Playoffs Box Score Recap – 9/16/2015

Reading (80-61) dropped the second game of their best-of-five series against the Bowie Baysox 10-3.  Ethan Martin and Joely Rodriguez were ineffective giving up eight runs in the first four innings.  When they weren’t walking batters (eight in 3.2 innings), they were getting hit hard (eight hits, 3 doubles and 2 triples).  The series moves to Bowie for the deciding three games.

Hoby Milner entered in the fourth inning and retired all ten batters he faced.  Tom Windle face four batters in the eighth.  He walked one and struck out two.  Ryan O’Sullivan gave up two runs in the ninth when he got himself into trouble hitting the second batter he faced.  I would like to think that it was a “purpose” pitch since Andrew Knapp was hit by a pitch earlier in the game, but I’m not sure.  Circumstances seem to indicate otherwise.  (I’m not in favor of intentionally hitting a batter: but Knapp was hit by a nine-year, minor league pitcher who exhibited spectacular control through seven innings, walking none and giving up four hits – one being Knapp’s home run in his previous at bat.  THAT one sounds intentional.)

After Martin gave up a run in the first, the Phils tied the score in the bottom of the inning.  NIck Williams reached on an error and went to third on J.P. Crawford’s double.  He scored on Knapp’s sacrifice fly.  When Milner entered the game to get the final out of the fourth inning, the Phils were trailing 8-1.  Knapp led off the bottom of the fourth with a home run. Brock Stassi followed with a single, but the Phil’s only other base runner until the eighth inning was when Knapp was hit by a pitch in the sixth inning.  Crawford closed out the scoring for Reading with an RBI single in the eighth.

I was a little surprised at the Reading line up.  The switch-hitting Angelo Mora has exceptional splits against left-handed batters.

  • The Phils collected 6 hits, 3 XBH – 2 doubles and a HR.
  • J.P. Crawford went 2-4 with a double and RBI.
  • Andrew Knapp went 1-3 with a HR, SF, HBP, and 2 RBI.
  • Joely Rodriguez allowed 2 inherited runners to score.
  • Hoby Milner stranded 2 inherited runners.
  • Dylan Cozens threw out a runner at home.
  • C Rene Garcia allowed a PB that scored a run.

Game Three will be Jake Thompson (5-1, 1.80 in 7 starts at Reading) v. Chris Lee (4-2, 3.08 in 7 starts at AA; progressed from Full-A through Advanced-A to AA this season) in Bowie, MD on Thursday (6:35 PM).

Game Four  will be TBD v. David Hess (1-1, 4.50 in 2 starts at AA; 9-4, 3.58 in 25 starts at Advanced-A) on Friday (7:05 PM)

Starters for game five, if necessary, are TBD on Saturday (6:05 PM).

Lehigh Valley (63-81)  Finished fifth in their division.

Clearwater (79-58)  Finished first in their division both halves.  Best overall league record. Eliminated in best-of-three divisional series 2-0 by Daytona Tortugas.

Lakewood (73-65)  Finished in the second place in their division (2nd half).  Third best overall record in their division, fourth best in the league.

Williamsport (46-30)  Finished first in their division with the best overall league record. Eliminated in best-of-three divisional series 2-1 by the West Virginia Black Bears.

GCL Phillies (36-24)  Finished in second place, four games back.

DSL Phillies (40-32)  Finished tied for second place, three games back.

VSL Phillies (30-40)  Finished tied for third in a four team league.

Here’s the affiliated scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • No player transactions.

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  1. Can we agree on one thing? These are my articles/reports/discussions. It falls on me to correct problems that my readers experience. I should NEVER have to see comments by readers pleading for commenters to stop arguing. I’m tired of the arguing that goes back and forth within the comments section.

    Since I have accepted responsibility, it falls on me to try and correct the problem. How do I do that? (Rhetorical question). Do I delete everybody who engages in arguing? (Rhetorical, again) Or do I delete the guy who has to argue with everybody else? (Ditto)

    The one common thread seems to be “*96@*.com”. So, if you can’t take criticism of your opinions, don’t post them. I won’t see this site lose readers. If I have to block somebody, I’ll block the one who argues with everybody; not the “everybody” who argues with the one.

    And, length of time on the site doesn’t matter to me. As far as I can tell you have been using the current name (and 3rd email address) since 2011.

    Now, I’ve left this vague on purpose. So nobody should be offended. Until. of course, you respond to this and everyone knows who you are.

