Box Score Recap – 4/28/2016

Lehigh Valley (11-9) No game scheduled.  Mark Appel (3-0, 1.62 ERA) is scheduled to start Friday.

Reading (13-7) No Game scheduled.  Alec Asher (1-2, 3.20 ERA) is scheduled to start Friday.

Clearwater (15-6) Beat Daytona and took two of three from the Tortugas.  The Threshers received five solid innings from John Richy in his first start after coming off the DL.  Cord Sandberg provided an early lead with his first home run of the season.  The Threshers broke a 1-1 tie with 4 runs in the sixth, making Richy the eventual game winner. Victor Arano and Alexis Rivero made the lead stand up, albeit not without some late innings drama.

  • Richy – 5.0 IP, 5 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 1 BB, 3 K
  • Arano pitched 2.2, 1-run innings, walked 2, and struck out 3.
  • Rivero struck out 3 in 1.1, 1-hit innings, but walked two and committed an error.
  • Arano’s run was unearned.  Gabriel Lino’s 3rd PB of the season allowed the runner to get into scoring position.
  • Lino threw out 1 of 2 base stealers.
  • The Threshers had 6 hits and 11 strike outs.
  • Sandberg (.328) went 1-2 with a HR (1), RBI, BB and HBP.
  • Tocci (.250) went 1-4 with a triple and RBI.
  • Martin (.309) went 1-3 and was HBP.
  • Walding (.275) went 1-4 with a double and RBI.
  • Green (.262 went 1-3 with a SF and RBI.
  • When Sandberg was hit by a pitch in the 1st inning it marked the 11th time a Thresher batter was hit by an opposing pitcher. When John Richy hit a batter in the 4th inning, it marked the first time a Thresher pitcher hit an opposing batter.  Martin became the 12th Thresher hit by a pitch in the 8th inning.
  • The Threshers have won 8 of their last 9 games, 12 of 14.
  • Until Wednesday, only Walding, Martin, and Green had hit home runs for the Threshers.  Kingery hit his first this week and Sandberg hit his first last night. Walding is second in the FSL with six.  Martin is tied for third with four.  And, Green is tied for sixth with three.  Their 15 home runs tie them for second in the FSL behind Tampa’s 21.

Lakewood (4-16) Cancelled, rain.  Luke Leftwich (0-1, 3.75 ERA) is scheduled to pitch Friday.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Pat Border’s team won a 7-inning game against the Pirates in an XST game.  Edgar Garcia pitched the middle three innings and looked sharp.  He gave up one single, and struck out 5 of the other 9 batters he faced, 4 swinging.  Garcia’s FB was 92-93, t94.  He was also throwing a pretty tight slider that the Pirates couldn’t touch.

  • Mario Hollands pitched the first two innings.
  • Hollands breezed through the first inning on 2 ground outs and a pop up.
  • Hollands gave up a HR, 3B, 2B, and BB in the second. The inning was rolled after the walk with 2 outs and 2 runners on base.
  • The walk came on Hollands’ 35th pitch of the afternoon.
  • Hollands line – 1.2 IP, 3 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 1 BB, 1 K, 1 HR.
  • Hollands FB was 89-90. He touched 91 three times and 92 once.
  • Jake Sweaney hit a 2-run HR to tie the game in the second inning.
  • Ronaldo Marrero lined an RBI single to center in the fourth to take the lead.
  • Carlos Duran hit a solo home run to add a run in the 6th.
  • Luke Williams followed with a ground single to left, stolen base, took third on the play on an E-2T, and scored on a passed ball.
  • Williams went 2-3.
  • Encarnacion went 1-2 with a HBP.
  • Marrero went 2-3.
  • Final score, Phillies 5-2.

Extra Innings – 

  • Florida’s A.J. Puk has been restored to his Saturday rotation spot.

54 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 4/28/2016

  1. Don’t you hate shortened boxscores? One game… that’s all. Nice to see Richy pitching. He only pitched in 2 games for a Phillies affiliate last year. Like what I see so far.

    What is going on with Lino? After having a pretty good season last year. Some might say breakout season. He’s dropped a couple of levels and can’t hit the broadside of a barn. The only reason he dropped to CLW was the talent at the top. Knapp and Alfaro had to play at the higher levels. If Lino was showing something offensively or defensively, he would be filling in for Alfaro right now. Instead Logan Moore and Greg Brodzinski are behind the plate. Moore is a very capable catcher who looks like the roving catcher in the Phils organization and Brodzinski was probably the most most capable (short for oldest) catcher in XST. Instead of getting some ABs in Reading Lino is odd man out and falling further and further on the depth chart.

