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Lakewood Game Report, July 16 Game 2


Will Stewart started and was able to limit the damage but was hit pretty hard.  He gave up 8 hits and a walk in 5 innings.  He sat at 92-94 topping out at 96 (stadium gun).  Off-speed pitches were in the 84-86 range.  Here is the batter by batter log:

  • 5-3 Chopper/Single right inside the third base bag (wide open area due to the shift put on the lefty batter)/Flyout to CF/Hard Ground Single past Nieporte at 1B/Lined RBI single into RF/4-3 Chopper
  • Hard Single to CF/4-3 groundout- close to 1B so runner moved to 2nd/4-3 groundout- nice sliding play by Brito/6-3- nice play by Antequera, charged behind the mound and threw on the run
  • Infield single- Nieporte dove and didn’t come up with the ball which was a mistake because due to the shift the ball went right to Brito who threw to Stewart covering first, but the runner beat it. Had Nieporte let the ball go, it was an easy out/Hard ground single up the middle/ 5-4 FC/ Two swinging K’s- Nice work by Stewart to pitch out of the jam.
  • Routine 6-3/Swinging bunt single that the catcher (Fitch) airmailed into RF (good back-up by Ortiz kept runner at 1st)/6-3 ground double play (stepped on 2nd, threw to 1st)
  • 6-3 Groundout/Swinging K/5 pitch walk/Line single into LF/4-3 Groundout.

Luis Cedeno came in and got blown up for 5 runs over 1 1/3.  He did hit 97 on the gun.  Ismael Cabrera came on in the 7th and retired the only 2 batters he faced to finish the game.


It was night and day (ironic since game 2 started at 7 after game 1 started at 5) on offense.  The Claws put up 11 hits and scored 12 runs.  It was the Daniel Brito show who led off and went 4-4 with 3 singles each followed by a steal of 2nd and a double.

Brito: 4-4, Infield single (2nd baseman made a diving stop but threw wide), stole second/Served a single into LF, stole second, Bloop Single over the second baseman’s head, stole second/Lined RBI Double to RC

Vierling:  Was excited to see him for the first time, but he did not have a good game, 2 K’s, popout, easy 6-3 groundout

Maton:  1-3 with a BB (lined triple into RC gap), Hard hit groundout to 1B, swinging K

Oriz:  Great game! 2-4, Reached on an error by 3B /2-Run Homer- bounced off the top of the metal fence above the LC wall and caromed into the berm/Flyout to CF/Drilled a Double over the LF head that one-hopped the wall

Scheniner:  1-2, Walk/Swinging K/4 pitch Walk/2 run opposite field Double into RC gap

Fitch:  1-3, Swinging K/ Line single into right/Walk/Swinging K

Nieporte:  1-3, 2 run double into RC/Swinging K/Walk/6-3 (Deep in the hole- called out on a bang bang play at 1st)

Stephen:  1-3, Worked a walk from a 1-2 count/Ripped a liner into RC that was caught by CF/Unassisted RBI Groundout to 1B after stepping on the bag, he threw home late and a run scored/Ripped an RBI double down the RF line


Antequera:  0-2, two 6-3’s, 5 pitch walk/Sac Fly to Medium RF

Game Report- July 16, Lakewood Game 1

Gustavo Armas started for the Claws and completed all 7 innings.  The game was scoreless all the way until the top of the 7th when Armas gave up a 4 pitch walk followed by a 2 run homer.  Gustavo was able to retire the next hitter and finish the game.  His fastball was 91-92 and topped out at 93 (based on the stadium gun).  His off-speed stuff varied from high 70’s to low 80’s.  He did an excellent job of mixing his pitches and had impressive control (76 strikes on 99 pitches).  One interested thing that I noticed was that every pitch he threw that was less than 80 mph resulted in either a swinging strike, a foul ball, or an easy out.  Obviously he threw first pitch strikes to most of the hitters since he threw such a high percentage of strikes (19 of 26 by my unofficial count)  Here is a log of each batter he faced:

  • Weak 4-3 groundout/Hard hit 4-3 groundout/Swinging K on off-speed pitch (almost in the dirt)
  • High, Deep Flyout to LF/Swinging K (83 mph- changeup, I believe)/Swinging K (Full Count, 83 mph)
  • Popout to SS/Swinging K (81 mph)/Lineout to deep LF
  • 6-3 groundout (1st pitch)/Bloop single to RF over the shift/4-6 FC (nice diving play by Guthrie, the ball rolled out of his glove but he grabbed it and flipped backhand from the ground to get the force)/Lazy Flyout to CF (77 mph)
  • Hard Double off the LF Wall/Popout to SS/1-3 comebacker/Weak 4-3 groundout (78 mph)
  • Routine 5-3 groundout/1-3 comebacker/Bloop Single over SS/6-3 hard groundout
  • Looking K (78mph- 9 pitch AB: 8 strikes, 1 ball)/6-3 (One hop)/BB (4 pitches)/ 2-Run HR/6-3 (low liner that Maton dropped, he threw wide to first but Nieporte tagged the runner).



