Open Discussion: Week of June 27th

Here’s the open discussion thread for Phillies’ talk and other topics.

The Phillies are 32-45.  They went 2-5 last week.  They closed out their home stand with a loss against Arizona then went 1-2 in both Minnesota and San Francisco.  Their win against the Giants came against Bumgarner.  Go figure.

The offense came alive recently.  During the last week, they won a game scoring 3 runs, but lost games where they scored 7, 4, 5, and 10 runs.

They finish their road trip with 3 in Arizona.  Then come home to face Kansas City and Atlanta.

The Phillies’ pitching still ranks in the middle of the NL pack in most categories.

Their offensive stats are at or near the bottom in most categories.

So, what’s up with Aaron Nola?  Three bad outings in a row.  Can’t get past the fourth inning.  Maybe skip a start?  He’s throwing a lot of pitches.  And, he’s still early in his career. So, maybe a little break before the All Star break and a little better care with his arm in the second half?  (Watch now, 2-hit complete game shutout against the Braves.  I have that effect on players when I say something.  Most recently, I told a scout that Malquin Canelo doesn’t hit enough even with his good glove.  He went 2-3 with a triple, 2 BB, 3 RBI, and 4 runs scored that night.  And is hitting .350 since.)

A friend of mine did a study on Nola.  He noticed and shared the following with me:
Percentage of strikes –   April 70.1%,   May 66.5%,   June 61.8%
Pitches per inning       –   April 13.7,       May 15.2,        June 21.4

The Phillies have the 4th worst record in baseball.  They picked up 5 games on the Braves in the past week and a half, but still trail by 5.0 games.  Watch out for Tampa.  They are in free fall and are in the midst of an 11-game losing streak and are only .003 points better than the Phillies.

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  1. The Braves were playing the Mets who they are beating up on this yr.The Phillies are getting better at bats walking, taking alot more pitches . There relievers are having a bad time. They did Davey Lopes bad , good thing is that they almost beat the 2 best pitchers in baseball.

  2. I really hope Philly can move Bourjos, Asche, Hellickson, and a couple bullpen pieces. I feel like the 40 man roster crunch is gonna be rather interesting this year.

      1. Roccom- Im not saying we should be expecting premium prospects back but remember when Philly traded Roberto a couple years ago and got prospects that were breathing. Anything is possible you just have to have a team that is desperate.

        1. Chad….perhaps wrong example….Roberto brought in Jesmuel Valentin and victor Arano……two decent looking prospects right now who are still breathing strong.

          1. Roccom- You said the players I listed were not good I then reminded you of a player who wasn’t that good (Roberto) and we got valentin and Arano for him. How is that a bad example? Granted I listed neithers name because I couldn’t remember which pitcher was involved in the trade but still I think that’s a pretty good example of a player who isn’t that good but Philly got prospects for.

            1. Chad….misread your posting..’Philly traded Roberto a couple years ago and got prospects that were breathing’…I thought you meant in exchange for Roberto Hernández the Phillies recd lesser quality prospects.

            2. Romus- I just meant they got value for someone that wasn’t very valuable. Sorry for calling you Roccom I actually misread your post.

            3. Chad….no problem.
              The Phillies could actually see some good returns if they decide to move players like Asche , Hellickson, Bourjos et al, if they do well for the next 2/3 weeks.

        2. Baltimore in first place with that weak rotation. Hellickson would actually help them. They need someone better in reality but their system doesnt look that strong, so lesser prospects to Phils in return. Phils could even get creative and take Ubaldo and his final 1.5 years off their hands since money shouldnt be an object for the Phils- see if Ubaldo can have any luck in the NL -just cut him loose if he’s done- maybe end up later with Baltimores competitive balance pick next year- they gave it up this year to dump Matusz’s 3 million this year-

          1. As stingy as Baltimore is I bet they would take Hellickson for Mountcastle, Scott, and Ubaldo. I’m not sure how much Ubaldo is making if it’s a lot maybe the Phillies could get Reyes. I know that is probably a pipe dream but if we can’t dream what’s the point.

            1. ubaldo is making 13 mil this year and next. baltimore almost cut him loose before sending him to the pen..iso Phils wouldnt need to eat all of that money.

              wow, Scott’s stats this year are bizarre: 39 ip, 14 hits- 35 walks.

            2. Oh yeah Scott is currently nothing but projection. He hits triple digits as a lefty which is insane. If Philly eats 20ish million of Ubaldos contract I think they could get Reyes. He doesn’t quite have the hit tool that the Phillies like but I think he’s very interesting.

