2016 Draft Discussion, June 20th

Okay, one more weekly draft discussion.  The Phillies have announced the signing of 19 players.  Cole Stobbe, their #3 selection, has been reported to have also signed for about $300K over slot.  The Phillies are expected to announce the signings of all 3 of their top picks soon, maybe this week.  Once they announce the top 3, we can begin to speculate where any savings could be spent.

This will continue to serve as the place to post any signings that I will add to the 2016 Draft Tracker.

The Phillies went public with the following draft signings –

  • 6/16 – Phillies signed #6 OF David Martinelli.
  • 6/16 – Phillies signed #7 C Henri Lartigue.
  • 6/16 – Phillies signed #8 RHP Grant Dyer.
  • 6/16 – Phillies signed #9 RHP Blake Quinn.
  • 6/16 – Phillies signed #10 RHP Julian Garcia.
  • 6/16 – Phillies signed #12 RHP Justin Miller.
  • 6/16 – Phillies signed #16 C Brett Barbier.
  • 6/15 – Phillies signed #17 3B Danny Zardon.
  • 6/15 – Phillies signed #18 RHP Jake Kelzer.
  • 6/15 – Phillies signed #14 1B Darick Hall.
  • 6/15 – Phillies signed #19 RHP Will Hibbs.
  • 6/15 – Phillies signed #20 1B Caleb Eldridge.
  • 6/15 – Phillies signed #24 RHP Tyler Hallead.
  • 6/15 – Phillies signed #26 OF Tyler Kent.
  • 6/15 – Phillies signed #28 RHP Jordan Kurokawa.
  • 6/15 – Phillies signed #29 LHP Alexander Kline.
  • 6/15 – Phillies signed #31 RHP Tyler Frohwirth.
  • 6/15 – Phillies signed #32 C Daniel Garner.
  • 6/15 – Phillies signed #34 OF Luke Maglich.

190 thoughts on “2016 Draft Discussion, June 20th

  1. I’m assuming we’ll see a bunch of signings announced in next day or so, since GCL starts on Friday….

    The draft feels like it was 6 months ago haha, I’m ready to see these guys in box scores…

      1. Ahhh, yes I did see that actually. I wasn’t clear above but I really meant the high school guys at the top….moniak gowdy and stobbe

      2. Hallead was 91-93 mph and pretty erratic. Dominguez was pitching with the same velo in his last 2 innings without getting hit very hard until the rbi double. Once Hallead came in the spinners bats came alive.

  2. Damn. Good for Stobbe inking to a $1 million signing bonus. Best of luck as he starts his pro career!!

  3. So glad the Phillies did not take AJ Puk. He pitched to one batter last night and beaned him. His control is going to be a long term problem. Have to question his commitment to his fitness. The announcers talked about his inability to pitch deep into games all year. Looking forward to seeing how this draft class progresses.

  4. I hope they announce more signings today! And the way the Phils are doing we may get another top 5 pick next year!

  5. Sam, the Phillies should aim for the #1 pick again as they are heading in that direction.

    1. I totally agree! Another top pick plus another large july 2 pool is ideal. Weed need time for fix not Free Agents. I love how our top 3 guys were HS guys! Another draft of top HS talent should stock lower part of system!

      1. Anyone renember what the signing bonus was for Mitch Gueller just a few yrs ago. 2years at GCL and ond at williamsport, the he’s released.

        If I remember he was an iut fielder the converted to pitcher. not sure, but maybe he

        1. He signed for slot. You can actually look it up in the 2012 draft tracker under the “draft” heading at the top of the page.

          1. So he was a comp pick basically like a early second round pic, probably very comparable to the 2:1 that tge phils had this year.

            So I guess we’ll not hang a cy young banner on this years second round pic just yet.

  6. Im a little underwhelmed at Williamsports roster…i like Medina and Falter then Encarnacion, Williams, Hall…looking forward to the Halljust the OF alone Moniak, Ortiz, Martinelli and Laird! Then Stobbe at 3rd and Gowdy!

