Open Discussion: Week of July 4th

Here’s the open discussion thread for Phillies’ talk and other topics.

The Phillies are 37-46.  They went 5-1 last week.  They book ended the week with wins by Vince Velasquez.  They averaged 7 runs a game while sweeping the Diamondbacks in Arizona.  Then they came home and took 2 of 3 from the World Champion Kansas City Royals.  The Phillies go into the All Star break with 3 games at home against the Atlanta Braves before going to Colorado for 4 games against the Rockies.

Aaron Nola

Saturday, the Phillies hinted they could skip Aaron Nola’s final start before the All-Star break, and they confirmed Sunday afternoon that they will.

A week ago, while a lot of people were calling for Nola to be sent to Lehigh Valley, one of the sharper reporters here wrote, “So, what’s up with Aaron Nola?  Three bad outings in a row.  Can’t get past the fourth inning.  Maybe skip a start?  He’s throwing a lot of pitches.  And, he’s still early in his career. So, maybe a little break before the All Star break and a little better care with his arm in the second half?”  

During this past week, GM Matt Klentak was here in Clearwater.  Just sayin’.

Phormer Phillies

The Blue Jays’ Triple-A affiliate in Buffalo has released right-hander Roberto Hernandez.

The Boston Red Sox selected the contract of Sean O’Sullivan from Pawtucket Red Sox. How messed up is their pitching that this is their solution.

The Race for 1:1

Winning 5 of 6 sure didn’t help the cause.  Sweeping Arizona a week after dropping 4 games to them at CBP brought Arizona back into the race to the bottom a lot sooner.  Then the Diamondbacks placed Zack Greinke on the 15-day DL with a left oblique strain.  Oblique.  That could run into several weeks.  That’s not going to help.

The free falling Tampa Rays (37-47) are 10 games out of a Wild Card position.  They are discussing putting some of their young starters on the block well in advance of the Aug. 1 trade deadline.  That’s not good for us either.

Nationals are considering pursuing Reds left-handed slugger Jay Bruce, who has hit .275/.319/.557 with 17 home runs in 313 plate appearances.  Bruce can’t block a trade to the Nationals and is familiar with manager Dusty Baker.  This would further weaken the already weak Reds.

The Phillies little win spurt has moved them further from the 1:1 pick.  They currently have the 10th worst winning percentage with Colorado poised to pass them.  Remember, picks outside the top ten are not protected and signing a free agent who turned down a QO will forfeit the team’s first round pick.

The Draft

The signing deadline is July 15, 2016.  Three first round picks remain unsigned – Miami’s #7 (Braxton Garrett), Boston’s #12 (Jason Groome), and the NY Mets #31 (Anthony Kay).   This could affect the Phillies if they finished with the 8th worst record for example, and Miami was unable to sign Braxton.  Then Miami would be awarded the eighth pick in the 2017 draft, and the Phillies would drop down to the ninth pick.

The Internationale

In addition to the reported and unconfirmed signing bonuses for Venezuelan prospects Francisco Morales ($900K), Brayan Gonzalez ($800K), and Nicolas Torres ($665K), there are also reports of bonuses for Juan Aparicio ($475K) and Jose Tortolero ($450K).  

Several signing bonuses have been reported but not confirmed  – Francisco Morales ($900K), Brayan Gonzalez ($800K), Nicolas Torres ($665K).  The Phillies have a total International Bonus Pool allotment of $5,610,800.


After investing over $30M in Cuban RHP Yaisel Sierra last winter, the Dodgers have outrighted him off their 40-man roster.



138 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of July 4th

  1. July turns a man’s thoughts to the August 1 trade deadline. I think Hellickson was acquired to be traded. Combining him with Jeanmar Gomez could bring back a respectable return. Potential trade partners include the Pirates, Orioles (not much of a farm system), Red Sox, Dodgers, Royals, Mariners, Giants (Matt Cain is on the shelf), Rangers and Tigers.