  3. Nola is really struggling and you just hope he’s healthy and the problem isn’t physical. They just moved Morgan to the pen and will try him as a reliever. With more starters coming (Thompson, Lively) this was an inevitable move that Morgan needs to run with if he wants to be a major leaguer.
    Is it JP? Have you noticed LHV’s record since JP got there? And that was with him not hitting well initially. Now he’s hitting better and playing a strong SS. But they won’t rush him. I still don’t expect him as the starting SS in Philly until next June, after they gain another arbitration year.
    Ramos looked great on Saturday pitching an inning. He’s legit
    When will the ne t move be made? Nick Williams? Don’t look know but Asche looks really good. Could he have figured things out?

    1. If Asche figures things out I want him traded. I think you bring up JP and Williams when they’re ready regardless of arbitration year stuff. The fans are owed that much. They did that with Franco but the new regime doesn’t roll like that IMO if they’re willing to keep Howard on the roster as a matter of good will toward players.

      1. ….this week.

        Of course you know they’re not our future, Romus. I do hope they build their trade value so that Williams and Perkins get the call in Aug.

        1. Cody Asche is turning 26 this week. He’s just starting to be arbitration eligible next year.

          Perkins is turning 26 in September. What makes you think Perkins is better than Ashe?

        2. When Franco came up as well as Tj they were ready . Franco was in 3 A little over a year TJ was tearing it up in 3 A . The new FO has always said the prospects earn there promotion. The new regime is very high on hittabilty which includes walks and taking pitches . Nick Williams is just starting to do that so maybe it might take X amount of time before he’s ready. Joe Jordan will know that ,I can’t wait either but it’s a great system now.

  4. Top 5 Pick here we come! We knew this year was a rebuilding year but got teased by their hot start! Best case scenario for me is to see the team play hard and keep fighting but keep losing just for this year. Goedell should be playing everyday.They have to see what they have. Not expecting much back at trade deadline. Need to see Nola and Franco figure things out. Then need to see some call ups! Williams, Perkins, Knapp and Thompson should all be up before September and maybe JP in September if it warrants it. I wouldnt be opposed to a 6 man rotation in the 2nd half.

      1. I hope you limited your player universe to hitters only. Thompson certainly deserves to be in top 5.

      2. I don’t get why you don’t have Williams in there especially having Randolph and Hoskins ahead of him.

    1. Agreed in the 6 man rotation. It would both give tge young arms an extra day and give the phils a chance to see what tge pitchers, Elphin, lively, Thompson can do in the bigs. Add ascher to that next year and Eshelman the following ond.

  5. Nola could stand to use a two-strike only pitch against major league hitters….a splitter could work. Maybe Hector Neris could assist.

      1. Phillies pitcher give up too many two-strike ahead- in- the count hits. Look at a pitcher like Dan Haren….he threw in the 90-92 velo range and used that pitch very effectively but only when he needed it, and he had 5/6 very good years.

        1. Agree. Peculiar that with as many Ks as our pitchers rack up, they have difficulty putting hitters away without going 3-2 and several foul balls or like you said, where they get ahead and DOINK, a base hit. This team is not just bad, but enigmatic. (Look that one up, Roc)

          1. I don’t think a splitter would work very well with his arm slot. I’m not saying that it’s impossible for him to throw one I just don’t know if the action on it would get the swing and misses a “normal split” would

            1. E….perhaps since he is more 3/4 then over the top. But he heeds to make some type of an adjustment….or maybe it is just growing pains, this is his first stretch of a ‘slump’ in the professional ranks for him.

            2. Yeah I think it’s just a matter of being a young pitcher in a slump. I said this a few starts ago (maybe after his first bad one) he NEEDS his command or else he’s going to get hit (Like Cliff Lee). One thing that is a negative about pitchers who throw so many strikes without top end velocity (esp RH) they better hit their spots and keep hitters off balance or else it won’t be a good thing.

  6. Then play Goeddel now before Williams is up and Altherr is back in August. Not sure he belongs in the bigs yet but hey, rule 5…..

  7. I’ll never understand why MLB allows the C to call the pitches when you have a Pitching coach…especially when the C is inexperienced. One of my biggest concerns with Rupp, Knapp and Alfaro going forward.

    Also wonder about the effectiveness of a batting coach. Anyone even mention Steve Henderson’s name this season.

    Looks like the Radio and TV analysts have more input at times. Tommy Greene with great illustration of Nola’s release point and pressure he seems to be putting on each pitch.

    Just a few observations.

    1. Why would MLB determine who calls pitches in a game? I am a bit surprised that some major league team hasn’t tried giving the job to the pitching coach. And just for a record, I am NOT in favor of that happening.

      I think one of the problems that young pitchers/catchers have today is that they are not asked to think anymore from little league up through college. They are programmed to just look to the dugout to have someone tell them what to throw.

      It’s no wonder that big league pitchers/catchers don’t know how to set-up and attack hitters anymore.