    1. I can’t see Laird in the GCL this year as he played well for Williamsport last year. Other names for the GCL outfield include: Greg Pickett, Josh Stephen and Ben Pelletier.

        1. Nothing official of course, but his instagram page does state that he is an outfielder in the Philadelphia Phillies Organization. Maybe wishful thinking on my part but I think they have an agreement in place and it gets announced soon.

          1. Well that is encouraging.
            He was rated the third best hitting HS player in the state of Calif….behind Moniak and Rutherford.

            1. Josh Stephen has a picture of him signing his contract on his Instagram account. Also, Kevin Gowdy has updated his Twitter account with pictures of him signing his contract.

  7. Sorry to see the Phils significant slide the last month……However, the bright side is we will get to do the “Who is the best top pick for the Phils” in the spring of 2017. As of today I believe they pick 6th and dropping

    1. They have a chance to make up ground on the 2017 1-1 with three games at the Twins this week. “You gotta believe !”

      1. As of right now it’s looking light college pitching will be the strength of next year’s draft. Any one of McKay, Hock, Bukauskas, Faedo and Lange would be a good pick up, I think. Of course, it’s way too early to say anything definitively.

      1. beat me to it LOL just came across my phone. $3mil under slot. Hope they dont give it all to Gowdy as some of it can be used for Stephen.

        1. can go 3 to Gowdy and still have 2 million for post round 10 picks, so plenty of wiggle room it would seem.

  8. My guess was $6.7m for Moniak so this is a very very pleasant surprise if the figure is true.

    1. Same here…had him at 6.8M….but great savings.
      Josh Stephen should be easily signed at 11 now.

      1. I had Moniak at 6 million.
        Gowdy at 3 million.
        Stobee at 1 million.
        Stephen at 700-thousand.

        It looks like a very good bet the Phillies will not only sign Stephen, Miller, and Brown (picks 11-13), but also #22 Kyle Young, #27 Davis Agle, and maybe one/both of their late HS pitcher selections (#38 Trevor Hillhouse and #40 Trey Morris).
        Johnny Almaraz may have had one of the best Day 3’s in MLB Draft history. Obviously, none of theses players are sure bets to reach MLB, but the fact that he manipulated the process in a way that he’s able to sign this many HS and JUCO kids is outstanding. Even when the Astros signed Carlos Correa to a well below slot deal, they weren’t able to sign any of their seven HS Day 3 HS picks.

  9. What’s interesting to me is a tweet from last Monday “Phillies to sign HS draft picks from 11-13 round…All Expected to forgo college”

  10. Hey guys, was wondering if some of the people with more knowledge on the draft than myself could help me out. I don’t know, maybe this could be it’s own post. “Who do we dream on” Assuming the top 6 picks are done. Who are the players who we most covet even if they are long shots to skip college or not finish college, and how much would they set us back. I guess then we could look at those numbers and decide the best reasonable outcome for our signings. Ie. who can we fit into our budget and who’d cost too much.
    I have an idea of who I’d like but a lot of it is based on a few names I’ve heard tossed around here. So I’m thinking:
    2)A. Brown
    4)K. Young
    5) Hillhouse.
    This is also assuming all the rumored guys are signed like martinelli

  11. I’m thinking about 10 mil. for the 1st 3 guys. 6.1- 2.8- 1.1
    1mil for the next 3 with a couple under slots
    7-10-another .5 mil. so that’s 11.5 mil. might be a little low on these.
    11-13 picks= 2 mil. -1 for stephens and .5 for the other 2=13.5 so obviously would need to go 5% over. That would give us an extra 675 k. some is already spent but maybe we have .5 left for 3 other hard to sign guys assuming it’s only the amount over 100k I think so we could offer them at least 200k each and come up with bins, hillhouse, agle?