I tracked every AB for everyone but the Claws only managed 3 hits in the game so I will spare you the specific details of all the easy outs we made.

Muzzioti: (0-3, 3 groundouts (1 was a DP))

Scheiner:  (0-3, 2 6-3’s and a K)

Maton: (0-2, 2 easy outs and a HBP)

Ortiz: 1-3 (K on foul tip, F-7, Hard Double down LF line)

Nieporte: (0-3, Swinging K,  after a long foul that may have been a HR, Hard lineout to LF, High Flyout ot LF)

Stephen:  (0-3,2 4-3’s and a swinging K (tried to check))

Rivero: (1-3, Broken Bat oppo single to RF, looking K, Lazy popout to Left-center)

Guthrie:  0-1 (4-6 FC, BB)

Antequera:  (1-2, hit and run single into the hole between SS and 3B, popout to 1B)

Ortiz’s double came in the bottom of the 7th but he was left stranded and the Claws lost 2-0.  Game 2 report will follow later- have to leave the hotel to get to the 11:00 game this morning.


Fanti Finishes

What a way to cap off the 3 day minor-league odyssey- a little piece of history as Nick Fanti (who you probably recall threw 8 2/3 innings of no-hit ball in May) completed a full 9 inning no-hitter.  Only one batter reached base which was a walk in the 2nd inning.  He threw 118 pitches, 79 of which were strikes.  He hit 93 once (based on the stadium gun), and had a bunch of pitches in the 88-91 range.  He had one off-speed pitch of 79 and a bunch in the 80-81 range.  Obviously he worked ahead all day though he did go 3-0 twice.  Charleston fouled off a bunch of pitches as they had trouble squaring anything up, but Nick still managed to get 12 K’s (7 Looking, 5 Swinging).  Like any no-hitter, there were a few near misses.  In the second inning Esteven Florial hit a liner right down the LF line that went into the corner.  It was so close that he ran all the way to second thinking it might be fair, but the 3rd base ump ruled it was foul.  For the last out of the 5th inning, Mandy Alvarez smoked a grounder between SS and 3B but Luke Williams made a great diving stop, jumped up and threw the runner out (wasn’t even that close which gives you an idea of how hard it was hit).  In the 7th inning, Yankees 2016 #1 pick- Blake Rutherford roped a liner the other way (down the RF line) but it was foul.   There were 1 or 2 hard liners right at outfielders, but that was about it-  everything else was pretty routine.   The last two innings went:

8:  91 mph looking K /91 mph looking K /Fly Out to RF

9:  84 mph Popout to SS (behind third base)/79 mph swinging K/ Routine flyout to Moniak in RC–  GAME OVER.


The Blue Claws only had two hits- both by Henri Lartigue: Solo HR (games only run), and a single in the 8th that was down the RF line.  He tried to stretch it into a 2B but was thrown out. So in the entire game there were 3 base runners (Lartigue twice – HR and was thrown out stretching), so in reality only 1 player actually stood on base while a pitch was thrown all day.

Mickey Moniak had a rough day:  1) 1st pitch weak 6-3 grounder (hit to the right side of second base but the SS was shifted over), 2) Swinging K (Change Up) 3) Swinging K which was one of the worst calls I’ve seen.  Mickey literally barely even moved the bat at all and somehow the ump, said he swung.  Mickey was in shock and let the umpire know it (which is very rare for him).  He asked for an appeal to the 1st base ump but the home plate ump refused to grant it.  Moniak was still staring at the plate ump as he ran out onto the field.

Pics from today:




Lehigh Valley Game Report, July 16


Brandon Liebrandt started the game and retired the first 8 (5 in the infield, 3 line drives to the OF, one that Cozens reached up and caught over his head in RF).  In the 4th inning he did a great job of working out of a jam.  After a walk and a botched FC on an error by Kingery, he K’d three straight.  In the 5th, he gave up 2 walks and really seemed to tire.  Rochester got a run on an RBI single and the inning ended on a very hard lineout to deep LF.

