Open Discussion: Week of June 13th

Here’s the open discussion thread for Phillies’ talk and other topics.

The Phillies are 29-34.  They went 1-5 last week.  They took 1 of 3 from the Cubs at CBP before getting swept by the Nats in DC.  They play 2 away then 2 home v. Blue Jays before a 4 game home stand with the Diamondbacks.

We have reached the point in the season where the standings will show the wild card race, or as we now it, the race for a top draft pick.  The Phillies .460 winning percentage has them with the 23rd best record, or 8th worst.

Prior Week’s Transactions:  

  • 6/11 – Phillies made draft selections 11 thru 40.  They and all selections have been entered into the 2016 Draft Tracker.
  • 6/10 – Phillies made draft selections 3 thru 10 – Cole Stobbe, Jojo Romero, Cole Irvin, David Martinelli, Henri Lartigue, Grant Dyer, Blake Quinn, and Julian Garcia.
  • 6/10 – Phillies placed RHP Vince Velasquez on the 15-day disabled list retroactive to June 9, 2016. Right biceps strain.
  • 6/10 – Phillies recalled Luis Garcia from Lehigh Valley.
  • 6/10 – Lehigh Valley released CF Will Venable.
  • 6/10 – Lehigh Valley released 2B Angelys Nina.
  • 6/10 – 2B Carlos Alonso assigned to Lehigh Valley from Reading.
  • 6/10 – Tyler Viza assigned to Reading from Clearwater.
  • 6/9 – Phillies select Mickey Moniak with first pick of the 2016 First Year Player Draft.
  • 6/9 – Phillies select Kevin Gowdy with the 42nd pick of the 2016 First Year Player Draft.
  • 6/9 – Lakewood activated OF Damek Tomscha from the 7-day disabled list.
  • 6/7 – Lakewood placed C Wilson Garcia on the 7-day disabled list.
  • 6/7 – Phillies sent David Lough outright to Lehigh Valley.
  • 6/7 – Osmel Aguila assigned to Reading from Clearwater.
  • 6/7 – John Richy assigned to Clearwater from Reading.
  • 6/7 – Samuel Hiciano assigned to Clearwater from Williamsport.
  • 6/7 – Scott Harris assigned to Williamsport from Lakewood.
  • 6/7 – Jacob Waguespack assigned to Lakewood from Williamsport.
  • Rosters are up to date here.

169 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of June 13th

  1. I know this is counterproductive but I hope the Phillies end up with a top 5 pick next year. Hopefully the young players continue to play well but I could imagine the bullpen continuing to have issues and that could catapult the Phillies into top 5 pick status.

    1. Fangraphs projects Phillies to finish as the fourth worst club. 69-73. About what most thought the record would be at the start of the season.
      The MLB club needs more consistency at the plate. I see averages go from .220 to .260 and then back to .220.
      I am on Nick Williams watch. Peter Bourjos gets dropped.

  2. Jim I see the Phillies are having Rios start again on Monday, is the plan to stretch him out as a starter with the hopes that he sticks? From what I get he has a good fastball, but that the change up, slider, and curve are all fringe pitches. Still I get he is just 23 but thought his best path to the majors was a middle inning reliever.

    1. He was the best option at the time. Imhof had pitched himself out of the rotation. And they weren’t ready to promote an arm from Lakewood. Sometimes the players we perceive as prospects are or have become just filler. That’s especially true among pitchers who move backwards in the organization.

  3. With Eflin starting at Toronto on Tuesday, I can see the trickle up beginning. Hollands should not be too far from return to big club. Ramos could follow since both Neris and Gomez have reached soft spots in their seasons, due either to tiredness from overuse earlier OR maybe they’re not that effective. I think Neris needs to reload but Gomez has never been a long term answer as backend reliever, let alone a closer. Nice work anyway whIle it lasted.

    I’m keeping an eye out for Cordero, once he is given a clean bill of health. I would like to see Appel placed in a relief role at Lehigh upon his return from the DL. Let’s find out.

  4. Anyone else feel it is time to stop the Cesar Hernandez experiment at 2B? I would like to see everyone from Featherston and down get promoted soon.

    1. Agree…..not sure about Darnell Sweeney, but Featherston’s bat seems to playing well at LHV. Add Perkins to the 40 and also see what he can do ilo of Peter B.