      1. While a majority of the time the catcher is “calling the game”, the Pitcher, Pitching Coach and Catcher have already talked about how they want to pitch guys in the opposing line up. They look over scouting reports, video, past times they’ve faced each hitter (watching success vs non successful at bats). Remember a starting pitcher has 4-5 days to prepare for their start and it’s not like it’s a surprise who they are facing. So yes a catcher may “call the game” however all 3 are usually on the same page with what they are doing. There may be obvious changes if say a pitchers curveball isn’t sharp but his change up is really shape . . they may shy away from a pitch they normally wouldn’t etc.

    2. Calling the game is actually considered a strength for Alfaro. He almost always calls his own games and sits with the pitcher after the game to go over every pitch.

  8. I’m glad that Ramos made it to the big show and he’s looking good so far. Although, I hope that that Phils asked him to close in LHV before going up – and I don’t see the reason why Mujica is still in LHV, moreso as the closer.

    There’s a number crunch down in the lower minors so I expect that expendable guys like Mujica, Hermann, Bleich, Burris, Hunter and Lough will be let go within the next 2 weeks. Alonso, Fox, Serna, Infante and Waguespack might follow too. These moves will trigger a series of promotions within the farm – Cozens, Quinn, Valentin, Joely and Milner to LHV; Kingery, Tocci, Rios, Hockenberry and possibly Green to REA; Tobias, Coppola and Tasin to CLW and some of the older prospect in WIL will fill LWD roster.

  9. This could be a very uneventful trade deadline. However, with other CF options (Quinn, Williams, even Altherr) on the way, would you be willing to trade Odubel Herrera ? According to this article, the first place Indians may be looking for an OF and bullpen help. It also says they might be willing to part with a top prospect or two for someone who is under team control for multiple seasons. The article mentions OF’s Bradley Zimmer and Clint Frazier (Cleveland’s top two prospects) as guys they could move. However, the guy I would trade Odubel for is Brady Aiken. I’m not sure if the Indians would deal him, but they are loaded with pitching (both at the major league and minor league level. I’m not sure Odubel’s value will ever be higher than it is right now. He’s a 24 year old player with a 5.2 WAR in the year and a half he’s spent with the Phillies, and he’s under team control for another 5.5 years. Aiken would fill a glaring need for starting LHP in the organization.

    1. @Hinkie – I like Aiken too but it’s too much of a risk of the Phils will do a Doobie for Aiken swap.

      Rupp can be put in play since CLE is also looking for some catching depth. So maybe a Doobie+Rupp+Neris can be in play for Zimmer or Frazier + Aiken + PTBNL prospect.

      1. That is an interesting trade scenario. However, Zimmer, Frazier, and Aiken are Cleveland’s top three prospects. No way they give up two of them. Even if the Indians would do such a trade (which I doubt), IMO the most you could possibly hope for in return is one top prospect (Aiken or Frazier, not Zimmer), one “good” prospect with lower upside (maybe Rob Kaminsky?), and a lower level guy or PTNBL.

    2. Pros and cons of trading Odubel:

      First the cons – he’s under team control for several years. He brings energy.

      The pros? With the organizational depth in the OF, he’s not indispensable though I certainly wouldn’t give him away. Also, let’s be honest – I don’t think he’ll ever be a good defender and he’s a poor baserunner. That said, an AL club would do well to acquire him, perhaps for a highly ranked prospect.

  10. Haven’t seen it discussed much, but I am very disappointed the organization is not going to bust their international cap this July 2. With many of the bigger market teams out of the running to sign anyone over 300k this would seem like the perfect opportunity for the Phillies to utilize their financial advantage. I don’t understand why this isn’t being done, is it fair to say this ownership group just won’t authorize doing anything that is against the commissioner’s recommendations? How is the money from Comcast being utilized the team hasn’t spend big on any international signings, is it fair to say the owners are pocketing that money at a significant profit?

    1. Alex … About a year ago, I felt the Phillies should go all in for this international class, but it’s too late now to be able to sign the guys worth busting their budget for. Maitan, Almanzar, Morejon, and the other top guys are already set to sign with the Braves and Padres. Also, it looks like the Phillies have done nicely in being able to land Morales and Gonzalez. Plus they’ll be players again in 2017-18.

      1. Won’t it be more difficult next year as the teams that couldn’t spend this summer will be players again, red sox, dodgers, etc. This appeared to be the time to utilize their financial leverage what is the reason they didn’t? Again the question needs to be asked, will they just not ever go against the commissioner’s recommendations with the current ownership group in tact.

      2. Along the way I’ve come up with a group of names of international prospects not linked closely to the busqueros working with other teams:

        RHP Francisco Morales
        RHP Francisco Gutierrez
        SS Brayan Gonzalez
        SS Freudis Nova
        2B/SS/CF Randy Arozarena
        OF Lazaro Armenderos

        To me a successful signing period could include all or most of these guys.