    1. I think you’re overestimating how much money it’s going to take to sign picks 11-13. I’m pretty sure Stephen won’t
      get 1 million, and Miller and Brown are fetching a lot less than .5 million each. Those two pitchers will probably sign for something more in line with 9th or 10th round money (160 – 170 thousand dollars).
      More estimating (guessing) :
      Kyle Young … 190 – 200 thousand
      Davis Agle … 235 – 250 thousand

  12. I’m new to all this, but I was surprised to see Blake Quinn, a college senior, sign for slot in the top ten. I was under the assumption that the benefit of drafting a college senior was he had no negotiating power and would sign for significantly under slot(see Josh Tobias last year). Hopefully Cole Irvin comes in a couple 100k under slot. Just curious if anyone had any insight.

    1. While Cole Irvin has been at Oregon for four years, he still has one year of eligibility left. He red-shirted in 2014 after TJ surgery.
      Same deal for Blake Quinn. He is a fourth year student, but a red-shirt JR baseball player. He had to sit out a year after transferring to Cal State Fullerton.

  13. Is Justin Miller…..12th rounder signed?
    …..I see he is in Clearwater working out this past weekend with the other signees. He is not showing signed on the draft tracker
    ‘Box Score Recap-June 18…6/16 – Phillies signed RHP Justin Miller’.

    1. 12th round pick Justin Miller has signed. The Draft Tracker on this site has indicated so for several days now. Not sure what you’ve been looking at.

  14. Mikey Moniak just finished his press conference. He’s best friends with Kevin Gowdy and Cole Stobee. Stobee spent a month at Moniak’s house last summer. These relationships have got to be helpful as they all begin their careers together.

      1. Moniak will fly to Clearwater tonight. Joe Jordan will make the decision where they will play. However, I’d bet my house all three begin in GCL.

  15. 2017 Draft Update … Phillies pick up a game on every team in front of them for 1-1. The Twins, Braves, Reds, A’s, and Padres all won tonight. Phils now tied for 1-4 pick !!!

    1. I would have never believed we would have been talking about the 2017 draft slot a month ago………..amazing things have turned sour fast. However, in the long run another strong draft will only benefit the Phils in the long run.

  16. But Pittsburgh Pirates lost and there 2 and 8 and on a big skid. 2 it’s too early and the Phillies did have 10 runs with VV and the Cuban reliever coming back. David Hernandez pitching himself right out of a trade. No more Sec teams in the CWS really. 4 LA is almost on fire really God Speed for rain. 5 at some pt Williams , Crawford , Thompson , Knapp , lively , Ramos will be up with the Phillies changing them into a winning team . 6 Phillies draft 1.1 next yr taking the best hitting hs bat .

  17. Lets redo that draft again. Where is nola now. I Just never saw more than a 500 pitchers in him. Needs to develop another pitch. I Just think people overreact on both sides. 11 decision and he is a ace. steal of the draft. and on the other side he is young and if he can develop another pitch like a slider. with some bite. might help him a lot.

    1. I dunno what baseball publication wrote this but they redrafted the 2014 draft and they had Nola going 1-1.

  18. Interesting that the padres, Draft two pitchers with arm injurys. The second round kid, got over slot. Tj surgery. Only could throw a bullpen session. I believe he only threw one inning since sophomore in hs.

    1. rocco…Quantrill could be a steal….if he were healthy he would have been a candidate for a top 5 pick….even though he is a Stanford pitcher….they do not seem to fare well lately.

  19. Saw something yesterday after Moniak signing that they are still working on 2, 3, 4 &5. Maybe Stobbe is not done yet?

    1. 3.5 is 450-thousand dollars more than Wentz got from Atlanta at #40, and 1 million more than Muller received from Atlanta at #44. At the same time, assuming Romero and Irvin sign for slot, that leaves the Phillies about 765-thousand dollars in the black for their top 10 picks. I’ve felt all along that Stephen would get 700-thousand and Miller and Brown would get roughly 160-thousand each. That 765-thousand dollars would cover the overages for those three picks.
      With their 5% over-slot money (670-thousand dollars), the Phillies should be able to sign Kyle Young, Davis Agle, and one or even both of Trevor Hillhouse and Trey Morris.
      Great job by Johnny Almarez. That’s two really good drafts in a row for him. I’m looking forward to him working with another big budget again in next year’s (much more heralded) draft.

