Box Score Recap – 7/20/2016

Here is the guaranteed, 100% accurate Box Score Report.  It took me less than 10 minutes from scratch.  I would love to only have to invest that much time on this, especially on days like today when I’ll be up early to prepare to be a guest on an affiliated beat writer’s podcast at 10:00AM, watch the GCL game from noon to 3:00PM, arrive at Bright House Field at 6:00PM to watch the Threshers until completion around 9:30PM, and then go home and produce the normal Box Score Report.  Note that those date stamps on reports of 2:00AM to 3:00AM are CST, probably where the WordPress server is located.  So, I’m actually posting an hour later in EST.  

Lehigh Valley beat Indianapolis, 2-0.

Reading   lost to Hampshire, 4-2.

Clearwater beat Bradenton, 5-2.

Lakewood beat Kannapolis, 2-1.

Williamsport scheduled off day.

GCL Phillies beat the GCL Pirates, 10-6.

DSL Phillies lost to the DSL Red Sox1, 8-3.

DSL Phillies2 beat the DSL Rays2, 6-0.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

For those of you who don’t mind a less than error-free guarantee, the normal Box Score Report is below.  And as always, address me in the comments section about any errors and I will correct them.

Lehigh Valley (58-40)  Beat Indianapolis, 2-0.  Jake Thompson pitched the first six innings of the shutout.  He struck out five and walked an unsettling four batters.  Nick Williams provided the the necessary offense with a two-run homer run in the first inning.  Andrew Knapp had two hits.  The defense turned four double plays.

  • #1 Crawford (.269) went 1-3 with a BB.
  • #2 Thompson (9-5, 2.29) – 6.0, 3 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 4 BB, 5 K, 90 pitches/50 strikes.
  • #3 Williams (.290) went 1-4 with a HR (9) and 2 RBI (47).
  • #4 Appel – DL, season-ending surgery to remove a bone spur.
  • #9 Knapp (.270) went 2-4 with a double.
  • #13 Eflin (5-2, 2.90) – promoted to Philadelphia.
  • #17 Cordero – DL shoulder, rehabbing in the FSL with Clearwater.
  • #23 Sweeney (.229) went 0-4.
  • #26 Asher – Restricted List.
  • #28 Ramos (0.38) – promoted to Philadelphia.
  • #30 Lively (4-3, 3.63) – DNP.

Reading (66-31)  Lost to Hampshire, 4-2.  Tyler Viza (3-3, 4.20) gave up three runs on six hits in five innings.  The big blow was a two-run home run in the third.  Mark Leiter (3.50) came on in relief for the final three innings.  An unearned run scored on two errors committed on a steal attempt.  KC Serna (.300) had a two-hit game.  Rhys Hoskins hit a solo home run (26).

  • #6 Alfaro (.297) DNP.
  • #7 Quinn (.288) DL, oblique, rehabbing at the Complex in Clearwater.
  • #10 Pinto – (3-4, 4.63) – DNP.
  • #15 Eshelman (2-0, 5.94) – DNP.
  • #18 Pivetta – (8-4, 3.14) – DNP.
  • #19 Hoskins (.279)went 1-3 with a HR (26), RBI (84), and HBP.
  • #22 Cozens (.286) DNP.
  • #27 Brown (.225) DL, retroactive to 7/10, wrist.

Clearwater (56-39)  Beat Bradenton, 5-2.  Luke Leftwich (2-2, 6.65) pitched 5.2 innings and was lifted after allowing two home runs in the sixth. Jiandido Tromp (.200) and  Malquin Canelo had two hits apiece.  Tromp (4) hit two solo home runs.  Kyle Martin (.251) hit a solo home run (13) and had 2 RBI (57).

  • #11 Kingery (.294) went 1-5.
  • #12 Canelo (.248) went 2-4 with a BB.
  • #14 Tocci (.277) DNP.
  • #15 Eshelman (4-2, 3.54) was promoted to Reading.
  • #20 Tirado – assigned to Lakewood.
  • #21 Garcia (8-2, 2.50) – DNP.