      3. Juan Aparicio – C – Ven ~$500K
        Brayan Gonzalez – SS – Ven $750K
        Francisco Morales – RHP – Ven $700/800K
        Nicolas Torres – SS – Ven : $600/$700K
        Jose Tortolero – SS – Ven ~$500K
        All the Ven kids… BA’s, Ben Badler…bonus ranges.
        That’s close to $3M, so they still have room for more, plus they can get another up to 50% more in trades.

  11. The more I think about it, the trade deadline could become more interesting than I first thought. None of the following will get much in return by themselves but:

    Cameron Rupp, Odubel Herrera, Peter Bourjos, Cody Asche, Cesar Hernandez, David Hernandez, Jeremy Hellickson, Jeanmar Gomez, and Hector Neris (though I’d wait and see if he regains form).

    1. One of those names is not like the others…

      Hererra impressed in CF last year, whether using the eye test or metrics. I don’t think his problems this year are beyond fixing. He’ll never be Jimmy Rollins when it comes to stealing bases but that’s another area where I don’t see any reason he can’t improve somewhat.

      He’s 24 and currently the best player on the team. Having a few good CF prospects in the system doesn’t make a player like that expendable. And if Williams or Quinn ends up getting to the majors and showing something, we could trade one of them (or Hererra) at that time and feel more confident that we’re not just filling one hole by creating another.

      1. Handzus don’t worry that’s not 1 GM , or FO personal are talking about trading Herrera . When that happens worry about it until then enjoy him playing.

      2. Handuzs- I agree with you. I don’t understand the people who are banging their fists on the table to trade Herrera. He is the best Player on this team right now and he figures into the future. Unless some team calls offering up a tor pitcher or a legit 2-4 hole hitter that plays up the middle I don’t see how they can trade him. I also don’t get the argument that the Phillies should trade him now because he has peaked. He is by all accounts almost a 4 war player that is quite valuable. Personally I think he could end as a 5 war player if he cleans up his defense and continues to hit consistently.

        1. I agree 100%. He’s part of the solution. If Nick Williams came up and was performing as well as Odubel, there wouldn’t be any talk of replacing Williams.

        2. @chad – you can start critizing the proposal to trade herrera if the proposed return doesn’t possess the value that the Phils are getting for giving him up.

          risk and value are the name of the game and everybody has a price that’s why everybody is expendable. i’m sure you will say different tune if the Phils trade Doobie and they got a stud in return.

          i might sound like a hinkie here but every player is an asset. the goal is to accumulate assets to help the team win the World Series. if you trade or lose an asset but got a similar asset of value (if not better) and help you win – then it’s a good decision in regardless of whoever is(are) asset(s) involved.

          1. It’s understandable how people get attached to certain talent. Problem is that it clouds the perspective KuKo expressed above.

            1. Kuko and 8Mark- I have no issue with trading assets to get more assets it’s the name of the game. No one is going to trade a good player/prospect for nothing. The problem I have is if you think everyone is tradeable list everyone or just say everyone is tradeable don’t lump in one of Philly’s best players with people you don’t think will get much back in a trade.
              Baseball is a very different game compared to Basketball, it is much more of a team game. If you don’t believe me just look at the Angels. They by all stretch of everyone’s imagination have the best player in baseball however the team is terrible. Hinkie was looking for assets to acquire one superstar and a supporting cast that is by no stretch what the Phillies are trying to do. Sooner or later Philly needs to feild a competitive team and that is hard to do if they are continually trading away good MLB talent for prospects.
              I don’t want Philly to trade Herrera but if Philly gets the right deal I would be okay with it. I did not think that Philly should of traded Giles over the winter but the right deal came along and they did it. I thought they got good value therefore it was a win.
              Disagree if you want I just don’t think that Philly needs to trade Herrera, he is young he is cost controlled and he is good.

          2. KuKo….that makes sense. Jeff Luhnow is happy ViVe and the others are doing well i but also has expectations and hopes for Giles, for the next four years, to keep their bullpen tops in the AL Central.
            Would be hard to ignore Stan Kasten and Andrew Freidman calling Matt Klentak and saying they want Odubel for their club in CF….but all we can give you is Julio Urias.

            1. @Romus – agree. i think the key for FO is “to moderate their greed” – because sometimes the need to “WIN now” can screw up all the asset building that the team made.

              The Ken Giles I believe is a calculated risk on the part of Lunhow. While the overall value (prospects given up) may not be at par with what their received (Giles), it was mitigated by the “Risk-Reward” factor:

              a) Risk – ViVe health, Appel’s consistency, deep stable or arms in the farm to cover loss of prospects traded
              b) Reward – Giles can stabilize the bullpen and will eventually be the anchor (closer) and use the $$ savings to sign FAs

              The Giles trade might end up to be a WIN-WIN for both HOU (win now) and PHI (win later).