Yacksel Rios came on for innings 6-7 and dominated except for a solo HR by John Ryan Murphy.  The other 6 batters he faced were:  4 K’s a 6-3 groundout, and a foul out to first.    Rios topped out at 97 and was consistently 94-96.  His off speed stuff was 86-87.

Edubray Ramos had a rough inning (only gave up an unearned run)  though he was bailed out by a DP with the bases loaded and one out.  He was consistently behind the hitters.  His pitch speed varied between 81 and 95.

Closer Pedro Beato finished though it wasn’t an easy inning:  Hard lineout to Kingery, Walk, Smoked line drive to Aguila in CF, and a groundout to Kingery.


Kingery:  1) Pop out to pitcher, 2) Line Double- hit off the top of the third baseman’s glove and down the LF line, 3) swinging K, 4)  swinging K on a pitch in the dirt

Crawford:  VERY impressive AB’s today.  In 4 AB’s he saw about at least 24 pitches.  1) Flew out to RF after fouling off MANY 2 strike pitches, 2) RBI triple on a full count- pulled right over the first based bag.  He slide was way to the right of the third base bag but luckily the throw was off line.  3) Flyout to RF (first pitch) 4) On a full count, lined a double the other way into the LC gap.

Hoskins: 1) HBP, he actually stole 2nd and advanced to third when the throw sailed into CF (one would assume the catcher was too stunned to see Hoskins attempting to steal), 2) Line single to LF after fouling off 4-5 two strike pitches, 3) Lined a 1-2 pitch for a single to the SS’s right, 4) K’d looking on a 96 mph fastball

Cozens:  1) Battled from 0-2 to 3-2 but K’d swinging, 2) Popped up to the catcher, 3) Homered over the wall in RC (#22), 4) Looking K

Pullin:  Weak grounder to first base, reached on an error when the pitcher didn’t catch the flip, 2) Nice line single to CF, 3) and 4) Looking K (pitcher in the 7th K’d all 3 of them looking- Hoskins/Cozens/Pullin)

Alfaro had the day off.

On to Lakewood tomorrow…

Williamsport Game Report, July 15


Spencer Howard started the game.  He labored through a long first inning with numerous foul balls.  The lead-off batter (a righty) had a lucky double with an excuse me swing that snuck by Pickett over the first base bag.  He followed that with a walk on a full count (after falling behind 3-0), but then he K’d the next 2 batters (on off-speed pitches I would guess were curveballs).  A wild pitch moved the runners over to 2nd and 3rd though Rodolfo Duran almost nailed the runner going to 3rd.  A soft liner to CF dropped for a single which plated 2 runs.  The third out was recorded on an excellent diving catch by Jhailyn Ortiz in RF.

Howard’s 2nd inning went smoothly: soft lineout to RF followed by 2 swinging K’s.

His 3rd inning started with 2 routine groundouts, then he was removed after walking the next batter on a 3-2 pitch.

He threw 62 pitches overall (42 for strikes), and threw first pitch strikes to 10 of the 12 batters he faced.  There was no stadium gun, so I have no idea how hard (or soft) he was throwing.

Connor Seabold pitched the 4th and 5th and was very impressive.  In the 4th, he started with a swinging K.  After giving up a hard line single to LF, he got the last two outs on a lazy fly to LF and a 6-4 fielder’s choice.

In the 5th inning, Seabold struck out the side in order (swinging/looking/swinging).  The first batter may have actually seen 4 strikes since he took the 1-2 pitch that appeared to be in the strike zone.

He threw 27 pitches (21 for strikes) and threw a first pitch strike to 6 of the 7 hitters he faced.

I did not track the rest of the pitchers, but after Gustavo Armas gave up a run in the 6th, he settled down and gave up no runs for the rest of his outing which went through the 9th.

Randy Alcantara pitched out of jams in the 10th and 11th before pitching a clean 12th and getting the win.


It was the Jake Scheiner show as the 2017 4th round pick hit doubles in his 2nd and 3rd AB (one on a liner right over the third base bag, and one that one-hopped off the RF fence), then Homered to LF in his 4th AB.  Jake scored all 3 Cutter runs up to that point.  He was intentionally walked after a sac bunt in the 9th, and flew out to medium CF in the 11th.

Brian Mims went 1-5.  After 2 swinging K’s,  he was HBP in his third AB.    Next, he scalded a liner to center but it was caught in front of the track.  In the bottom of the 9th, he had the winning run on 2nd after Scheiner was intentionally walked, but he grounded into a 4-6-3 DP.  He smoked the ball up the middle but the 2B made a nice play.  He led off the 12th with a hard ground single in the hole between the the first baseman and 2nd baseman.  Malvin Matos pinch ran for him and scored the winning run.

