ago, I’d have bargained that such badly flawed prospects would have dropped off.

    Dylan above Rhys is also a bit of a surprise (not to mention Cozens being ranked so high).

    Very intriguing how highly they rate Moniak, Gowdy, Stobbe, and Romero (and Ortiz for that matter). As we’ve been saying for a few weeks now, this is the most talent on the GCL roster in recent memory.

    1. I’m glad you brought up Tocci . . . Explain to me why you say flawed? It seems to me that Todci has one thing working against him, his weight/strength . . . But that’s it. Think about that. He can hit, he can run, he can field and he can throw . . He obviously has no power but again that goes with his weight/strength. He has made small improvements but nothin significant. He would have been someone who benefited GREATLY from the steroid era. Crazy to think that his only limitation isn’t even baseball based.

      1. Eric, I agree his fielding/ throwing is rated highly. I’m unsure where he’s proven he can “hit” (.255/ .308/ .322 in 2000+ minor league ABs). He certainly can’t hit for power. IMO that’s a flawed prospect.

        Projecting as a 4th OF / defensive replacement. Anyhow, my point was that the system is now so deep that players like Tocci shouldn’t make the rankings.

      2. Interesting when you say he can run, it only applies somewhat defensively due to instincts. He cannot run, he is not a base stealer and never will be so the run tool is only half a tool per say. So he can hit some, but no power not even dbls, can’t steal a base. Waiting on the strength and if that comes then things totally change but for now I just don’t see it

        1. I’ve seen his “Run tool” as high as 60 but never under 55 . . . he has speed, period. Stealing bases is a skill that can be acquired even more so if you have above average speed. His season high is 17 so again the speed is there, he just has to work on the skill. As far as his hit tool goes, again have never seen him rated under a 50 and have seen as high as 60 (think only once tho, have to find the publication). You would think that his strength and weight plays into his hit tool as well. Again, the only thing holding him back isn’t even a baseball skill.

          1. Nowhere have I ever seen his hit tool rated as 60. Regardless, his power is a 30 and that’s a major issue. Hence my original point – he’s a flawed prospect. I didn’t say he was a leper, or a mass murderer, he’s just no longer worthy of being a Top-30 prospect in a system this deep.

    2. Not challenging your opinion just curious what would you have needed to see out of Tocci this year to feel better about his chances?

      Full disclosure I am cautiously optimistic on Tocci. My perspective, he’s holding his own as 20 year old in High A. By all accounts he plays stellar D and has really good speed. The power seems to have ticked up a bit this year (not a huge tick but a tick none the less) but that’s never going to be his game. I just feel like if he makes it to AA halfway through next year as a 21 year old the power numbers might tick up again and then we really might have something. I expect him to keep adding strength for the next couple years. In my view its really the only thing holding him back. I think skinny guys take longer to get their “man” strength.

      1. I’ll comment at length on the new list later, but on Tocci, you have to see him in person to realize how scrawny he is and how thin his frame and build are. He looks like a kid who runs a 10k, not a baseball player. I could be wrong but, don’t see him ever being a regular in the big leagues due to his inability to add strength – he could be a 4th or 5th outfield type, but he’s a marginal guy in my view. And it’s a shame because he has very good baseball skills and if he had just a bit more projection he could easily be an Ender Inciarte type, but I don’t see that happening.

        1. Thanks for the input. Definitely adds another dimension when you these guys in person. I agree with you that his baseball skills are good but it won’t mean much if he never gets the strength to be able to make use of them. Hoping for the best, I’m sure the Phillies are doing what they can to put weight on him and add strength.

    3. Rick,

      I’d switch Cozens and Hoskins. I know about Hoskins as a right handed first baseman, but he’s solid and dependable and has enough power. He’ll play.

      Cozens has question marks.

      Also think Ortiz should rank higher. I’ve not seen him play except for the clips posted on this site, but all reports, including from Jim, are very impressive. He might have the greatest potential in the organization to be THE power bat.