            2. KuKo….that is what Luhnow alluded to today. He hoped the players the Phillies newly acquired players do wel with them….since it is easier to make trades with teams that have both had win-win situations and no one gets skunked..

            3. @Romus…hahaha very true. so if TJ will not be a stud, the Phillies will not be making any trades with SF until Hunter Pence retires….

            4. Tim…already commented.
              Congressional members need to find more worthwhile pursuits. They seem to have a thing with baseball….the American pastime.

          3. 1. The hole Herrera trade is a product of this board. No FO of the Phillies said anything about trading Herrera or anybody at this time. 2 Value the biggest asset maybe Crawford 1# prospect in baseball . Now Phillies could trade Crawford , Williams , Quinn for a top Mlb pitcher say Sale ( the pitcher ). 1 he’s an Ace , he’s 27 and on sale ahah . Nobody wants to that do that either do , but for the Phillies the risk is less . A Proven front line started for 3 prospect ‘s even the 1 # in baseball. I wouldn’t do it, buts it’s value and Risk on human beings , playing baseball
            at a high level. Now trading Herrera for Buxton a former #1 that can’t hit mlb pitching as of right now . No because even know Buxton has a world of talent Herrera Value is higher his risk is less. 1.what do you think the risk # is that of the Super prospect will be a greater Asset ,to the Phillies then an up the middle war 4.2 war player ? 2. The Phillies president Macphail said there ready only interested in pitchers, that if need they could buy bats. 2. Some of the biggest players are on the block are Congo, Bruce, Gomez etc teams that going for it all want experience stars . Jay Bruce has a great contract buy out of 1 mil end of the season.3 Could it be that your a Willams and Quinn fan with Herrera out of the way they get move up. Quinn hurt again can’t stay healthy , Williams is being benched again today, I like him alot but 3rd time this season. The only reason I’m saying Williams etc is that Franco,Nola , Ramos , VV are also trade assets but they never seems to be bought up, it’s only Herrera.

            1. Tim….ok no more Herrera speculative trade talks.
              Now …what do you think Nola could bring back in a trade? 🙂

            2. Haha Romus no really there is no Herrera trade speculation except on this board. I called a friend who’s a sports writer I asked him about Herrera his response. Where’d you here that from ? I said here ” ooh fan chatter ” that’s what they call made up trades by fans. He said ” noway Herrera gets traded at least not this year”. “He might be there only All Star plus, he’s getting better he might have 20 HR ,s 20 doubles 100 BB and hit .320 .” All the projections on him are way off , some have him at 8 Hr’s for the yr , or 40 BB for the yr”. He has that now he’s only 24, him and Franco are 2 pieces of the puzzle. The new FO have a time table when they want things done by. They have a much better system in place then the last regime. The Bottom line there paid to win not rebuild for 5 yrs. Now he said all of that and said it in a nice way. He saw this site and liked it , he said it has plenty info he said just relax the Series will be here soon enough.

            3. Tim……..sports fans always talk trade speculation…that’s what they do
              Remember the continual DiMaggio for Williams talks?

            4. True but usually the Speculation has a little truth . Like we know Hamels was getting traded but not to who. Hellickson and maybe David Hernandez, Bourjos, Blanco or even a Y Medina or Hinojosa if they come back . There the ones who look at for trades at the deadline. You can’t much bring a hole bunch of prospects up at once for several reasons.

            5. You are so stupid. Rebuilding teams don’t trade 3 of their top prospects for one major league player.

        3. “I don’t understand the people who are banging their fists on the table to trade Herrera.” …..

          I haven’t read anyone on here demanding that Odubel be traded. He may be the best bat on the team, but he is not untouchable. The team should explore all avenues to improve the club. If Odubel could be dealt for a package of prospects that included (former 1-1) Brady Aiken, sign me up. We are deep in OF prospects, and very thin with LHP. If they were only willing to trade players who are old, having down years, or are on bad contracts, the Phillies wouldn’t have Vince Velasquez, Mark Appel Thomas Eshelman, Jake Thompson, Nick Williams, and Jorge Alfaro.

          1. You are correct I shouldn’t of worded it that way. I haven’t seen Nola, Franco, Aaron, Goedell, Crawford, Williams, Thompson, Alafaro, Knapp, or etc. names brought up in trade talk on this board nearly as often. It seems like some people feel like Herrera is in no way part of the future of this team (whether that’s because of prospect depth at the position or what I have no idea). That is what I was going for.
            Obviously everyone is available at the right price however with that being said sooner or later Philly needs to build a competitive MLB team they can not sell every player who excels at the MLB level for prospects. If A team comes along and offers a great package for Herrera I think Philly would be dumb not to take it. I feel the same way about basically everyone else in the system or on the team but sooner or later the Phillies need to retain MLB talent or trade for it.

