Playoffs Box Score Recap – 9/18/2015

Reading (80-61) was thumped in Game Four of the ELCS by the Bowie Batsox 9-1.  Ben Lively was ruffed up for seven runs in six-plus  innings.  He gave up seven hits and four walks and faced three batters in the seventh before he was relieved.  The Phils were held to four hits and Baysox’ pitchers walked only one.   With the series tied, the deciding game will be played on Saturday at 6:05 PM.

Lively gave up three runs in the first inning.  He loaded the bases with one out on two walks and a single.  A double and sac fly put the Phils in a 3-0 hole.  Lively retired  nine of ten batters through the next three innings.  He gave up another run in the fifth and benefited from an outfield assist by Cam Perkins or the damage might have been worse.

Lively was asked to start the seventh and loaded the bases without retiring a batter.  Ryan O’Sullivan came in and allowed all three inherited runners to score.  After recording only two outs, he was replaced with Tom Windle.

Windle was able to bring the seventh to an end without further damage but gave up two runs in the eighth.

The Phils scored their only run on a wild pitch in the fourth inning.

There was some late excitement when Lively hit a batter in the helmet in the seventh inning.  It came with the score 4-0 and two Sox already on base.  It was the last batter Lively faced.  Bowie’s bench and bullpen emptied, but there were no warnings or ejections.  I can’t believe that they thought that the HBP was intentional.  But, in the ninth with the score 9-1, Brock Stassi was hit.  Again no ejection.  Can’t tell me that this one wasn’t intentional.  Funny how relievers and American League starters are so willing to hit batters when they don’t have to worry about ever stepping into a batter’s box.

The key inning was the first.  The Phils got their first two men on base but couldn’t score. The Sox loaded the bases without a ball leaving the infield and then scored three runs. The team that has scored first has won in all four series’ games.

  • I didn’t realize that Bowie was pronounced Boo-wie.  Seriously.  I have been listening to their announcers and commercials for four nights now,  I always thought it was a long “O”, like a bow on a gift box or throw.
  • The Phils had 7 base runners – 4 singles, a walk, HBP, and fielding error..
  • Dylan Cozens had 2 of their 4 hits.
  • Nick Williams and KC Serna had the other hits.
  • Perkins walked and scored their only run.
  • Phils’ batters struck out 12 times.
  • Stassi, Perkins, Pointer, Cozens, and Martinez struck out twice each.
  • Lively threw 92 pitches, 55 strikes.

Starters for game five haven’t been posted yet.

Lehigh Valley (63-81)  Finished fifth in their division.

Clearwater (79-58)  Finished first in their division both halves.  Best overall league record. Eliminated in best-of-three divisional series 2-0 by Daytona Tortugas.

Lakewood (73-65)  Finished in the second place in their division (2nd half).  Third best overall record in their division, fourth best in the league.

Williamsport (46-30)  Finished first in their division with the best overall league record. Eliminated in best-of-three divisional series 2-1 by the West Virginia Black Bears.

GCL Phillies (36-24)  Finished in second place, four games back.

DSL Phillies (40-32)  Finished tied for second place, three games back.

VSL Phillies (30-40)  Finished tied for third in a four team league.

Here’s the affiliated scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • No player transactions.

36 thoughts on “Playoffs Box Score Recap – 9/18/2015

  1. Wouldn’t have it any other way. Balls to the wall. Leave it all on the field. Hess, for Boooowie, was pretty spectacular. He was a 5th round choice in 2014 and he’s winning playoff games in AA two years later.

  2. Lively needs to improve his consistency. He has had some terrific games this year, unfortunately, last night was not one of them. Hope they win it tonight behind a big Eflin outing. Great season from Reading!

    1. With respect, Lively is a quite ordinary minor league pitcher. He hasn’t had more than a handful of standout outings since promoted to AA in 2014. I see him, at best, having a “cup of coffee” in the majors.

      A lot of weight on Eflin’s shoulders tonight….hopefully the offense comes through.

      1. Just seems like a #4/5 starter at best. I think he has days where his stuff is better than what was observed in Tucker’s tweet, but nothing to think he’s more than a back-end starter.

  3. Eflin is not pitching. Bullpen by committee tonight…probably Roibal, Ramos, Cordero and Shakleford.

    1. Yikes! If this is true, Reading needed one more healthy starter to win it all. I’m assuming everyone will be available to at least pitch to a batter or two, if necessary. Lively screwed the pooch by not winning game 4.

  4. Eflin would have to come back a day early, not what you do with a valuable arm in a minor league playoff. I assume Bowie is in a similar situation. This could be a high scoring affair but I like our bullpen to carry the day. One game left on our season! Let’s win it and go home happy. Haha

        1. I think when MacPhail said the pitching prospects were ‘thin’…I think he meant from the port side…not wanting to indict or embarrass any young pitchers that would fall into that category.
          And those being Joely, Hoby, Jesse, and Tom Windle ‘close to major ready’.
          Further down Inhof also struggled a bit, with the above mentioned pitchers.
          That is why I think they go Puk or Groome next draft.

          1. Saw joely in Louisville a couple months ago and he got hit around all night, he was consistently hitting 93 on FB, problem was only other pitch he was throwing was a slider and he couldn’t throw it for strikes at all , so he started throwing FB about 75% of the time and Louisville hitters just sat on FB all night and peppered it .

