Post Season Report Card–OF, CW, REA and LV

Lots of talent to talk about here…Remember grades are based on expectations against the player themselves (pre-season) not against each other.  Next up: Relievers (LV, REA and CW), likely Tuesday.


Aaron Brown, 23, Phils 3rd round pick in 2014; .257/.324/.406 in 389AB; 11HR 47RBI; 10/18SB; 6%BB/21%K; .285 vs LHP; .242 vs RHP; .300 last 30 days; 104 games in the OF with 2 errors (.992); 6 OF assists; After starting the season slowly and a stint on the DL, Brown came on strong as a very important cog in the Threshers offense towards the end of the year.  He is one of my “under the radar” guys that if given the opportunity could break out next year.  Grade: B-; 2016: Reading

ANdrew Pullin, 22, Phils 5th round pick in 2012; .258/.300/.396 in 493AB; 14HR 73RBI; 1/6SB; 5%BB/15%K; .274 vs LHP; .250 vs RHP; .282 last 30 days; 98 games in the OF with 3 errors (.983); 10 OF assists; Pullin transitioned back to the OF this year and was the Threshers primary LF.  The transition was smooth and Pullin was a consistent key run producer in the Clearwater lineup.  Grade: B-; 2016: Reading

Carlos Tocci, 20, Signed as a free agent in 2011; .287/.339/.363 in 509 AB between Lakewood and Clearwater; 4HR 43RBI; 17/28SB; For CW: .258/.296/.313 in 275AB; 2HR 18RBI; 3/12 SB; 4%BB/18%K rates; 127 games in the OF with 2 errors (.991); 5 OF assists; After almost 1200 plate appearances with Lakewood, Tocci was promoted after putting up outstanding numbers for the BlueClaws early this season.  Still just 20, Tocci’s transition to Clearwater was acceptable but he will need more time in High A before moving up.  His defense remains excellent.  Grade: B+; 2016: Clearwater


Cameron Perkins, 25, Phils 6th round pick in 2012; .252/.307/.411 in 377AB; 11HR 51RBI; 7/8SB; 6%BB/13%K; .235 vs LHP; .263 vs RHP; .169 last 30 days; 90 games in the OF with 2 errors (.989); 15 OF assists.  After a 2014 where he was promoted to Lehigh Valley after a pheonominal first half in Reading, Perkins spent the entire season in Reading this year where he put up pedestrian numbers other than a much improved power stroke.  The main criticism last year was that Perkins did not hit for power.  That changed but at the cost of 30-40 points on his batting average.  Continues to show an excellent arm in the OF.  Grade: C; 2016: 4th or 5th OF in Lehigh Valley

Brian Pointer, 23, Phils 28th round pick in 2010; .239/.346/.417 in 276AB; 10HR 33RBI; 13%BB/29%K rates; 7/8SB; .163 vs LHP; .257 vs RHP; .286 last 30 days; 75 games in the OF with 2 errors (.986); 8 OF assists; The deficiencies in Pointers game continue to show consistently, in that he strikes out a ton and simply cant hit lefties.  When he is “on”, he can take over a game but the lack of any kind of consistency will probably lead to trouble hanging on in the organization with so much talent around him.  Grade: C-

Roman Quinn, 22, Phils 2nd round pick in 2011; .306/.356/.435 in 235AB; 4HR 15RBI; 29SB; 7%BB/17%K; .350 vs LHP; .281 vs RHP; 58 games in the OF with 5 errors (.966); 8 OF assists; Quinn was creating quite a bit of attention with the numbers he was putting up before going down injured mid season.  The injuries of the last several seasons are a concern but when Quinn is on the field, he is as exciting as it gets.  Grade: Incomplete 2016: Reading to start but should move quickly

Destin Hood, 25, Signed as a free agent in 2015; .287/.314/.503 in 167AB with Reading; 7HR 37RBI; 4%BB/24%K; 42 games in the OF without an error; 4 OF assists.  Hood was signed mid season when a series on injuries in the OF struck the organization.  He did an outstanding job of what was asked of him and was one of Reading’s offensive leaders while in the lineup.  Grade: A; 2016: Another organization.  It seems pretty clear that by leaving Hood off of the playoff roster, the Phils want to concentrate on their other talent.