            1. Chad … I didn’t mean to single you out. I was really posting in response to everyone who won’t consider selling “high”. or dealing from depth. BTW … If I could somehow convince the Indians to take Nick Williams for Brady Aiken, I would deal him instead of Odubel. However, that’s unrealistic. I came up with the Odubel for Aiken (plus another prospect) proposal because I thought it might be a deal that would work for both clubs

            2. Hinkie- I think Nick for Aiken with Philly throwing something else in is reasonable. Nick has an all-star ceiling and he is reasonably close to making the majors. Aiken has a TOR ceiling however he is very far away. I understand that Aiken was the #1 overall pick but he has since had TJ surgery. He did last until the 17th pick in the next draft.
              Philly does seem to have quite a bit of depth in cf however what looks like depth now might be a need in 3 months.

            3. Chad … the Indians are looking for immediate help in the OF. Someone who can help them win a WS this year. They already have two OF prospects (Zimmer & Frazier) more highly ranked than Nick Williams.
              Aiken is healthy and pitching again. If he was available in this year’s draft, he would have been a top three pick.

            4. Hinkie – Very true. However I would imagine Cleveland would want Franco more than Herrera due to position need. I doubt any trade would happen but who knows.

          2. Hinkie take no offense but if Cleveland asked for Crawford or Franco would you do it ? 2 you made this hole Cleveland thing Cleveland doing fine in the O department there new Outfield is hitting just fine . you can dream a little dream on Aiken.

            1. Tim … there is no organizational depth at SS or 3B, so I would probably not deal Crawford or Franco. An exception might be if the Rangers would offer Gallo for Franco.

            2. Have you who’s in The Indians outfield 2 former #1 with great .ops that writer might be a little early on the trade button mode. I really don’t think Herrera going anywhere and Gallo for Franco , Franco better. The new Regime wants hitters first ty God the 2018 FA corps are outstanding.if the Phillies need A piece or 2 it will be there.

            1. I know a lot of teams don’t like to trade within the division but what do you think it would take to get Julio.

          3. Aiken has 4 ings so far he’s 19 coming off Tj surgery give him a month . 30 plus ings should do it just to see what he has.

            1. This is the first I’ve heard of this. I will say I’ve always felt minor league ball players should be better compensated. MLB is so rich, maybe they can help supplement MiLB teams in order for players to be protected by this law. However, there’s probably a lot more to this that I just don’t know about.

  12. Jim, is it time to put out an all points bulletin on Matt Harrison? Has there been a citing in Clearwater or is he doing a Cliff Lee style of rehab on his home front porch?

    Time approaches for the Phils to decide if he has any future within the life of his contract which ends in 2017, with a buyout option for 2018. If he can’t do any throwing before the Phils set their 40 man roster by early December, it seems hard to justify retaining his rights. (I know they’re on the hook for salary in any case and that insurance is kicking in).

  13. Kim Klement / USA TODAY Sports
    Phillies prospect suffers career-threatening eye injury
    Bryan Mcwilliam Jun 27, 2016 6:06 PM
    Philadelphia Phillies prospect Matt Imhof’s career could be in jeopardy after the second-round selection in the 2014 draft suffered an eye injury after a freak accident during a post-game stretching routine.

    The 22-year-old was taking part in a stretch involving arm care band work, when a piece of equipment malfunctioned and struck him in his right eye, according to a source of ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick.

    The 6-foot-5 left-hander underwent surgery and is recovering. He will likely need extra procedures on the damaged area.

    Imhof was drafted 47th overall in 2014 out of California Polytechnic State University, receiving a $1,187,900 signing bonus.

    The strapping lefty was 4-3 with a 3.91 ERA for SIngle-A Clearwater prior to his injury but has had some trouble with his control, walking 43 hitters in 53 innings pitched.

  14. Adonis Media with the near no no 8 1/3 of no hit ball . . very nice to see one of the names being talked up pitching well too.

    1. And just to give you an idea of how dominate he has been, he’s only given up 6 hits in a little more then 20 innings of work.

    2. Medina actually had a perfect game through 8.1 innings. He then walked a batter and gave up a single before getting pulled. He threw 99 pitches. Dominant performance.

      1. Uhhh I believe he hit a few batters and there was an error as well. Perfect game I believe was ended in the 3rd or 4th

  15. Macphail said the Phillies might be buyers at the trade deadline , more so in the winter if it makes sense.

    1. I didn’t hear (read) him say or imply that they would be buyers. Maybe a FA pitcher in off season…

      1. I hope they don’t go after a fa pitcher this offseason. It seems like the talent level isn’t top shelf so I could see the top 3 pitchers getting way overpaid.

