Box Score Recap – 4/22/2016

Lehigh Valley (8-7) Lost to Pawtucket, 6-5.  Zach Eflin settled down after a 5 run first.  The IronPigs battled back to tie behind Tommy Joseph’s 3 RBI.  But the Sox broke the tie in seventh and held on to win.

  • Williams (.261) went 3-4 with a BB and RBI.
  • Joseph (.400) went 3-5 with a HR (3), and 3 RBI.

Reading (10-5) Beat New Hampshire 6-3.  Anthony Vasquez got the win.  Four different Phils hit home runs.

  • Vasquez – 6.1 IP, 7 H, 2 R, 1 ER, 1 BB, 2 K, 3rd win (3-0, 1.74)
  • Ramos – 1.2 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 1 K, 4th save (0.00)
  • HR – Quinn (1), Fox – (4), Hoskins (2), and Cozens (4).
  • Cozens went 2-3 with a 2B, HR (4), BB, and 2 RBI.
  • Cozens stole his 4th base.
  • Crawford went 1-2 with a 2B and 2 BB.
  • Hoskins had 2 RBI.

Clearwater (11-5) Beat Brevard County 2-1.  Elniery Garcia dominant again.  Scott Kingery’s first RBI is the game winner.  Full story here.

Lakewood (3-13)  Blew leads of 6-1 and 9-5 before losing 10-9 to Greensboro.  Luke Leftwich left with a 6-1 lead after 4 innings and the bullpen imploded.  Josh Tobias had 4 RBI.

  • Randolph was not in the line up.
  • Leftwich – 4.0 IP, 6 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 2 BB, 6 K.
  • Coppola (.386) went 3-5.
  • Tobias (.379) went 3-5 with a 2B, HR (2), and 4 RBI.
  • Bossart went 1-2 with a HR (1), BB, and RBI.
  • Hernandez went 2-4 with a HR (2), and BB.
  • Coppola had an outfield assist throwing out a runner at home.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings – 

  • 4/22 – Philadelphia Phillies sent James Russell outright to Lehigh Valley IronPigs.

41 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 4/22/2016

  1. Boy, you have to love a young shortstop with a 70 fielding tool, a 60-65 hit tool and 75-80 plate discipline. I don’t ever recall a young player, in the Phillies’ system or otherwise, with plate discipline as good as Crawford’s. Crawford is amazing!

  2. Aaron Brown is playing his way back to CLW. Sandberg is the only OF’er on CLW who is really doing damage but I wouldn’t push him to Reading right now. He needs a lot more seasoning in A+. Brown’s job in Reading is safe for another couple of months. Use it wisely. has more stories on the minor league prospects than on the Phillies and the Phils are quite surprising right now.

    Crawford’s K/BB ratio is unbelievable (8/13). His .302/.439/.434/.873 is pretty darn good for a 21 y/o in AA. If this continues, he should be in AAA on June 1. A lot of people on this site see him in Philly by August. I don’t think that will happen but he’l be fighting for a roster spot in the spring 2017 for sure.

    1. The only way that Crawford is promoted to Philly before the September 1 is if he is ready enough to be promoted and, by some wild chance, the Phillies are within shouting distance of wild card. Look, they haven’t hit at all and they are one game below 500 – within the next few months, I expect a number of promotions, changes and a few players returning to full health – if they can stick around .500 through about mid-June, this could become intriguing.

      By the way, kudos to Zach Eflin. If you took a quick look at his line last nice you might not be impressed, but he got hit around the first, hung in there and then dominated the rest of the way. 8 Ks (take note V1Again) and no walks. He’s developing some devastating breaking stuff.


      1. I’ve been saying the same thing about the big club hanging around .500 and getting infusions from the minors every three weeks or so starting in mid to late May could get them into a battle for the second wild card sometime in late August. Thank you for validating my thoughts as 99% of my friends call me crazy for this thought. The order in which I think they’ll arrive this season is Joseph, Morgan, Eflin, Knapp, Ramos, Thompson, Williams, Appel, Crawford, Quinn or Cozens. If half of these guys plus an additional reliever or two(although I mentioned a lot of arms, so some will likely be in the pen) make it up by September we will be cookin

        1. Yout not crazy , WRONG but a fan that’s all. This team isn’t ready. to compete. The only stud you mention at this time is Crawford. The rest have a ton of questions to answer before we can get excited.

          1. Just do not get it……I like to team to compete and do well…..but want a top ten pick in 2017 to keep the rebuild on the right track, plus have the ability to get one large FA, like a Strasburg to plug into the rotation for the long-term, and only lose the 2nd round pick.

            1. Romus – Top 10 pick is huge. If they are going to miss it, I hope they miss it big though. In any event, we could be buyers in the off season, and we don’t want to expose our top pick by purposefully doing something stupid like winning in 2015


            2. We already tanked, and we got 1.1 out of it. Let’s not greedy here. I wanna install a winning attitude with our youngsters that are already up and will continue to come up

            3. Besides, I would rather get more active with international free agency where we don’t lose draft picks since we are one of the only big players able to go nuts this summer. I wouldn’t spend on MLB free agents until we see some of these guys come up from triple and double A

            4. Romus interesting do you think that Washington would not pay whatever it takes to keep Harper and Strasburg?? They are committed to winning. With Jason Werth contract coming off the books. And the way they have deferred money on big contracts. I think it will catch up to them in the future. if the revenue doestn keep going up. But for now they are in great shape to keep them. Harper right now imo is going to get 330 million for ten years. Which is crazy money.