      1. Yeah, I just put in a spreadsheet and as of not the top 10 savings is $769,800 assuming slot for those not signed. Looks good with the 5% overage added in.

        1. MLB should show some creativity and let teams , who save some money in the Rule 4, move a limited percentage over to the international market pot for the July signings.

      2. so, moniak signed for 2.9 under slot, and about 2.3 of it went to his Team USA buddies.
        Ian Anderson probably wont even get 3.5 as the #3 pick based on what the Braves have left- interesting to see how they went about things- went 3.8 over slot for Wentz/Muller and a couple picks after that, then started going with well below slot guys in rounds 6-10- already spent 400k on post 10 signings. not to mention drafting two college righthanders named Brandon White in rounds 12 and 13- thats just bizarre.

        1. they must really like Romero- hope they are right. Corbin Burnes 4 picks later got slot- Funkhouser had no leverage but Boras got him 750k.

  20. If JoJo went for 880K here is the over slot and overslot+5% over slot assuming slot for the next two top 10 signings.
    $527,400 $1,197,660.00

  21. I thought the Phillies would have to double the slot value for Gowdy and Stobbe. That’s about $4.7 and they got it done for $4.6. Gowdy got $400k more and Stobbe got $500k less than I thought.
    They must really like JoJo Romero a lot.
    Now what happens with Cole Irvin?

      1. The story on Phillies.com mustve been updated. Because that last paragraph about Irvin not agreeing was not there. It originally said 26 of 40.

      1. Your right whoever you are. I Shouldn’t speak the truth. YEAH PHILLIES YOU DO NO WRONG. Whatever you do is great. Pitchers who throw 88 if there Phillies is okay. Yeah Phillies. Get more players like bojours. he is great. Love to have more pitchers like morgan at least three more to be starters. yeah Phillies.

        1. rocco…don’t look now but Bourjos is their leading hitter in the month of June. Who would have though a month ago!.

    1. I was surprised Gowdy got that much. Top10 pick money seems really high. I was hoping for $2.5M, which was still Top20 money.

      Does seem like Phillies knew what they had available to draft and sign the HS kids in 11,12,13 which I fully expected.

      However, I doubt they get too many of their later round HS picks. Given their huge allotment and no crazy Rutherford choice in 2nd, I was hoping they’d try to sign a bunch of those late round guys.

        1. Sam I don’t know if you saw video on Stephen .Love that bat and he hits them far with some nice power to all fields.

          1. I have not…but right now I love everything about the Phillies except the actual phillies lol

          1. Cole is (I think) a Redshirt Junior so he can back to school for one more year. I think Oregon’s season is over but I’m not sure. He’d be insane to leave $400K on the table and take a shot at being a 5th year senior but it’s possible the Phils are low balling him so he’ll try to hold out for slot money or more. His major is Sociology so take the money and get a pro career going.

    1. It’s really the entire top 20 except for #15 who broke his elbow. That’s very good work by the scouts.

    1. not sure he threw more than 1 fastball in striking out those 3 straight hitters..but didnt look like a guy who walked a ton of hitters during season.

      1. Bettencourt was flat out great last night in relief. Threw 5.0 ip and retired 15 of the 16 batters he faced. Only allowed a single while walking none and striking out 7. He is listed as 6-0 185. Has a Bert Blyleven 12-6 curve. He starts it at the belt and catcher is picking it at shoe tops.

  22. Hope i’m wrong about romero, but I just don’t get it. I would have much rather signed some scrub for 5k and used the 800k to sign 4 or 5 hard to sign guys. guess we’ll see

    1. I was reading about romero. He is consider one of the best juco arms in draft. Rated 124. but a scout said I cant imagine there are ten better left handers in draft. Has four pitches. low 90 fastball. curve,. slider, and changeup. went from bullpen to ace starter for his team. Lefthander who has a good shot from what I am reading.