    1. Baltimore has a meh system but an ok one for a Hellickson/Gomez level trade. Downside of our chips is they won’t command top level stuff but it’s also the beauty of it because every team has something interesting. A Baltimore trade built around Chris Lee or Ryan Mountcastle would work.

      1. Another possibility is if Baltimore threw in Ubaldo Jiminez Philly could possibly get better prospects.

  2. Cameron Rupp might be our best trade candidate and could fetch a good prospect IMO. Ruppp has a 1.3 WAR already, which is 8th highest among catchers (more than McCann and Weiters). He is still relatively young (28) and costs basically nothing. His surplus value is phenomenal.

  3. I am wondering if the Sox are having second thoughts on the Groome drafting now.
    They appear not to want to go overslot and he must be set on his asking price.
    Groome could go JUCO this year and be back in the draft next year.

    1. since they can get a replacement pick next year still probably a risk worth taking.
      with pool and overage they can get up to around 3.9 for him if other top 10 unsigned picks go at slot. Dalbec and Shawaryn and their 10th rounder havent signed yet. I think he gives in and signs in the end

      1. I think the Sox retain his rights to sign him until midnight August there is time.

          1. Thanks for that info…..looking at the wrong month. So JG has 10 days to decide.

      2. Exactly. The Red Sox knew selecting Groome held some risk for sign ability, but worst case he doesn’t sign and they get the #13 pick in the 2017 draft. So the downside risk was limited, making Groome to good to pass up.

        1. They also give up his slot bonus which limits other options. Glad the Phillies didn’t hear the drumbeat for Groome.

          1. Not really. Groome is widely believed to be an over-slot guy at #12. Therefore, as far as signing other draftees, there will be more bonus pool money available if Groome does NOT sign. The down side, of course, is that you’re not signing your first round pick.

            1. Two weeks ago Jim Callis thought the Sox will sign Jason Groome for between $3.5 and $4 million, and with their current savings plus the $3,192,800 slot value for the 12th overall pick, the Red Sox can offer Groome a little over $3.7 million right now. They can also go five percent over their $6,997,400 bonus cap without losing any future draft picks, which gives them another $349,870 to spend if needed.
              So if Groome decides to lower his fee to $3.7M or so it could be done .

    2. Yeah its really a shock to all of us that the Sox are having a difficult time signing Groome.

      1. If Groome sticks to his $4M request…the Sox will have to go $800K overslot to sign him. They have four players unsigned in their top ten, including Groome…..Dalbec and Shawaryn are also two of the four unsigned. Not sure how they will be able to sign all four if they go over on Groome with a total pool of $7M..

        1. They won’t be able to. Which is why they should’ve considered this before drafting Groome in the 1st place.

        2. the complication might be that they also picked Shawaryn, who its speculated they will have to go over-slot to sign. if they had picked a slot guy there and a low cost round 10 they would be able to get in the 4 million range for Groome-
          at the very least, it would seem its likely an either/or scenario with Groome/Shawaryn.
          but sometimes kids numbers come down. My guess is if teams new Nolan Jones would sign for 2.25, he would have gone earlier than #55.

  4. noticed baseball america not printing venezuelan signing bonuses at request of families and teams. guess they become kidnap targets like Wilson Ramos as soon as they get paid.

    so, phils might have around 2 million left in international dollars after signing those 5.

  5. Rupp, Hellickson, Jeanmar, Asche, Cesar H, Bourjos is becoming a respectable list of candidates for fetching something worthwhile if packaged well. Happy 4th!!!!

  6. Forget the 1.1 slot, there is little chance the Phils catch up to the bottom teams. Theres a gap between 11 and 12th worst teams so even with a decent finish they will end up with a decent pick. Not highly likely they will try to sign a QO free agent but for right player they just may.