Adam Hasely’s AB’s:  1) Reached on an error by 1B (not hit overly hard, the ball hopped up and hit the 1B in the chest).  2) Rolled over on a ball in the hole between 1B and 2B.  The second baseman made a nice diving play and came up firing and threw him out (at least according to the ump- he looked safe to me).  3)  Roped a double deep into the RC gap, CF dove but couldn’t make the catch.  4) Pop up to 2B. 5) Very hard linout to LF.  6) Weak 4-3 groundout

Greg Pickett went 1-6 out of the clean-up spot.  He had 3 infield outs, a hard flyout to CF, a swinging K (fastball right by him), and a hard line RBI single to right center.

Jhailyn Ortiz’s AB’s:  1) Broken Bat 5-3 ground out- he ran hard and almost beat it out.  2) Got jammed and hit a foul popout out to the SS behind the third base bag.  3) HBP (it may have hit one of the buttons on his uniform).  4) Weak 5-3 groundout.  5) Long flyout to RC- looked like it might get out for a walk-off HR in the 10th but was caught right in front of the wall.  6) Worked a walk in the 12th (good AB)

Josh Stephen stepped to the plate in the bottom of the 12th having not hit a ball out of the infield all night (3 groundouts to short, a K , and a comebacker to the pitcher).  So of course, he lines a clean single into shallow CF to walk-off the Cutters, and get me back to the hotel room by 11:15.

Luis Encarnacion had a rough day at the plate going 0-4 with a HBP.  He did not make solid contact on any of his BA’s.

Rodolfo Duran went 3-5 with 3 singles.  The first one was a dribbler up the third base line, and the other two were hit hard.

On to Allentown tomorrow afternoon…

7/27 LV Game Report

This was game 3 of my annual 2-day minor league blitz.  The Pigs won (or flew as the announcer likes to say).


Ben Lively started and went almost 7 full innings.  His velocity was not impressive as he was regularly in the high 80’s with a few 90’s, a 91 and a 92.  A few times throughout the game the gun came up with readings in the 40’s so it may not have been accurate at all.  Here is Ben’s breakdown by inning:

1) Easy Flyout to RF/1-3 easy comebacker/4-3 groundout (the recently promoted Jes. Valentin made an excellent backhand pick and Ruf scooped the throw out of the dirt).

2) Infield single (Valentin again made a nice grab but couldn’t make a strong enough throw)/Sac Bunt/RBI line drive single to CF/Lineout to RF/Looking K on a full count (89 mph)

3) Looking K (88 mph)/Blooper just over Jes V’s head/Opposite field line single to LF/Lineout to Left-center/RBI double to CF (Cam Perkins got turned around and the ball went over his head to the wall- a better CF would have made the play)/Swinging K on 3 pitches (89)

4) 3-1 groundout/Routine flyout to RF/Hard ground single up the middle/Swinging K (86)- *opposing pitcher*

5) 6-3 groundout/4-3 hard hit groundout/bunt single/Flyout to medium CF

6) Swinging K (76)/4-3 easy groundout/6-3 groundout (JP made an awesome pick on a sharp hitter on one hop- definite web gem which showed off his great hands and reflexes)

7) Routine Flyout to RF/Lineout to LF (Nick Williams covered a good amount of ground and made a real nice diving catch in left center/soft single up the middle which Jes V gloved couldn’t get enough the throw.  Lively was then removed at 92 pitches (65 strikes).  Elvis Araujo came on to retire the last batter.

In the 8th, Elvis was greeted with a HR and then after plunking the next batter, he got ejected (so yes, Elvis left the building- couldn’t resist).  Brundage (LV manager) also got the boot.  It was strange since there had been no warnings that I know of and it was the first HBP of the game.

A combo of Frank Hermann and Luis Garcia finished out the game though Luis had to pitch out of a bases loaded 1 out jam to close it out.


JP Crawford went 1-4:  K’d swinging on a 3-2 pitch where he seemed to pull his head out/6-3 groundout/Foul popout to 1B/Hard RBI single up the middle (he was caught stealing soon after).

Nick Williams also went 1-4 (with 2 runs scored- he reached on an error by the 2B).  His one hit was a solid double that one-hopped off the wall in left-center.  His other 2 AB’s were a 5-3 groundout (where he HUSTLED up the line and made it a close play) and a swinging K

Aaron Altherr was rehabbing and went 1-4 with an RBI single that he fisted into RF over the 1B’s head.  He also K’d twice (one swinging and one looking on 3 pitches), and was retired 2-3 on a swinging bunt in front of home.