Nick Williams, 22, Acquired from Texas in 2015; .303/.354/.491 in 475AB; 17HR 55RBI; 13/21SB; 7%BB/19%K; 109 games in the OF with 3 errors (.987); 13 OF assists.  Williams was exactly as touted in the limited time we had to watch him in Reading this year.  He has potential in all five categories.  2016: Lehigh Valley and likely Philly come September

Dylan Cozens,21, Phils 2nd round pick in 2012; .286/.336/.426 in 420AB; 8HR 59RBI; 20/26SB; 6%BB/20%K; .233 vs LHP; .309 vs RHP; 91 games in the OF with 4 errors (.979); 5OF assists; Cozens had a very good year in Clearwater and was promoted to Reading when Nick WIlliams went down with a concussion.  Cozens stepped right in and was a primary run producer putting up several multi hit games for Reading in the seasons final weeks.  I expect him to put up some real nice numbers in Reading in 2016.  Grade: A-

Lehigh Valley

Brian Bogusevic, 31, Signed as a free agent in 2014; .296/.359/.424 in 467AB; 12HR 57RBI; 24SB;9%BB/19%K; .277 vs LHP; .304 vs RHP; .286 with RISP; 108 games in the OF with 1 error (.996); 5 OF assists;  Played 3 games at 1B with 1 error; Bogusevic had an outstanding season for Lehigh Valley producing consistently throughout the year.  He hit for average, showed very good speed and even hit for some power.  Although not a great arm, covers a ton of ground in the OF and can play all three OF positions.  The Phils could do a lot worse as a competent cheap 5th OF. Grade: A; 2016:  He is playing well for the Phils in September.  The Phils could bring him back to compete for the 5th OF position keeping a spot warm for Nick Williams.

Jordan Danks, 29, Signed off of waivers in 2014; .257/.318/.368 in 408AB; 6HR 46RBI; 5SB; 8%BB/28%K; .241 vs LHP; .264 vs RHP; .296 last 30 days; 102 games in the OF with 3 errors (.986); 5 OF assists; Danks really struggled for a good portion of the year and was near the top of the International League in strikeouts.  He did come on in the season’s final six weeks and has the ability to play all 3 OF positions.  Grade: C; 2016: Elsewhere

Kelly Dugan, 25, Phils 2nd round pick in 2009; .274/.349/.358 in 310AB between CLW, REA and LV; 3HR 33RBI; 2SB; For Lehigh Valley: .221/.295/.298 in 131AB; 2HR 15RBI; 6%BB/24%K rates; .186 vs LHP; .239 vs RHP; .214 last 30 days. 75 games in the OF with 3 errors (.981); 2 OF assists; Very disappointing all in all this year for Dugan.  He missed the first two full months with another injury, played moderately well for Reading but just couldn’t put anything together for Lehigh Valley; Showed little power (even gap power) and had an alarming BB/K rate for the ‘Pigs.  After some expected him to reach the majors this year, he has been surpassed by Aaron Altherr and at 25 is in danger of falling off the prospect chart completely without an excellent start to 2016.  Grade: D; 2016: Lehigh Valley

Tyler Henson, 27, Re-signed as a free agent in 2015; .249/.293/.351 in 425AB; 2HR 58RBI; 26/32SB; 5%/21%K; .237 vs LHP; .255 vs RHP; .159 last 30 days; .299 with RISP; 49 games in the OF with 1 error  (.993); 49 games at 2B with 12 errors (.954); Henson showed his versatility playing regularly in the OF and 2B this year.  Although finishing in a deep slump at the plate, Henson was regularly making things happen between his affinity for SB and hitting with runners on base.  Grade: B-; 2016: For the last two years whenever the Phillies needed a player due to injury, we heard Tyler Henson was on the list.  I suspect Henson is now tired of being “on the list” and will look for what he believes to be a better opportunity to be THAT guy…


24 thoughts on “Post Season Report Card–OF, CW, REA and LV

  1. What makes you think that Bogusevic does not have a great arm? Whatever “great” means, he was an outstanding pitcher in college and the CWS–and considered a very good arm at that time.