      1. Ya, when they came out with Ethan in the second game I realized this is not the majors where you take your 3 best starters and rotate them. Of course that is a little easier to do because there are breaks when you switch cities. Not really sure what the purpose is of playoff games in the minors but if you want to see the best starters it would make sense to have breaks between field changes. Hopefully they pick the hot arms are and they are not Joely.

        I guess Pivetta is a train wreck at this point and they just want to hit reset for next year.

        Lively was the key. If he could of pitched like he did against the Mets they would have bathed in Booze again. Now its a crap shoot.

    1. How little you now me, Romus. I rarely offer opinions on the players I see on a regular basis, let alone on amateurs I haven’t seen. I am in no way qualified to offer an opinion between top prospects (although, that is a deficiency I hope to address this off season so that I can enhance our pre-draft coverage).

      That said, I would have leaned toward the HS pitcher from NJ, presumably less wear on his arm and he seems to have a better FB. Good to get him before some college coach abuses his arm. However, it doesn’t appear that the kid from FL was over used, he averaged less than 5.0 IP per appearance and better than a K per IP. If the Phillies were better I would lean toward the college kid who would probably follow Nola’s career path to the Phillies. But since I am not as optimistic as some, I think I would go with the HS kid.

      However, I’m sure whoever the Phillies select will be a good choice. I remember how nobody liked that they selected Randolph with their first pick this year. And look how well he has turned out. He could be in Philadelphia by 2018 (oops, that would be an opinion). Be advised that I am REALLY high on Randolph. I can’t wait for ST when fans and readers visit the Complex and see how good this kid looks at the plate. Yo! Ron, Geary, John, et al! You’re in for a real treat.

  5. Good question Romus, Both are very highly rated. I just read, I think in a Jim Salisbury column, a terrific review of both, and a Scout who simply loves Groome.

  6. I think the current consensus is that Puk is the safer pick while Groome has the higher upside? There’s a whole amateur season to go, but I’d be fine with either. That being said, I’d go with upside, because Groome’s floor looks pretty darn high, anyway.

    1. Ex-Phil n local kid Steve Frey worked with Groome during this past school year at one of the Fla. academies. I read a piece on the kid n Frey raves about the kid…stuff, composure, and he’s a big kid too. I thought I read he said the kid was as close to can’t miss as he’s seen.

    1. Top Prospects in No Particular order:
      AJ Puk-LHP (college)
      Jason Groome-LHP (HS)
      Riley Pint-RHP (HS)
      Alec Hansen-RHP (college)
      Nick Senzel-Inf (college)
      Ryan Boldt- OFer (college)
      Buddy Reed-OFer (college)
      Corey Ray- OFer (college)
      Kyle Lewis-OFer (college)
      Robert Tyler-RHP (college)

      1. This will be the biggest decision the phils’ new brain trust will ever make. Recognize that some of these pitchers won’t make it. We need to select the one that will be a star. Good luck!!

      2. Quite honestly a couple of names surprise me.
        Buddy Reed is an outstanding athlete but top 9 is something I don’t see, The mention of Ryan Boldt is borderline top 9 but Nick Senzel, Corey Ray and Kyle Lewis? No mention of Nick Banks OF from Texas A&M or HS/CA OF Rutherford is very surprising.
        Riley Pint, it seems grew up idolizing the LSU program. It might be hard decision for the kid.$$$ would have to be right.
        Robert Tyler could move up to top 5 before the draft.

        1. It still is early.
          Ian Happ wasn’t top ten either this time last year
          Cubs took him a 9th..right before the Phillies pick.
          Now buddy reed….when you are 6’3″, 200 lbs and can fly and switch-hit….with plenty of natural ability….it opens eyes. Burt see how his junior season plays out woth Florida Gators….they could have two top ten picks in Puk and Reed..

  7. I read that Salisbury article and immediately thought we might have a battle brewing down the line sometime. JA said that he doesn’t like taking pitchers high unless they are a #1 (forget if he mentioned #2 starter as well). Andy says ” draft arms and buy bats.” I don’t foresee an issue in 2016 because quality #1 type arms especially from the left-hand side are available but would C Randolph be the pick if AP were on board at the time of this year’s draft?

  8. Knowing that they need and want pitching and that this is a top-heavy pitcher draft, I bet they take Puk or Groome – I’m guessing Groome from the descriptions. Sounds like a Phillies guy. We’ll see.

    1. matt13….other then Clyde, the only others I guess would be Brien Taylor by the Yankees and technically speaking Brady Aiken two years ago. Every RHP was collegiate.
      My gut feeling the Phillies will go with Puk if he is the first pick available.

  9. Jim Peyton, this comment will show my age but some players many years ago would get back at NL relievers or AL pitchers by bunting the ball. The opposition would bunt the ball between the mound and foul line to 1B and run the pitcher over as they went to field it. Of course this cleared the benches but it usually stopped the intentional hitting of batters. This is no solution but the intentional throwing at people is a really stupid and possibly fatal practice that baseball needs to ban.

  10. Why doesn’t Roibal ever get discussed? Where did he come from? He throws very hard and has been lights out this year. I could see him in Philly next year.

    1. Reinier Roibal is a 26-year old Cuban pitcher. He was signed as a free agent by Arizona in 2010. In three years he went from Rookie League to Advanced A back to Rookie League. He was released after the 2012 season. He did not play in 2013, but put up very pedestrian numbers in the 2014 Puerto Rican Winter League. The Phillies signed him as a FA this spring. He put up good numbers in Clearwater (as a 26-year old should) and was promoted after 6 appearances.

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