Box Score Recap – 6/8/2016

Lehigh Valley (32-27) Lost to Gwinnett, 3-1.  Seve Gonzalez allowed 3 runs in the first innng on 4 of the 5 hits he gave up – 3 doubles and a single.  He, Hollands, and Herrmann shutout the Braves on 4 hits the rest of the way.  Hollands struck out 5 in 3.0 innings.  The IronPigs 5 hits weren’t enough to mount a come back.  Logan Moore hit his 2nd home run.

  • #1 Crawford (.162) went 0-3 with a BB.
  • #2 Thompson (4-5, 3.82) – DNP.
  • #3 Williams (.294) went 1-3 with a BB.
  • #4 Appel – DL, shoulder strain.
  • #9 Knapp (.270) went 3-5 with an RBI (24).
  • #13 Eflin – DNP.
  • #17 Cordero – DL.
  • #23 Sweeney (.240) went 1-3.
  • #26 Asher – DL, lower calf contusion.
  • #28 Ramos (0.54) – DNP.
  • #30 Lively – DNP.

Reading (41-19) Beat Akron, 3-2 in 11 innings.  Geez Louise.  Reading (17) and Akron (18) pitchers struck out 35 batters in the game.  Akron’s starter struck out 13 Phils in 7.2 innings.  The top of the Reading order – Valentin (3), Mora (3), and Alfora (4) went 0-14 with a walk and 10 strike outs.  Every Phils’ starter struck out at least once.

Ricardo Pinto (4.25) gave up 2 runs on 4 hits and 1 walk in 7.0 innings.  he struck out eight. Tom Windle struck out 2 in 1.0 inning.  Hoby Milner struck out 5 in 2.0 innings (and got his 4th win), and Miguel Nunez struck out 2 in 1.0 inning earning his 7th save.

The Phils tied the game in the 8th on Aaron Brown’s RBI double.  Jake Fox had tied the game in the 5th with his 11th HR (34th RBI).  Rhys Hoskins’ 14th HR provided the winning margin in the 11th.  Cuban Osmel Aguila went 0-2 with 2 K before being lifted for a pinch hitter (Christian Marrero) in the 8th.  Marrero singled.

  • #6 Alfaro (.313) went 0-5 with 4 K.
  • #7 Quinn DNP.  He has tightness in his hamstring.
  • #10 Pinto – (4.25) 7.0 IP, 4 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 1 BB, 1 HBP, 8 K, 99 pitches/69 strikes.
  • #18 Pivetta – (6-4, 4.25) DNP.
  • #19 Hoskins (.261) went 2-5 with a double, HR (14), and RBI (41).
  • #22 Cozens (.277) went 0-4 with a BB.
  • #28 Brown (.242) went 1-3 with a double and RBI (13).

Clearwater (32-25) Lost to Charlotte, 4-3.  Ranfi Casimiro (4.08) lasted 6.1 innings and gave up 3 runs on 6 hits.  Victor Arano allowed an inherited runner to score to earn his second blown save and then went on to lose the game.  The Threshers’ offense was once again exposed as impotent.  They collected 6 hits, but after taking a lead by scoring 3 runs in the fourth inning on 4 singles and an error, the Threshers didn’t get another hit the rest of the way.  They got three base runners on an error and 2 walks, but two were erased on steal attempts.  Andrew Pullin had 2 hits.  His first inning double was their only extra base hit.  Coach Legg tried a new order to try and create some offense.  Tocci led off, Kingery batted third, Martin was back at clean up for the first time in a while.  Zach Green picked up his 28th RBI.

  • #11 Kingery (.266) went 1-3 with a BB.
  • #12 Canelo (.221) went 0-3 with a SF and RBI (20).
  • #14 Tocci (.243) went 0-3 with a BB.
  • #15 Eshelman (3.54) – DNP.
  • #20 Tirado – assigned to XST.
  • #21 Garcia DNP.

Lakewood (23-35) Beat Lexington, 6-0 in a rain shortened game.  Harold Arauz (2-4, 3.35) allowed 3 hits and struck out seven.  Josh Tobias (.295) and Jan Hernandez (.269) had 2 hits and an RBI apiece.

  • #5 Randolph DL, shoulder.
  • #8 Kilome – DNP.
  • #24 Pujols (.240) went 0-3 with 2 K.
  • #29 Grullon (.228) DNP.

Jose Pujols and Josh Tobias were selected for the SAL All Star game.  Pujols will start in RF and Tobias is the back up second baseman.