    I asked yesterday about what can be done with the Lakewood roster to make them more competitive. I decided the pitching was the problem but looking at the roster today showed me that a lot of offensive firepower is on the DL. Grullon, Hayden, Cappola and Randolph are on the 7-day DL. Lakewood is using Wilson Garcia at 1B. Tomscha can play the position too but there aren’t any true 1st baseman on the squad. My mother always told me to be thankful for what I have and not worry about what I don’t have. So thank you LHV, Reading and CLW. Thank you very much. Oh, and thank you Phillies for beating Washington 3 in a row away from home. At some point this team will wake up and realize they aren’t very good but for right now, let me bask in it.

    1. I agree about the Phillies. It is really fun watching them beat the Nationals 3 in a row and winning 5 out of 6. But as bad as that lineup is they will reach their proper level. I predict they will draft in the top 5 next June. But for now, it is really fun to watch.

  2. Good news on Mario Hollands.
    Phillies will need to have to make a decision on their 40 structure when he comes off the 60-day DL, which I assume now, without any setbacks, could be between mid-and end of May.

    1. @Romus – I thought the reason Phils outright Hunter is to open a slot for Hollands or any temporary replacements like Mujica, etc. I don’t see any of the AAAA guys (Lough, Burriss, Mariot) to stay longer + plus Morton’s spot so there will be more roster space coming.

  3. Good news romus. They have 6 new girls starting today at cheerleaders. Mario hollands would be a nice addition, One of my favorite players Gordon got caught with drugs. shame love that kid. Don’t you think they are over using Gomez??

    1. Agreed they need to be careful with Gomez. With a new regime in place, I want to see some further enlightened thinking. Part of that more advanced thinking is take appropriate steps not to ruin a pitcher’s arm. They need to be careful with him. Fortunately, they do appear to be careful with the starters’ arms.

      I think we are underplaying the big league team a little bit. I don’t think what they are doing is entirely a mirage. The pitching has been legitimately strong – extremely strong. What encourages me is how even an average replacement at first base, shortstop, left field and right field would improve the team significantly – what they have there right now, are, essentially average AAA players (sorry, it’s even true at first base). The guys who are playing those positions are so bad that even an okay player would be a huge upgrade. I think those players may be available both in the farm (Tommy Joseph, J.P. Crawford, whose not ready but is probably already a lot better than Freddy Galvis) and through some secondary trades or waiver acquisitions. Obviously, they can’t pull the trigger yet and they don’t want to screw up the rebuild by trading future assets, but I would have to think that there’s help out there somewhere for a very reasonable price. Peter Bourjos and David Lough? How can they not do better than that?

      1. I think the big league team is getting a little lucky. Their expected win/loss total per is 9-13. They have been outscored 72-91 despite being 2 games over .500. Winning the close games and losing in blow outs.

        There’s still no guarantee they get to 70 wins, but as you say, reinforcements could help their offense a lot.

        1. I’m not beating the drum but winning 7 games from Nats and Mets needs more that luck. IMO, what contributes to better than expected results is due to “execution” — quality starts from SP, lights out bullpen work, solid defense and timely hitting. While the Phils may not do this in a long run, but I think they have the pieces the execute what they’re doing — so it’s more execution than luck.

          The run differential doesn’t suprise me as the team lacks the punch from Day 1 and it will only improve once the reinforcements come in. If the Phils are winning because of the bats, then I might say it “luck”.

        2. I’m not sure how many offensive reinforcements are coming THIS year except Nick Williams. And that may be cancelled out a bit by the loss in pitching, when they shut down Velasquez and they trade Hellickson at the trade deadline.

          1. I agree that VV will be held back at some point and Hellboy will be traded – whether this will pull the team down doesn’t matter since it’s not about WINS and LOSSES this year. And IMO, the Phils have enought depth to offset the potential loss of Hellboy and other placeholders and shutdown of VV.

            On the offensive side, I’m not sure why you are only see Williams. Anybody other than Burriss, Lough, Bourjos, Galvis, Howard, Ruff – will be an improvement considering their current production. Replace that group with Quinn, Williams, Perkins, JPC, Joseph and Knapp — I think it’s reasonable to say that it is a better option.