    1. Agree; barring an utter collapse the Phillies have little shot at 1:1 in 2017. Right now the Twins, Braves, and Reds are the frontrunners for that “honor”.

      However, the Phillies have a good chance at a top 10 pick and still a decent chance at a top 5 pick. All it would take is another 7-26 type run, something the Phils are still capable of. And the Phillies’ record in one-run games is bound to normalize some.

  7. Five regulars OPSing over .850 over last 30 games led by Bourjos at 1.089. How good is Rupp going to get? I can see validity in trading him but am intrigued by what his ceiling could be.

  8. Two Cuban RHPs bonus players are now struggling…..D-Backs Yoan Lopez and Dodgers Yasiel Sierra.
    The Phillies and MAG’s situation is not an unique occurrence.

    1. Then there is Rusney Castillo. There is a lot of risk with the Cubans it seems. Perhaps teams should re-price those players, more along the lines of the DR and Ven. kids

      1. sdchpl……yes there seems to be risk. Thee is something else that I find strange….how well developed their 15/16-year olds are compared to kids from the other LA countries….and for that matter the US. The Cubans, along with their friendly Russian counterparts, have pretty regimented training programs for youngsters they have programmed for future national teams. I would not be surprised if the kids diets, along with their strength and training programs, are also controlled.

        1. What you didn’t mention is performance enhancing drugs. The Russians are now known to use Performance Enhancers to win Olympic medals. Possibly every medal received by Russians are tainted. Possibly or probably Cubans have a similar regiment. I can’t say for sure but it is a strong possibility.

          1. bellman……understand, I guess MLB will determine that at some point down the road.
            Heck the Russians just did it with teenagers from their under-18 hockey team a few months ago.

  9. Is there a limit on how many minor leaguers a team can have? We have 2 DSL teams. And I thought i saw the Yankees have two GCL teams? Thanks! Happy 4th!

  10. About trade partners and targets … I would prioritize LHP. Assuming (because Tim tells me) they’re not going to trade Odubel to the Indians for a package headlined by Brady Aiken, my top target would be Daniel Norris. I’m not sure how Detroit is challenging for a playoff spot, but I hope they hang in there for a few more weeks. They can definitely use pitching and catching help. A year ago, Norris was a top 50 prospect (with Toronto). A year later, he has gone through cancer treatments and some back issues and has been just ok in AAA. I’d look into sending them Helickson and Neris for a package featuring Norris.

    1. No because no one else anywhere but here had Herrera to Cleveland .1 reason is when the Article came out about Cleveland outfield it was June 6. Since then Cleveland young outfield has hit the cover off the ball . Tyler Naquin just won Rookie of month honors at .314 6 Hr 17 Rbi’s. Lonnie Chiselhall the Indians other #1 OF .300 5 HR 22 Rb, s . Jose Ramiez who is hitting at .296 4 He 32 rbi’s. Rajai Davis just hit for the cycle. Plus they just received Abraham AlMonte back . So do the Indian’s need to trade there top prospect in Aiken for Herrera ? No plus Eric LongenHagen of fangraphs was at Aiken ‘ s first 2 starts said his Fb was at 88 92 55 CB 40 CU . Let’s give Aiken a full yr back before going after him. I said in other posts about Cleveland ‘ s OF they don’t need an outfielder right now. Plus In no way is it just me, they were many questioning that trade of Herrera. Now if you trade something for Norris I would put Rupp in there for a better arm . Hinkie I have no hard feelings with really don’t . It just wasn’t me saying noway about Herrera.

      1. Tim … I’m just playing with you. Everything you said makes sense, The Odubel trade to Cleveland probably makes no sense … for now.

        1. Ahhhh ok Well the way Herrera playing his Value is getting Cargo like. Its getting near the All star break with The Phillies are hot 6 of the 7 with 2 more against the Braves then the Rockies who lost 6 In a row. The Phillies top brass want to win first they people and systems now in place.

