Box Score Recap – 4/12/2016

Lehigh Valley (2-2) Swept a double header at Rochester, 6-1 and 4-0.  Andrew Knapp stroked his first HR to lead the ‘Pigs to the Game One win.  Zach Eflin threw 6.0, 5-hit, 1-run innings.

  • Pigs had 10 hits in the 7-inning game.
  • Sweeney:   2-3, 2 3B, BB
  • Knapp:        3-3, HR (1), 2 RBI
  • Joseph:       1-4, HR (1), 2 RBI
  • Knapp throws out a base runner.
  • Ryan Jackson picked off and caught stealing.

Mark Appel and Elvis Araujo combine for a 7-inning shutout.  Nick Williams records his first hit of the season.

  • Appel:      5.2 IP, 5 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 2 BB, 5 K
  • Araujo:    1.1 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 1 BB, 2 K
  • Pigs had another 10-hit game.
  • Sweeney:    3-4, 2B
  • Williams:     2-4, 3B, RBI
  • Darnell Sweeney caught stealing.
  • Double steal – Jackson/home,Lough/second.

Reading (3-3) Lost to Richmond, 7-5.  Alec Asher gave up 5 runs in 6.0 innings on 7 hits and a walk.  Ulises Joaquin and Joely Rodriguez each gave up runs.  Asher and Joaquin surrendered home runs.

  • Logan Moore went 1-4 (.167) in at catcher for Alfaro (9-18, .500).
  • Crawford went 3-5 with a 2B.
  • Cozens went 2-5 with a 2B, HR, 3 RBI.
  • Fox went 2-2 with a 2B, RBI, and 2 BB.
  • Hoskins entered as a PR and went 1-1.
  • Quinn picked up an outfield assist.
  • Aaron Brown went 0-5 (0-15, .000), meanwhile Andrew Pullin sits in Centralia, WA.

Clearwater (3-3) Dropped a heart-breaking 2-1 decision to Charlotte.  Will Morris made his Threshers’ debut.  Mitch Walding bombed another home run.  Read about the game here.

Lakewood (1-5)  The bullpen blew a 7-3 lead in the last two innings and lost in a walk off to hagerstown, 8-7.  Mitch Gueller pitched a so-so 4.0 innings.  But a poor effort by the bullpen sealed the loss.  Coppola, Tromp, and Pujols each had three hits

  • Coppola went 3-4 with a BB and RBI
  • Tromp went 3-5 with a 2B and 2 RBI
  • Tobias went 1-4 with a 2B and RBI
  • Grullon went 1-4 with a 2B and a BB
  • Hayden went 2-5
  • Pujols went 3-5 with an RBI
  • Jan Hernandez went 0-4 with an RBI, BB, and 4K
  • Coppola stole his first base.
  • Randolph went 0-5 and is hitting 2-28, .071
  • Gueller’s line – 4.0 IP, 5 H, 3 R, 3 ER, 3 BB, 4 K
  • Waguespack – 2.1 IP, 2 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 4 BB, 2 K
  • Koplove – 1.1 IP, 2 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 2 BB, 2 K
  • Tasin – 0.2 IP, 3 H, 3 R, 2 ER, 1 BB. 0 K

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • Darin Ruf injured his left shoulder, wasn’t in the line up against a LHP, but was available to pinch hit.  Awaiting further decision from medical staff.
  • Cody Asche may soon be ready to begin “baseball activities”.  Meanwhile he remains on the 15-Day DL.
  • Apparently, Asche is  viewed as some sort of savior for the corner outfielder production that has been lacking in the opening six games.  Tyler Goeddel, Cedric Hunter, and Peter Bourjos have combined to go 7-for-52 (.135) so far.  Way to bail on 3 small sample sizes (1-7, 2-21, 4-24).
  • Cody Asche, offensive savior.  SMH.