      1. thanks roccom, that makes me feel a little better. I just remember on draft day it seemed like everyone was a future star and then romero had a chance to be a back end of the rotation guy but probable bullpen arm with durability issues. This report sounds much better

  23. I was hoping for top 30 we will see, Hennigan plus a couple more college pitchers should be next.

  24. Apparently, Phillies.com jumped the gun. Yesterday they posted a story saying that top 14 were signed and 26 of 40. Looking at site now and they specifically say Irvin has NOT agreed. Sorry. I thought i could trust the horses mouth.

  25. Sam I need help with this. If cole doesn’t sign. we lose that slot is that right? how does it affect the rest of the kids? I get confused on how the numbers work. I would think he would take low offer he is almost 23 yrs old.

    1. I think they just lose his slot value. Did i read somewhere that he is a 5th yr senior so technically he could go back to school. But if he is almost 23 you would think he is ready to go pro. Hopefully he signs underslot!

    2. Irvin is a redshirt JR. He sat out the 2014 season, recovering from TJ. He has one year of eligibilty left.

    3. i really dont think they need to lowball him to save what, 50 to 100k, at this point.. but they would just lose the slot if he doesnt sign, and 20k of the pool overage money…that being said, he participated in senior day at Oregon so seems ready to go pro, and you’d think he probably wouldnt refuse 350k at this point, so they could get save in that range under the slot.

        1. rocco….oh no!
          Last year your least fav was 3rd baseman form California Luke Williams, and see what he has done…..but now Josh Stephen is your favorite this year….somebody better warn him! 🙂

        1. 697,000 is just enough to pay off romus house in Clearwater. And is home in cape may. Plus he can buy a new Cadillac. My 8 should sign today.

      1. Should definitely be able to sign Kyle Young and Davis Agle. Maybe Trevor Hillhouse and/or Trey Morris.

          1. Sam…works for some. Kyle Lewis it worked for this year going to a little school like Mercer…but unless they go to one of the top 30/40 schools in the big conferences and perform well…it is risky.

  26. This kid sounds like he really didn’t care if he was drafted or not. going to Clemson. That’s cool. Kyle Young is one kid who I would like to see signed love the 6 ft10 who is at 90 already. Might have a shot to be something. but if not that’s okay too. I wanted to see what josh Stephen will do.

        1. Thanks Hinkie……Phillies should be able to make him an offer to forego that commitment and they can pay for his tuition if he wants to go afterwards. Hofstra is not a big powerhouse baseball academy….but close to home for him.

  27. So they have Andrew Brown , Cole Irvin , plus a couple of college pitchers. Then the lottery tickets and a 1st baseman with an elbow issue.

    1. Per MLB Trade Rumors

      The Phillies have signed fifth-round lefty Cole Irvin to an above-slot deal worth $800K, well over the $417,500 value of the 137th pick, reports Jonathan Mayo of MLB.com (Twitter link). Mayo and colleague Jim Callis ranked Irvin as the 138th-best prospect entering the draft, noting that the Oregon standout possesses a 93 to 94 mph fastball and two occasionally above-average secondary offerings – a slider and changeup. Irvin has a solid chance to crack the majors as a back-end starter, according to the MLB.com duo.

      1. 800-thousand for Romero and for Irvin are mind blowing numbers for those guys. The Phillies, obviously, really like them. However, I find it hard to believe either one of those LHP’s would have turned down 650-thousand dollars.
        According to my math, the team has just under 100-thousand dollars left to spend (without losing a future pick). That’s probably enough to sign Kyle Young. I figured he would seek 180-200 thousand dollars. Davis Agle is now (almost certainly) unattainable.

  28. Do the Phillies know what they are doing? Why are they WAY overpaying everybody? $3,500,000 is too much for Gowdy. Should have got $2,500,000 $3,000,000 tops. Paying more money to Gowdy than Kyle Lewis got is ludicrous. Cole Irvin getting $800,000 as a senior seems crazy i know he can go back for a year. JoJo Romero should have got slot. Blake Quinn gets full slot as a senior, Henri Lartique almost getting slot. I just have to shake my head and wonder what the heck are they doing.