          1. I’d still trade Helickson and Neris for Norris and another young player or two. Buy low on Daniel Norris. When healthy, he’s one of the better young LHP’s in the game. With Jordan Zimmerman on the DL, I’d call the Tigers today and propose that deal.

            1. I don’t think the Phillies will trade for an injured player . He’s been injured 3 times 2 spinal fractures , this new one is an oblique strain .

  11. Big club will win between 70-75 games. That will probably leave them at 10-12 in ’17 draft order. Can’t be bothered at this point. Draft is supposed to be deeper than ’16 anyway.

    LET’S ROLL!!

    1. 8mark You have to realize, If they trade Hellickson, Gomez. Rupp, Asche like people think, then that 70 wins if going to be hard.

  12. The Philsù havé temporarily lost their focus, but don’t worry. 28 and 51 the rest of the way for a top 3 pick in the ’17 draft.

  13. Fangraphs is projecting Phils final record at 69-93 which would be #4 pick. To drop out of top 10 they need to win 75 or 76 games.

    With the draft completed MLB should update the Top 30 for each team soon. Here is my guess.

    1. Williams
    2. Crawford
    2A. Thompson
    4. Alfaro
    5. Eflin (still under the 45 day or 50 IP).
    6. Quinn ( hurt..comes back with awesome games then hurt…holds spot for me).
    7. Randolph (hurt but holds spot for now).
    8. Moniak (based on tools)
    9. Kingery
    10. Cozens
    11. Knapp
    12. Appel ( Done for year..holds spot but will probably drop).
    13. Ramos (MLB still under 45 days).
    14. Gowdy (based on tools)
    15. Hoskins
    16. Lively
    17. El. Garcia
    18. Eshelman
    19. Pinto
    20. Kilome
    21. Pujols ( has lots +/-‘s)
    22. Pivetta
    23. Medina
    24. Viza
    25. Casimiro
    26. Martin
    27. Cordeo
    28. Perkins
    29. Ortiz
    30. Leftwich

    Just missed
    31 Grullon
    32. Tobias
    33. Ser. Dominquez
    34. Tocci

    1. CORDERO AND KILOME must be out of top 30 based on their season. I need some results to go with projection. Move Tobias and Tocci up for me as well as Ortiz

      1. Was just thinking the same thing about Kilome. His season has been an absolute dumpster fire. Hope he can get things turned around in the second half.

    2. @joe2 – not sure if you follow the minors below LWD and what’s your basis for your ranking.

      JPC is consensus #1. He got the proven track record over NickWill and Jake. Medina at his age with potential 3 plus pitch is too low. He’s an easy Top 12-15 and ahead of Gowdy. Casimiro and Perkins will not even sniff Top 50 – there are at least 3 or 4 Rule IV picks that are Better prospects and some relief arms (Rivero, Arano, etc) that are ahead of them.

      If your look at the low minors there are better prospects – Lucas Williams, Bailey Falter, Nick Fanti, are some of them.

  14. I could make it 1-1a and 1b for Williams, Crawford and Thompson. I put Williams #1 based on his full year production at AAA. Crawford is hitting below .250 at AAA with zero HRs and 12 RBI’s and OBP of .616.

    Williams is hitting .290 with OBPS of .799. 8 HR and 40 RBI’s.

    Alfaro has really nice numbers but is a level below.

    I don’t think I slightly any of the top 4.

    1. Joe you seem to forget the biggest asset to JP’s game and that would be plate discipline. There is a reason that JP is ranked as a consensus top 5 prospect in baseball by almost every publication out there. There is also a reason why Nick Williams is missing off a lot of those lists top 50. Nick Williams may end up as a better MLB player than Crawford however I don’t think it is very likely. I’m not exactly sold on Tocci but I’d like to hear your reasoning on ranking a 23 year old first baseman who is playing in A+ ball over him?

      1. I don’t know how you can read my mind and know that I forgot something? I looked at their OBA which is identical so I can see JPC draws walks and for the season has one more BB than K’s.