      1. Frank I’m with you. Cozens is clearly an imposing figure and interesting prospect I just think when you consider his home/ road and RHP/ LHP splits, its difficult to rank him ahead of Hoskins.

        Also couldn’t be more excited about Ortiz. This is an awesome time to follow the farm system!

    1. Cosign on Pullin. He’s had a phenomenal year and was certainly deserving of a spot in the Top-30.

  7. I agree with everyone who thinks Hoskins should be ranked above Cozens. Cozens splits are a little disturbing to me and a bit of a red flag. Man the national writers just hate righthanded firstbase only players.

    1. Yeah, I tend to agree, although I think it’s pretty close. The reason its close is that, for all of his problem with splits, his real in-game power is off the charts, he’s still pretty young (a year younger than Hoskins), he has a good overall skill set, plays a more valuable defensive position and, his ceiling is higher. That said, the splits are just dreadful. Also, Hoskins just rakes at every level and keeps improving – if he becomes who I think he can become, Tommy Joseph may have some problems holding onto first base in the majors.

  8. I just went back to the March archives to review who I chose for sleepers and looked at everyone else. You all deserve a pat on the back. Some really nice picks in there but I think the overwhelming majority pick was Cozens to have a breakout year and I would have to give him that award today.

    Still time perhaps for someone to wrestle that away from him and Kingery could be that guy if he gets really hot over 100+ PA’s in AA.

    1. rocco…..what are you doing here?
      Figured you be down at the NovaCare checking out the Birds.

      1. Who doesn’t love standing outside in 100′ heat watching a last place football team practice in shorts and t shirts??

        1. rocco…..walk down Broad…wear your red hat and tied dye Tshirt from the 70s…oh the Phillies red hat, not the Make America Great Again, do not want to see you on TV getting pummeled by Bernie supporters…and it will be fine.

          1. I think the first open practice is sunday ., cant wait. They have that green screen, to block out seeing from Patterson or broad. ROMUS wasn’t you break out player. Hoskins??

  9. Agreed. For all the love Kilome (who I really like) gets, based on projection, Sixto hasn’t gotten as much, based on production and stuff.

    I’d definitely have Ortiz higher after showing surprising athleticism and approach.

  10. Looks about right overall. A few minor quibbles:

    – Switch Thompson and Moniak. No way Thompson is out of the top 3.
    – Cozens too high for me at #7; still too many question marks at this point. More like in the 10-12 range, which is still a nice move up.
    – Kingery (#14) and Hoskins (#13) both should be about 3 or 4 rungs higher
    – Ortiz is too low at #21; should be in top 15.
    – Lively a little low at #24; probably should be in top 20.
    – Josh Stephen should be in top 25.
    – Alec Asher and Sixto Sanchez make my top 30. Maybe Ranger Saurez and Victor Arano as well.

    1. -They’re not going to put Josh Stephen in the top 25, on one month of good production. He was an 11th round pick. He may hit his way onto the pre-season list though.

      – Jhailyn Ortiz should be much higher. He’s firmly in my top 10 now, and by the start of next year he’ll be top 10 on BA and MLB’s Phillies list.

      – Medina behind Pinto is a joke at this point.

      – I didn’t get Roman Quinn ranked so high pre-season and I still don’t get it.

      If the Phillies put Quinn, Medina, Kingery and Ortiz on the trade block, there is no doubt in my mind that all of those guys would be chosen before him.

      1. Everyone’s issues with Quinn are valid, but he’s up there because when you see him play, you realize that, for all of these stupid injuries, he still has star potential and his skill set is as viable as ever. The real question is how you discount that potential by the injury factor – everyone weighs that variable differently. That said, mid-season, I’d probably have Quinn just outside the top 10.

        I agree with everyone that Ortiz and Sanchez look like fast risers. Pujols still stays in the top 30, because the potential is still there, and the theoretical power has become legitimate in-game power, don’t underestimate what he has done in Lakewood – it’s hard as hell to hit that many home runs there as a mature player, no less a 20 year old. He’s definitely still in my top 30.

        As for Kingery, he’s improved his stock – he stays the same or goes up for me.