    1. i get your reaction- my conclusion is they worked the numbers and felt they could sign all the guys they might realistically sign and consciously decided not to negotiate hard to drive down the bonuses a little bit, but the accountant in me is bothered a bit by it. would be good to hear a reporter ask them about it though.
      but yes, its a bit painful to look at what other guys in round 4/5 signed for with 1.6 spent on romero/irvin. Burnes and Krook for around 500k, or some high schoolers with good upside like Ogle and Robbins.

    2. Joey…somewhat agree…..CVole Irvin did seem to get a bit much over slot. I think they could have offered $150K less and still he would have signed, but that’s done now.
      Did see were he was 93/94 velo according to Jon Mayo/JimCallis of MLB and ‘occasionally above average’ secondary pitches.
      This Fansgraph article from a few months ago had him predicted to be one of the best pitchers in the PAC-12.

    3. I would only be bothered if it prevented them from signing someone else good. Did that happen? Who are they missing out on?

    4. I understand your basic point, and don’t really disagree. It does appear like the Phillies overpaid a few guys (Irvin, Romero, Quinn, maybe Lartique).

      However, I don’t agree about Gowdy. He had a strong college commitment and everyone knew would be a significant over-slot guy. That’s why he was still around at draft position #42. If the Phillies didn’t sign him, there would be a lot of complaints of how the Phillies cheaped out and didn’t do their homework on what it would take to sign him. What Kyle Lewis signed for isn’t really relevant.

      The other question, as noted by another poster, is “Did the overpays to Irvin, Romero, etc., prevent the Phillies from signing other draft picks that they really wanted?” I don’t know the answer to that question. But Logan Davidson (30th round pick, high school kid) appeared that he was never really interested in going pro.

    5. Just a guess, but another factor in the perceived overpays to Irvin and Romero is that both are LHPs (with a chance to be starters), a commodity in relatively short supply in the Phillies’ system.

  29. Yes, but maybe I am wrong . Most of the guys who sign for low bonus. Are seniors with not a lot of upside. I just think that in there minds, the guys they took in top ten were worth signing. even if it meant they couldn’t sign any hs kid. in lower rounds. I could be wrong. I think if my math is right they now have a little over 300.000 to try to sign kyle young. Right now they are bringing in six hs kids if I am not mistaken. Which isn’t bad. three in top ten and three after round ten.

    1. Since any slot pot money saved does not get carried over to other pots…like the international slot bonus money or next year’s allocations….so might as well use it up to its max.
      The Phillies do appear to pay fairly high over slot but as a large market I guess why not. Maybe creates better goodwill, who knows.
      The smaller market clubs, if they have surplus left over, perhaps can see it as capital savings?

      1. Romus someone mention that mickey might play on Wednesday. I Thought that was your peoples big holiday. Not being jewish. thought he might sit out that day.

      2. And an overpay to an Oregon player may also undo some of the bad will generated by the Ben Holmes fiasco when the Phillies reported him to the NCAA for using an agent.

  30. It’s hard to criticize when you don’t know how the negotiations went, what the player wanted, if the player was even interested in Philadelphia (yes that plays a part when a kid can go to college for little money and then more then likely get drafted higher later), there’s just a ton that goes into it (prob things that we don’t even think about it or realize).

    Here’s just an example of one players thought process when he got drafted. A friend of mine (Steve Garrison) was drafted in the 10th round by the Brewers out of HS . . . He had a FULL RIDE (100%) to UNC which was his dream school. He signed for 130k . . . His reason for signing was because he had always had arm issues in the past. Steve didn’t want to take the risk of getting hurt plus he figured if he got hurt while with the Brewers he would have the best doctors at his disposal. There are a ton of different mind sets and reasons why kids sign, don’t sign, want this much or that much.

    1. Hate to say it, but your friend is an idiot. Out of state tuition at UNC alone is over $130,000 total over 4 years. Not to mention how impossible it is to get into UNC from out of state. The only person in my graduating class in PA who got in was like 4th out of 430.

      If he was superstar level talent, it’s one thing, but for $130,000, a scholarship to UNC, and arm trouble, get your college degree.

