2016 Draft Discussion, April 18th

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Florida’s A.J. Puk finally pitched an extended outing against Arkansas on Thursday, April 14th.  He left after 5 innings and 101 pitches.  He had a 7-2 lead and Florida held on to win 12-8.

A.J. Puk (W, 2-2) 5.0 5 2 2 3 9 0 0 1 0 19 23 2 3 101

Oklahoma’s Alec Hansen has made two recent appearances from the bullpen.

Oklahoma   ip  er  bb  so  wp  bk  hbp  ibb  ab  bf  fo  go  np 
4/12 relief
Hansen, Alec   1.0  18 
Oklahoma   ip  er  bb  so  wp  bk  hbp  ibb  ab  bf  fo  go  np 
4/15 relief
Hansen, Alec   4.0  14  18  81 

Riley Pint was reported to have thrown 95-97 mph, T99 in his first inning against Blue Valley SW on Tuesday, April 5th. Haven’t seen anything since.

Jason Groome was suspended by the NJSIAA for violating its transfer rule.  The rule is intended to prevent a school or athlete from gaining an competitive advantage due to an athlete’s transfer.  The rule requires that when an athlete transfers from one public school to another that a change of address occurs.  Groome transferred to IMG in Bradenton Florida for the spring semester of his junior year.  He transferred back Barnegat High School and moved back into his parents’ house.  The NJSIAA considers IMG to be a boarding school and no change of address having occurred when he attended IMG.  Since he moved back into his parents same house, no change of address occurred, so he is required to sit out 30 days or half of his team’s scheduled games.  It seems to me that the parent or coach of an opposing player is behind this.  Red Bank Catholic seems like a likely candidate to be the whistle blower.

Groome is likely to miss two scheduled starts, including this April 16th’s Autism Awareness benefit game at Count Basie Park against Red Bank Catholic – the No. 2 team in the Shore Conference Top 10 (Hmmm). His other start was scheduled for Thursday, April 21 at Pinelands. He was tentatively set to come back and pitch on April 25 at Point Boro, but that start could be pushed back two days if the schedule holds.  As it stands, Groome will be eligible to pitch in the Ocean County Tournament.


30 thoughts on “2016 Draft Discussion, April 18th

  1. With the college pitchers regressing and possible hurt and with Pint pulling a Houdini act & disappearing, there is no doubt that Groome is our guy unless he just suddenly falls off a cliff.There is no college hitter worth taking @ the top spot IMO

      1. Ken was watching video on pint. I had heard so much about him. I think he has a great arm. great fastball. But is really raw. he was all over the place in the film I saw.

  2. I def think it stinks that Groome was penalized for this infraction ESP bc it isn’t why the rule was put in place. With that being said this is a rule that is known by any useful Athletic Director which IMO is who this falls on. ESP with a player w the status as Groome. Coaches should know the rule but I’m not as surprised that the coach didn’t know it as I am that it wasn’t taken care of by the AD. Btw this rule is not allowed to be appealed.

  3. Still comes down to between Puk and Groome for me.
    Leaning Groome, but Puk may be making a case for himself in the tough SEC…his whiff ratio is excellent…but control issues still a deterrent.
    However, Groome ceiling is higher for me.
    And the suspension is a benefit for the Phillies if they do select him….fewer pitches this spring and perhaps more instructs later.

    1. Don’t think Puk is even in the running. Not sure where all the hype for him is still coming.

  4. Saw a tweet yesterday where Pat Gillick was at a JUCO game between South Mountain CC and Yavapai. Looking at a P. Said to have gone down the foul line to watch the “open” side of the P. Anyone have an idea what prospect would be worthy of having a HOF’er make a special trip to a JUCO game in the Phoenix area?

    South Mountain does not have stats on their website. Yavapai has 4 SO P’s, the one who has maybe the best line is Stephen Carabajal. 14g 12starts 6-4 3.25 ERA 60IP with 80K.

    1. Agree..and as a 17-year old ,two starts with maybe a minimum of 14 innings, and 150 plus pitches.

    2. I almost wonder if the Phillies can convince Groome to tell teams that he will go to college so they can grab him in the second round. Promise him $5M, grab a high arm with the first overall pick, give him $5M, and that will still leave them with $3M+ for rounds 3-10. The Astros did something similar with Daz Cameron. I’d love to see the Phil’s pull some strategy like that.

      1. No offense, but why would he agree to 5 million at 2.1 ? It would make a lot more sense for the Phillies to give him 7 million at 1.1. They could then use the 2 million they’d save to go over slot on a guy like Cal Quantrill at 2.1. Offer Quantrill 4 million at 2.1. Probably the only team that could ruin that plan would be the Reds. If they could pull that off, the Phillies would end up with both the best HS and college pitchers in the draft.

        1. None taken! I don’t know a lot of the guys in the draft other than the big 4 pitchers constantly talked about. I figure I’d we grab one, like Hansen or someone who isn’t having a great season at 1.1 for a discount, we can still give Groome a solid chunk at 2.1 and hopefully have another $3M left over, possibly for another over pay.

          But if that Quantrill guy is good bet for an overpay, I’m on board for that too. I’m just hoping for a strong draft, but it’s rough with all these supplemental and comp rounds. Some teams pick 5 guys before we pick 3. I wish we could get some more picks and bonus pool money.

  5. It is just too risky to me to think that some other team wouldn’t take a chance on drafting Groome in the first round even if he does say that he is firmly committed to going to college.

    1. When teams still select talent like Beau Burrows and Asch Russell, whom had die hard commitments to Texas A&M and outwardly said that they wanted to continue their summer showcase success to college together, in the 1st round there is no question that Groome would be selected with a strong college commitment. He likely wouldn’t make it out of the Top 5.

    1. BTW … a couple of weeks ago, Keith Law did mention Garrett as a possibility for the Phillies.

      1. That I don’t think I would do. Clearly the 2 best pitchers in this draft are Groome and Pint so if you are not comfortable with a HS Arm then look at the most advanced college bats and compare them to the HS bats.

        If you thought Senzler could transition to OF then ok. I happen to be partial to Kyle Lewis. Either of those 2 save you a ton of money to scoop up pitching in the following rounds.

    2. There’s a lot of I in his reasoning sounds like a fantasy draft . He never mention ‘ s Garrett as a ace while he said Groome is . There going to be a lot of well I think the might do this . Lol I don’t think the Phillies know yet.

  6. Another Keith Law chat and another week of him saying Phillies don’t want a HS arm.
    “I think the Phillies want a college player – Ray, Senzel, Puk now that he’s healthy, Lewis as a longshot. If they go HS bat, Moniak would be the most likely pick.”

    1. Personally, from what I hear, I favor Groome, but just so everyone is clear – the current administration (I think it was MacPhaik) has said before that it generally favors college pitchers over high school pitchers. Soif Groome isn’t chosen don’t be too surprised.

  7. AJ Puk had his best game of the season Thursday night in a matchup with Georgia and (proable first round pitcher) Robert Tyler.
    Puk … 6.2 IP, 3 H, 1 BB, 10 K, 1 ER, 103 pitches

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