    1. Thanks Jim, I think we all appreciate your efforts at maintaining this site. I also appreciate you taking control of this issue to ensure that this site remains a enjoyable source of Phillies prospect information and discussion.

    1. You have a legitimate question. I questioned using Martin too. But he has been very solid in his 10 previous outings including 5 starts. I think Wathan felt more comfortable using Martin @ home and then coming back with Thompson on the road. Thompson also pitched 9 innings his last time out. Another day of rest was probably needed. Ben Lively is the only other active starter and he’d be pitching on 4 days rest. Joely Rodriguez was another option but he didn’t fare any better in long relief. Walking 5 in 2 plus innings, Martin may have walked himself out of the organization.

  2. jim after all you have done to keep this site going. I am for one grateful and don’t want to get you mad, I am one of the ones who argue sometimes too much. I Just get frustrated I quess and keep going. But will try not to repeat my faults. I Value you input and writing on here. so in the future I will keep my post in line with what you think is okay. I will still if I feel voice my opinion but stop when it gets too much, ty for keeping the site going.

    1. You’re fine Rocco. I’m not mad, I just worry about losing readers. Commenters don’t carry the site, the readers do. Now, a lot of the information passed on here comes from the comments. But, if we lose readers …

      1. True, this sentence from your above post pretty much sums it up:

        “I was completely right in every comment I made and they were completely wrong.”

        This is the problem. Nobody has an issue with your thoughts. You have a right to any opinion. If you thought that Chase Utley started going downhill when he started eating funions, that would be ridiculous, but its your opinion. The problme is you think you are right all the time, and then get extremely belittling and belligerent anytime somebody disagrees with you. Do you think it is just coincidence that you end up in the middle of the arguments more than anyone else?

        1. As a lifelong Phillies fan, and long-time full season ticket holder, I visit many of the blogs relating to the Phillies and MLB. My favorite site, however, is Phuture
          Phillies. I check on this site daily (and in-season, several times a day). I am thankful to Jim and previously James for the effort they put into it. This is my first post in a few years, so perhaps I represent the silent majority, but I love this site because it represents hope in our young prospects. I have never understood the vitriol that is spewed amongst some readers over opinions of other participants. Baseball has always been full of “Can’t Miss” players that miss (see Josh Vitters) and late bloomers that figure it out (Jake Arrieta). The bickering over whether Mike Rizzotti was going to be a good Major leaguer or not became obnoxious (personally I was really rooting for him). I’m guessing that his detractors took great delight in his failure. The point is, no one can tell absolutely how players will pan out. If you a pessimist, you’re going to be right most of the time, however. Congratulations! I dream of the 2017 Phillies having 25 future HOF’s on the club (I’ll be wrong, so what?). Let’s enjoy this wonderful site and let the opposing opinions be respected.

          1. As one of Rizzotti’s primary detractors, I will say this: no I didn’t take great satisfaction when he failed. We were very short of prospects back then and I was thrilled every time one of them made it to Philly and did well. I also will give my best opinion on prospects and my view is that guys who suddenly pop up with good seasons as over-aged first-base-only guys at Reading almost never make it. One might say that Howard is the exception who made it, but his track record was better that Rizzotti’s prior to Reading. Howard hit Reading at age 24, having put up an .888 OPS at CLW the prior year. Howard put up a 1.033 OPS at Reading and went on to hit well at AAA the same season. He hit 28 HR between the two stops, then added 5 more in September in Philly. That was a big jump of a season, but it was foretold by a very good year at CLW. Rizzotti also hit Reading at 24, splitting the year CLW-Reading-Allentown. The prior season, he was good, not great at CLW. He returned to Reading at age 25 and did markedly less well than he had the prior year. That was when the crowd turned skeptical.

            We see much the same with the division of opinion on Stassi this year. Matt has put up a very good, but not great season at age 25. He spent all of 2014 at Reading and had a poor season. In 2013 a merely okay year at CLW. So, this year came from nowhere and a year older than Rizzotti had his great Reading year. The biggest grounds for discussion is the report that Stassi’s brother worked with him to change his hitting approach and that this bore fruit. So, likely the improvement is real, but not to a high enough level to look like a solid 1B prospect. So, Stassi is the primary focus of debate today. We all have strong opinions. We aren’t afraid to voice them.

            I think our first-baseman of the near-future is Hoskins and that he hopefully gives way after several seasons to Encarnacion or Ortiz. Thus far, Hoskin’s career is on more of a solid prospect arc than Stassi’s has been.