53 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 4/12/2016

  1. Asche may be better on the O but not on the D. He still better then Hunter and Bourjos . Goebbel was 1 for 2 then they pull him he has plus speed plus arm . In the minors his .obp is good yet he hitting 8th. Good to see Cozens , Sweeney , Nick Williams first hit was a triple. Appel also was good in his first start.

      1. Be very, very careful about what you post on “C”…the eyes of Blanket are peering out upon you….

        Blanket: “When people post dumb things, they should be called out as such. Let’s wait until an adequate sample size before proclaiming what type of year a player will or won’t have.”

        Be very, very, careful.

      2. Aside from the fact that it’s a SSS, C’s early season struggles are not uncommon. Most of the HS players drafted last year who have started in full season leagues have gotten out of the gate slowly:
        Daz Cameron 1 for 16
        Eric Jenkins 2 for 23
        Tyler Stephensen 2 for 16
        Josh Naylor 5 for 25

        Give them 100 AB’s before panicking.

  2. Very happy to see Appel’s start. I hope my pre-season read was completely wrong. Would be awesome to get value out of him as a SP. Would turn the Giles trade from a big win to a monster haul. But as I say often, small sample size. Let’s see how he does it over the season. But nice to see anyhow.

      1. That’s not a bad outcome for him. High leverage relievers are pretty valuable and unless he pitches something like a mid rotation arm that may be a better role him.

  3. I guess Pullin sitting in Centralia, WA, is better then sitting and getting hot and bothered in Centralia, PA.

    1. I may have missed this, but did Pull state any specific reasoning for his retirement? Log jam of OF and him getting somewhat of a raw deal?

      1. They should have kept Pullin at 2B. He was much more of an asset in that position. He’s probably the best offensive 2B in the Phillies org. I believe that he could have handled the job at 2B.

            1. There are 6 everyday 2B jobs in the minors. If they thought Pullin could play there they’d find a job for both.

      1. DMAR….all I know is he announced his retirement. I can only guess like everyone else…..why Clearwater again and not Reading? Then again Gab Lino could also have a similar beef.
        Not sure why Matt Klentak cannot just move him for a similar tier prospect or even some slot 4 money from a penalized team for the July 2nd happenings.

        1. Romus,

          Only one Centralia that counts, lol

          Actually, my great uncle owned a gas station and auto repair shop there and I had other relatives who lived in the town for awhile when I was a kid, and long before they abandoned it to the underground fire.

    1. Andy Knapp can just flat out hit. I think the breakout last year was real – he not only makes contact, but he’s improved his plate discipline and his power. And he has a beautiful, classic swing from both sides of the plate. I think by June it’s going to be difficult to keep him in the minors for much longer and I expect Ruiz may be traded when the time is right.

      1. Catch,

        I became a Jorge Alfaro fan after seeing him live in Spring Training.

        I wasn’t hot on Knapp last year but now agree, a sweet swing.

        What a wonderful dilemma having to choose between two outstanding prospects, or finding a place for both of them.

        1. I think Alfaro shows more defensive chops than Knapp. Better arm, better lateral movement, quick feet, calls his own games, and from what Whitt said on the 2080 baseball prodcast his pop times were between 1.7-1.8. He gave a pretty good review of Alfaro and the improvement he saw from him defensively.

          I do love the offense Knapp has shown last year and so far, but I think Alfaro may be the better overall catcher long term. It’s a good problem for the Phillies to have and maybe one moves off catcher or is traded.

  4. Went to Reading game last night. Bummed that Hoskins and Alfaro weren’t starting.
    Quinn: amazing speed, bad call robbed him of infield hit
    Crawford: super smooth fielding, crushed a couple balls, good as advertised
    Cousins: big guy,just missed another homer, one to watch
    Valentin: made a couple nice plays at second
    Game summary: it was cold and windy, less then 500 in attendance, have to mention closer Ray Black,I see he averages over 2 Ks per inning, Crawford crushed a double off of a 98 mph fb and Hoskins fouled off 3 or 4 100+ mph fb before lining a single to left to score Crawford. Poor Aaron Brown struck out to end the game on a 104 mph heater. Fastest pitch I have ever witnessed.