Andrew Knapp went 0-2 but did walk twice (one on a 3-2 pitch where he really worked the count well, and one on 5 pitches) and scored a run.  He grounded out twice to 2nd base- one was hard hit and one not at all.  In addition, he stole a base.  He literally just took off while the pitcher was still in the stretch and the pitcher never even noticed (must have really caught him by surprise).

Cam Perkins went 1-4 with an RBI single (which scored Knapp after his stealth stolen base) and a K (looking).  His other 2 AB’s were easy outs.

Jesmuel Valentin was unable to secure his first AAA hit as he went 0-2 with a swinging K on a ball in the dirt, a walk,  and a routine 4-3 groundout.

Also- Darnell Sweeney hit leadoff (with Featherston called up) and went 2-4 with a double and an RBI.  I didn’t realize he played third base.

–That concludes the nyphilsmaniac19 trilogy.  Makes me appreciate Jim P all the more- it’s hard work, but it’s fun.  I could never do all the work he does!




7/26 Reading Game Report

Reading took on Binghamton on Tuesday night and lost 5-2 so let’s get right to the good stuff:


Thomas Eshelman started and did not impress.  He only lasted 4 innings and threw first pitch strikes to 9 of the 18 batters he faced.  His fastball was recorded at 91-92 with one 94 and a few 93’s.  On the low side, He was usually around 83 and one pitch registered 76 (change-up I’m sure).  Here are his innings:

1) Nice easy 1-2-3 with two 6-3 groundouts and a foul popout to Alfaro

2) Leadoff 5-pitch walk/flyout to deep right/hard line single to left-center/Flyout ro RF/hard RBI single up the middle.  Alfaro deked the runner at home and acted as if there was no play at the plate and then tried to scoop the ball and make a sweep tag in one motion.  It didn’t work, but it was an interesting move.  The inning ended 0n a lazy pop up to 1st.

3) Another leadoff 5-pitch walk was followed by a long HR to RF.  After that, Esh settled in and finished with two line outs to left and a line out to right.  Sandwiched in there was a routine liner (not hit very hard) right to Cozens who dropped it for a 2-base error.  Cozens is anything but fluid in the outfield, and the way he catches the ball is kind of awkward (reminds me actually quite a bit of Domonic Brown the way he holds the glove).  He can’t afford to use one hand to catch anything.  I like Cozens a lot but his play in the OF is a concern for me.

4) Nice inning for Esh with 2 swinging K’s sandwiched around a lineout to RF.

Esh was lifted at 63 pitches (only 34 strikes).  Mark Leiter came in and looked very good.  He pitched the final 5 and had 4 scoreless innings until he gave up a 2-run homer in the top of the 9th.  Leiter was recorded at 91-92 reaching 94 once.  On the bottom end, he threw some 85-86 and some 70-71.  I would assume those were curve or slider and changeup. All totaled, Leiter struck out 8 in his 5 innings (3 looking) and only gave up 4 base-runners.


Scott Kingery played his second game at Reading and went 1-5.         Line single into RC with 2 strikes/Flyout to CF- didn’t seem like he got much on it but it was pretty deep/hard lineout right at the CF/6-3 chopper/5-3 routine groundout

The reborn Andrew Pullin batted second and went 1-5 also.  His only hit was a bloop single to CF that should have been caught but the CF seemed to get a slow jump on it.  His other 4 AB’s: Hard lineout right to CF/very high Flyout to RF and 2 swinging K’s on off-speed pitches

Jorge Alfaro was 0-3 until his last AB in the 8th when he clocked an opposite field solo HR that landed right in the pool in RF.  He also K’d on a curve away, had a broken bat 6-3 groundout and a 4-3 groundout during which he showed outstanding hustle and made it a pretty close play.  Only one runner tried to steal on him and he was caught though it was because he overslid 2nd base.  In Alfaro’s defense, he had a great jump and the play was still very close.

Dylan Cozens batted clean-up and was also 0-3 until homering in the 8th.  It was a moon shot to right-center that cleared everything including the back wall.  His first 3 AB’s- swinging K on a 78 mph curve/hard liner to RF that was dropped for an error/very hard one hopper that the 1st baseman made an impressive pick-up on.  All in all, he hit the ball very hard 3 of 4 AB’s.

Rhys Hoskins had a perfect day at the plate walking 3 times (first two on full counts) and hitting a hard ground single right between the SS and 3B.  He showed excellent patience and was willing to take the walk- which is becoming a trend for him as he does not have the protection in the lineup that Alfaro and Cozens do.  Rhys looked smooth at first and even stole a base.