        Hoskins is now roughly in the right place – just outside the top 10. He’s got to prove himself at AAA before he climbs much higher and he’s still a first baseman, so that limits his value too.

        I think Jake Thompson is placed just about right. He’s had a great run, but his ceiling is supposed to be that of a solid #3 – if so, 5th is just about right.

        On Nick Williams, again, I see the stats, I see the skills, I see how young and talented he is, but I still don’t know what to make of him nor am I yet confident that his skills will translate well at the major league level. Hey, I hope he ends up being a big star – but I’m not too sure of that.

        1. By the way, I really hope that my concerns about Williams are unjustified and he gets to the major leagues and excels.

          1. I think it’s going to take him some time in the majors to really adjust. Maybe a full season or two. He’s just so aggressive and he can get to just about anything, but MLB can expose his aggression and just give him junk off the plate or in the dirt and he’s going to have to lay off it. I think in his first season he’s going to K a lot although I think by the end of year one he has a good chance to have a pretty decent looking average because he is such a good hitter. Look through his minors numbers and outside of his first 15 game run in AA he’s never hit below .285 and if I remember correctly this year at LHV is the worst average he has had so far. He’s hit really well at every level and for power.

        2. On Nick Williams….I see Garret Anderson when he was in his prime with the Angels.
          On Quinn….if he plays healthy in August, then move him this off-season, when his value is higher then then if he were injured. He will be squeezed out anyway between Herrera and Moniak(ETA NLT 2020)

          1. There will be lot of happy people at the Bank if he becomes Garret Anderson in his prime.

    2. completely agree on sixto. the others, not so much. stephen could make his way there, but hes a month away from being an 11th round pick. Asher did PEDs and has looked like a AAAA, injury replacement type at best. Suarez has to prove himself at every level du eto underwhelming stuff. And arano has a great arm, but guys who project as bullpen arms rarely make these lists.

  11. No mention of Viza? This list is decent but it certainly left off a lot of guys and gave a little too much respect to a few (Cozens, Quinn, Knapp, Canelo, Appel). It really speaks volumes that we have such talent in the 20-40 range right now. I don’t think too many teams have guys who’s performed like Lively, Viza and Garcia ranked in their 20’s and 30’s.

    1. Canelo and Appel dropped 10 and 7 spots. I wouldn’t characterize that as “too much respect”.

      Every out-of-town scout or writer I speak with down here, is high on Canelo. They don’t understand why ‘we” can’t notice what we have in him.

      I watch Canelo every home game, and I don’t understand how “they” can have him rated so high based on seeing him during their brief visits. They are also all high on Tocci.

      1. You’re right, Appel and Canelo did see significant falls, I just think a couple guys ranked under them deserve to be ranked over them. I’m disappointed in Canelo’s numbers this year. Where you have Viza, JP?

  12. Mets hot-shot future ss Amed Rosario, vs Phil’s ss JPC.
    Throw in Turner with the Nats and Swanson, maybe Maitan, with the Braves and the NL East should have some quality competitive shortstops in the very near future, maybe best from all six MLB divisions.

  13. solid list but here’s my take aways from my own rankings:

    Gowdy > Adonis Medina? — Medina is 11 months older but the stuff and projection are close to one another. Top 10 for Gowdy is a stretch, #14 Medina, #15 Gowdy (like v1 ranking) looks reasonable.

    Close call – Top#2 to #5 is a too close and can go in different direction but should be Moniak, Jake, NickWill and Alfaro

    Overanked prospects – #11 Appel and #15 Stobbe (both should be 20ish)

    NOT Top 30 worthy – JoJo, Garcia, Tirado, Pujols

    Notably missing prospects – Arano, Viza, Falter

    In addition to the Top 30 I consider these prospects are fast risers in the depth chart:

    Nick Fanti
    Drew Anderson
    LA trio of Ranger, Sixto and Seranthony

  14. Ranked too high:
    Williams (slightly, Alfaro should be higher)
    “C”, Cozens, Quinn, Kilome, Appel, Pinto, Pivetta, and Pujols.