      1. I think every time someone says Sweeney as a callup. I have to put my head in a pillow and scream. Watching him swing a bat is worse than peter bojours. He lets go of the bat. first thing you teach a little kid is follow thru. HE CANT HIT

        1. Herdanez can play the outfield. and infielder and is a better offense player than Sweeney. He has more speed than Sweeney. He can bunt a guy over better than anyone on the team. Please stop the Sweeney talk I am running out of aspirins/

    2. I would rather see Sweeney since he’s more versatile. He might figure into a bench role when Galvis slides over.

    3. Featherston didn’t look good on the field in ST. He has a dozen errors in AAA at three positions. He has 29 starts at 3B, 16 at SS, and 8 at 2B. He doesn’t field any one position as well as Hernandez fields second base. I don’t see him as an upgrade over Hernandez. I don’t see how he merits a promotion.

  5. I think Neris needs some down time and the club has a decision to make between he and Garcia tomorrow. A DL stint would be good for him. Hollands and Ramos are close. Also, Howard will get DH starts tonight and tomorrow. If he continues his struggles, the manager will press the GM for more offense. That could mean some changes soon, although small tweaks are all that’s available to them.

  6. Phillies 27 games before the break….three vs Braves, seven vs DBacks(4-home) and three @ Twins and four @Rockies…..17 winnable games, but they will probably split at 8 or 9 at best. By he All-Star break they could be 4th in the division and still falling in the league standings..
    The seamless tank seems to be taking place. They could have a top 5 pick in 2017..

  7. I lost track of the current rotation. Who should be on tap to pitch Saturday? The wife bought me tickets for our anniversary but said go ahead and take a buddy.

    1. Eickhoff tonight, Eflin tomorrow, Hellickson Wed, Nola vs JA Happ on Thursday, Morgan Friday….and Saturday Jerad Eickhoff.

    1. now remember…when the Kiss Camera zooms in on you and your buddy…a great big anniversary kiss is in order! 🙂

  8. Proposed moves that I will co-sign with the rest:

    PHASE I – ASAP, before any trades:

    1) Add Perkins, DFA Bourjous
    2) Option Murray, call up Hollands
    3) Option Garcia, call up Ramos
    4) End the Hernandez experiment, start Blanco at 2B
    5) Put Blanco in the 2-hole and not Hernandez or Galvis

    For consideration: Put Neris to 15-DL, and see how Ramos will handle the CL role since the pressure of winning is less. Hernandez will be the new set up man.

    Starting line up should be:

    Doobie – CF (L)
    Blanco – 2B (S)
    Franco – 3B (R)
    Joseph – 1B (R)
    Rupp – C (R)
    Paredes – LF (S)
    Perkins/Goeddel – RF (R)
    Galvis – SS (S)

    PHASE II – Cutting excess baggage

    1) Cut Howie
    2) DFA Hernandez (they have a lot of UTIL in minors) and call up Sweeney or Featherston
    3) Trade (required) Hellboy, Chooch, Murray, Asche, Ruf, Galvis, Hernandez, Gomez, Bailey and Paredes – will be DFAd if not traded
    4) Trade (should at least heavily explored) – Obbie, Neris, Blanco and Rupp
    5) DFA fungible pieces with no trade value and whoever scrub that is not traded and clear 40-man space for reinforcements – i.e. Mariot, Sweeney, Featherston, etc.

    PHASE III – Reinforcement (after trade deadlines) – TBD after 40-man is cleared with stiffs and scrubs

    1. I have said this before and will say it again a team cannot put a player on the DL if the player isn’t hurt without their consent, it would be a PR nightmare with the MLBPA. Also I’m sure while it is practiced by teams it isn’t really something that Major League Baseball as an entity finds okay to do.

      1. @philly – i’m aware of that. my assumption is that the FO and Neris already talked about it and determine that Neris is not 100%.

        1. Ok just when it was brought up earlier in the year for other players who were struggling mostly Howard people were like put him on the DL, like it was some ok move that you can just do whenever you please

    2. Herrera is on pace for his second straight 4 fWAR season (he was 3.9 last year, but I’m sure you’ll excuse my rounding). He’s 24, plays an up-the-middle position and can’t be a free agent until 2021. A rebuilding team does not trade such a player.

      1. There was 1 article on Herrera being traded . Really noway brass would do that some people think Quinn is the air apparent . If and when you it comes you trade the prospect not the young successful pro, or move the prospect to different position.

    3. “and clear 40-man space for reinforcements – i.e. Mariot, Sweeney, Featherston, etc.”

      Don’t forget space for a 10 foot pole. Those aren’t reinforcements or even band aids. Those are white flags. Metal beer cans at Howard was bad enough.

    4. Unless Perkins is going to play every day, he’s not coming up for Bourjos. Not going to happen.You guys need to understand that this is real life, and not fantasy baseball. Bourjos is a good teammate, who’s not making noise about losing his starter job and being a bench player. In other words, he knows his role and knows what needs to be done to be ready to come in as a pinch hitter. There’s a reason why most bench players are vets.