      2. This may be like my 5th comment ever on this site and I don’t know everyone enough for these reasons, but I will tell you that the commenters aren’t going to lose me as a reader. The day you, Jim and everyone writing, stops posting informative articles and keeps me, and plenty of other, simpletons up to date on all the Phillies prospects and minor league teams, is the day I stop coming here. I’ve been coming here constantly for years and just about every day for the past 2ish years. If it wasn’t for this site, I wouldn’t know as much at all about the prospects to follow and to keep an eye out for. I thank you all for what I’ve been reading and having this information right at my fingertips. Again, this is one reader you won’t be losing due to the commenters (and, yes, I do read the comments too).

        1. Seconded, I am a daily long-time reader, but have only posted a handful of times, but think the site is great for its firsthand accounts (thank you Jim and other milb attendees) and cues to information/other postings that most find valuable. I like to think I am informed and have certainly found some comments laughable, but I also thought and was routing for Cody Overbeck to be the future corner infielder of the phillies. Whoops.

  3. Calm down TruePhan. You just put up 5 of the last 6 posts…. about the same thing. You’ve said your piece, let it go. To paraphrase a Disney song, The “cold” shouldn’t bother you anyway.

    1. I like the chant from from the movie Meatballs: “It just doesn’t matter! It just doesn’t matter!”

  4. Jim, As always, I am very grateful for the work that you do. I am probably on this site 10 times a day! Most can argue without it getting out of hand, I believe. Anyway, thank you. On the topic, I made a mistake yesterday and commented that I was still high on Ethan Martin. Serves me right! I am now counting on Reading’s “Ace”, Jake Thompson to right the ship. Does anyone know who the choices are to fill the TBD for Game 4?

  5. On the movie scene….like Rodney D. and Sam K. in ‘back to School’
    …..’a good teacher….he really seems to care…about what I do not know’!

  6. Does anyone share my belief that the Biddle news about seeking another opinion has begun his departure from the organization? I root for him, have been very disappointed, but I have seen it too many times where a prospect with upside who disappoints questions the handling of his injury or the handling of him in general, and is with another organization soon thereafter.

    1. It sounds to me like he may end up having Tommy John surgery – the organization would probably keep him around to have that surgery and rehab – but, assuming he’s still here at that time, once he’s fully healthy, that will probably be his last chance to prove himself in the organization.

        1. You could be right – I thought I saw it described as a continued elbow problem that began last year in winter ball.

    2. matt13…I think you are correct….when MacPhail said the pitching in the system was ‘thin’ it really puzzled me….’thin’ vs the positional prospects or ‘thin’ in general.
      And one area of definite ‘thinness’ is close to MLB ready starting LHP.
      Biddle falls into that category…..while Tom Windle seems to be on the verge of being a reliever.
      And seeking a second outside opinion is welcomed….not sure it will endear him anymore to the org.
      I think MacPhail may move him at some point within the year.

    3. Crazy thing to me is matt he has one of the leading doctors in the country.. I Know Michael G. Ciccotti, M.D he takes care of me and my wife, He recently did shoulder surgery on my wife. This guy is well respected. I Just don’t understand the problem that biddle has and not being fixed by Roth man. and dr ciccotti.

      1. Roccom, I agree. I don’t question anyone’s wanting to get a 2d opinion, and I hope Biddle gets healthy and is a big success. But, you are right about the quality of the Rothman Institute and Dr. Ciccotti.; Their reputations are stellar. We will know TJ surgery is imminent if we hear he is going to Dr. Andrews. I just have a feeling that we are not going to see Mr. Biddle around much longer. And, I hope that I am wrong.

      2. Roccom, I hope your wife recovers quickly, gets through rehab and, by late spring, can resume her place in the Blueclaws rotation.

            1. Yes, awife’s change up is always dangerous and can leave you looking like a fool and have you headed to the bench (or the couch as it were).

    4. This is definitely bad news. 2016 would be a big year for him. Maybe his last shot. If this is a serious injury, and he misses most/all of 2016, then it may be done for him. Especially since he would have to be kept on our 40-man.

      Hope it is nothing and he has a great 2016. But looks bad.

    5. Second opinions prior to surgery are routine. Even TJ surgery is a big step. Biddle has hung around AA for 3 seasons now. Losing a whole year is not a minor thing. Biddle has not complained about how the Phillies have handled him. Really, I think he has more than ample reason for complaint, given all the injuries/illnesses they’ve had him pitch through and the way they’ve kept him in games for prolonged times after he has clearly lost it.

      1. Agree….he did pitch thru the pertussis in 2013 before they realized the severity of the situation, and then the hail-storm induced concussion saw an early return to the mound that could have been avoided.