            5. rocco…IMO, Rizzo will let Strasburg walk as he did Zimmerman. Giolito is coming up soon and Strasburg and Boras may be looking for that min $22M per.

          2. There’s only a couple sure things in life. It’s easy not to take a chance look at the 10 to 20 or on Clearwater. Remember Franco and Knapp both came on in the second half. Your right though you can’t win with Burris and Ruff playing RF . Or with some relievers and a better 2nd baseman. The upgrade maybe sooner then later.

      2. Zach Eflin with 16 SOs in 20 IPs for a K/9 rate of 7.2 compared to 4.66 in 2015. If he could maintain a K rate north of 7 after a promotion, it would certainly be noteworthy

        1. Breaking pitch was devastating not the performance itself – no need to take my comment out of context. Cmon you’re better than that.

          1. I was referring to the breaking pitch. Not ready to call it “devastating”. But let’s see him keep it up. Nice to see.

  3. Eflin recovered after a rocky first…if ss Jackson could have turned two in the first may have been different ….but this Sox team had legit MLB hitters in that lineup.
    Tommy Joseph continues to pummel the ball.
    Hoskins may be warming up as JPC rolls on to his next stop up the ladder, LHV.
    Tobias…wow, another hitting machine at that level.
    Garcia, Pinto and Medina…three good looking Latin pitchers….now if they could only grow another 2 or 3 inches taller.

    1. I don’t mind short people. Romus never knew you don’t like short people. I am only 5ft 2 .

    2. Tobias has done nothing but hit since day one, he is only blocked by Kingery being a higher draft pick.
      I think Ruf is on his last leg if Tommy Joseph keeps this up…

      Looks like Tirado got hit around yesterday

  4. Joseph is opening some eyes with his bat. He looks very good. Garcia is another good looking arm while Tirado looks terrible.
    I need to get to reading soon since it looks like JP might go up after 100 at bats. So much to enjoy each and every night (except for Lakewood bullpen).

  5. Let’s not leave out ur two homegrown recent grads, one lf which hit two big home runs last night and three hits total and another who looked great on the mound on the road in a home run park. Nola and Franco are so nice to watch already

  6. Love how Eflin recovered last night. Junior Williams coming around nicely. Maybe Ruf stays in LF and Joseph is up in May or June?

  7. Ruf in left is a disaster. Did you see him try to make that throw. Look he just doesn’t hit well enough. especially against right hand pitchers to be a every day player. Sorry we need to move on next year from ruf. He just doesn’t make sense to me. We have two pieces in place that are young. lets look for young kids like Crawford to add. I don’t care if we win another game this year or next long as we develop young talent. That imo is what we should be aiming for. not wins but development. and with development wins will come. Hey that’s pretty good isn’t it romus. WITH DEVELOPMENT WINS WILL COME. I Think I am getting smarter. wow.

  8. roccom, I am with you. I just don’t think Ruf is a part of the future, and I am really excited to see if TJ can keep up a pace even close to what he is on. He may be the 1st call up, non Reliever division. Nick Williams heating up and JP just continues to amaze with his all around game.

    1. Actually I agree that Ruf is not part of the future. (At this moment he’s the tallest midget over Bourjos and co.) Just thinking stop gap until later in season. Sorry to alarm you guys.

    2. Looked a little deeper at TJ’s stats. If they go a different way at 1B, Stassi will get the first call. Why you may ask? TJ’s only played 8 games at 1B. He’s DH’ing mostly. Not too much call for a DH on Philly roster.

  9. Joseph showing signs of living up to his (former) prospect status, albeit only offensively as his catcher’s position has been taken away. Where might he fit in and does he have a chance to be any more than another Ruf (unfortunately a loser)? He’s much younger and can still develop…bears watching.

  10. Mark Appel with a pretty good start today in 7-4 LV win over Pawtucket. Had a line of 5 5 2 2 1 3, 91 pitches. Gave up a 2-run homer.

    1. Appel’s line does appear good…however his Game Score was only a 51.
      Have to assume it is Bill James’ formula starting at 50, and not Tom Tango Fansgraph’s version which starts at 40, and Appel’s computed out at 47, seven above base..

    2. He did have a pretty good game, had some trouble with the FB at times but the slider was working well for him. He was missing some pitches high and his FB he didn’t seem to be throwing very hard, 91-93 range on some of the calls I remember since I watched it on so I only know the speed if the announcers bring it up.

    1. Ugh I hope you’re wrong selfishly, heading to reading tomorrow for my first time. Lively is scheduled. I went to Lehigh valley for my first time last week and it was a bull pen game, now this? Say it ain’t so

  11. I hope there are no call-ups, aside from injury replacement, until we get into the trading season in July. The young guys should stay and continue to learn how to win and hopefully make their league playoffs. I see that as much more valuable for this year than starting their major league clock early just because the current big team is lacking in everyday players. Let the call-ups start in mid September so they can get a taste of life and travel in the bigs. Plus staying the hunt for another 1.1, Rule 5 and LA top pick will help replenish the lower levels of the farm. The kids in low ball now will start moving up as the AAA & AA top shelf players move.

    1. I don’t care about getting 1.1, but I do agree that the real prospects (Crawford, Knapp and Williams) shouldn’t be rushed up, just to fill needs on the big league roster. Regardless, Williams will probably be the only one ready before September either way.

    2. Morton out so someone going to do it. When Franco came up it took him about 2 month’s of AAA. Knapp is the college bat has approach is better then Williams. Williams has the bat speed and is learning the pitch a selection .Knapp needs the D work.anyone better then Burris and Ruff in LF .

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