Lakewood (44-51) Beat Kannapolis, 2-1.  Franklyn Kilome is back!  At least for one game.  He walked only one and struck out nine.  Austin Davis (0.00) and Zach Morris (2.56) finished up with two strike outs each over the final 2.1 innings.  Wilson Garcia (.286) had two hits.  Jose Pujols and Deivi Grullon had one RBI each.

  • #5 Randolph (.261) went 1-4.
  • #8 Kilome (3-7, 4.46) – 6.2 IP, 7 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 1 BB, 9 K, 1 HBP, 94 pitches/65 strikes.
  • #20 Tirado (1-1, 5.55)- DNP.
  • #24 Pujols (.229) went 1-4 with a double and RBI (56).
  • #29 Grullon (.239) went 1-3 with a BB and RBI (31).

Williamsport (18-14) DNP.

  • #16 Medina (3-0, 1.35) – DNP.

GCL Phillies (16-7) Beat the GCL Pirates, 10-6.  Mickey Moniak had 3 RBI.  Malvin Matos had two RBI.  Ben Pelletier (.292) went 1-4 with an RBI.

  • #? Mickey Moniak (.317) went 2-3 with a BB  and 3 RBI (15).
  • #? Kevin Gowdy (0-1, 3.60) – DNP.
  • #? Cole Stobbe (.298) DNP.
  • #25 Jhailyn Ortiz (.271) DNP.
  • #? Josh Stephen (.288) went 0-3 with a BB.
  • #?Justin Miller (0-0, 4.15) – DNP.
  • #? Aaron Brown (0-0, 2.70) – 2.0 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 2 K.
  • #? Will Stewart (1-1, 4.50) – DNP.
  • #? Nick Fanti (2-0, 1.19) – DNP.

DSL Phillies (15-24) Lost to the DSL Red Sox1, 8-3.  Henry Santana (.277) had 3 hits. Robert Paulino (..271) had 2 RBI.  Keudy Bocio stole home.

  • Jonathan Guzman (.283) went 0-3.
  • Keudy Bocio (.215) went 0-3 with a SB (18).
  • Simon Muzziotti (.267) went 1-4.
  • Dixon Gutierrez (.303) went 1-4.

DSL Phillies2 (22-17) Beat the DSL Rays2, 6-0.  Denny Martinez (5-1, 2.43) allowed one hit and struck out nine in six innings.  The bullpen mopped up with two hits and 3 strike outs in three innings.  The staff allowed no walks.

  • Leonel Aponte (2-3, 2.70) – DNP.
  • Carlos Oropeza (.198) DNP.
  • Rafael Marchan (.385) went 2-5 with a double and 3 RBI.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings:

  • 7/20 – Clearwater activated CF Herlis Rodriguez from the 7-day disabled list.
  • 7/20 – Clearwater placed RHP Shane Watson on the 7-Day DL, retroactive to 7/17
  • 7/20 – Eudiver Avendano assigned to DSL Phillies from DSL Phillies2.
  • Organization Rosters are up to date.

83 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 7/20/2016

  1. I attended the Lakewood game and couldn’t tell if it was Franklyn Kilome on the mound or Franklin D Roosevelt because the kid looked presidential! Both good looking fellas as well.

    Very impressed with Wilson Garcia also. Reminds me a lot of Jimmy Rollins when he was coming through our system.

    Excited for the future to say the least!

    1. Jordan mentioned last week that it looked like Kilome was about to turn it on again. Impressive outing. What’s your observation on Pujois?

  2. I like the fact Micky Mo has 15 rbi’s , Kilome finally getting it together. The Dsl Phillies game had Mendoza Vs Mendoza yesterday and yes a Mendoza won. Let’s get this Trading deadline over with so they can move everyone up . Nick Williams only thing his K’s rate this yr is higher then last yr and only has 17 balls.Kyle Lewis was hurt last night his knee is done a home plate crash.I hope he has a speedy return. On the mlb note there was 50 Home Runs it yesterday , I thought Mlb highlights kept repeating itself .

  3. Start dreaming on Moniak & Matos batting 3rd & 4th. Jordan was tripping over himself last week talking about Matos.

      1. Looked up GSL’s Matos’s information during lunch. Here are the basics, he is from Venezuela, signed with Phillies, is 6’3″ and 170 pounds, is 17 or 18, has a OBS of .405, walks at a good Percentage rate and has low strikeouts. More information on him is welcome as he looks like a Mikeal Franco type signing. Hope he turns out as good as Franco.