        As I stated before their is little difference IMO from #1 to #3. Crawford is 21yo playing AAA. Great and terrific. He is also not shooting out the lights (.244/.328/.288 with 6 XB in 40 games) at this point of the season so he gets knocked down a little peg.

        Martin is hitting 24 points below Tocci but has two less runs scored, more doubles, nine more HR’s and nineteen more RBI’s. Has not committed an error in the field. We are talking about two players that are fringe MLB players IMO at this stage when you in the mid 20’s.

        1. Joe,

          Interesting exercise. Thanks for causing me — and obviously some others — to think about the prospect ratings again.

          Tocci might deserve to be higher, but not much higher, I don’t think, unless he finally starts showing some power.

          Medina would be considerably higher on my list. Top 15.

          I’d also move Hoskins up, maybe trade places with Knapp.

          Crawford ahead of Williams based on floor.

        2. Joe- I didn’t realize you were just looking at their stat lines. It makes more sense now.

    1. My guess is Morgan, then he gets sent down and they add a bullpen arm.

  15. The time for Valentin, Kingery, Tobias promotion is overdue

    Kingery. 3-4 today

  16. Jhalyn Ortiz hammers his first professional HR today. Also singled, doubled, and was HBP.

    1. This is very encouraging considering his age. SSS and looooong way to go, but it’s nice to see someone his age doing some good things early.

  17. Couple of questions –

    1. Asche is doing pretty well at the plate. What do his defensive metrics say so far about he’s playing LF? In watching some of his games, I haven’t seen him make plays – good or bad.

    2. I think we are probably all hoping for a future OF of Herrera, Altherr, and Williams, or maybe Quinn over Altherr. Bourjous is obviously playing much better now. Is he on a 1 year contract or will he be arb eligible after the season? What should the Phils do with him at the deadline and/or beyond this season?

    3. If Williams were to come up and play well, and Altherr were to come back from injury and play well, there really is no spot next year as a starting OF. If he continues to hit, would it be worth keeping him as a platoon 1B that plays 70-80% of the time?

    1. 1. Asche is below average in LF, so he needs to keep hitting.

      2. Bourjos will be a FA at the end of the season. I think the Phillies would trade him if they got a decent offer, but he works hard and he’s popular with his teammates.

      3. There’s a lot of ifs in that statement. Assuming Asche continues to hit, he’ll start next year at LF. Goeddel will likely be at Lehigh. So Williams and Altherr will fight it out in spring training for RF.

  18. Ben Badler from BA has a tweet saying that the Phillies are in the lead for signing one of those FA Red Sox players from last year’s International Signing period.

    Simon Muzziotti 6-1 175 L/L OF said to run a 6.5 60. Comp is to Jacoby Ellsbury according to MLB scouting from last year. Currently play on DSL #1 team.

    1. If true, this would be good news and perhaps indicate that the Phillies are going to be a bit more aggressive signing LA and International prospects.

    2. he was #24 ranked IFA last year. gets to keep the 300k he Red Sox paid him last year.

    3. Joe, just read in MLB Rumours that the Phillies and Simon Muzzoiotti have agreed to a deal-great news!

  19. IIRC, Danny Stump(RP) is a Rule 5 player on rehab assignment. How long can he be stashed there (ie. get lots of MILB playing time and not count against the 25 roster). Also, if his rehab regressed and was shelved for the rest of the year, would the Rule 5 carry over into next years playing time?

    1. Daniel Stumpf is NOT being stashed. He is still serving his 80-game suspension. His current rehab assignment is a common practice among baseball organizations as they anticipate the return of their player to their Active Roster upon the completion of their suspension. Stumpf was placed on the RL on April 14th. The Phillies had yet to play their tenth game. Today the Phillies completed their 84th game. Barring rain outs, Stumpf should be eligible to return to the Phillies on July 15th, the first game after the All Star break.

