Open Discussion: Week of June 6th

Here’s the open discussion thread for Phillies’ talk and other topics.

The Phillies are 28-29.  They are 2-5 on their current 10-game home stand.  They were swept by the Nationals before splitting 4 games with the Brewers.  Their next 3 games are against the Cubs.  

We have reached the point in the season where the standings will show the wild card race, or as we now it, the race for a top draft pick.  The Phillies .491 winning percentage has them with the 18th best record, or 13th worst.


Prior Week’s Transactions:  

  • 6/4 – Sent Emmanuel Burriss outright to Lehigh Valley.
  • 6/4 – Reading activated Harold Martinez from the 7-Day DL.
  • 6/4 – Alberto Tirado assigned to XST from Clearwater.
  • 6/4 – Will Morris assigned to Clearwater from Reading.
  • 6/4 – Jacob Waguespack assigned to Williamsport from Lakewood.
  • 6/4 – Scott Harris assigned to Lakewood from Williamsport.
  • 6/3 – OF Osmel Aguila assigned to Clearwater.
  • 6/3 – Samuel Hiciano assigned to Williamsport from Clearwater.
  • 6/2 – Lakewood activated RHP Skylar Hunter from the restricted list.
  • 6/2 – Kenny Koplove assigned to XST from Lakewood.
  • Plus a slew of transactions as the two DSL Phillies teams assign players to their rosters.
  • 6/2 – Phillies activated Cody Asche from the 15-Day DL.
  • 6/2 – Phillies designated David Lough for assignment.
  • 6/2 – Phillies optioned Mario Hollands to Lehigh Valley.
  • 6/2 – Lehigh Valley released Bobby LaFromboise.
  • 6/1 – Phillies transferred  Charlie Morton from the 15-Day DL to the 60-Day DL. Left hamstring surgery
  • 6/1 – Phillies designated Emmanuel Burriss for assignment.
  • 6/1 – Toronto Blue Jays traded Jimmy Paredes to Philadelphia Phillies for cash.
  • Rosters are up to date here.

100 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of June 6th

  1. I guess this is where I should post this. It really takes a special kind of stupid to throw a beer bottle on the field … especially at a home player … one of the most iconic players in team history. Under no circumstances is this ever ok.

    1. Could not agree more. While Ryan Howard the baseball player is now a disaster, nobody deserves that. The man has clearly underperformed all 5 years of this contract, but he also clearly over performed every year before that vs what he was paid.

      1. They sell the plastic beer bottles in the stadium right? I’m assuming it was one of those. And they take the cap off before handing to you so no one can throw a full unopened bottle at someone (I assume).

        ***This post in no way is saying its ok to throw a plastic, unopened bottle on the field***

        Just answering his question about where the bottle came from

  2. I would love for the phillies to trade for a good hitting 2nd baseman like profar baez .. The trade based around our bullpen arms

    1. This idea is really good. Thinking about a lineup next opening day with Franco, Herrera, Profar, Crawford, Joseph, Altherr, and N Williams, and maybe even more impressive, a bench of Cesar, Freddie, Goeddel, and Blanco is a huge improvement. The Phils obviously have a prospect or two that can get this done and some expendable secondary pieces they could give away like Asche, Hellickson, Galvis, Hernandez, among others.

      1. Its a longshot but any chance Texas will need a SP at deadline? Could Hellickson/Hernandez get you Profar? Or Hellickson/Neris? Kick in some money to get him?

        Seems unlikely, because as a Phillies fan I would be ecstatic with that trade, which usually means the other team wouldn’t do it haha

      2. One other thing — I can’t see Hernandez as a bench player going forward. Granted, I am not a Hernandez fan, so my opinion may be slightly biased, but what use is there on your bench for a backup infielder that can’t play SS and hits as weakly as Hernandez does? I think Galvis has a future role of a really good bench player because he could play 3B, SS, or 2B tremendously well, plus has a decent amount of pop with the bat (and could probably play OF in a pinch). I just don’t see it with Hernandez, he’s either a starting 2B on a bad team or in AAA in my opinion

        1. Agree. If neither Galvis nor Blanco were around, he MIGHT be an option. Hopefully someone needs a utility player like him in a package deal by the deadline. He’s not a horrible player, just doesn’t fit moving forward.

        2. Galvis has played the OF a few years ago under Charlie I think.
          He probably could catch if given a week to prepare.
          I remember he played 2nd base for the first time in his pro career, in Chase’s absence once, and looked just as competent as Chase out there.