  4. It’s going to be interesting to see the power numbers that Martin may put up next year in reading. I believe he has more power then Cozens and Hoskins. Don’t think he’s much of a prospect tho.

  5. Jim, can you please link to that podcast when it becomes available? You do an excellent job it’s greatly appreciated.

  6. Valentin has gone cold in the last 10 games. He’s fallen from a .294 BA to .280 over the stretch. As Kingery fires up, Valentin is going the other way. Valentin is capable of having several multi-hit games in a row and this 10 game stretch will be a distant memory.

    Someone mentioned Arano the other day, saying relief seems to be forte. I agree with that. He hasn’t given up an ER in 7 outings spanning 12 innings. He’s given up 8 hits over those 7 outings with 13 Ks and 2 BBs. The 21 y/o is someone to keep an eye on; maybe both eyes.

    1. I am ok with Kingery becoming the big 2b prospect so we can stop rooting for the woman beater

    2. Reading is looking beatable as Alfaro, Fox, Martinez, and Valentin have gone cold. The starting pitching is looking vulnerable also. Other teams will not let Cozens and Hoskins beat them if possible. Andrew Pullin and Angelo Mora are continuing their good seasons.

    1. He needs a spot to open up in the rotation, honestly. No Jerome Williams to replace this year.

        1. Regarding Ryan (Thompson) and KMCs (Bourjos) posts above, the trade deadline is 11 days away. Come Aug 1, you’ll likely see several roster moves and a few promotions. Hang tight

        2. From most scouting reports I’ve seen, Williams needs to continue to improve his plate discipline and pitch recognition. But he’ll probably get a September call-up. Really no need to do anything before then.

          As for Thompson, it’s very possible that Hellickson will be traded, opening a spot for Thompson in the big team’s rotation. As someone else said, let’s see what happens come August 1.

    2. I think he’d perform fine in the big leagues now, but the consensus around him is he needs to improve his fastball command some, so he still has something to improve in the minors

  7. Hi Jim,

    Don’t normally comment but always read. Your hard work is very much appreciated. I think you should just block the jerk from yesterday who called you out.


    1. Jim…like to echo echockeyman’s sentiments.
      You put a lot of time into this publication daily and I thank you for that.
      Many posters do not realize ….that all the other sites that cover the Phillies happenings, which are located on the right side menu under 3. Phillies Blogs…..their principal owner do not do a daily job of posting current events, but have a staff to contribute. Again thank you for your dedicated efforts.

      1. Wholeheartedly agree with all of those expressions of appreciation for Jim.. And, as a guy who has spent a long career in newspapers and publications, I understand what goes into the daily grind. Thanks, Jim.

    2. I don’t believe in blocking criticism. It falls to us who love Jim’s work to pipe up in support.

  8. You do a great job Jim. I look forward to reading it every morning and looking at the comments throughout the day. Thank you!

  9. Did not think the Phillies were ever in the running…but Padres signed Jorge Ona for $7M….have to assume, they now are on the clock for a year and a restricted penalty for busting their international allocation limits since Ona is 19-years old..

    1. I read somewhere that with that singing they pretty much put out 60m in international signings this year (that’s with the penalties as well). That and their draft should have flushed their system with talent.

      1. EricD…..AJ Preller has really taken their farm system and revitalize it……he liked to sign many international Latins for his old club the Rangers….so he is use to doing that. The Braves also went wild in this J2 period.
        I am still waiting for the Phillies announcement of any Panama kids, if they do this year….they usually sign 2, on some occasions 3, every year.
        Two team did not sign anyone …the Red Sox since they are penalized and the not know why there.

  10. Thompson sure looks ready and Williams has been very steady. Kilome pitched great and has turned his season around. Leftwich and Viza fall into the category of advanced players who haven’t done as well. Who has been advanced and done well at the higher level??
    Moniak looks so good. I watched the Marlins last night and it looked like Moniak batting 3rd for them. Lookalikes
    Jim, we all appreciate what you do. You kick ass!