  20. Phil’s signed 16 year old, 6-5 right-hander, Francisco Morales from Venezuela. Listed as #1pitcher by Baseball America. Signed for $720,000.

    1. Daniel Stumpf is NOT on a traditional rehab assignment. He is still serving his 80-game suspension. His current rehab assignment is a common practice among baseball organizations as they anticipate the return of their player to their Active Roster upon the completion of their suspension. Stumpf was placed on the RL on April 14th. The Phillies had yet to play their tenth game. Today the Phillies completed their 84th game. Barring rain outs, Stumpf should be eligible to return to the Phillies on July 15th, the first game after the All Star break.

  21. If you want additional reference re:rehab and the restricted list check the recent careers of David Rollins and Andrew McKirahan who were claimed thru the Rule 5 draft or off traditional waivers, were later suspended, and finally returned to their claiming teams for the duration of the season.

  22. I am not advocating the Phillies not spending big money in LA when the league almost encourages it, however if you go back and look at the top dollar signees from each year it seems like a lot of them don’t pan out. I see what the Phillies are doing and I have grown to understand it. It seems like they are content with keeping their eggs in a bunch of different baskets rather than having all their eggs in one basket. Call it what you will but it seems like Philly has had some LA success so here’s to hoping they know what they’re doing.

    1. A lot of them don’t pan out. Same thing with the MLB draft, a lot of them don’t pan out. That’s the nature of the business. You sign a bunch, and if you’re lucky, you get a Maikel Franco.

    1. It’s going to be an interesting problem to have if Rupp keeps on hitting. Rupp won’t be arbitration eligible until 2018!

  23. SevGon consistently threw in mid-90s and tops at 97 mph in today’s game. His change sits in high 80s. If SevGon still have his control and develop a consistent breaking ball to play with his new found velocity and bread and butter cutter – he might end up finding a career as long man in MLB. SevGon, TJ and Asche are lucky that the Phils are not yet in the “WIN-now” mode so that are getting an extended look to prove what they have.

  24. You could say that for almost the entire team. TJ just was brought up this yr so he has a longer learning curve. Sev was getting smoke the last 2 outing have been better.

    1. Tim…did see were EL said Fangraphs start their new top prospect rankings in September. So it looks like BP and MLB do the mid-season updates this month sometime.

      1. Ya he came on FG so I think he needs some time. Interesting what he said about JP and Cozens . FYI Cozens in a prospect of the wk for MLB again.

        1. I do not think he doesn’t do it alone in a vacuum….they may have a staff and hash it out among their inputs as a group to come up with a consensus.

          1. I know that but he is the lead writer and did put out a j2 piece . he said the Phillies will spend some of there slot over the course of the yr.

      1. @Hinkie – is Muzziotti the best prospect that signed with the RedSox but declared free agent. I thought Albert Guaimaro is ranked higher and considered as one of the top VEN kids last year. Do you know if the Phils is linked with Guaimaro? Thanks!

          1. @Hinkie – as per MLBTradeRumors, looks like Guaimaro signed to the Marlins and 2 others signed with the Brewers and Yankees I think.

            1. interesting that the Phils paid twice as much for their ex-Boston signee as anyone else, and Guaimaro had been ranked higher, at least last year.
              maybe just because they had room under the 5.6 pool they went high.

            2. I think Guaimaro has the higher ceiling, but Muzziotti has the higher floor. At least I think I read that somewhere.

  25. Eflin with the complete game, only allowing 1 ER. Gotta love it. I know it’s a SSS, but If he can develop into a solid 3, that’d be huge.

    2017 rotation: Velazquez, Nola, Eflin, Thompson, Eickhoff

    Not dominant, but definitely at least average with a lot of potential. Also have to keep in mind Lively and a potential FA pickup.

    1. Was there tonight and saw Eflin as he was at LHV..dominating…though the Braves were not the Blue Jays lineup…he was in control ….92-94T95 with great location.