DSL1  (0-4) Lost to DSL Astros Blue, 5-4 in 10 innings.  They rallied from a 4-0 deficit to tie the game in the top of the ninth, but lost in ten.  17-year old, Dixon Gutirrez went 2-3 with a double and walk, but lowered his BA to .692 (9 for 13).

  • Keudy Bocio (.200) went 0-4 with a BB.
  • Jonathan Guzman went 1-5 with a double and 2 RBI.
  • Ismael Rosado (.077) went 0-5.
  • Roimy Mendoza – 3.1 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 3 BB, 3 K.
  • Manuel Silva – DNP.
  • Jean Carlos Valdez – DNP.
  • Jesus De Los Santos – DNP.
  • Leonardo Colagrossi- DNP.
  • Jose Estrada – DNP.
  • Juan Carlos Smith – DNP.

DSL2  (1-3)  Split a pair of 7-innings games against the DSL Mets2, winning 8-2 and losing 5-2.  In game one, Wilman Silva and Ronaldo Marrero had 3 hits each.  Luis Mendoza had 3 RBI.  In game two, Jesus Henriquez had 2 hits and an RBI.

  • Luis Ramirez – DNP.
  • Leonel Aponte – DNP.
  • Jose Jimenez – 3.2 IP, 5 H, 3 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 2 K.
  • Carlos Oropeza (.250) went 1-3.
  • Rafael Marchan (.182) went 0-3 with a BB; and 1-3 with a double.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings:

  • Ben Holmes (yes, that Ben Holmes, maybe you remember him as Ben Wetzler, the LHP from Oregon State who spurned the Phillies in 2013 and was drafted lower in 2014) was promoted from Greensboro in the SAL to Jupiter in the FSL.  Unfortunately, the Threshers have completed their season series with Jupiter.  Holmes reportedly turned down a $350K signing bonus as the Phillies’ 5th round pick.  He signed with Miami for $30,500 as the Marlins’ 9th round pick.  Expensive decision.
  • Organization Rosters are up to date.


49 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 6/8/2016

  1. Eflin was held out in case Velasquez can’t go his next time out. I’d bet Vince won’t be making his next start. If it’s only one start. the question will be, will the Phils want to make a 40 man roster move for 1 start. I don’t know who will be DFA’ed or released. If it is one missed start then Morgan can be sent down and give Eflin a little Major League time. This is the roster dance; sometimes it’s a fine waltz and sometimes it’s the chicken dance.

    1. Joe Jordan said Eflin was just being given a rest and skipped his turn which is what they’ve done with Thompson earlier in the season. Oberholtzer will probably go in Velasquez’s spot for now. Question is: will Ramos be called up as fresh bullpen arm? Neris could use a break about now.

    2. If it’s only one start the likely move would be to start Oberholtzer and bring up a reliever (Garcia or Hollands). Unfortunately I don’t think it will only be one start. Vince is young and there’s no reason to rush him back. Is it Eflin’s time or was Eflin rested himself due to his poor recent results?? I hate to say it but there’s a reason Buchannan is still here.

      1. yes, he was going to hit an innings limit well before end of season anyway, so may as well give him at least the 15 days on the DL.

      2. @Murray – this is how i see it play out too. As much as we much to see a new fresh blood in Ramos – Garcia or Hollands will get the call. This make sense especially if the Phils wants to get some value if they are planning to trade some of their older and more experienced BP arm.

        Ramos will get shoot soon. The decision I want to see is what the Phils plan to do with Nunez (FA after this season) and Milner (expose to Rule V) since both appears to be a serviceable MLB bullpen arm.

        1. No way Milner will get added although I like his arm, his upside just doesn’t appear that high. Nunez however has a chance to make it. With the looming 40 man decision, I could see him fast tracked to LHV later this year to see how he does there. I predict they add him ultimately. There will certainly be some guys list this year.

      3. I wonder if the Phils will give any thought to stretching out Mario Hollands who already has 67 MiLB starts. They don’t have any top prospect lefty starters. At this point, I like Morgan better in relief and Oberholtzer I don’t see in any useful role.

  2. It is curious, but press reports out of Philly had Eflin scratched even before Velasquez took the mound.

    IronPigs game notes this morning have Eflin starting today at noon, followed by Thompson Fri, Lively Sat and Russell Sun. Mon is an off day, and Buchanan, today’s original starter, is listed for Tuesday–Velasquez next day to pitch, in Toronto. But that lines Eflin up with Tuesday as well. We’ll see, I guess.