      You’re going to bring up Perkins to be a bench player. We don’t know how his defense is. He’s going to be nervous as heck, and he’s going to be lucky to get 8 ABs per week. What’s the point?

      I know you don’t like Bourjos. We get it. But I can’t say this enough, he’s a bench player! He’s not the reason why the Phillies are losing! I thought we covered this with Burris.

      1. Guru no disrespect but your logic is really off base. Bourjos being a good teammate means nothing. for a bench player who cant help the team. I know you can find a guy who can catch a fly ball. and run a little who can hit better. The guy cant hit 200 but they like him so he is valuable?? sorry to me that’s nuts. Perkins could come up and play everyday. Why would perkins be a bench player??? He comes up and should be in the lineup everday

      2. Bourjous is not good enough to be a bench player. The Phils have better option than Bourjous even as a bench guy. This is fact and nothing to do if you like him or not.

  9. Ryan Howard will have five DH opportunities vs Blue Jays and Twins to 6/23. PREDICTION: IF he continues his status quo, like does not increase his BA, nor hits at least one HR through this period, he will announce his retirement. Despite the ongoing conundrum of what to do with Howard, I hope he does well and that this doesn’t happen.

    1. So much for that…already hit a homer. I still maintain there was a possibility if he went 1-20.

  10. I don’t see any scenario where he retires and forgoes that money. This has always been on the shoulders of the Phils’ front office. At some point, maybe, they will release him, but there is no way that he loses money.

    1. Agree that if Howard hasn’t already made that announcement, he’s not making it now. I also doubt the Phillies decide to release him so he will sit on the bench, getting random PH appearances until the end of the year.

      Depressing? Yes it is…

      1. One guy in the past made that decision….MJS did it in May ’89…and walked away from a lot of money…and he could have easily played a few more years in the AL as a DH

        1. You’re talking about 1 guy in the last 27 years. He’s an outlier. Odds are, Howard doesn’t retire and collects his $20M+.

          1. No kidding…he is an outlier…a HoF outlier no less.
            I didn’t say Howard would follow in his footsteps and do something like that.
            Everyone knows Howard is not walking away from $24M left on his contract.

            1. If we know that Howard is not walking away from his money, why are we wasting our breath speculating that he’s going to retire?

            2. Agree.
              It is …what it is,
              ….a little more than three more months, and then that’s it.
              Next venue for him…Wall of Fame induction ceremony.

  11. Bourjos and C.Hernandez in lineup again tonight. I hope Eickhoff pitches really really well……

    1. Herandez 8 Bourjos 9 in the order against knuckle baller . Blanco at 3rd in the 3 hole Hernandez days are numbered they do need a 2 hole hitter .

  12. From the FWIW department – assuming top draft picks are signed, sealed, and delivered:

    Top 10 position player prospects TODAY (before any international signings)
    *I often wonder why pitchers are listed with position players when they are apples and oranges when it comes to evaluation.

    1 JP Crawford
    2 Jorge Alfaro
    3 Mickey Moniak
    4 Scott Kingery
    5 Nick Williams
    6 Dylan Cozens
    7 Cornelius Randolph
    8 Roman Quinn
    9 Andrew Knapping
    10 Cole Stobbe

      1. Good question, Romus. Yes I’m not weighing proximity as much as ceiling AND ALSO FLOOR, which in my opinion is more relevant and less subjective. I know their will be varying schools here.

    1. I like Kingery as much as anyone but #4 is too high. Plus, no mention of Gowdy? If Stobbe is #10 and was our third pick, maybe Gowdy is #10? Regardless, a nice provacative post.

    1. Kingery’s floor may be higher than Williams while yes Williams’ ceiling may be significantly higher.

        1. Williams’ floor is about .240 with a lot of Ks. Kingery’s comp is Placido Polanco minus 20 pts on the batting avg but in a word, consistency. They’re different types of course. As a Phillies fan, my hope is that Williams exceeds Kingery’s ceiling.

          1. Kingery’s floor offensively is Peter Bourjos. Bourjos was a year ahead of Kingery at the same age and his High A and AA productivity was probably better.

            1. Bourjos showed better speed with less power. Their OBP is similar however Kingery seems to have the better plate discipline. Bourjos was younger for his level. Kingery hasn’t struck out nearly as often. Kingery seems to be adjusting better to the wooden bats and it wouldn’t surprise me if he ends up batting .280ish by the end of the month and ends up in reading. I like Kingery a lot as a prospect and I thought when the Phillies drafted him he would be a fast mover, however I believe your floor on Kingery is rather accurate. Here’s to hoping he ends up well above that.