      2. The team president said he was aware of the industry’s perception that the Phillies were lying low for a few season stockpiling prospects and money , before a significant splurge . The Phillies he said , WILL NOT SHY AWAY FROM ACQUISITIONS if they make sense for the future . Macphail said ” if something comes up that we think ‘Boy , This fits in our window ,’ let’s go”.Macphail said the franchise has money to spend , and it will explore different avenues. They may look for a trade with another team that has a boated contract or a player nearing FA who might be an easier sign for the Phillies. 1 it’s too long of a article to retype, so he’s some cliff notes. Macphail said “We wouldn’t shun the free agent market by any stretch”. Basically it’s pitching , pitching and more pitching. This is a good Macphail interview it’s on

      3. We will not shun FA by any stretch or the Phillies have money to spend and will explore different avenues . That is implying there looking to spend or to be buy to improve the organization. Who knows who and when it will be but this the first the FO seems interested in mlb FA.

        1. In your original post above, Tim, you said he said that they might be buyers at trade deadline. That’s what I was correcting. Otherwise good info and yes a good interview from Todd Zolecki.

  16. In that article (Zolecki, he mentioned that throughout mlb, the Phillies organization is “a giant lying in waiting.”

    Never before has this organization been in this position. Yes the ’08 and ’80 squads have rings on their fingers, but how exciting it is to be relevant again with the talent depth we have currently.

    Makes me laugh how 97.5 had a question to listeners yesterday – which Philly sports team is closest to being a contender. The results – the Phillies were last at 6%. Reason IMO? Reactionary ignorance. The difference between the Phillies and the other 3 major sports teams right now is that while the baseball team is losing and often ugly, the other teams are idle this time of the year. The main stream media types miss the ball as usual.

    In other words, LET’S GO PHILLIES!!!

    1. No ,The Phillies at top are not as good as the Flyers , or Eagles, the Sixer’s never mind . The Flyers have Well stocked in there farm and we’ll managed. The Eagles have Bright new toy in a new QB , Coach etc. It’s really Nova Nation that could come though again. See when the Phillies are doing there way and haven’t signed a bright new player the fans get tired and bored. It’s Philly what are you doing with our Cities Name.

      1. disregarding fan bias and fan base i think all the Philly sports are in the same boat — they are all on the rise and not that far from one another as far as timeline to compete and be a legitimate contender to win it all.

        Flyers – i agree with Tim – good farm and FO
        Phillies – good farm and new FO with good track record. The financial muscle and ability to spend without salary cap restriction is the Phils main advantage over the 3 sports team
        Sixers – good pieces and new FO that knows how to win. Have $$ to spend but need to be creative to obtain team balance.
        Eagles – top (not elite) rank QB that can be built around – but there’s risk of bust potential. Good pieces available in Johnson, Cox, Jenkins and possibly Hicks. GM who knows how to play the NFL game but I doubt Lurie – the owner who wants to win but doesn’t know how to do it. The current state of the NFC East is in the Eagles favor.

        As far as Coaches are concerned – Hoks, Brett, Pete and Doug – the 1st 3 looks pretty good and Doug? Hope he’s close to be as good as Andy.

  17. I have to comment on the way the umpire failed Eichoff last night. He was around 100 pitches and started Tomas with two strikes. His next three pitches were perfect strikes, low and on the outside of the plate. The umpire called three balls; then Tomas hit the home run. The umpires miss many low and outside strikes because of the way they position themselves. Maybe umpires could get scientific and solve their plate vision, which seems to have a blind spot.

  18. an item to discuss/ponder for september, and/or once nick williams gets his attitude adjusted (whichever comes first):

    move odubel herrera back to 2b, and call up nick williams for CF

  19. This new “Save America’s Pastime” garbage is ridiculous. Write legislation so the owners can get out of a lawsuit? Our country is so compromised.

    1. While I agree that the courts should decide and not folks with a vested interest, I also don’t believe professional ballplayers in any sport should receive OT pay. That being said, the money these guys make in the minors is embarrassing. Of course, I don’t feel for guys like Moniak who has enough cash to get buy for the next 20 years. Its the 5th year senior chasing the dream. Its also no different than the struggling musician, actor, etc chasing the dream.

  20. Why Ramos couldn’t start the 7th today instead of Seve is beyond me. That’s a waste of fresh filth and unduly risking a chance to sweep a series in how long? Then he’s brought into a jam…..

    I give Pete credit for batting his two hottest hitters 2 and 3 in the lineup and they each knock in 2 runs, but some of his personnel decisions so far leave much to be desired.

    1. Cody Smashy …how can anyone not like this guy! And Sir Peter Gorgeous….another great story.

      1. Yes Finally Asche with that swing just put the bat on the ball. Ramos , Sev just have to learn you can’t throw Fb in the middle of the plate. Asche too working the count great Atbats Eflin came back nice too. Does the Florida pitchers have anything against signing a pro contract. We knew about Groome but Puk and Dunning holding out. Funny Puk and Groome might be 1.1 1.2 again next yr lol.