    Ranked too low:
    Kingery(!), Medina, El.Garcia, Ortiz(!)
    *Is Ed.Ramos still a prospect? If so, too low as well.

    1. It would be helpful if MLB people laid out the specs for ranking….floor? ceiling? proximity to big leagues? age?

  15. OK, here’s a try at a top 30 but in groupings as I can’t see how someone can rank so precisely:

    1. JP

    2 through 5:


    6 through 12


    13 through 22

    Einery Garcia

    The rest:

    All the pitchers I’ve never seen in person: Romero, Cordero, Edgar Garcia, Sixto, Suarez

  16. Is it possible Moniak gets promoted to Williamsport or Lakewood by end of season or do you think he stays in GCL?

    1. I received a lot of heat for saying Moniak should’ve been assigned to Williamsport directly after the draft and again saying a few weeks they should promote him to challenge him.

      I now see that both Blake Rutherford and Alex Kirilloff (high school OF’s chosen ten or more picks after Moniak) are both a level ahead of him already and succeeding.

      So, I’ll say it again….please promote Moniak. He’s not really being challenged. He started his career 1-9, since then he is 27-76 (.355).

      I didn’t like the reasoning for his GCL assignment (have him at the complex, ease him into pro ball, blah blah blah) and still believe he should be promoted ASAP to get him high level ABs this year

      1. TGunn:
        Rutherford is in a rookie league…Yankees have three teams in rookie leagues….the. Appalachian league and two in the GCL…GCL is the better of the two leagues IMO.
        Same with Pirates in Bristol in the AAP league and their second team in the GCL.
        IMO…they started below Moniak in the APP league.
        Ask to see what Jim Peyton hears and thinks are the better of the two rookie leagues.

        1. Wrong MLB team with Kirilloff…Twins also have a second team in the APP league…they also have their other in the GCL

        2. No. GCL is the lower level of the leagues. More college kids sent to App league and the avg age is higher. Plus, Rutherford was promoted there after 8 games in the GCL.

          Here you go since I’m sure everyone on here will be trying to argue with me about this:

          Chris King
          #Yankees 1st rounder Blake Rutherford promoted from the GCL to Pulaski of the Appy League

          1. Chris King is entitled to his opinion.
            IMO, the App league has 10 teams…the GCL has 17, and is a notch below the GCL.
            But to yuor original point about Moniak and his placement……sending Moniak to Williamsport is still more challenging than the APP league.

  17. This list is making me realize we have at least 55-60 players on the farm with potential to break into the majors one day. You can even consider guys no one is even talking about such as Tromp, Tobias, Martin, Stassi, Green, Valentin, Walding and many more as potential cup of coffee or more type players. And a slew of recent draft picks and LA signings in the lower minors.

    1. Valentin could be on the Phillies next year…..Cesar’s job may be in jeopardy, he could be running around the base paths with another team.

    2. Lsigal,

      Thanks for reminding me about Valentin. i left him off my list but he belongs. Maybe around the middle of the 30 names.

      I wonder if he is a good trade chip if the Phillies are sold on Kingery as the future with Tobias possible, too.

  18. That’s exactly right. This list doesn’t include Bailey Falter (who’d probably make my top-30) and a lot of the international signings like Rafael Marchan. This system has serious depth. Not a ton of high-upside players, but lots of depth and plenty of players who could tick up a skill or two and become really good.

  19. Phil’s found a way to open the spot for Altherr — Borjous to the 15-day DL. Strained shoulder

  20. I am very excited to see Altherr the rest of the year. I am hopeful that we get more Corner OF production from him than what we have seen. And, he may be the best Defensive OF that we have at the ML level.

    1. We need to see if Altherr can be part of the solution, especially with Nick Williams, Cozens, Pullin not too far behind. He’s already 25 (a year older than Odubel) so we need him to make up for lost time.

    2. I’d rather Altherr be in CF than Herrera. He’s just a better and more consistent defender. Very excited to see him back and he kicked ass first game.