            2. I also wanted to include that the California league is a notorious hitters league while the FLorida State league is known as a pitchers league.

            3. Look if Kingery ceiling is Bourjos. Then he should be release today. I will never understand how people can take a minor league number, and project that a player will be him. Kingery is in his second season and still learning. So to say he will be a 201 hitter at this stage, is way beyond me.

            4. Roccom- I’m not sure if your comment was directed to me or someone else but I didn’t say that Kingery’s ceiling is Bourjous I said his floor was Bourjous. Now obviously he could miss out on the MLB altogether however so I should have stated that his MLB floor is Bourjous in my opinion. I hope Kingery is a great player and realistically I think he could be a good #2 hitter in the MLB. I don’t know if you are trying to be condescending but just to let you know it seems like that to me. People look at MLB players and look what they did in the minors to find comps. Obviously tools play a factor in this as well. A lot of people look for comps it’s something fun for fans to do.

    1. Wait I will answer you. I have to look up condescending. that’s a big word.Latin prefix con- means “with,” and the Latin word for descend means “down,” so the word condescending probably developed to describe someone who looked down on others. Condescending behavior is, not surprisingly, itself looked down upon. It’s usually intended to make people feel bad about not knowing or having something, and it very often works. I was speaking in general cause so many look at stats and figure that is the comp for that player. I just don’t believe you cant look at a player and project what he will do in majors. Too many factors.

      1. rocco…baseball does have its share of ‘outliers’. But normally a player who doesn’t hit well….whatever well means…in the lower minors , will not translate to hitting well in the majors, if he should make it. Then again you do have many , e.g. Jeremy Heredia, who breeze thru the minors with laudable metrics and somehow do not make it in the majors.

  13. Seems time to move Luke Leftwich up to Clwtr A. He is K-ing more than 1/inn and carries an ERA of 2.15 after today’s game wherein he put up zeros for the opposition. Didn’t Alvarez or somebody in the org say that he had exceptional fast balls…and had been an undiscovered gem until we drafted him?

  14. Eickhoff lights out! He has resurrected his arsenal and using a slider to great advantage. So good to see him bounce back. He is looking like #3 starter potential at least.

  15. In 2011, Bourjos hit about .270 with 11 3Bs and 12 HRs, and gave the Angels GG caliber D in CF. Unfortunately, he dropped dramatically after that. Those type of numbers would make Kingery the every day 2B with the Phils and would be a plus. I don’t know what that would translate to as a WAR for Kingery, but I have to believe it would be pretty good.

  16. I can handle our young pitchers running deep counts batter after batter, hopefully they’re learning. BUT to watch our major league hitters swing at anything and get retired 1-2-3 in 7 pitches against a mediocre pitcher is infuriating.

  17. Eflin with a tough start today.
    Heart goes out for him as he strolled back to the dugout.
    But tough kid so he will be back.

    1. Romus, this kind of debut will really test him and I hope that he bounces back strongly and can stay in the Majors.

      1. philabalt….agree.
        I could not see why they couldn’t wait to start him at home on Sunday vs the D-Backs, and bring his family to town. They could have brought up Dave Buchanan for today’s game. Didn’t they do that with a few other ones last year making their debut?

  18. I feel really bad for him. Not the way he hoped it would go. I still like him a lot and another example of the importance of command and control, no matter how good your stuff is.

    1. If looking for a silver lining ..he was still at 92/93 at 65 pitch count.
      But do not know if he was going 2S or 4S, at least I did not hear the announcers in the third inning, mention whether or not it the FB was a sinker of 4S…hopefully it was 2S at that velo.

  19. He caught to much of the plate today good movement needs to come inside.The good thing sit him right beside Cooch in the dugout . THE PHILLIES NEED TO HIRE MATT STAIRS AS THERE HITTING COACH.

    1. Sorry Tim… can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.
      All the video instructs and teaching may not do the trick.
      They are what they are.
      Clichés outside.

      1. I know but you have a young pitcher Stoman sorry Auto will not take name. He Likes to pitch fast , I would tell all my hitters take it slow step out of the box , get him off his routine. No they go up and get mowed down by a pitcher with a ERA above 5.00. One note Asche looks like he’s trying to walk and take pitches .

        1. A future player like Crawford, with his innate talents and plate approach…once he gets up to stay…. could make an impact in that regard. Add a ready also Williams and then the lineup starts to look and feel differently then what we see currently.
          Only two quality bats added to Herrera, Franco, Joseph and maybe catcher Rupp….could make a big difference.