    1. Excelent point. It could also be that bullpen coach noted drop in velocity during the 25-30 bullpen session few days ago and warned about the situation, and Lehigh announcing Elfin’s skip earlier. If Velasquez was hurting by the end of the last start is it very likely that he has a rough bullpen senssion, and that’s the reason why Rupp picked it up so fast and warned couches after the first pitch.

      Back down in the farm, Severino continues to implode. Gilbert, Leftwitch and Arauz delivered, let’s see if Kilome can follow through today.

      I foresee major top 30 prospect reshuffle after the all star game, particularly in the pitching department.
      After Velasquez injury, the Florida LHP is a no brainer for 1st pick tonight. Before yesterday I was praying for a bat. Not anymore.

      1. Drafting an arm 1.1 because one guy has a sore arm (yes it could be serious) is too much of a knee jerk to me. Stay the course. I like what the Cubs did in raising their own bats and if need be, go buy or trade for the arms, preferably major league ones.

        1. If anything, a serious arm injury to VV should serve as a deterrent to drafting a power pitcher with the No. 1 overall pick.

        2. 8mark…agree..stay the course…prefer Moniak tonight and a deal-maker pitcher at 42. Cubs did get very lucky on Arrieta from Baltimore, perhaps the same luck the Phillies will have from the Giles trade.

      2. I really don’t think an injury to one of your current starters should play into your decision on who your drafting. If Puk wasn’t the guy before then VV going down shouldn’t make him the guy. Got to go with who you think is the best player or who you think is the best combo of players depending on your strategy.

      3. I would rather draft the Hulk than Puk at 1.1 if he’s available. Unless Puk lowers his bonus $$ than Moniak, he will not be 1.1.

        1. The Hulk would be an interesting choice. He’s got some swing-and-miss in his game but 80 raw power. I’ve also heard some whispers about character issues. Too much of a risk for the 1st pick imo.

  3. I can’t wait for Williamsport and the GCL to start . Daily reports on Ortiz , Encarnacion, Medina , Paulino, Falter etc.Quinn still out , Hoskins now raking . Man if Cozens , Alfaro , Hoskins , Pujols and Ortiz plus Williams all make to the show that’s some power crew.

    1. Looks like Hoskins has found his groove…I can see him passing Cozens for the HR league lead in a few weeks.
      Of course Cozens may end up in LHV by then anyway.

      1. This is sort of what I expected from Hoskins to start the year, but he’s had an adjustment period that took a little longer than I anticipated. Everyone is going hog wild on Hoskins, Cozens and Alfaro, and understandably so, but I caution everyone that we will learn a lot more about these guys when they are at AAA, where they will be tested with a wide assortment of breaking pitches on all counts.

        That said, all of these guys have shown a very promising ability to hit for serious power to all fields, much like we are seeing with Tommy Joseph right now, so if they can continue to make contact and go the other way if need be, some of these guys could have a bright future in the majors. Certainly, there are concerns with all of them (Alfaro’s plate discipline, Cozens’ strikeouts and hit tool, Hoskins’ overall talent level), but you can’t help but like what you’re seeing thus far. If things continue to click for Dylan Cozens, his ceiling is pretty damned high.

        Oh, and by the way, I’m really enjoying the progress that guys like Knapp and Williams are making at AAA. I’m not entirely sure what kind of player Williams is going to turn out to be in the majors, but he has a lot of talent, and I’d sure as heck enjoy watching him over guys like Peter Bourjos. It’s going to be a fun ride over the next few years.

        1. I am wondering if one of the five …Hoskins, Cozens, Alfaro, Williams or Knapp get selected for the Futures Game at the MLB All-Star break in Petco Park, San Diego..
          Phillies do have plenty of candidates……and also some pitchers in Eflin, Lively and maybe Thompson.
          Not sure how selections are made…I think each MLB team nominates a minimum and then a selection committee picks reps for each team.

        2. I need to see Hoskins raise his OBP before I really start to like what I’m seeing from him. I’m glad he’s got his power stroke going, but still just a .320 OBP for the year. His K and BB numbers are disappointing.

          1. Handzus,

            On the encouraging side, Hoskins has brought down his K rate several percentage points during his recent run.

      2. another would be walk off home run for Hoskins, but this time the team was on the road so had to play bottom of the inning, How many times can he hit walk off game winners ??

  4. Really pulling for Andrew Knapp to continue raking at Lehigh. If and when Chooch is moved, it would be good to see him the last 2 months of the season. Then maybe the fall instructional league for work at 1b/LF.