    1. Murray…….chuck out Kilome’s three April starts…April 7th, 13th and 19th…..the weather was either too cold or too chilly to start for him he said….first time he ever pitched in weather like that and he said it affected his grip on the ball. I guess now he knows going forward what he will need to do in April and hopefully some future day October starts.

  11. Jim…Do you know what the injury is to Watson? Does it have anything to do with his shoulder or elbow?

  12. Thank you Jim for all you do. This is the first site and the last site I check every night. It’s because of you! Thanks, from a loyal Phillies fan

  13. Im going over todays post with a fine tooth comb! Just kidding! Jim P you do an AMAZING JOB with this site. I m no expert…im no analytics guy…i dont bring much to the table with my comments…but I appreciate you and your efforts (and Greg too) This is one of my go to sites almost everyday! Keep up the great work! I know you were fishing for compliments but you deserve everyone you get!

    1. Were NOT fishing oooops i shouldve went over my comment with a fine tooth comb first!

    1. Good that Brown is moving to the mound. A few of us have been “crying” for that to happen…since his hitting has never shown much…and he had a 90 plus fb when drafted. Glad to see his transition.

    2. Is this serious? Was this reported previously? If so, I missed it. If true, I’m surprised by the timing. These kinds of changes typically happen after the season

  14. Anybody give me a thumb nail profile on Cole Stobbe? Tools? I’m hearing bat speed but would like more on foot speed, glove, etc. Thanks

    1. Who’s the smacko that keeps giving one star ratings to posts that aren’t even opinionated.

  15. Jim, your efforts make this site a must read and, for me, a multiple times a day must read. Whatever you do is great by me and I thank you! V1, in his comment earlier is correct. I love Jake Thompson, and if there is one area I would be happy if he improved, it is his K rate. Having said that, I think there is no doubt he comes up August 1, even without a Hellickson trade. I think there is thought of a 6 man rotation. I don’t know that a Williams promotion is a definite.

    1. Problem with 6man rotation BEFORE Sept 1 is you shorten either the bullpen or the bench.

      1. But I would be very surprised if Hellickson isn’t traded at this point based on recent performance. He may be the most effective arm available right now.

  16. As always, there are guys producing some eye-popping stats in DSL.

    One of my favorites remains Luis Ramirez. Now up to 13 games, 14.2 innings without an earned run. WHIP inching up to 0.68 for the 18-year-old RHP.

  17. Should have said “favorites to read in the box scores.” Having never seen him or seen any scouting reports I can’t claim him as a favorite, otherwise.

    1. Steve, I think there is a 20 day limit on rehab assignments for a player like Altherr, so that would put him back with the Phils on the 27th or 28th. At least, I think I am right. I wonder if he plays 3 games in Reading, then plays for LHV, or comes back straight from reading?

      1. The lineup with Altherr in it at Reading is sick
        Pullin, Altherr, Alfaro, Cozens, Hoskins, Fox, Valentin..

  18. I want to “50th” the comments on the great work you do Jim it is truly appreciated. I missed yesterday and went looking for the negative comment. The hope here is that commenter was just making a joke (ala “Look, Lakewood didn’t play and C STILL went o-fer”) so maybe it was meant to be a joke and not a criticism of your effort.

    Either way you do an outstanding job and it is truly appreciated.

      1. Yeah I def took it as a joke as well. Was surprised by the response it got. Thought it was obvious.

      2. I do not fault anyone, but just a helluva good excuse to extend an overdue thanks. So, maybe the criticism was a catalyst to extend our appreciation…perhaps?

  19. Another first-time-long-timer here adding a hearty thanks for all you do, Jim, and to other posters driving the lively discussion on a daily basis.

    Also want to point out our minor league teams have a combined record of 295-223 so far, good for a .569 winning percentage, or a 92-win pace season in MLB 🙂

  20. Jim looking at gcl game today. We had one stolen base. They had about 6 if I am reading right. Question. Do the guys you have seen have good speed on our gcl team. Today were they stealing on the pitcher, or is it our catcher.? ty

    1. That was my question as I watched. This was only Gowdy’s second appearance, so I don’t have history on him. But, the Pirates kept running after he left the game. They stole on Gowdy 3 times, and on two other pitchers once each. There were a few occasions where batters fouled off pitches nullifying sure stolen bases. I think the Pirates are just “runner-ish”. They seemed to run at every opportunity. However, today’s two catchers don’t have good results this season throwing out base runners.