  20. Oberholtzer would have been a “safer” choice to start today vs Jays (yeah, 20/20 hindsight).

    Anyway, I’m thinking and hoping that pitching AND power become the focal points for rebuilding the Phillies. CBP cries out for sluggers and they don’t grow on trees. Nor do good pitchers. I’m encouraged to see guys like Nola, Eickhoff, and Gowdy in the fold. Lively could be another crafty, deceptive arm. We’ll find out soon enough. I’m growing a bit weary of the guys with “great stuff”. Our system is loaded with Phillipe Aumonts. What percentage will actually see major league daylight? A lefty or 2 would be nice as well.

    Not sure I agree with the old adage that pitching wins. Good pitching gives you a chance to win. It keeps you in the game. Scoring runs wins. I want high on base guys. We have Doobie (and he’s not walking much himself lately)….and who else?

    Let’s get some dirt ball OBP guys channeling Lenny Dykstra and a few bashers up here to go with the young arms and we are in the hunt again!!

    1. Last yr the Phillies won their 30th game July 17 this yr they already have it. The young players are moving up I believe Joe Jordan will is job.

      1. True to a point. But his head was in the game. He had a plan. That message is not getting through.

  21. Well whoever got through to Herrera about the importance of plate discipline should be talking to Franco and the rest of this bunch. It’s horrid. Herrera sports a .415 OBP the next closest is ruiz with 317 then look at the drop off.

    I hate the obligatory firing of a hitting coach but IMO Hendu is not getting through to guys like Franco, Galvis and the other young hitters on this team.

    1. You look at the Cubs, and nearly all of their hitters sport BB rates above 10 percent. Having an approach at the plate makes all the difference for sustained success.

      Unfortunately, the immediate pipeline does not hold a lot of promise for patient, work-the-count type hitters (Williams is currently at 5.2 percent BB rate, Alfaro is … ahem … 1.7). One day, we’ll have Crawford, Randolph and Moniak (if his profile is accurate) forcing pitchers to make pitches at CBP, but until then there’s going to be a lot of strong breezes blowing out toward the outfield walls.

      1. ‘until then there’s going to be a lot of strong breezes blowing out toward the outfield walls’…..LOL.

  22. Change of topic cuz it comes up from time to time here…..the DH in the NL.

    I consider myself a baseball purist and have loathed the DH since I was young. BUT I am a realist and recognize it’s inevitable if not imminent for the senior circuit.

    MY PROPOSAL – Make the DH universal for BOTH major leagues. HOWEVER, for the sake of keeping the strategic aspect of managing as well as true fan interest, make it OPTIONAL for the home team manager to determine prior to each game whether it would be in effect. This would be an important decision based on who my starting pitcher is that game OR who the opposing starter is….OR do I have a hot hitter who is glove challenged at the moment…OR on and on….


    1. 8mark….that is one of the more reasonable explanations yet…very good.
      Lets see if rocco approves?

      1. I Hate the DH. The manager really has the most important decision taken away from him. The time to pull a pitcher who is pitching great to try to score runs to win the game.

        1. rocco….understand…..but the league may go with it across the board eventually anyway, so if it does come down to that, I prefer 8mark’s suggestion…. make it optional based upon the home teams decision.

        2. I’m with Rocco I don’t want a DH. Simply do away with having the All-Star game determine home field in the WS and go back to best record….

    2. Can’t say I’m a fan of the idea, too gimmicky for my taste. If baseball goes to full time DH in both leagues, then they need to make that move.

      I’m a purist too but once they went to interleague play, they should have make the move to the DH as well. It actually puts NL teams at a regular disadvantages because they can’t carry a DH only bat on the 25 man roster like AL teams.

    3. @8mark – i think it either adopt the DH or not is the only move. To come up with the compromise – both NL and AL should have DH and still let their pitcher pitch during the game. Increasing the starting roster from 25 to 26/27 can be considered but I’m still ok with keeping with at 25 including the DH.

      1. KuKo…….think about it….the managers are now more involved in the decision making, before a game begins no less.
        The suspense, the drama, a chess match of sorts…..what strategy!

        1. Thanks for your support, Romus! Let’s get this passed through MLB! (yeah they’ll listen to us)

        2. @romus – i see your point. I will assume that the DH is best hitter in your team and probably paid big $$. i think most teams (especially the teams with better DH) will not want to pay $$ and face a possibility that he sits 81 games because the other team managers decides so. Another question is why can a team have the ability to exlcude in the game the best bat (DH) but not the best pitcher?!?

          Baseball is a game of Bats and Ball. Teams aims to get the best bat or the best ball or a combination of both to win games. So I cannot get over the fact that my best bat cannot do anything to help my team because a home team doesn’t want it to happen?!?