    2. If I were the Cubs, I would not trade Baez for Crawford.

      I doubt that Crawford has a better glove or arm than Baez at short or at any other infield position.

      There’s no contest in the power department as I think that Baez is a 25-30-HR guy.

      Baez probably won’t ever match Crawford’s on-base skill, but I think that Baez will have the better wOBA.

      1. Is derekcarstairs a parody account?

        Crawford is a better fielder at every infield position than Baez. But we will never find out for sure because Crawford will be a major league SS for years while Baez is still trying to find a position and will likely end up in the outfield if he ever wins an everyday spot finally.

        I really cant argue your power point but lets see if Baez’s power ever gets to show itself with his subpar hit tool and plate discipline.

        1. Obviously, you are not paying much attention to the Cubs. Maddon gives Baez as much playing time as he can, but it’s hard to crack the lineup of the best team in baseball with a star-studded infield.

          Defensively, Baez is a highlight reel.

          You are a year or two behind on Baez as a hitter. While plate discipline is still an issue, Baez has made great strides, and his hit tool is not sub-par.

    3. I was thinking about good landing spots for Helickson and Neris. After looking at the teams that might be good fits (Orioles, Red Sox, Tigers, Royal, Marlins), I looked for players I’d most want (within reason). The player I’d most want the Phillies to target is Daniel Norris. I don’t know if the Tigers would even consider trading him, but he’s a guy that would make a lot of sense for the Phillies. He’s a young LH starting pitcher who looked good last season for the Blue Jays and Tigers. He’s has plenty of health issues. He’s currently struggling in AAA at Toledo, but he’s got the pedigree to make me believe (if healthy) he can be a very good MLB LHP. Like I said earlier, I don’t even know if the Tigers would consider trading Norris, but if they were open to dealing him, I’d include a AA pitcher (Pivetta or Pinto) to acquire him.

        1. I do remember that story. He was treated for thyroid cancer late last year, and had a back issue this spring. Now would be the time to try to buy low on Norris. Of course, all of this hinges on the Tigers remaining in the playoff hunt.

  3. When is Morgan dropped from the rotation? I’m all about replacement level pitchers, but he’s just been terrible.

    And its not like we don’t have other arms with whom we could replace him. I’m not even talking about prospects. But I’d much rather see what Asher could do, even Buchanan at this point. Maybe even try Oberholtzer.

    Regarding the bottle at Howard, I hope whoever threw it gets the book thrown at them. Classless.

    1. Morgan’s actually fairly secure at this point, unless he is blown out tonight. His last start wasn’t all that bad until the 6th. There’s really no one else to replace him now in the organization. Buchanan is just not an option. Oberholtzer is not a long term starting solution. It would be a different story if Asher wasn’t hurt and/or Eflin hadn’t come down to Earth in his last two outings. Lively looks very consistent, but he needs a few more starts. And Thompson, while showing promise, needs to be more consistent.

  4. Howard is supposed to be back in starting lineup at some point in Cubs series. I’m hoping that’s simply to give Joseph “a day off” and nothing else.

  5. I was at a college hockey game in College and a drunk fan of the opposing team threw a beer bottle. It landed in a girl’s lap who was sitting next to me. We had 7 guys and 7 girls and there were at least 150 of them. We gave a lot better than we got. I’m almost never for fighting but someone could have gotten hurt and we made sure it wasn’t going to happen again.

  6. Tommy Joseph may be another version of a resurrected Jayson Werth.
    In his age 18 thru 20 seasons of pro ball (LowA, Hi-A and AA…btw, no Rookie legaues)…in approx. his first 1500 PAs he hit 50 Hrs, while learning the skills to catching. Then after the trade to Philly the string of concussions follow, and who knows how many prior when he was in the Giant org, and that derailed him for about two years. Perhaps just concentrating on hitting and not worrying about the responsibilities of catching and pitcher handling has brought his bat to life.

    1. I dint want to get too carried away but TJ does seem to get good swings and hits lots of balls hard. His stance looks very balanced and he looks comfortable. He’ll have to deal with adjustments and then we’ll see how he does but for now it’s easy to be encouraged by what we see.

    2. Joseph has made an amazing recovery (though could there be a long term effect from several or more concussions?) and handled the position move very well. In no way could this be expected of him a year ago. Now he could be a keeper at 1st base. The Pence trade may have been resurrected after all.