I figured I’d track Osmel Aguila since he is new to the organization.  He went 0-4 with 1 K and only one hard hit ball.

The highlight of the game was definitely the back-to-back jacks in the 8th from Alfaro and Cozens which pulled the Fightins to within one run.  After another walk to Hoskins, Jake Fox pinch hit for Harold Martinez which brought the crowd to its feet (he didn’t start since there was no DH) but he lined out to LF.




7/26 Lakewood Game Report

The Blue Claws had an 11 AM game yesterday vs Hickory which I attended and am reporting on.


Seranthony Dominguez started the game (A rain out the previous day caused me to miss Kilome, but anyway…)  In the first inning, I though maybe the radar gun wasn’t functioning properly when his pitches that seemed so effortless registered in the mid-to-upper 90’s.  After the Hickory pitcher recorded significantly lower speeds, I thought (hoped) the gun was accurate.  SD was consistently in the 95-96 range and reached 98 and 97 a few times.  On the low end, he was throwing 87-88 (not sure what kind of pitches).  Strike one could have been his best friend, but he recorded only 9 first pitch strikes out of 21 batters faced.

Inning 1:  After retiring the first two (3-1 groundout and a swinging K), he had a 6 pitch walk, a single, and another 6 pitch walk.  He escaped unscathed as a chopper to 3rd base marked the last out.

Inning 2:  2 straight singles were followed by a K in the dirt which allowed the runners to advance.  The Hickory manager got ejected for arguing the swing call and would not leave the field for like 10 minutes which couldn’t have helped SD’s rhythm.  An RBI groundout on a 2-0 pitch was followed by a hard hit single right on the right field line and a lucky cue shot that Cumana made a great grab on but he couldn’t throw out the runner.  The inning ended on a 4-3 routine groundout.  ( 2 runs, 4 hits – all singles)

Inning 3:  He hit the first batter on a 1-2 count, then retired the next three (Looking K, Deep flyout to right, and Lazy flyout to right)

Inning 4:  Lead off HR to right, then got the next 3 out- (Mile high popout to SS), A lineout to right that was pretty deep and a swinging K on a ball in the dirt).  (1 run, 1 hit).

At that point, probably due to running such deep counts, he was removed.  Zach Morris followed with three solid scoreless innings with 4 hits allowed.  Morris was usually around 92, but on one batter when he was ahead 1-2, he dialed a 95 followed by a 94.

Jeff Singer came on to to pitch the 8th and put on a display.  He K’d all three batters swinging and every fastball was 96-98 (except one that was 95).  His two off-speed pitches were 86.  He literally blew them all away.

Ismael Valdez closed it out with a 1-2-3  9th inning including 1 K.  His highest velo was 97, with most pitches being 95 and his low was 86-87.  (Again, hopefully the gun was accurate).

OFFENSE (sticking to prospects only including fringe ones):

Zack Coppola  went 0-3 but did walk twice.  He had two groundouts- one where his speed prevented a DP and K’d his last AB looking at a high fastball.

C Randolph went 1-4 with a walk.  He continues to work the count with all AB’s being at least 4 pitches and most longer.  His one hit was somewhat lucky as he hit a grounder between the 1st and 2nd basemen.  The first base man could have played it but peeled off and thought the second baseman would get it.  In one AB when he had two strikes, he reached out and slapped a pitch the other way but it grounded right to 3B.  His one strikeout came on 3 swings all of which he swung over top of a low fastball (at the knees).  I should also mention that all of the Crawdads pitchers were lefty plus one threw sidearm and another 3/4 which made it tough on lefties.

Josh Tobias had a nice game.  I was surprised to still see him at Lakewood with the moving up of Kingery, but I hear today he has gotten the call-up.  He made some solid plays in the field and went 2-5 at the dish.  Both hits were well struck singles (One down the left field line that he foolishly tried to stretch into a double and was out by a mile, and one single right up the middle).  He did strikeout swinging once on something off-speed.

Jose Pujols was as advertised.  He swung and missed at tons of off-speed pitches, but he got ahold of one pitch and hit it over the RC field fence for HR #19.  He is closing in on the Lakewood team record for HR’s. He did K twice of course.  He also reached on an error on a routine grounder to short, and then did a nice job breaking up a DP which eventually was instrumental in a big rally.  He hit a solid line single to center in his last AB.

Deivi Grullon went 1-4 with a walk and 2 K’s.  His hit was a double that one-hopped the wall in right field.  Strangely Wilson Garcia (who had doubled before him) stayed by the bag instead of going halfway so he only got to 3rd on the double and was stranded there.