  21. I had actually put this together earlier this week. I was planning a top 30, but the system has flourished so much, I ended up with a top 50:

    1. JP Crawford
    2. Nick Williams
    3. Jake Thompson
    4. Jorge Alfaro
    5. Mickey Moniak
    6. Jhailyn Ortiz
    7. Mark Appel
    8. Franklyn Kilome
    9. Roman Quinn
    10. Scott Kingery
    11. Cornelius Randolph
    12. Adonis Medina
    13. Andrew Knapp
    14. Nick Pivetta
    15. Dylan Cozens
    16. Rhys Hoskins
    17. Ricardo Pinto
    18. Kevin Gowdy
    19. Alec Asher
    20. Jimmy Cordero
    21. Sixto Sanchez
    22. Carlos Tocci
    23. Deivi Grullon
    24. Ben Lively
    25. Thomas Eshelman
    26. Elniery Garcia
    27. Bailey Falter
    28. Andrew Pullin
    29. Cole Stobbe
    30. Tyler Viza
    31. Malquin Canello
    32. Drew Anderson
    33. Seranthony Dominguez
    34. Jose Pujols
    35. Jaun Luis
    36. Josh Stephen
    37. Jesse Valentin
    38. Malvin Matos
    39. Daniel Brito
    40. Arquimedes Gamboa
    41. JoJo Romero
    42. Lucas Williams
    43. Victor Arano
    44. Alberto Tirado
    45. Brandon Liebrandt
    46. Nick Fanti
    47. Kyle Martin
    48. Cole Irvin
    49. Jose Taveras
    50. Josh Tobias

    1. Small things:

      – I mostly agree with your top 20, except Gowdy should be higher and Cordero wouldn’t make my list.

      – Pullin over Valentine I believe is off. Both profile as reserves, and Pullin really doesn’t have a position. Both have low ceilings, but Valentine is much more likely to have a Major League career . He should be much higher than Pullin and a few others.

      -Why Brito over Gamboa? The org sent Gamboa to the higher league, so they must think he is superior.

  22. Something I think is interesting that I didn’t see anyone mention yet: Edgar Garcia ranked 29th. The blurb on him indicates that the Phillies will probably give him a look as a SP at some point. He’s young for the level he’s in (Lakewood) and dominating out of the bullpen, with a lot of 3+ inning appearances. It’s hard to say because he’s not in the rotation right now, but he could be every bit the prospect that Sixto or Seranthony have become.

    Also, I see Gowdy ranked pretty highly at number 10 and I have absolutely no problem with it. Remember, his signing bonus was about the value of the 9th pick in the draft so clearly the Phillies have high expectations for him. His talent level is higher than his draft slot would indicate.

  23. I’ll wait until the end of the season rankings.late risers like Anderson, Ranger, Sixto still have a chance to show there stuff.

  24. Do have 1 Question C gets dropped because was injured . Quinn now as a long history of injuries and stays about the same. Jimmy Cordero has been injured all yr comes back and gets hit hard I report was that he last his velo.

    1. They both dropped one spot bc the Phillies drafted Moniak according to MLB’s prospect list. Which list were you referencing?

        1. Why is that just because of injury does not justify ur performance C have been out longer than Quinn he didn’t drop much so why it so much fuss about Quinn I think he us a good player regardless of the injury.

          1. He is but staying healthy has hurt his him were C this was his first one.Quinn has never had at least 400 atbats in 1 season because of injuries . His skill set is lead off how can you expect Quinn to bat leadoff and get 600 atbats , he can’t stay healthy enough for 400.

            1. Sound like a Quinn hater Tim is there anyone else u can talk about the numbers speaks for themselves.I can see if he’s not performing but after every injury look lie he come backs stronger.

            2. I don’t hate Quinn but if hevcan’t stay healthy what good is he. Plus he has to bet out Mickey Mo and Herrera plus Nick Williams and C . He’s trade bait if he can stay healthy.

  25. The reports on Jeff Singer have been encouraging. An undrafted FA who throws 96-98 and blows away hitters – he sounds like quite a find. What’s bizarre is how bad he pitched last year in Independent League ball, but I guess sometimes the light just goes on and a guy finds his groove.