      1. Vermont…..I would hope I never see him take a hit from some pitcher’s high inside FB, as David Wright took a few years ago.That would be a real cause for concern for the kid.

    3. TJ makes a big difference over Howard in this offense, as well as Paredes and/or Asche over Bourjos. Howard is just about an automatic out at this point, as is Bourjos, and while Asche and Paredes are not long term solutions, at least now they are giving good at bats and doing some damage here and there. TJ, on the other hand, I think really has a chance to be a major league regular at first base, and worst case, a RH platoon / bench option at 1B. He does hit the ball hard and while he does get fooled quite a bit by good, tight breaking balls from RHP, I think he’ll improved in that area as he gets more ABs. He clearly needs to play 5-6 days per week the rest of the way to see what the Phils have going into next year.

  7. I will stick with my pre-season prediction that the Phils will win only 65 games this season.

    This may sound like pessimism, but I’m actually being an optimist tha the Phils will get a top 5 pick in next year’s draft.

    Wins in ’16 are not important for the Phillies. It’s the long game.

    1. Top 5 is a long shot….there are the Twins, Reds Braves , and Padres all trying to look like they are not tanking for that numero uno in 2017…..then you have the other teams like the A’s in the tough West, Rockies and Rays ready to sell.
      A top 10 would seem very doable.

    2. 37 and 68 the rest of the way? Really? I’m much more confident in my prediction of 75 wins!

    3. I think they get top 10..Neris to me isn’t as sharp. The offense is bad. But I am okay with this. The thing that stumps me is people, why would we go after a Crawford? makes no sense. If we are to get better. this is a development year. Love to see joseph show he can hit at a 275 clip. improve his obp and add some power. I want to see if Eichoff and Vinny can be effective starters. Rupp if he can put up 15 homeruns with his defense is a big plus. lots of question. Then after this year if there is a younger guy in fa who can help go for him. Sorry romus harper isn’t leaving Washington. They will give him more than anyone. plus they will defer the money like they been doing. I Only would love to see the kids in the minors get a shot. Thompson. elfin, Williams. in fact after the draft . I would love to see Williams come up. Release one of the outfielders. or pull the string on a asche trade. I have read people think he has value. I don’t think so but only a guess. We need to see what we have this year and then go forward with moves to improve.

        1. Would you be happy with Manny Machado after 2018? I think he is their most likely target with MacPhail and Klentak’s connections to Baltimore, Give me Machado and Shohei Otani to go along with our young nucleus for 2019.

          1. Who wouldn’t be happy with Manny!
            The O’s will probably not let him walk…he is their FOTF.

  8. Going back to the comment I shared last week from the scout about the Phils overload of players that need to be 40 man protected, I have a question that I don’t know the answer to. We’ve all, myself included, criticized the Phils some, for not breaking through their international spending barrier this coming July. How is it determined which of those players need to be protected on the 40 man roster? If they are signed to major league contracts, I assume they would be? I’m just wondering could that be part of the reason why the Phils aren’t doing that on July 2nd as it would further expose other players to the Rule 5?

    1. I’m taking a guess here Buddy but I don’t think they are MLB contracts rather they are very much like a drafted player with the only difference being the players age at the time of the signing.

      The younger the player the earlier they end up having to be protected or something close to that. In other words I think age has a lot to do with it.

    2. BuddyB…..I could be wrong but I think the 2012 LA signees may have to be protected this November …I guess it is Pujols and Grullon.

      1. La free agents get 5 seasons from their original signing date. So all la signings from 2012 and before need to be on the 40 man or risk being taken in the rule 5 draft. I doubt Pujols gets protected unless he makes it to Reading and performs well.

  9. Saw pieces of Ben Badler story that the Phils have sites set on 5 Venezualen players july 2. F Morales #16 pitcher and #26 B. Gonzalez. I was hoping for more being in top position spending wise. But Morales is 16 and has hit 96mph.

  10. What does everyone think of signing Carl Crawford after he is officially released and would only cost the major league minimum? The upside is if he regained any kind of his form he could be flipped at the deadline for a prospect and I think he’d consider Philly due to the availability of playing time and because of JP. The downside is that if you signed him and played him in LF right away, that would take Asche or Goeddel out of the lineup (which I’d be ok with) but maybe more importantly it could block Nick Williams at some point which would not be ok. Personally, I think he is done but at the same time, it wouldn’t be much of a risk at all to try it out.

