7/27 LV Game Report

This was game 3 of my annual 2-day minor league blitz.  The Pigs won (or flew as the announcer likes to say).


Ben Lively started and went almost 7 full innings.  His velocity was not impressive as he was regularly in the high 80’s with a few 90’s, a 91 and a 92.  A few times throughout the game the gun came up with readings in the 40’s so it may not have been accurate at all.  Here is Ben’s breakdown by inning:

1) Easy Flyout to RF/1-3 easy comebacker/4-3 groundout (the recently promoted Jes. Valentin made an excellent backhand pick and Ruf scooped the throw out of the dirt).

2) Infield single (Valentin again made a nice grab but couldn’t make a strong enough throw)/Sac Bunt/RBI line drive single to CF/Lineout to RF/Looking K on a full count (89 mph)

3) Looking K (88 mph)/Blooper just over Jes V’s head/Opposite field line single to LF/Lineout to Left-center/RBI double to CF (Cam Perkins got turned around and the ball went over his head to the wall- a better CF would have made the play)/Swinging K on 3 pitches (89)

4) 3-1 groundout/Routine flyout to RF/Hard ground single up the middle/Swinging K (86)- *opposing pitcher*

5) 6-3 groundout/4-3 hard hit groundout/bunt single/Flyout to medium CF

6) Swinging K (76)/4-3 easy groundout/6-3 groundout (JP made an awesome pick on a sharp hitter on one hop- definite web gem which showed off his great hands and reflexes)

7) Routine Flyout to RF/Lineout to LF (Nick Williams covered a good amount of ground and made a real nice diving catch in left center/soft single up the middle which Jes V gloved couldn’t get enough the throw.  Lively was then removed at 92 pitches (65 strikes).  Elvis Araujo came on to retire the last batter.

In the 8th, Elvis was greeted with a HR and then after plunking the next batter, he got ejected (so yes, Elvis left the building- couldn’t resist).  Brundage (LV manager) also got the boot.  It was strange since there had been no warnings that I know of and it was the first HBP of the game.

A combo of Frank Hermann and Luis Garcia finished out the game though Luis had to pitch out of a bases loaded 1 out jam to close it out.


JP Crawford went 1-4:  K’d swinging on a 3-2 pitch where he seemed to pull his head out/6-3 groundout/Foul popout to 1B/Hard RBI single up the middle (he was caught stealing soon after).

Nick Williams also went 1-4 (with 2 runs scored- he reached on an error by the 2B).  His one hit was a solid double that one-hopped off the wall in left-center.  His other 2 AB’s were a 5-3 groundout (where he HUSTLED up the line and made it a close play) and a swinging K

Aaron Altherr was rehabbing and went 1-4 with an RBI single that he fisted into RF over the 1B’s head.  He also K’d twice (one swinging and one looking on 3 pitches), and was retired 2-3 on a swinging bunt in front of home.

Andrew Knapp went 0-2 but did walk twice (one on a 3-2 pitch where he really worked the count well, and one on 5 pitches) and scored a run.  He grounded out twice to 2nd base- one was hard hit and one not at all.  In addition, he stole a base.  He literally just took off while the pitcher was still in the stretch and the pitcher never even noticed (must have really caught him by surprise).

Cam Perkins went 1-4 with an RBI single (which scored Knapp after his stealth stolen base) and a K (looking).  His other 2 AB’s were easy outs.

Jesmuel Valentin was unable to secure his first AAA hit as he went 0-2 with a swinging K on a ball in the dirt, a walk,  and a routine 4-3 groundout.

Also- Darnell Sweeney hit leadoff (with Featherston called up) and went 2-4 with a double and an RBI.  I didn’t realize he played third base.

–That concludes the nyphilsmaniac19 trilogy.  Makes me appreciate Jim P all the more- it’s hard work, but it’s fun.  I could never do all the work he does!




4 thoughts on “7/27 LV Game Report

  1. I was at the game as well. Nice job describing the events of the game. I’ll just mention that the opposing pitcher threw his off speed stuff VERY slow and quite frequently. The Pigs were totally kept off balance by the slow stuff. I assumed they’d catch up the 2nd time through and they did although it took three times through for some but they knocked him out then. One other comment – JP made an awesome stop on a ball hit very hard to his left. I can’t wait for this kid to get to Philly.

  2. Thanks for the write-up. Always enjoy reading first-hand accounts of the games as you get insight into stuff that a box score just can’t show.

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