  31. Eric a team should have a idea what it will take to sign a kid. I Cant believe any team would take a kid in top ten without , a idea of the number to sign him. They talk to these kids a lot before the draft.

  32. Here’s an additional fact that of which I was not aware. A lot of baseball scholarships are less than a “full ride”. Colleges are limited to a fixed number of scholarship players, 13.5 I was told (it was 11.7 in 2014-15). So, a lot of kids are offered 1/2 and 1/4 scholarships to fill up rosters. Now, a kid like Moniak or Gowdy may be offered a full scholarship, but they would be the exception, not the rule. In fact, getting commitments from those guys might just be a ploy to attract other, lesser talent to the schools at a smaller scholarship, knowing that they will probably forgo their commitment and accept a signing bonus.

    1. Jim — it is still 11.7 scholarships at D1 (9 at D2), which can be spread amongst a total of 27 scholarship players (there can be 35 on the roster, but only 27 can have a scholarship). In general, a 50% scholarship offer is considered a pretty solid offer.

      1. Yeah that’s why grades are so important. When I’m talking to coaches about my players they always ask about grades first. They want to max out on their academic scholarships so they don’t have to use as much of their athletic scholarships. As far as I know it’s still 11.7 as well, was just on campus at Univ of MD w their baseball coaches and it still sounded the same. Anyways yeah he had a full ride which is why I put 100%

  33. I’d like to see James Ziemba jr from Duke 6 “10 ” 230 L pitcher . Mac Sceroler Rhp get signed he’s a sophomore with good stats.

  34. 22nd round pick Kyle Young is signed, sealed, and delivered. The 6’10” HS LHP has made the announcement on his twitter page. No amount mentoned.

    Dreams really do come true… Officially a part of the Philadelphia Phillies! Thank you to everyone who helped me get here❤️❤️ Go Phillies!!— Kyle Young (@Kyle22Young) June 28, 2016


    1. Good news!! Davidson is probably the better prospect but Kyle Young is definitely more intriguing – 6’10” LHP. GCL will be fun to watch/follow with the OF of Moniak, Ortiz, Stephenson and Pelletier, Stobbe at 3B/SS and staff highlighted by Fanti, Stewart, Gowdy and Young.

      1. I tried to post this as well … but for some reason it hasn’t shown up on this site … 27th round pick Davis Agle will not be signing with the Phillies. He announced he’s returning to his JUCO team next year and will bypass both the Phillies and Clemson.
        This could mean the Phillies make a run at Trey Morris or Trevoe Hillhouse.

      1. Before Kyle Young’s signing there was 315-thousand dollars left. However, it was never announced if Andrew Brown got more than 100-thousand dollars. Justin Miller signed for 100-thousand dollars so I’m assuming Brown got about the same. If I had to guess, I’d say Young got between 160-200 thousand dollars. If this is accurate, they could offer Hillhouse or Morris maybe as much as 300-thousand dollars. Or offer each 150-thousand dollars.

        1. Well I would not think they would offer anyone drafted lower than Young more ….since they are all HSers at this point, and outside the top 10 round venue.
          So it could be 150K each.

          1. Hillhouse and Morris are committed to better programs than Hofstra. I think Hillhouse is committed to Auburn and Morris to TCU. A lot of times higher upside (tougher signs) are drafted later as guys they might be able to throw money at in case a guy like Stephen ends up not signing.

            1. Ok…well then I assume then, Hillhouse and Morris, going to those two big time schools, are probably unsignable at this point, since it may take a little more money than they want to offer.
              Young was the one that really interested me. His height can be a real plus, especially as a lefty.

            2. 300-thousand dollars is 6th round money. It’s reasonable for one of these kids to forego college (and possible injury) to take the guaranteed money and begin their professional career.

        2. i hope the Phils will throw all the remaining $$ (including 5%) to sign either or both of Morris and Hillhouse — both having a prototypical size for a good pitching prospect.

          it will be interesting to know if the Phils make a pitch to Logan Davidson before they drafted him – I still like him – a big switch hitting SS with speed and strong arm. it will probably take the Phils at least $800k to sign him so he’s a “hard sign” to begin with.

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