    1. I’m not for signing any veterans whose better days are clearly behind them. Even if Crawford did catch on and started to play well his return value in a trade would be mediocre at best.

    2. If he belonged to any team where eating salary was an actual problem, I would look into what kind of prospects they would be willing to give up in order for you to take Crawford in a trade. The Dodgers, I’m sure, would rather eat the money than give up any meaningful prospects. I’m not interested.

      1. But I think the situation is you can put a claim in for Crawford and not have to pay him anymore than the league minimum. That I would not do.

        If it were a situation where you work out a trade to take on a portion of his MLB salary in exchange for getting Grant Homes sign me up LOL!

    3. if i’m the FO, i will only asborb Crawford if he comes with a Top 20 prospect with him to the Phils and LAD should half of the contract. I’ll even drive Sweeney back to LAD if they want him.

    4. I want nothing to do with Carl Crawford. Unless LAD wants to trade him even up for Ryan Howard. Let’s get real.

      1. Indians need OFers now…..they may be inclined to look at Crawford…then again I would try to shop Cody Asche their way.

        1. yep, cleveland or the angels; he wouldnt want to come here, and it wouldnt make any sense to bring him in.

  11. Take note: Joely Rodriguez, the lefty reliever received from the Pirates for Bastardo seems to have made himself a candidate for a lefty in the big club’s pen. Check him out. His problem seemed to be control. This season that concern has diminished and his numbers have turned around. Maybe up in Sept. Worth a look.

  12. I heard in the 97.5 fanatic earlier (sounds like it’s Bowa talking), he doesn’t see that Vinny pitching more than 160-170 innings this year. Mike asked if one on the prospects will be called up, and Bowa (if he is one talking) said that he doesn’t know but he reiterates that Vinny will probably be in innings limit.

    1. Having said that about VV I don’t think you want Eflin or Thompson throwing more than 160 either. I’m thinking Lively because of his age would be the next man up. Alec Asher and then possibly Pivetta would be candidates as well.

    2. KuKo….Jim Salisbury had said he heard the same last month. Perhaps obe reason for keeping David Buchanan around to serve a later purpose.

      1. @romus – agree although i see that Asher ahead of Buch, but nonetheless, Buchanan will not be in the 40-man by the end of this year. Obbie, if not traded, might get a spot start here and there and see if he can increase his value since he has no option left.

        if Hellboy will be traded and no long term injury happens, Nola-VV-Eickhoff-Morgan-Asher will be the rotation and Obbie might get the 1st crack when VV will be shut down, unless Buch or SevGon shows better. Although i would love to see either Jake, Appel, Eflin or Lively do a spot start sometime in August-September.

        1. Of course they could go 6-man rot….and lengthen the timeframe before shut-down for ViVe…or any others they have in mind at LHV or in Philly.

  13. Phillippe Aumont retires. That Cliff Lee trade was just horrific! Ill conceived, unnecessary, done too quickly that it had to fail and probably cost the Phils an additional WS win.

    1. Would have loved to see Aumont face Ryan Howard this year. I was thinking something would have to give – Aumont would actually get an out or Howard would actually get on base, then I realized the most likely outcome – strikeout and wild pitch, Howard on 1B………….

  14. Can we please bring up Ramos and Hollands ASAP? The big club bullpen is beginning to thin down. Elvis can leave CBP.

  15. Anyone else want to see Adam Morgan moved to the bullpen? He has been pretty terrible in the rotation but I think he might make a good reliever. For now, I’d throw Oberholtzer in the rotation until someone else is ready to come up.

    1. As ugly as Morgan’s start was, it is in the books as a quality start. Don’t think O would have faired as well.

  16. ….and why would Mackanin use Asche to pinch hit vs Lester when Blanco is clearly your best option to get a base hit. Really like Pete’s way with the kids but he leaves something to be desired when it comes to in game personnel decisions.

    Now we get to watch Howard play instead of TJ tomorrow night.

  17. I really wonder what we can get if we package two of Ruiz/Hellickson/Neris. I think maybe a top 50 prospect?

  18. I checked this twice Quinn has missed the last 2 games . Anyone else no big deal with him who knows. Today’s game was a morning start so maybe that was it.

  19. Dsl teams started, I look the roster’s 3 are from Italy 2 pitchers 1 3rd baseman. I heard there mom’s came with them they have invited both Dsl team,s for dinner .some of them are really young Guzman a ss is 16. A couple from Panama that are 16 too.