In other news, Grenny Cumana looked very strong at SS.







July 29 Reading Game Report

Reading 9  Erie 8

After a low scoring affair the night before, this game was clearly going to be a shootout from the beginning.  The Fightin’s won on a walk-off single by Destin Hood (after winning on a walk-off single from Dugan the night before).


BEN LIVELY: I was really hoping to see a good game from Ben, but he did not deliver.  He seemed to spot the ball pretty well and change speeds decently, but he gave up 3 HR’s and other hard hit balls in 5 innings.  The only good news was 5K’s and 0 BB’s.  He reached 94 once, but was usually between 87-91 with his fastball.  On the low end, he varied between 73 and 76.  Here is the breakdown by inning:

1st: Foul popout to catcher/two 4-3 groundouts

2nd: Swinging K/Hard double down LF line/No Doubt HR off roof above the pool in RF/Popout to 2nd base/Swinging K (he had excellent movement on a few pitches in this AB)

3rd: Line single between 1Bman/2Bman/Broken bat 6-4-3 DP/ 2B into left center on a long 9 pitch AB/Fly out to CF Hood who jumped and made a nice catch in front of the wall

4th: Looking K/Infield single up middle/E-4, Greene missed a 2 hopper (during the AB Lively threw a Wild Thing Vaughn wild pitch over everyone straight to the backstop/RBI Double in the RC Gap/3 run HR/2 swinging K’s.  So… Lively struck out the side yet gave up 4 runs (3 earned).

5th:  4-3 groundout/Long bomb HR/F-7 caught in CF/ Infield single (it was a cool play as SS Mora fielded the ball crossing in front of 2nd base, he then flipped the ball to a surprised Brodie Greene (2nd baseman) in hopes that Greene could make a better throw to first.  Greene did relay to first but the batter beat it out/Hard ground single to RF/Swinging K

TOM WINDLE:  Windle has been much improved since going to the bullpen.  He looked good in his first inning, but not as much in his 2nd.  He was usually sitting at 91-92, and topped out at 93.  (All speeds were from the Reading stadium gun which is notoriously off).

6th:  Hard lineout to LF/Bunt right back to the box 1-3/Soft lineout to LF

7th:  Easy flyout to CF/HR (Dean Green’s 2nd of the day- he is a serious power hitter)/BB, at which point he was relieved by O’Sullivan.  (As if this wasn’t enough, I got the “pleasure” of also watching the other O’Sullivan at the Iron Pigs game later).  Stephen Shackelford (Reading closer) pitched a perfect 9th and ended up getting the win.


DUGAN (1-5):  Not a good day for Kelly who K’d three times (once looking, twice swinging at low pitches).  He also grounded out to first base and had a nice single that he served the opposite way into LF

PERKINS (1-4): Line Drive HR right down the LF line/High flyout to shallow CF/Sac Fly to CF/2 swinging K’s on fastballs (94,96 mph).  Cameron also made a nice catch in the field and later threw out a runner trying to score from 2nd on a single.  The run would have given Erie a 9-8 lead in the 8th.

STASSI (1-5):  Swinging K on an 80 mph change-up/Pop out into shallow LC, SS made a very nice over the shoulder catch or he would have had a single/2 run triple (could easily have just been a single, the left-fielder dove in for the ball, missed it and it bounced right over him and rolled to the track)/Hard 1-3 grounder back to the box/E-4 which extended the inning.   Brock scored the winning run from 2nd when Hood delivered the walk-off single.

KNAPP (2-3):  Hard ground single up the middle (scored from 1st on a Hood double)/Double that one-hopped off the left-centerfield fence/BB/Groundout to 1B/BB (worked the count full in the 9th) which moved Stassi into scoring position and set-up the winning hit.  Knapp also had a 2-run 2B in the 4-run 9th inning rally the previous night, along with a walk.

JPC had the day off so there wasn’t anyone else to report on.  Angelo Mora doubled, tripled, and singled in his first three AB’s but did not get a hit the rest of the way (seemed to be swinging extra hard in hopes of hitting one out and completing the cycle).  Harold Martinez went 2-4 and raise his average to .303.