          I rather expand the roster and do something about subtitutions and get that match up thing going on rather than what 8mark is talking about.

            1. @romus – thanks! it’s too complicated to my taste. i think my head will explode if i’m the team that cannot put my best hitter in the field.

          1. Given we live in a capitalist society, I have a problem with paying big $$$ to a baseball player who doesn’t ever touch a baseball with his hand and glove.

        1. Also heard they may think of discussing a change to the September call-up make ups. Too many contending teams complain that ‘ out of the race, looking to be spoiler’ teams stack their bullpens with arms , especially LOOGYs.
          Whereas contending teams only bring up a few players..position wise and pitching wise.

          1. I don’t buy the complaint as the contending team has the same opportunity to call up guys and give some of their staples innings relief ahead of a playoff series.

            1. I think Bochy said it……something to the effect…..he is not going to give a AAA reliever the ball in a close game when the playoffs are on the line.

  23. Crawford 21 img AAA 2016
    2. OF Mickey Moniak 18 img DRAFT PICK 2020
    3. RHP Jake Thompson 22 img AAA 2016
    4. OF Nick Williams 22 img AAA 2016
    5. OF Cornelius Randolph 19 img A 2020
    7. RHP Tom Eshelman 22 img A+ 2018
    6. C/1B Jorge Alfaro 23 img AA 2016
    8. OF Roman Quinn 23 img AA 2016
    9. RHP Mark Appel 24 img AAA 2016
    10. OF Dylan Cozens 22 img AA 2017

    Just saw this on mlb. new rankings our system is ranked 5 after the draft.

        1. Randolph is absurdly overranked. He might prove he’s a stud, but he’s done nothing so far. Above Alfaro?

  24. Phillies have a total bonus pool of $5.6M for next month’s opening of the FA international market.
    They can get to a max of $8.4M (50% increase) via trading prospects for slot monies to one of the following ten teams who are under restriction ($300K) for the 2016/17 signing period …..
    Angels, Blue Jays, Cubs, Diamondbacks, Dodgers, Giants, Rays, Red Sox, Royals and Yankees. Those ten teams are allowed to spend their full pool allotment, no greater than $300K per player, or trade any of their individual slot values.
    Phillies have a slew of A-level prospect RHPs that some of the ten teams may want to acquire. A player like Alberto Tirado may be attractive to one of them and maybe get slot 2,3, or 4 monies.

  25. For who Phillies already said there not going to spend over slot. There really no left to spend it on. Now if your talking a Japan , korean or Cuban good luck with that.

    1. Francisco Morales, the Ven RHP, may set the record for a Ven signing…..2.8M is the tops for a Ven player ( he will not get anything close to Ortiz’ $4.4M from last year)…..Morales could command anything bewteen $2.5M and $3M. Add Bryan Gonzalez between $1 and 1.5M and right away you are close to $4.5/5M. Teams normally sign about 25/30 Latin players every year , from as low as $25K upwards. I also hope they make a play for Panamanian RHP Edisson Gonzalez who could get $.5M.
      So any extra monies they can obtain they should pursue.

      1. It was report there in on 3 SS for 500,000 each so maybe they will do something . The price on the pitch was never given. Plus they have almost a compete LA team in Williamsport . The difference this is that the Phillies brought alot of the LA state side to EXT to evaluate them. The Dsl teams are very young as far as experience most of the big ticket players are stateside.the Medina, Paulino, SD , Ranger are the next wave of prospects.

        1. BA has indicated that all the players linked to the Phillies will sign for under $1m each including Morales. They like the idea of taking more bets vs one big bet (Ortiz)

          1. If that is true then the Phillies will take in a lot of legit prospects…..but they will not since, most of the top ones are already ‘fingered’ for other MLB teams, and only two are targeted by the Phillies , Morales and Bryan Gonzalez. I cannot see them going under $1M for Morales. He is ranked as the second best pitcher in the crop according to MLB, and the top is the Cuban Vladimir Gonzalez who could get over $1M rather easily.

  26. I’ve read about the Venezuelan players we’re expecting to sign. Anybody know of other prospects from other countries?

    1. They usually sign one or two from Panama every year…..keeping my fingers crossed on tall RHP Edisson Gonzalez. Have not seen anything yet from Jesse Sanchez, MLB or Ben Badler, BA on who they are pursuing in Panama. Local beat guys usually are not given indications early on either except for the big signings like Ortiz from last year..

  27. It’s not fun watching the big league club lose but when it’s over I remind myself that it’s all about the future by checking the minor league results. From the neck down, Herrera is the best player on the big club right now.