  20. Quinn has hammy tightness missed 2 games , that’s way u don’t trade or move Herrera. Quinn seem like Kelly Duggan all over again.

    1. Quinn have played two week without rest so Tim what’s the big deal about Quinn hammy tightness.

  21. TJ has already gotten his nickname. According to, Ryan Howard has tagged Joseph “the Scorpion” after hearing he’s from Arizona. Nice touch from “the Piece” as he nears his own exit.

  22. Matt Dominguez?? Are we interested? He seems like a guy that’s worth giving a final shot to on a bad team. It could be Howard’s spot…

  23. Freddy broke an 0-for-22 last night with that 9th inning hr. Tonight he’s batting 3rd. That’s when you know we’re rebuilding…..

  24. Howard back in lineup today. Happy for him that he cracked that HR last night but boy, that was a beach ball he was served.

      1. Worst news of the year so far. Very, very disconcerting and why investing big in pitchers is always an enormous risk. This is why the Cubs’ strategy of developing hitters and buying or acquiring pitchers isn’t all that bad. It’s certainly worked for them.

  25. Just had one of my guys complain of biceps soreness and when he went to the dr after an MRI he was told he had a partially torn UCL. Fingers are crossed. Not good.

    Who gets the call?

    1. Immediately I would say Oberholtzer with a bullpen arm to hopefully give Neris a breather. Later we’ll see.

      1. It’s different for everyone. The doctor (Trenton Thunders Dr) told him he could be back throwing in 12 months or could be 16. Fastest he’s seen was 10 months which is crazy quick.

        Interesting fact about TJS . . They use the ligament in your wrist. If you bend your wrist inward you can see the ligament protrude . . If you don’t see it protrude don’t be worried not everyone has this ligament Which is interesting in itself.

  26. More disconcerting to me is Joseph being on the bench. Injuries happen and while unfortunate they are for the most part uncontrollable writing a guys name into the line-up that has 0 future with this team going forward however is.

    Why tell us you don’t want to see what happened to Ruf happen to Joseph yet your actions speak otherwise.

    1. At this point the Phillies deserve everything they get with the Howard debacle. He’s so far past the point of being even a serviceable back-up/ bench player its become comical. RHP, LHP. Whatever. At no point in time for the remainder of the season should Joseph not be in the starting line up.

      Put Howard, and the rest of us, out of his misery. Enough.

      1. agree, start Blanco over Cesar and move Galvis from top of the order to the bottom. The daily lineup should be:

        Doobie – CF (L)
        Blanco – 2B (S)
        Franco – 3B (R)
        Joseph – 1B (R)
        Paredes – LF (S)
        Rupp – C (R)
        Goeddel – RF (R)
        Galvis – SS (S)

      2. The worst thing about today’s Phillies game was not the injury to Velasquez, nor the horrifically dumb bottom of the 1st inning where Herrera (baserunning), Galvis (over eager 1st swing pop fly), and Franco daydreaming by the on deck circle. Hey, the Cubs ARE the best team in baseball.

        The most physically painful thing about today’s loss was that Howard didn’t get a 4th at bat and strike out ONE MORE TIME. Maybe, just MAYBE, somebody up in the front office would have heard the collective “UNCLE!!!!” emanating from the paying crowd below.

        1. IS IT POSSIBLE?

          Today, Ryan Howard hosted a kids reading charity event before the game. Do you think, with tomorrow’s off day and the team heading out on the road, that this is what they are waiting for. He’s been classy throughout if nothing else. Perhaps this is what they all agreed to. Maybe not. But it’s another opportunity for all concerned to end the Howard era gracefully as possible.

          1. This is really saddening what is happening to him.
            It is embarrassing at times to watch..cringeworhty.
            Then I look at Big Papi and he is a little older and thriving in his last hurrah.

  27. Talk now of Eflin coming up , scan the wire see if there’s a vet or take a chance on a younger pitcher that not doing well on another team.

  28. With today’s loss the Phillies are tied with the Yankees for the 12th selection in the 2017 draft…..and three games ‘behind’ from the 6th selection.

  29. I think yesterday it really hit me. Howards bat is so slow. its really terrible the way he is going out there and ruining his career numbers. He has no chance it seems to hit a fastball. I just don’t get the Phillies not telling him. to retire or we will have to release you. Either way you will get your money. But we would like you to do a mike Schmidt and go out with dignity. I want to see tommy joseph at first for the rest of the year. I like to see if he is the answer.

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