      1. I am really confused. Listening to the announcer. They had him at least twice at 96, Romus you say 95 once. and times phone 93. I wonder why the difference in velocity readings, not that it matters. but funny

        1. rocco…I was seated in LF last night… fact next two guys down from the guy who caught Bourjos’ HR….so the speed data was above first base board….could have missed the 96s….but did see a lot of the other counts. The low 90s I assumed were his 2Smr since did notice he got some GBs…one to Cesar for a tag DP.
          Eflin’s physical profile, style and mechanics on the mound reminds me of a young Pelfrey from about 5/6 years ago.

  26. I have a phone app tells you what the pitcher threw. Eflin 93 mph 72 % SL 84 mph 25% CRV 79 mph 2% CH 88 mph 1 %.TJ HR 422 ft Franco HR 396 ft Asche Hr 408 ft Bourjos HR 377 ft.The Phillies Hr crew. Phillies have won 8 of the last 9 they play the Braves Tommorrow miss there Ace he’s out . Then play the Rockies for 4 games .

    1. @Tim – is the app free? can you tell us what it is? I use ESPN and go to the Game Feed to see the type of pitch and velocity.

      1. Yes the Score it’s called I think it avg out the Fb mph for the game. It’s a great app. I used to have Espn.

      1. No just Mlb at this time, but a hole of other sports too I believe CbS sports run it .iT tells you the speed of the pitcher the HR was hit at . Lots of stats on every sport.

    2. ESPN app shows Edubray Ramos off speed as low 80s CB – which i don’t agree since it looks like a SL to me. Ramos throws some (below 80) CB at times but he is a mid-90s FB and low to mid 80 SL pitcher.

      1. I can’t get Ramos but I have Gomez 92fb 82 SL split 87. It’s better live scoring the next time Ramos pitches I’ll give it too you. BTW Congrats to the Phillies All Star ODUBEL HERRERA !

  27. Romus I thought I read, the kid we sign away from Boston was allowed to keep the 300 thousand. I was wondering if you knew? if those 5 kids all got to keep the money. That would mean Boston really got screwed for cheating.

    1. rocco…from what i read….its his to keep…plus the new $750K….total bonus for him $1.05M since last July.

      1. What has not been said, and maybe will not be said Is did he get money from the other kids (the org. types) as has been alleged and if so is he keeping that money

        1. He most definitely did get money from the other j2 prospects that Boston signed however they are making him return the money.

  28. The Phillies have the youngest team in baseball . There Div record is 17 and 16 and starting to hit . Franco HR was the other way they starting to play good D . They could have 4 hitters with 20 HR’S Franco, Herrera, TJ, Rupp.

  29. The Man doing it again Mr Ultey 6 for 7 today 3rd oldest player to get 6 hits in a game since 1913 . The other 2 Cal Ripken, Ty Cobb wow can’t believe J ROLL and the Flying Hawaiian are out of baseball.

    1. interesting read. was listening to a broadcast somewhere where they were talking about lots of errors with shifting due to people being in usual spots and throwing from places they dont normally- but as they have continued to shift, defenders adjust and improve.
      still, you see some strange stuff like the other day, in a shift, Colorado was trying to turn a double play- Trevor Story came over to catch the throw at second but Arenado, basically the shortstop on the play cut in front of him and took the throw and fired to first, leaving Story standing there with this funny look on his face.

  30. Kudos to the Yankees for suspending their #1 prospect Jorge Mateo. 2 weeks for alleged insubordination apparently he feels his 266/323/720 deserves to be in AA Trenton.