        1. While no one was looking, media darling Maikel Franco is hitting .243 with with an OBS/SLG of .737 while that red-headed step-child Cody Asche is hitting .289 with an OBS/SLG of .815.

          1. Probably because Franco’s last year was quite impressive for a rookie even though he only played 80 games and now he’s adjusting to the league that has adjusted to him while in Asche previous years he’s been quite below average at everything. It’s nice that he’s hitting, but let’s see how does over the rest of the year and if he can actually keep this up.

  21. Derek Fisher is the kid who was replaced by Mark Appel in the Ken Giles trade (or at least he was the first name reported and then switched w Appel) . . . throw him and his .271/.404/.490 13 HR 47 RBI and 18 SB (along with 57 walks in 70 games) into Readings OF right now and it would be absolutely sick along side of Cozens and Quinn (If healthy).

  22. not all Cuban signings work out as planned:

    Diamondbacks pitching prospect Yoan Lopez has left the Double-A Mobile team with the intention of quitting baseball.
    General manager Dave Stewart said the club has convinced Lopez to hold off on a decision for the time being. The GM added that Lopez is dealing with “serious emotional issues,” which he believes are related to all he went through in escaping from Cuba. The D’Backs signed Lopez for $8 million in January of 2015, which triggered another $8 million in penalties for exceeding their international spending cap. It’s unclear how much of that money they might be able to recoup if Lopez retires, although it appears they’re doing their best to talk him out of it. Lopez has posted a 4.89 ERA over 116 innings in pro ball.

    1. I count about 5 so far……José Abreu, Yoenis Céspedes Yoan Moncada–maybe, Yasiel Puig, Jorge Soler, jury still out, Yasmany Tomás, jury still out.
      About two dozen or so who have come up short of expectations.

      1. and Iglesias with the Reds for the relatively minimal investment they made would count as this.
        maybe a reporter has done this story, but would be really interesting to see what its been like for Moncada to be dirt poor, now with 60 million…but riding around on buses with guys who get paid nothing, and despite already having more money than you dreamed of, having the motivation to work hard to make it to the bigs and be a star.

      2. Romus do you have the Japan , korean or high LA sighings ty.How about Chapman, the Marlins is starting A SS I think form Cuba . You don’t a stud just a above avg starter. Saying that I really the Japan , Korean markets better less of a market .Eric LongenHagen says the young Japan pitcher is one of pitchers on the Earth.

        1. Tim…have not seen anything on the Asian FAs and what MLB teams are showing interest or connected to them.

            1. Oh got it…no…just looked at the Cuban influx and the high dollar and interest it has generated over the last 4/5 years. I remember how disappointed I was with Ruben for not going big after players like Soler or Tomas, but instead signs MAG.

    1. Pickett graduated last out of 59 cadets in the West Point Class of 1846. He served as a second lieutenant in the United States Army during the Mexican-American War, and is noted for his service in the Battle of Chapultepec in September 1847. After this, he served in the Washington Territory, and eventually reached the rank of Captain. Pickett participated in the Pig War of 1859. Near the beginning of the American Civil War, he enlisted in the Confederate Army, and he attained the rank of brigadier general in January 1862. He commanded a brigade that saw heavy action during the Peninsula Campaign of 1862. Pickett was wounded at the Battle of Gaines’s Mill on June 27. Looks like the wont be back for while, he was wounded

    1. They are one of the few large market teams that have not been penalized yet. Even small market teams have incurred penalties over the last 3/4 years.
      As you indicate, one of the five original- now- FA Sox signings could present them with that opportunity…they have the money.
      Some BA predictions and the expected bonus cost were published a month ago:
      Brayan Gonzalez – : High 6 figures
      Francisco Morales – $700,000-$800,000
      Nicolas Torres –: $600,000-$700,000
      Juan Aparicio – : ~$500,000
      Jose Tortolero – ~$500,000
      By BA’s prediction that looks like a max of approx. $3.5M, so there is still some left in their original pot of $5.6M, That is also, if Matt Klentak does not trade any prospects for more additional money to penalized teams.

        1. Tim….thanks.
          Still no word on any Panama and DR signings.
          They usually keep low key on Panama signings and normally they are for less than $100K.

            1. Ahhhh that’s the president of Panama haha. Roccom I didn’t know you were a political now that makes sense. Lol

        2. In fact…looking at the tracker….no kids from Panama have been signed as of yet…..even kids Colombia have been, while DR leads the pack followed by the Ven and Mexico with a few………I still have hope the Phillies can ink tall RHP Edisson Gonzalez.

            1. Tim….IMO, Brexit the euro players….they have never worked out to date. I think the Twins have one of the few , Max Kepler, who may be an outlier or exception to the rule.
              The breakdown so far looks like this – 69-DR players…47-Ven players….7-Colombian players…5-Cuban players ….4-Mexican players

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