  26. I still think we’re way too high on Alfaro. Many are bumping him up because his BABIP of .350 makes his BA almost .300, which easily dazzles people. He’s not bad, but I’m thinking back of the top 10 rather than top 5.

    1. Alfaro is considered a top 75 prospect in all of the minor leagues. He has a load of potential at a premium defensive position. He is without question a top 5 prospect in the Phillies system, and would be even if his BA was 35 points lower.

    2. He’s a catcher who has been praised by a major league pitcher (Velasquez) for his game calling and has thrown out 46% of base stealers. Reciting his hitting stats doesn’t make the case against him. A Catcher can be a .230 hitter and keep a starting job for 10 years.

      1. I’ve been rethinking this, and maybe not back end of top 10, but more like 5 or 6, behind JP, Moniak, Williams, Thompson, (Medina?). No, I can’t find a lot of guys I’d clearly put ahead of him from our system.

        I appreciate he’s a catcher, but I thought his defense was never a sure thing according to the reports I’ve seen before the year started. If his defense has taken a step forward this year, then I would be thrilled, and might have him at 2.

        I remember Matt Winks telling us about his 80 arm and below average pop time. If that has changed, then he could be a monster.

        1. Yeah. I was down on him too, based on reviews about his receiving, I heard on BA’s podcasts. But he received praise from Velasquez on game calling and his pop time must have improved, if he’s throwing out more runners this year. The only thing I haven’t heard about, is his “framing”. If his defense is acceptable at this point then his bat profiles even with the impatient approach.

  27. At work with nothing going on yet so I might as well post my top 30 with some thoughts on why I went with who I went with . . .

    1. JP Crawford – No explanation needed here

    2. Nick Williams – Has the ability to be a 5 tool player

    3. Jorge Alfaro – His position plays a role in this for me plus the strides he’s made this year showing off a hit tool along w defensive improvements

    4. Micky Moniak – If his comp to Yelich is true I won’t be mad that they passed on Groome. Has performed well in his debut

    5. Adonis Medina – I know i’m really aggressive with this ranking however I can’t ignore what he’s done so far and the jump in his stuff seems real

    6. Jake Thompson – I’m not as high on him as most people. I just don’t think he’s much different from Eflin or Eickoff (which is fine, we need good number 4’s)

    7. Cornelius Randolph – He’s struggled when on the field this year but after seeing him after the draft last year you have to think the injury plays a role in his performance thus far. I actually think he’s going to hit for some power as he matures (20-25HRs might be a high mark but think it’s reach able

    8. Franklyn Kilome – This is off of pure projection and what he’s done of late (Seeing his K rate go up this year too). Maybe the only arm in the organization that you can say can be a front line starter if he hits his ceiling

    9. Roman Quinn – I get that some think because of his injuries he shouldn’t be in a Phillies top 10 however when he’s on the field he performs. He also has kept his 80 grade speed, pair that with solid D, a solid arm and you can see a MLB career ahead of him at min. as a defensive speedy CFer. Now add in his hit tool and you might see a good starter there too

    10. Mark Appel – Another player who some don’t understand why he’s still in a lot of Phillies top 10 lists . . . IMO it’s because he still has a plus fastball with solid secondary pitches and is AT LEAST a back end starter. He’s been inconsistent tho and there’s a huge difference (if I remember correctly) with his stuff and numbers from the wind up and the stretch. He can fall back on a bullpen role if starting fails where his stuff may even play up to the point of him being a high leverage RP.