  31. Keith Law ranks MLB’s top 25 under 25 …

    1. Mike Trout
    2. Bryce Harper
    3. Manny Machado
    4. Corey Segar
    5. Kris Bryant
    21. Odubel Herrera
    22, Vince Velasquez
    Honorable Mention … Aaron Nola

    on Herrera … “No joke: Herrera has gone from a Rule-5 “who did they take?” guy to a legit All-Star — he’s the token Phillies All-Star this year, though he’s deserving — in about 18 months. He turned out to be a solid regular last year, a little-of-everything guy without a single carrying or clearly plus tool, but the revelation this year has been his patience: He has 43 walks (tied for eighth in the NL) after never drawing more than 52 in any full season in pro ball. Some of this was because Herrera drew almost a walk per game in April, after which he has been less patient, but even if his true talent level is 50-60 walks per season, that makes him an above-average regular without any other gains in his game. The Phillies’ staff did a great job in identifying him in a crowded Rangers farm system in which he was overlooked.”

    on Velasquez … “Velasquez has been dominant at times. He scared everyone with possible arm injuries, but lately, he has been pitching more — not just throwing all-out but using his changeup really effectively, sitting low 90s and touching 94-95 when needed. Whether that’s by design or fear of injury, it’s working, and in the long term, it might help him stay on the mound, as it seems that pitchers who consistently work at the highest end of their velocity ranges get hurt more often. Velasquez appears to be at least a league-average starter for now, with the potential to be a solid No. 2.”

    1. Great to hear Herrera could one day be a batting Champ too. VV great to hear he’s becoming a pitcher.

      1. From Keith Law chat today …

        Anthony: Franco not in top 25 under 25 or honorable mention. Accident or something else?
        Klaw: Accident? Really? No.

        1. Nah Franco on pace for about .270 30 HR 100 Rbi’s in his 2nd yr . Law missed judged him now can’t give him credit.

    1. the qualifying amount will be over 16 mil this year? Hellickson might take that. beyond that, would a team give up a draft pick to sign him?
      id probably have a compensation draft pick over what they could get it for him in a trade, but just skeptical, but what do i know.
      besides, you can have VV, Nola, Eickhoff, Thompson and Eflin as your rotation next year with Lively, Appel, Morgan as depth and no veteran around, barring trades.

      1. Exactly what they mean offer him a contract if it’s matched they get a draft pick . Hellickson might stay if he accepts and no one matches. The market at the deadline might be good , the Rays might offer Up half there staff so is will San Diego.The Winter Market is much more expense if Matt could pull it of off and get a pick it would be nice.

        1. thats not how it works (matching the offer) they offer him the qualifying one year number. he either accepts or rejects. if he rejects, he becomes a free agent and another team has to give up a draft pick if they sign him. Hellickson becomes much less attractive to other teams with a draft pick tied to him, which increases the chance he takes the qualifying 16 mil plus. who knows with prices these days but 10 to 12 mil seems to be the FA value per year for a guy like JH.

  32. The Red Sox were scouting Hellickson per MIb . They also scouted a least a dozen other SP. Now as far as I heard there is no 3 way deal for Ian Happ or Aiken and there not giving up anyone in there top 20 prospects.

  33. Aaron Altherr has begun his Rehab assignment, That is good news. I was afraid he would miss the entire season. Now, if Bourjos gets traded at the deadline, and he has really upped his BA and has always had an outstanding glove and been a great teammate, we can see Altherr everyday in RF.

    1. would love to see them get more aggressive with taking salary dumps for prospects/picks. Braves taking on contracts of Cahill, Arroyo, Matusz has netted them #75 pick last year (lefty AJ Minter- 17 relief innings this year with 5 hits and no runs promoted to AA), Touissant (back in BA’s top 100), #76 pick this year (catcher Brett Cumberland),

  34. That is a great point and something they have not done, unless you count the Harrison Salary dump from the Rangers. I guess that should count, now that I mentioned it, but the Braves have done a very good job with that. Toussaint was a steal.

    1. Hollands was removed from the 40 man roster to make room for Stumpf. If he is not claimed by another team you will see him back at Reading or Lehigh Valley.

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