  21. Jim, like Echo I am a regular reader and this is my first post. I can’t thank you enough for this site! I sincerely thank you!
    Since late 2013 I have been entirely more focused on the Phillies minor league system than the big league team. I check and this site every day. It’s my baseball fix. I have become completely knowledgeable about every team in our system and most of the players (all of the prospects) mostly because of you! (and Matt Winkelman – he rocks too!)

    I also want to thank you for this environment. In my career, I learned a long time ago that a team or group environment will most often reflect it’s leader. IMO, this site seems to have a far superior readership than so many other sports fans blogs, and I attribute that to you as well! (Btw, a quick shout-out to the many regular commenters on this site. I often appreciate your input as well. You augment what Jim does and it makes for an even richer, fuller read. Thanks.

    1. JohnK….we need advanced scouts…do you scout?
      You know…rocco just can’t do all the scouting by himself! 🙂

      1. Sorry, I don’t scout. I live in ATL and grew up in way Upst NY but have been Phillies fan since I could walk (because of my dad). I’ve been at playoffs and/or WS every year Phillies are in postseason since I was a lad in 70s. As I got older and family and career took more of my time, the one team I still follow as I did as a kid are the Phillies (or at least their minors now)! I look to these sites and the rest of you for info.

        1. Sounds like me. Life-long Phillues fan. Born in Rochester, live in northern Atlanta suburbs.

    2. Thank you John, but I can’t take credit for the environment here. It existed when I arrived as a reader several years ago. The credit goes to the people who started and maintained the site from its inception and the people who read and comment here. All I have done is maintain an environment I inherited 18 months ago, with guidance from Greg and departed contributors Brad and Matt.

  22. Thanks Jim. I really appreciate your hard work and dedication to keeping us informed. I cant say for sure but I would bet that no other MLB team has a minor league info site like this one.. I think that because of all the data you collect and pass on to us, it makes the anticipation of arrivals to the big team even more exciting. Thanks again

    1. Thank you. But, I don’t think our site is unique. While doing research on some baseball topics, I stumbled on sites that were created along similar lines, following other organizations. There are baseball fans all across the country. And there are people like me/better than me providing information on their favorite teams. But, I do appreciate the sentiment.

      1. I still think Phillies Phans are the best and deserve the best which you provide. Ongoing thanks.

  23. Thompson appears ready. Just wondering what workload limit all the young pitchers have.
    I thought Williams was supposed to be a power hitter. Only 9 HR seems low to me, especially for a LF. Would Phillies l leave him in minors to save service time?

    I am very curious why Phillies have not tried to sign some of the young core to long term deals. I know Franco will not sign one but how about Herrera, Nola, Crawford, Velasquez?

    1. Williams power numbers have been good in his other years and yes he only have 9 homers this year, but he also has 25 doubles and 5 triples. He’s got big raw power and he’s shown in game power every year so I wouldn’t worry too much.

      1. You may be right but reports on his power are mixed. Some scouting reports list him as having below average power which, if true, will seriously diminish his ceiling given that his plate is so-so. Williams’ biggest selling point is that he’s athletic with a good hit tool and is young – but he has a few question marks surrounding him (and I’m not referring to his work ethic) and I really couldn’t tell you how successful he will be as a big leaguer.

        1. Yeah reports of his power are mixed. I’ve only seen or heard of one report that projects below average power, most seem to be in that average to above average range, and I’ve seen/heard a few reports from people who’ve watched a lot of his games from his time in Texas that say he has plus raw power. I agree the plate discipline leaves a lot to be desired, but that hasn’t seemed to slow him on his way up the ladder. I’d like to see him take more walks, but he makes so much good contact with balls that it may not be much of issue in the long run. I do think it will take him some time (a year maybe two) to adjust to ML pitching though.

          I don’t think he’s going to be some 30 plus HR guy, but I’d be quite shocked if he’s not a 20 HR guy give or take a few if he pans out.

    2. too early. Most of their young core isn’t even ready for arbitration yet. Teams typically lock up younger players by buying out a few arbitration years along with a few years of free agency.

      Not too many situations were a team doesn’t let a player even make it to arbitration.

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