    11. Rhys Hoskins – Raking and doing well outside of Reading also. I don’t care that he’s a RH 1B . . . he’s hitting and hitting with power. Also nice to see his BB rate up a little bit

    12. Jhailyn Ortiz – One of the top international signings from last year who is showing off the power that the Phillies fell in love with and showing it in game as well. Not to mention he’s showing some ability to hit for average. He also is far more athletic that originally thought to be

    13. Andrew Knapp – He seems to be just doing his thing quietly at AAA, his numbers won’t blow you away but if he puts up similar numbers at the ML level he’s be just fine. I think he’s more of a back up that could start on a bad team but could out play that as well. He’s a hard working kid by all accounts

    14. Scott Kingery – Take a look at Craig Biggio’s career stats (season by season), i’m not saying Kingery will have the same career but he could be what Biggio was early in his career (less with the OBP prob). Hit, Run, Field, Arm . . . all average or above. I’ll take that at 2B all day.

    15. Kevin Gowdy – He’s said to have 3 above average pitches right now . . . by mid season next year he could be someone who’s making a push for a top 100 spot. Loved this pick, 1st round talent in round 2

    16. Dylan Cozens – I’ve never been a huge fan of his and have to say that prior to the season I didn’t understand the hype that some on here gave him. Well i’m a believer now that there’s something in there but what? A poor mans Jay Bruce is my comp for him and that’s perfectly fine, better then fine. With that being said, he prob is more of a platoon but at least the right side of one

    17. Nick Pivetta – Ceiling of a 3 and floor of a high leverage RP. Can’t really get mad at that when you are talking someone outside of their top 15. He hasn’t let Reading ball park affect him and has solid stuff as well

    18. Carlos Tocci – I know this will be higher then anyone else had Tocci but you could put him in the MLB right now and you’d have a good player on the defensive side of the game. I honestly think strength and weight are the ONLY things holding him back. As I’ve said, something that isn’t even a baseball skill

    19. Ricardo Pinto – I have no numbers to back this up so I could be completely wrong but maybe Reading if taking it’s toll on Pinto as he’s seen his HR/9 go up significantly this year. Plus fastball with a change up that is close to plus as well. says that he’s “put the change up in his back pocket to work on a slider” which could be the reason he’s struggling a bit. Still a lot to like with Pinto.

    20. Francisco Morales – Haven’t seen him on anyone top 30 or even top 50 and without throwing a professional pitch, I can’t blame anyone. However, if projection is a part of ranking prospects, how do you leave someone off who is 6’3 180 (room to add and grow) and already showing a plus fastball that sits 92-96. Rated as the top Venezuelan pitcher in this years class. Btw his curve ball may even be better then his fastball. Again I get not putting him on your list but he’s def on mine.

  28. Position players
    1 Crawford
    2 Moniak
    3 Alfaro
    4 Williams
    5 Kingery
    6 Ortiz
    7 Randolph
    8 Quinn
    9 Cozens
    10 Hoskins

    1 Thompson
    2 Kilome
    3 Medina
    4 Gowdy
    5 El.Garcia
    6 Sixto
    7 Cordero
    8 Pivetta
    9 Appel (as a reliever)
    10 Viza

    Whether any of these arms turn out to be a #1, it’s reassuring to know the money is there to acquire a true ace by ’18.

    1. Slide Lively into the 7th spot, followed by Pivetta, viza…. and move a reliever like Cordero into the 10th spot is how I see it. Appel goes to the 11th.

    2. One could argue with this and that, but overall, that’s a very fine list. When you look at the list you realize that, for all the pitching we’ve acquired, in the minors we are kind of low on advanced big arms for the starting rotation (to give them credit, many of the bigger arms have already “graduated”). Thompson is our top pitching prospect right now, but he projects more as a middle of the rotation type of player. There are no likely top of the rotation prospects in the high minors (I don’t count Appel, he’s injured, he has struggled and he could end up as a reliever). This makes me think that, if the team signs a big FA, it might indeed ending up being pitcher (even though they have strongly suggested that they are going to “grow” their pitchers and “buy” their bats).

      By the way, I guess the biggest “issue” with Moniak (if you can call it that) is whether he is going to develop power. Well, I just got a chance to see some video of him and my concerns are significantly reduced. He has the type of frame that looks like he can easily add quite a bit of solid muscle mass (20-30 pounds) without compromising his athleticism. He should grow into his power and, in terms of body type, I expect him to end up looking more like Aaron Altherr than Christian Yellich. Everything else appears to already be there. It’s shaping up to be quite a pick.