    1. I love franco but hate his numbers right now. don’t like his obp and his swing is really off. from what I have seen. He is trying to kill everything

  28. Matt. I think they could get up to 5 . I said the bullpen stinks and its proven to be true. they just played over there heads in beginning. they are in tank mode now with playing bojours. galvis. hernandez. terrible. i still and romus knows this don’t think nola is a top of rotation pitcher. He has two pitches 35% curve balls is lot and his fastball isn’t great, has some movement on it, needs a slider imo. I am not a pitching coach but a change up to me isn’t as effective when you don’t have a decent or good fastball

    1. rocco….IMO, Nola may not be that ‘ace’ at the top, but he could serve well being a very capable 2 or 3 with some offense behind him and a little defense. Phillies down the road need to have some luck when it comes to the #1, like the Cubs with Arrieta in their trade with Baltimore, or Detroit with Scherzer back in their trade with the D-Backs.
      And eventually they will need to do the big contract signing of a FA pitcher. Andy MacPhail said he will be able to bring in hitters to Philly…..but he really needs to bring in the ace pitcher. They already have hitters in the system for the foreseeable future.

      1. @romus – what’s your take on Arrieta? Is it pure (scouting) genius or luck or both? I like (big $$) premium talent but i think the current Phils strategy of buying more lottery tickets and spreading it will eventually yield dividends. Might be to early to say but Franco and possibly Medina, Kilome (potential ace) and hopefully Pinto and Garcia (potentially #3s) are examples of lottery tickets that starting to yield some returns.

        It’s possible that the Phils can have their Scherzer in VV – Dbacks over weight health over potential. Our King Cole (Hamels) used to have sort of injuries during his minors but proved to be durable in the majors. Hope VV will be in that track too.

  29. A little off subject but to all the dads Happy fathers day. My kid graduates today and I might now be around this weekend. On a side note. it would be nice if some of us could visit the peter bressi senior living in northeast philly. M8 romus lives there and on Thursday nights he calls bingo for the people . and is dj once a month on Saturdays.

    1. rocco…..thank you, but will not be there this weekend…..being checked out by the family. Got my friend Mabel, to take my place on big band DJ duties tomorrow night. 🙂

  30. Don’t give up hope, Phillies’ fans!

    The team now has the 8th worst record and can easily catch 6 of the teams ahead of them. Only the Braves and Twins have big leads, but, with 95 games left, the Phillies can catch those guys.

    Go, Phillies!

    1. I guess then, it is never too early….BA’s Tops for 2017 Draft.

      Hunter Greene ss/rhp Calif. Notre Dame High, Sherman Oaks, Calif.
      Tristan Beck rhp Calif. Stanford
      Alex Faedo rhp Fla. Florida
      Jordon Adell of/rhp Ky. Ballard High, Louisville
      Alex Lange rhp La. Louisiana State
      Tanner Houck rhp Mo. Missouri
      J.B. Bukauskas rhp N.C. North Carolina
      Quentin Holmes of N.Y. McClancy Memorial High, New York
      Conner Uselton of Okla. Southmoore High, Moore, Okla.
      Ricardo De La Torre ss P.R. Puerto Rico Baseball Academy, Gurabo, P.R.
      Kyle Wright rhp Tenn. Vanderbilt

    2. The Phillies have now moved into the 4th worst run differential spot, by a pretty comfortable margin. Run differential isn’t perfect, but is a pretty good long term indicator of a team’s performance.

  31. Tom Wilhelmson was just let go by Texas. Was a pretty good reliebet a few years ago. Maybe we take a flyer on him since we need bullpen help real bad.

  32. Next one gone Cesar “between my legs” Hernandez. Featherston 97.1 fielding pct. He played 9 games at 2nd. He was drafted as a 2nd baseman and plays 3rd at LV cause nobody can.

  33. My outlook by position:
    Rupp – steadiest among the starting 8, but should be reliable backup if Alfaro turns out.
    Joseph – jury is out but not convinced he’s the 1bman of the future
    Hernandez – a bench player at best
    Galvis – a useful guy to have around when the team becomes competitive
    Franco – right now the book on him is why throw him a strike when he’ll swing at anything; needs to get his head straight
    Asche – can’t field, run, throw, a .250 hitter at best with little power
    Herrera – an adventure in the field and on the bases, a good leadoff hitter but he’s got to regain his eye and walk like he did earlier in the season
    Right field – ???????????
    Starting pitching – Nola, Eickhoff and a lot to find out about Velasquez
    Bullpen – Neris needs rest and the rest won’t be around much longer.