    2. rocco….did you have a Snickers bar yet today?.
      And Darnell Sweeney and him are close friends and work out together in the off-season….hope nothing happens there.
      And still too early on Gomez vs DeFratus over-usage syndrome that Phillies managers seem to fall in love with lately.
      The one you need to be concerned with is Hector Neris….Mack wants him using his splitter more.
      According to Brooks….his game usage for 2014 and 2015 is an average of 24.2%….so far this year it is 50.3%. Splitters destroy pitcher’s arms with over-usage.

  4. I hope Cord keeps this up and increases his prospect position. I should’ve submitted him as my sleeper this year as I liked him since he was drafted and kept selecting him in the prospect ranking here but didn’t make a selection. He’d be a nice addition to the deep(er) farm the Phils have if he can show his promise.

  5. Sweeney’s ceiling is 4th or 5th OF/backup 2b. BUT he’s better all around than Bourdel, Burriss and maybe Lough. Plus he switch hits. Not consistent at the plate but he has more pop than any of them. Why not bring him up.

    1. I think they are trying to do right by him. I think they are still hoping he develops and I believe they are trying to get him regular playing time, something he won’t get in Philly.

    2. They’re going with the best defense to support what has been very good pitching. They tried Ruf a little to add some pop but it’s not like Sweeney is much of an upgrade and his defense is surely worse. The goal with Gomez might be trade him if he’s pitching this well for a few months. They’ll back off using using him and Neris every night but who expected them to be in so many games? Not the manager….
      Let’s get Williams back in the lineup and let’s see another good outing from Appel. And Morgan!

      1. Agree with Gomez – I’m gald that he is effective (and he is in my team in a Roto League) but the stuff is not there to be successful long term. Neris and his nasty splitter too – can be a trade chip at some point.

        But I wouldn’t mind to see Bailey pitch more often because he can a trade chip or a stabilizer to the “new pen” when most of the placeholders are traded or released

    3. 8,

      I agree, but I also think Bourjos has shown some value with his glove and speed and, as Catch says, it’s good to let Sweeney develop.

      If and when Alhterr and Asche return, there will be a little more offense in the outfield for the second half. I definitely would like to see Tommy Joseph come up if he has a May like his April.

      1. Bourjos us fine as long as we get the pitching we’ve been getting. One day before long we’ll need to score runs.

      2. FrankF….many posters want the Phillies to give Tommy Joseph and even Cam Perkins ‘a shot’.
        Here is the underlying issue….they are not on the current 40…..and with Mario Hollands coming off the 60 day DL soon, who do you DFA off the 40? You could be looking at 3 players.
        I guess maybe Buchanan, Murray and Mariot are the ones right now who look like they Stumpf is on the suspended list.

        1. @romus – if Joseph and Perkins will be called, i can see Lough and Burriss outrighted. Holland will probably take Hunter’s spot and I think Morton will also create another roster space if they want to add another player.

          Buchanan, Murray and Sev might survive but the early purge but not for long.

            1. rocco…ha.
              Not mine….parked in the side lot. However, great luncheon with friends…with a delicious blackened salmon.

      3. You guys all want T Joseph called up. Hit the breaks. He has played do little over the last three years, just let him play. Plus, what’s he played, 7 games at first? He can’t be an accomplished first baseman with so little experience. He never played the position before. Give him a chance to play and learn, and hope he keeps hitting.

        1. What’s wrong with letting Joseph and Perkins play and have success at AAA? Our big league team is not going to contend. Let the young players have success at their current level.

          1. it will be shame if the Phils developed TJ and Perkins in AAA and just lose them via Rule V or FA if they can’t be added the 40-man roster. I can see the Phils adding JPC, Thompson, Appel, Eflin, Lively, Knapp, Windle, Tocci, Cozens, Munoz and potentially Pinto, Elniery Garcia, Arano, Pujols, Grullon and Canelo too (i think are eligible after this season). Drew Anderson, Watson, Walding and Zach Green will probably not selected in the next Rule V, but they might if they breakout this year.

            Due to the sudden depth in the farm young lower end prospects/players like TJ, Perkins, Rios, Murray, JDT, Joely, SevGon, Altherr, Asche are up against time to produce otherwise, they will not make the cut and Phils might lose them via Rule V or FA if not traded.

        2. @murray – the only reason for the rush it because Joseph is running out of time. yes, he’s still young but with the number of higher end prospects that will be protected from Rule V and/or added in 40-man — TJ needs to show that he can contribute in MLB to be included in the 40-man or be a trade piece.