  29. 01. Crawford
    02. Williams
    03. Thompson
    04. Alfaro
    05. Moniak
    06. J. Ortiz
    07. C. Randolph
    08. Knapp
    09. Kilome
    10. Cozens
    11. Kingery
    12. Gowdy
    13. Quinn
    14. Appel
    15. Pivetta
    16. Hoskins
    17. Stobbe
    18. Medina
    19. Eli. Garcia
    20. Tocci
    21. J. Valentine
    22. Josh Stephen
    23. D. Grullon
    24. Eshelman
    25. Lively
    26. E. Ramos
    27. Pinto
    28. Arano
    29. Canelo
    30. Pullin

  30. @Anonymous – glad to see Ortiz that high! but is that too high for someone with <100 AB? This also applies to Stephen with <80 AB. Gowdy and Medina are separated by 6 slots, I want to know your take on Gowdy vs Medina.

    Here's mine:

    1) Crawford – hands down
    2) Thompson – over NickWill because of higher floor
    3) Nick Williams
    4) MickeyMo – want to see more. not yet impressed with BB/K
    5) Alfaro – loud tools at premium position
    6) Corny – can be higher if not hurt
    7) Quinn – his durability is still in ? but speed kills!
    8) Kilome – can be the closest to an "Ace" in our farm
    9) Cozens – POWER!
    10) Kingery – grinder, philly kind of guy
    11) Hoskins – POWER!
    12) Medina – 19 yo with 3 plus pitch potential
    13) Gowdy – same as Medina but with less pro innings
    14) Knapp – sweet swing, hoping to still play at C
    15) J Ortiz – catching up fast with the HR crew
    16) Pinto – struggling but stuff still there. can be a high leverage RP at worst
    17) Pivetta – can be high leverage RP or potential CL as back up
    18) Eshelman – buying on his command and control
    19) Ramos – lower than Pinto and Pivetta since he cannot play as SP
    20) El Garcia – finally a LHP! solid and consistent
    21) Tocci – defense at premium position
    22) Stobbe – another power option. can be higher is he sticks at SS
    23) Appel – pure stuff!
    24) Canelo – defense at premium position
    25) Lively – could be higher but his floor is really low
    26) Viza – fast riser!
    27) Cordero – pure stuff!
    28) Falter – pure projection. LHP with good makeup
    29) Luc Williams – under rated tools and I just like him
    30) Grullon – high floor as defensive C

  31. @ Kurt

    – As far as Ortiz is concerned, I view him as equivalent to a high 1st round pick based on the type of bonus the Phillies were willing to pay and his current production. Ortiz is performing better than Franco and Domingo Santana did at 17 and is outperforming Moniak. In my view, he’s a top 10.

    – Josh Stephen: He was a top 100 Amateur, who could have gone in the top 3 rounds. He is outperforming everybody else in the GCl thus far, and hitting as well as Cornelius Randolph did at the same age, with a better defensive profile.

    – Gowdy was a top 40 Amateur. He’s higher ranked than Jake Thompson and Vince Velasquez were out of HS. Pre-season the BA guys said he was the 2nd or 3rd best RH HS pitcher in the country.

    – Medina would be higher on my list, but I don’t know what he’s working on. I wanted to put him in my top 10, but he isn’t striking out anybody. With no strikeouts and a small physical profile I don’t know what to make of him. Gowdy has the better physical profile for projection.

  32. Phillies in deep conversation with Texas about VV . I SAID BEFORE IF IT DOES START With Marrza it should happen. Saying that Texas has tried trading for Sale , Tampa Bay ‘ s rotation pieces and Cashner. I don’t know what offering but teams aren’t buying. I think if TEXAS wanted too it could have beat The Marlins package . Tampa bays asking price ‘ s are very high. I Rangers are still trying for Sale plus 2 or 3 other pitcher’s. I think we’ll know more tommorrow if Texas still has there scouts here for Hellickson . HE IS much more likely a target .

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