    1. I can only imagine Andrew Pullin is seeing Aaron Brown’s start at Reading and wondering what if, since it appears it may have been between Brownie and Pullin for the OF slot in Reading..

      1. Brown is reminiscent of that Derick Mitchell guy we used to have in the system. All the physical and athletic tools you want without the bat to ball skills needed to advance.

    2. Hmmm…I remember a report last year that Hoskins couldn’t hit good fastballs. So you must be wrong, no way he hit a 100+ mph fastball. [sarcasm]

      1. lol. I think the “report” actually was that he “swings through average fastballs.” still unsure what that even means. why do the pitches he doesn’t hit even matter, as long as the pitches he does hit land in the right spots?

        1. Well to be fair, 100 mph isn’t an average fastball so maybe he just struggles with the ones going 90 🙂

    3. J,

      Thanks for the report. Agree on Quinn’s lightning speed and JP’s smoothness in the field.

      Valentin might be a below-the-radar-screen prospect. We’ve been focused on Cesar Hernandez and Scott Kingery while Valentin lost time and attention due to injury. But he was considered a good prospect when the Phillies got him from the Dodgers and he has a good baseball pedigree. And he’s still young.

        1. Allentown, Thanks for the correction. Now that you mention it, that caused me to wonder about him at the time.

  5. Organizational depth. That’s what I’m most excited about. Wasn’t even 2 yrs ago we were looking for catching and now? I’ve heard next CBA may include expanding rosters to 28 while still dressing 25. Would love to have 3 catchers on roster, for example Alfaro, Knapp and Rupp. Keep them fresh by spotting them at 1b or corner OF. Knapp classic DH candidate for interleague road games.

  6. Kilome got throttled today 4 2/3 inn, 8 H , 6 ER, 4 BB , 1 K

    On flip side Eshelman throwing 1 hitter thru 5 inn…

  7. Stassi just knocked Knapp in to take a 1-0 lead in the 5th. Buchanan has been good through 4. Williams with 2 walks.

  8. CLEARWATER was in a 0 0 tie until the 11. Eshelman pitched well he went up against a pitcher name Hunter. Nick Williams walked twice today I like seeing that, Tromp also walked which is rare.

    1. Eshelman must be wondering about minor league umpires…..8 BBs in 22 innings pitched in the minors, while in college 18 BBs in over 370 innings pitched.

      1. I wouldn’t worry about it – he seems to be settling in just fine, as the 0.75 ERA will attest. It will be interesting to see if the command translates well to success in AA. I still marvel about how they were able to get this guy in addition to Velasquez and Appel. Even if he’s a 4, that’s a nice thing to have.

      2. College umpires tend to give a bigger plate. Don’t know if it’s to compensate for the metal bats but games I’ve seen the zone appears to be both wider and higher..

  9. Lol yea might have to adjust to minor league umpire ‘ s , he seems that he’s going to be a fast riser.

  10. Going to my first Iron pigs game ever Saturday, and it looks like the rain has ruined the rotation. Who do you think is going to pitch Saturday?

    1. Well, by process of elimination you can cross off Eflin and Appel…they pitched yesterday and will be one day short of their rest…and Buchanan he pitched today.
      Thompson and Morgan both last pitched on Friday the 8th…so they are both rested.
      With Paw. both tomorrow and Friday each will probably go in turn.
      My man…I think you are looking at a ‘bullpen’ day on Saturday.
      Lucky you. 🙂

      1. Romus, that was my conclusion as well… At least I get to see more arms? Lol. Nick and Andrew will have to put on a show for me then. Always glass half full my friend.

  11. JP goes yard. (Did anybody know that Freddy hasn’t walked this spring…at all, Grapefruit or regular season?)

    1. Who would walk him between him and Cesar they have 1 walk. The pitchers have to pitch to them the next 2 batters are Herrera and Franco. Now that Galvis isn’t leadoff and has Hunter and Bourjos in back of him he might try to walk .

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