  6. Fun facts:
    Blake Rutherford’s career HS Batting avg and OBP is .414 and .524 in 83 games.
    Kyle Lewis’s Junior yr. college Batting avg and OBP is .414 and .536 in 42 games.

    (Lewis also has 15 HRs and 42 walks against only 33 Ks)

    At the time of the draft, Kyle Lewis will be 20 and Rutherford will be 19.

      1. DMAR….I prefer the younger collegian (Lewis) with approx. 500PAs in college vs the older HSer. like Rutherford. Now Lewis does turn 21 a month later, but if you go by the metric age calibration, he is the youngest of ages prior to 30 June of that season.

      2. Right now I’m thinking Lewis, but it depends on whether all of the scouts say his hit tool is legit. BA says he has a hit tool as good as Rutherford. Law moving him from pre-season #19, all of the way to #7 says that Lewis must be very impressive. Law is big on approach, so if Lewis didn’t have something, Law would stubbornly hold on to his previous ranking, IMO.

      3. agree with Romus and anonymous – i’ll draft Lewis and he might sign under slot too as #1!

    1. Klye Lewis is from a small Confence which shouldn’t hurt him but nobody from a small confence has went 1.1 . What are the Phillies do with all the outfielder’s Nick Williams , C , Quinn, Cozens, Sandberg, Pujols, Herrera, Ortiz, Heris Rodriguez. They need 3rd base depth and pitching depth .

      1. So the Phillies should base their choice for the #1 overall pick in the MLB draft, on the existence of Heis Rodriguez, Cord Sandberg and Jose Pujols? SMH.

          1. That’s not how you draft. You draft the best player, and work it out later with trades. Even the small market Pirates (who need to fill every spot cheaply) drafted Josh Bell and Austin Meadows, even with the strength of their organization already stocked with outfielders. It did hurt them. It’ll be 3 years before Cornelius Randolph or Kyle Lewis is ready. One or two of those guys you named may be traded by then.

            1. About 90 % of drafts boards have Groome as the # 1 or 2 . Tomorrow at 10.00 am he plays for the time since the suspension. He if throws a 19 k on hitter again I think he be taken very high. Klye lewis a good player has never mention as the number 1 . Mercer I don’t think will make the Cws which is too bad it would put him against better pitching . Lewis is now tired to 5 to 10 first round .

  7. Likely call ups by August – Appel and/or Eflin, Knapp, Williams, Joseph, Perkins, Crawford (maybe not until Sept?? depending on Freddy’s productivity).

    Thompson less likely but possibly Sept (with 6 man rotation, pitch count limits, and VV shut down).

    1. And whether Asche can be part of a useful platoon. Say what you want about him (yes, he has not had good production to date), but he’s still relatively young and has a beautiful swing – I’d rather see him start than David freaking Lough.

      1. Sorry Catch but Asche does not bring enough offensively to justify being more than a useful bench player. Nice kid though.

        1. Yes, that assumes he’s done developing. I’m not convinced he is. That said, he has to improve his outfield play as well. To give him credit on his defensive numbers last year, however, they just kind of threw him in the outfield mid-season. I haven’t written Asche off – not just yet anyway.

          1. Be cautious about our players who have very good numbers at AAA or AA. Asche put up great numbers in AA and AA when he was on the fast track through our minor league system. And he got great hype when he was brought up midseason. He has had a tough time reproducing those minor league numbers at the the major league level. Keep that in mind as you want to promote all of these AAA and AA players. let them progress at their own level and not rush them.

            1. i don’t agree about the hype since Asche was not even consider a top prospect (MLB wide). the Utley-like resemblance probably got more hype than his AAA/AA stats.

              unlike Domo Brown — this is probably a good example of what you’re trying to say.

          2. Catch I wish I saw what you saw in Asche. I see nothing he brings to the table. nothing. just a 240 hitter, with limited power, and bad defense.

            1. Asche 2012 – .349 at Clearwater and .300 at Reading. 2013 – .295 at Lehigh Valley. Promoted mid season in 2013 and played in 50 games for Phillies and hit .235. Just be careful of those AAA and AA numbers. Whole different ballgame in bigs. Let Joseph, Knapp, Williams, JPC, etc. stay at current levels for at least half the season and enjoy success. They are also playing for winning teams. Remember we will not contend until probably 2018.

    2. i’m not sure how productive Altherr will be and if he will add to the early success but it’s definitely fun to see him in the RF than Lough/Bourjos tandem.

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