    1. I’ve been wondering if chooch would be moved at all actually. I wouldn’t mind holding him until he retires, honestly. You can’t deny he’s had a pretty good effect with this young pitching staff. Hamels, Halladay, Lee, all raved about loving to pitch to Ruiz. He calls a great game and I gotta feel he’s helping this pitching staff, even guys like Hellickson pitch well this season. I’d hold onto him unless some team sees what I sees and values that to the point they want to overpay by a lot.

      1. I would keep Choochzz until he dies and beyond!!!!
        His role is key in raising the new herd of starting pitchers. We need him at least till 2018.

        1. I do value Chooch for what he brings OFF the field. I hope that if it hasn’t happened yet, somebody in the FO sits down with him and talk about his future with the organization. He’d be an excellent bullpen/asst.pitching coach.

  5. Harold Arauz with the pitching gem of the day. His numbers don’t jump off the page but he’s doing well for a –just turned– 21 y/o in A ball. In his 10 starts, he’s had 5 games where he shutout the opponent. He’s had 3 clunkers where he gave up 4 or more runs. The other outings were pretty good too. His showing last year in the NY-Penn league was not very good. He was up and down all year. Maybe he’s showing more maturity but the Phils might have found a low level keeper in the Giles trade.

    1. Ten starts so far for Arauz with five really good scores:
      Can understand the April games as difficult, like Kilome, not use to early coldness of Lakewood. but four of last five have been gems.

      1. Romus did you see, Leftwich 80 score the other day. I Wonder what Groome’s 19 k on hitter would be.

  6. And the Fighthin’ Phils refuse to lose again!! If Alfaro, Cozens and Hoskins and the top prospects in AAA all pan out, it’s fun to imagine a Phils lineup up late next year!

    Doobie – CF (L)
    JPC – SS (L)
    Franco – 3B (R)
    Cozens – RF (L)
    Hoskins – 1B (R)
    Williams – LF (L)
    Alfaro – C (R)
    Galvis or a veteran placeholder – 2B (while waiting for Kingery or if Herrera is not moved to 2B)

    A bench made up of Quinn, Altherr, Knapp, Valentin and Canelo or Galvis/Blanco type veteran.

    This is not a bad roster that is CHEAP but will potential and position flexibility.

    1. What about Tommy Joseph? He not only bashed in AAA ball but is still doing it in the big leagues.

    2. yup, TJ can still be an option at 1B (and push Hoskins in AAA) or right handed bat from the bench (and push Valentin to AAA) especially if the Phils can have a MI that plays mutiple position like Blanco.

      Otherwise, if Hoskins cannot be denied, TJ (and other young pieces like Altherr, etc) can be valuable trade chips.

  7. I sat down and laid out 3 waves of upcoming prospects:

    Wave 1 (debut between late ’16 thru early ’17)
    Williams, Crawford, Eflin, Ramos, Knapp, Thompson, Perkins(?), Hoskins

    Wave 2 (debut between late’17 and ’18)
    Alfaro (possibly wave 1), Cozens, Quinn, Kingery, Lively, Cordero (health?), Appel (bulllen?), Pivetta, Pinto

    Wave 3 (debut ’19 and after)
    Randolph, Moniak (by most reputable accounts), El.Garcia, Pujols, Arauz, Kilome, Ortiz, Eshelman.

    Not that ALL of these materialize. Some won’t make it due to performance or injury. BUT it’s a very encouraging “tide” coming in!!!

  8. I have Quinn and Alfaro (since both are already in the 40-man) and include Asher in Wave 1 and move Hoskins in Wave 2. Ortiz is 2020 at the earliest.

    Medina, Encarnacion, Martin, Gilbert and possibly Williams can join C in Wave 3.

    1. Good point about the 40man, KuKo.

      Not a big Asher guy, though. I don’t think he’ll be more than a tick better than Buchanan at big league level.

      I totally forgot about Adonis Medina. Best name in the organization.

  9. As for the above TJ comments, his is a great career resurrection story. I’m confident he’ll be successful IF the organization doesn’t Rufinize him. Just let him play and leave him be!

    1. And Eflin with a gem in a loss…..63 score, one hit and uncharacteristic 3 walks, but fielding let him down.

  10. Anybody see Pinto last 2 starts last one against a good O team.I like Paulino too the pitcher that is .Austin Davis a big Lefty who did really well in the winter league , He came back was put on 7 day I R nothing since.Matt Winks has to good articles on The Draft and Dsl league it helps on the who’s who in the Dsl including the Italian ‘ s . I reading the roster of the Dsl teams came across a Smith lol they say you can find smith or Jones any where !

    1. I did see Pinto recently against the Orioles AA affiliate. Pinto looked stellar for 3 innings and then became very hittable.

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