There is no point in doing a report from last night’s LV game since Altherr is the only prospect there.  He had a rough day vs SWB ace, Luis Severino, bugt still found ways to contribute.  Here are his AB’s:

K’d looking at an 86 mph 2-2 pitch/5-4 FC, hustled to avoid the DP- went to 2nd on a WP, 3rd on a deep flyout, and scored on another WP/HBP on a 1-2 pitch after fouling off 5- one of which was a long shot down LF line/K’d looking with runners on 1st and 3rd, looked at 2 strikes and couldn’t check his swing on the other


Lakewood Game Report: July 28

Intimidators 3, Blue Claws 1


RANFI CASIMIRO  started and pitched into the 7th inning.  His fastball was mostly 91-92 on the stadium gun and he topped out at 93.  His off-speed stuff was usually 81-84, but on a couple of occasions, he threw almost an eephus pitch that was 76 (he got bad swings and misses both times).

1st:  3 easy outs surrounded by a slow grounder that was right at where the SS would have been except LW had an extreme shift on for the Kannapolis #3 hitter (a lefty hitter named Lechich ).  The ball went into LF for a single.

2nd: Two Deep Flyouts (one which followed a foul ball scalded down the LF line), and a routine 6-3 groundout.

3rd:  Here is where things went awry.  The leadoff batter reached on a hard grounder that went right through Kingery at 2B (E-4).  The next batter walked.  The third hitter bunted to move the runners up, but put it perfectly down the 3Bline and beat it out.  With the bases loaded, Ranfi K’d the next guy swinging (92 mph FB).  On a 3-2 pitch the next batter reached out and poked a pitch over the outside corner right up the middle (it was close to both 2B and SS, but squirted through) to plate 2 runs.  The inning ended on a nice 4-6-3 DP.

4th: Two swinging K’s, and lazy flyout to CF along with a BB.  One thing that bothered me at different times (especially in the 4th inning) was Casimiro’s ability to get ahead of hitters, and then let them get back to either 3-2 or even a walk.  The first K went from 0-2 to 3-2, and the walk went from 1-2 to ball 4.

5th: Infield Single (Marerro at SS made a very nice backhand diving pickup and threw in the dirt, but Martin couldn’t make the scoop)/Hard lineout to Tomscha (3B)/Double down the RF line- Martin dove and got a little piece if it, but it still went to the corner and left runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out/Swinging K (huge drop, missed it by a wide margin)/Slow 4-3 groundout.

6th:  5-3 (nice diving play by Tomscha)/Walk (again from 1-2 count)/5-4-3 DP.  Casi seemed to be tiring but he came out for another inning which I had a bad feeling wouldn’t go so well…

7th: Flyout to RF/K (pitch in the dirt)/HBP/Ground 1B into RF/RBI Single into RF.  With two on and two outs, Casi was removed, and relieved by Jairo Munoz


7th: threw one pitch and ended the threat with a routine 6-3

8th: Foul Pop up to Catcher/Hard line single to LF/6-4-3 DP.  Munoz hit 95 a number of times, and his offspeed stuff was 79.


9th: 1-3 Comebacker/E-6 under Marrero’s glove on backhand side/Soft Lineout to 2B/easy 6-3 GO.  Rayburn was consistently 92-93 and topped out once at 94.  He either didn’t throw anything offspeed or I missed it.


(I only tracked players who would be considered some form of a prospect.  Chase Harris did lead off the bottom of the 1st with a double and scored what turned out to be the Claws only run.  I didn’t get to see Grullon who had the day off though Jose Mayorga did get 2 hits.  Tromp went 0-3 with a HBP and no hard hit balls.  Emmanuel Marrero went 1-3 with a single)

HERLIS RODRIGUEZ:  2-3 (but a very strange 2 for 3).  He reached in the first when he laid a nice bunt down the 3rd baseline to move over Harris.  The pitcher bobbled it and didn’t make a throw.  It could easily have been an error or a Sac FC but it was scored a single. After a 5 pitch walk, he reached on  another lucky bunt single (literally blooped just over the 1st basemen’s head and landed behind him in the infield).  Ironically, his only well-hit ball was a hard lineout to RF in his final AB.

SCOTT KINGERY: RBI 6-4 weak groundout/Hard ground single between SS and 3B/Swinging K at a ball in the dirt/Hard 5-3 Groundout  He also stole a base without a throw as the pitch was way outside.

KYLE MARTIN:  Foul Popout to 3B (after fouling off 4 pitches)/Hard lineout to deep LC (moved a runner to 3rd)/Hard lineout to CF/Topped a slow 4-3 roller

DAMEK TOMSCHA:  5-3 Chopper/5-4-3 DP/Line Single up the Middle/High Flyout to Medium RF

CORD SANDBERG: 3-1 groundout(rolled over an outside pitch)/5 pitch walk/swinging K/Topped a 4-3 grounder

Leaving my hotel now to attend the R-Phils game tonight.

Leaving my hotel in Reading now to attend the Fightin Phils game tonight.