Braves Pitch St. Petersburg Sports Complex

A friend sent me this article from a newsletter he receives.  In short, the Atlanta Braves are looking into moving their spring training operations from Orlando, FL; and have come up with a proposal that would place them in St. Petersburg, FL by 2018.  Atlanta’s lease with Disney is up at the end of the 2017 season and neither is interested in renewing the lease.

The move would benefit Atlanta (and me) since it would bring their spring training operations closer to some other teams in Central Florida.  Their closest “partner”, the Astros, were reported to be moving their spring training operations to south Florida.

The stadium complex being proposed in St. Pete could accommodate two teams. The story suggests that Milwaukee might be a possible new tenant if they were to decide to relocate their spring training operations from Arizona.

If any of this were to happen –

  1. The new sports complex would be about 10 miles south of the Carpenter Complex.
  2. Braves spring training games with the Phillies would be more easily accessible.
  3. Braves minor league spring training games with the Phillies would be more easily accessible.
  4. Braves minor league extended spring training games with the Phillies would be more easily accessible.
  5. Braves GCL games with the Phillies would be more easily accessible.
  6. The Braves would become a viable Instructs partner. (The Pirates decided not to travel much this year so the Phillies are playing the Yankees and Blue Jays almost exclusively during Instructs, one game with the Orioles in Sarasota.)
  7. The GCL Braves would be within reasonable distance of Clearwater.
  8. The Brewers would become part of the Grapefruit League and GCL.
  9. #2 thru #6 above would apply for the Brewers.
  10. The Brewers would be closer to the Advanced A affiliate, the Brevard County Manatees, their AA affiliate in Biloxi, and their DSL academy; but further from their AAA, A, and A- affiliates in Colorado Springs, Wisconsin, and Helena.

Okay, those are things that affect me.  And Phillies’ fans who visit.  But mostly me.  As you can tell, I like the idea.


11 thoughts on “Braves Pitch St. Petersburg Sports Complex

  1. Kind of a bummer for Central Florida Phillies fans though. With the Astros leaving Osceola, Lakeland becomes the only choice to conveniently see the Phillies in the Spring. Hard to imagine the stadium at Disney will be empty.

    1. That is a bummer for me, living in Orlando. I was able to catch a few GCL games down at Disney the past couple years. There have been rumors that the Brevard FSL team may move to the Orlando area- I wonder if that helps or hurts the possibility.

      Disney has so many events at their sports complex not having spring training probably opens them up more tournaments, which means more hotel stays, on site dining, etc. Totally makes sense for them.

          1. Not saying the Braves would have a High A team in the FSL (at least not yet), just that if the Brewers end up with the Braves in a St Pete spring training facility it would make more sense to move the Brevard team there as well – as opposed to Orlando.

        1. But, I don’t think the Disney people want to go from one FSL team to another. They can probably make more money scheduling their own stuff without having to lose 70 dates during the summer to the FSL.

          1. The orlando rumor is a new stadium with a local college, not at Disney. I believe Rollins College, which is in winter park just north of orlando and a solid 30 minutes plus froze Disney.
            When I caught a gcl game at Disney in July, there were multiple softball tournaments, a baseball tournament, soccer and others. Probably 10k at the sports complex and maybe 20 at the gcl game. That sports complex is absolutely huge.

  2. Glad to see the Brewers possibly headed for the Grapefruit……for awhile it seemed the trend was that MLB teams located in central US cities were leaning going go west to the Cactus for their spring training complex..

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