    1. The fact that he is 11 years removed from pitching in college and having watched him at least 50-60 games this year, his arm was average at best creating less than a half dozen OF assists in well over 100 games in the OF. In fact, the ‘Pigs rarely played him in RF for that very reason.

  2. IMO, if Quinn stayed with right handed hitting he may be able to increase his plate production.. The Red Sox never tried switching Betts and it worked well for him.

  3. Thanks nice summary….could not quite grasp for Dugan what you were saying “ 25 is in danger of falling off the prospect chart completely with an excellent start to 2016.” I get he is in danger of falling off the list but not sure what an excellent start to 2016 has to do with it. I’m probably missing something. Thanks again

    1. As a young boy who welled up in tears when the Phillies ended their 23 game losing streak, I never would have thought there would be a day when a loss would be OK, but when this weekend began, I wanted our young pitchers to do well, but for us to secure 1.1. This seems to give us a chance to pick either Groome or Puk. Someday in the near future, this series will be forgotten, but our lefty ace will lead us deep into the playoffs.

    2. Nope…I am missing something. Should have read “…without an excellent start to 2016”. Correction made. Thx for pointing it out.

    1. This is Gregg doing these prospect rundowns. But thanks Gregg for all your hard work. Another great year for this site and finally a very good year for prospects.

  4. Kelly Dugan gets the Cam Perkins look-alike award. He was hitting well at Reading and hit a brick wall at LHV. I was pleasantly surprised with what Dugan was doing at Reading. I always thought Altherr was the better prospect but Dugan did his best at Reading to prove me wrong… and then along came LHV. He definitely needs to stay healthy otherwise he’ll earn his nickname… Mr. Glass.

  5. a breakout season from Brown would certainly be nice to see- along with good numbers from Cozens and Hoskins, and hopefully Alfaro able to stay healthy and produce, Reading could have another fun team to watch.

  6. I don’t get the Aaron Brown grade. If I understand correctly, the grades are against what was expected of each player. Brown came into the season as the #7 ranked prospect in the system and a high draft pick. He hit .257 in A ball as a 23 year old. That’s not B performance.

    1. #6 by BA, but not in the top 10 by BP, ranked #11 by Sickels and #17 in PP’s Reader Top 30. So, not everyone felt like he was a top prospect.

      I’m not really sure why BA had him that high. He had obvious red flags coming out of college as a hitter and they persisted in his debut last year; everyone knew he was “raw” for a college bat. He had a better K/BB ratio in Clearwater than he did at Pepperdine and a 124 wRC+, so he met my personal expectations and probably surpassed them a bit. I think the B grade is warranted.

  7. We can hope for Quinn to finally realize his quest to gain CF and the lead-off spot in the lineup. I do. But what are the (realistic) chances of that happening…with his consistent physical issues that have kept him off the field for seemingly half of his pro career.

    We’d all welcome his arrival to the bigs if he can make another come back from his DLing. We have not heard of any “cure” or fixing of his leg problems that recur, again, again. Why don’t we hear of any program to gain flexibility and eliminate these physical issues that have haunted him for through his pro playing? If he ever is to become the player we envisioned, such a program is a sine qua non for him. Otherwise, he and we will remember his potential undone.

  8. Is Tocci eligible for the Rule 5 draft this offseason? I keep forgetting but I think 2016 is his year. Is there any chance that a team takes him, beanpole that he is, if he is left unprotected? By all accounts his outfield defense is good, so I suppose some team could stash him on the roster as a 5th OF, but he doesn’t really fit the profile of Rule 5 position who tend to stick.

      1. So do they protect him? They’ve obviously got a lot of prospects at the upper levels to think about, seems highly unlikely that someone a prospect as raw as him, but I guess stranger things have happened.

          1. Ah, I thought he had to be protected in 2016, ie, next spring. But I guess the Rule 5 draft takes place at the end of the year at the Winter Meetings, hence the confusion.

            1. Winter Meeting are usually first week of December , before the holidays more or less, MLBs version of a holiday get together…..and on that Thursday of the winter meeting week, last day of the meetings, the Rule 5 draft takes place.
              Rosters for the 40 (or 39 or less if you plan on participating in the Rule 5 draft) have to be finalized approx. two weeks prior to draft day, usually the Friday before Thanksgiving.

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