    1. Franco, Herrera, Rupp and Joseph can all be good complementary players.
      The guy who will need to lead this team and be the glue, and also have to be our version of ‘Derek Jeter’, that has to be JPC, with Nick Williams also stepping up.
      Everything will need to be centered around those two position players.

      1. Can we trade Cesar Hernandez and Cody Asche for International Draft Bonus dollars like we did last year?

        1. Yes…….but teams do not normally trade MLB players under that venue… order to sign a 16-year old, who’s odds are a long shot and who may not even make it after 5/6 years even in a system.

    2. Didn’t Asche hit a bomb the other night upper deck ? He hit the cutoff man perfect , Galvis threw Bourne by a mile. Phillies have trouble hitting the cutoff man. Not saying he’s great but has looked better since coming off the DL. Plus he young 26 and played the OF for 1 yr. Herrera and Franco are still highly rated both in the field and at the plate.

  34. I know that Franco is trying too hard. But, someone needs to work with him. That last at bat had him swinging at a pitch that only went 59 feet and was way outside. It looked like a blindfolded guy at a party swinging at a Pinata. That is someone swinging blindly without any pitch recognition at all. And you are correct on Doobie. His may also be a case of trying too hard, but his adventures in the field need to stop.

  35. Featherston mlb 2 nd baseman fielding pct 98.1 Cesar Herandez fielding pct.2nd baseman 98.1 . Featherston 1st time AAA season 4th in total bases in the Phillies minor league sys , Hernandez worst .ops in 2nd base man in mlb.time for a change?

  36. When the Cuban invasion began a few years ago…there have been plenty of big money handed their way by teams for the chance to catch some of that talent.
    With the Sox waiving Rusney Castillo, teams may be rethinking their investments going forward.
    Here is a list of 30 or so Cuban defectors since 2011 that were given varied amounts of contract bonuses to sign.
    Judge for yourself how successful the influx has been so far.
    A team like the Dodgers have really invested heavily in the Cuban market.
    José Abreu—-***
    Dariel Álvarez
    Erisbel Arruebarrena
    Roberto Baldoquin
    Yenier Bello
    Daniel Carbonell
    Diosdany Castillo
    Rusney Castillo
    Yoenis Céspedes….***r
    Gerardo Concepción
    Jozzen Cuesta
    Odrisamer Despaigne
    Aledmys Díaz
    Adonis García
    Miguel Alfredo González
    Alexander Guerrero
    Dalier Hinojosa
    Andy Ibañez
    Raisel Iglesias
    Raudel Lazo
    Yoan Moncada-high rated prospect
    Héctor Olivera
    Orlando Pérez
    Yasiel Puig…***
    Roberto Carlos Ramírez
    Victor Rivas
    Omar Luis Rodriguez
    Misael Siverio
    Jorge Soler…***
    Yasmany Tomás….***
    Henry Urrutia

      1. yes forgot…thanks for letting me that…..though, still a little early on how Aguila will do.

  37. Yep that’s why I’m into the Japan , korean , imports better results and production for the buck.

    1. Tim…..Japan you still may have to ‘post a bid’ with the NBL club, just to be able to negotiate. Korea is a little easier.

  38. Franco is achieving the almost impossible physical feat of dropping his back shoulder while pulling his head off the ball during his swing. He has ZERO plate discipline. This is a lost season. If he keeps going like this, refusing coaching, he should be sent back to AAA for a couple of weeks. Jurickson Profar, a much more highly regard prospect, spent most of this season at that level.

  39. And, based on comments from management over the last 2 drafts about what they want, I don’t think they regard Franco as a long-term solution at either corner. The power is there, the “hit tool” isn’t. A natural hitter simply doesn’t act like Franco does.

    1. Romus help me hold my tongue. Now franco isn’t a prospect. no the 24 yr old in a ball is the answer. Where do you get this logic from. He is in a slump. Right now he is lost he is 23 yrs old. with unlimited power and potential. He is trying to be the whole team. I watched this kid for two years He will pull out of this slump. He has went thru this before at each level he has played. I wish I knew where you get the idea he doesn’t have the HIT TOOL. where did you come up with this?

      1. He doesn’t have Howard’s power and he doesn’t have Utley’s discipline. I increasingly think he’s not a core player. I thought he was, but I’ve watched almost every game he has played in the majors. I’d be thrilled to be wrong. This is more than a slump. Second year, and he’s not adjusting, but regressing. I’d be thrilled to wrong, honest. Hit tool is different than power. A good hitter with 2 men on and a 3-0 count does not swing wildly at the next two pitches.

      2. Rocco, I haven’t given up on Franco. The talent is certainly there but I do question his makeup between the ears. Why would anybody throw him a strike right now when he’ll come out of his shoes to hit a 5run homer.

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