      2. I agree. They let him pitch with whooping cough and plantar fasciitus in 2013, a concussion in 2014, and now an arm injury in 2015. The elbow issue he’s having now explains a lot about the season he just had

    6. Not really. It’s pretty standard even for non-athletes, depending on the condition. Although John Q Public definitely has a much easier time with “shopping around” to get treatment; Years back, I had issues with the bones in my feet, which ended up as fused bones. My parents took me to two orthopedic doctors in the area, one of which wanted to operate, but we weren’t comfortable with him doing it. The other recommended a specialist @ CHOP, who referred us to a colleague that had actually performed the surgery I wound up needing.

      I would guess that Biddle seeing another doctor was 100% cleared by the organization. Even if not, he is still a grown man, and I would guess he would want another opinion. Honestly, time will tell how the Phillies react to it (if they do at all), since I’d guess we don’t know what they said to Biddle behind the scenes.

      Regardless, his performance in the minors certainly isn’t winning the team over. It sucks; I would love to see him do well, but…

  7. TruePhan – please just stop responding to those that don’t agree with your opinions. We get it already. You don’t have to keep telling everyone over and over that you are offended by those people that have a different opinion. You are entitled to your opinions. Quit whining about being attacked – its getting really old. Just give it a rest and move on.

    1. You just can’t stop commenting can you? Please limit your comments to Phillie prospects and not toward people that disagree with you. We all know already that you are the kind of person that has to get the last word in but you are detracting from the overall experience of readers. I’m a relative newcomer to the site and enjoy reading everyone’s opinions. But reading your comments lately has been truly painful because of how you respond. Please stop.

  8. “It’s gonna be a pass” >> it was a run
    “It’s gonna be a pass” >> it was a run
    “It’s gonna be a pass” >> it was a pass >> “I told you so. I know this game better than you.”

  9. Romus, I agree with your assessment of MacP’s comment. There is a lack of Left handed SPs, and I think not only do they go with a SP at 1.1 but in further high rounds. And, that is where I see a FA signing before the 2017 season. It would be great to see a couple of younger guys like Pinto or Kilome have real break out years next year.

  10. Now we can look forward to Thompson, Lively and Eflin in Bowie. They are rested and ready. Great teams win the big ones. Go Fightins.

  11. Jim,
    I read this site daily! First time commenting. You do a great job keeping us up to date on the prospects. I also read the comments and get my daily laugh in! I do not believe you will lose any readers because people get butt hurt! Keep up the good work

  12. A little off topic from the prospect talk…if Ruf could bat against Gio Gonzalez, say 5 times a week, he would turn out to be a HOF player. It just seems every time he faces him, he takes him yard.

    1. If RHP were banned from baseball, Ruf would have been an All-Star every year — 1.079, that’s his OPS against LHP this year. If you want a truly nasty number: 0.421, that’s Ruf’s OPS against RHP this year. A Howard/Ruf strict platoon works great on paper for next season. Only problem, I don’t think either guy has a future beyond next year. I’d sooner experiment with guys who might be able to help us farther into the future.

  13. Monty just said it wasn’t just Amaro that keep trying to win after 08. We were all in we knew that trading your top prospects for now there was going to a dip .

    1. No doubt it was an “organizational” decision to try to hang on as long as possible. Amaro would have never been given free reign to spend the $$$ and move the organizations higher rated prospects without some oversight.

      My only issue with the comment is that they really didn’t have top prospects at the time that they traded so the dip was going to happen due to bad drafting/player development.

      D’Arnaud is really the only one that has developed into an everyday player. The rest wouldn’t have helped the current team either.

        1. Gosh and Carrasco didn’t really find success until this yr. Cosart too for that matter the Ryan Madison and Bastardo did .

          1. Actually 2014 were close to break-out years for Cos and Carr…..and Carr had some development prior to his surgery.
            Gose is only in his 24age season now, so really he could have been sandwiched between Rollins and Utley/Howard in 2013 and last year. It really is hard to determine one way or the other if he would have succeeded, I like to think he would improved on his metrics from 2/3 years ago.

        2. Each of those players have flashed potential at various times with Carrasco probably having the most prolonged success but none of those three were going to keep the Phillies from falling into the basement.

          Gose OPS’ing 700 this year is so-so and this has been his best season so far. By comparison the Phillies rule-v player Herrera is at .758

          Cosart has had a couple of spurts but can’t stay healthly, which was the problem he had in Philly.

          1. True….they may not have prevented the slide….but they would have gone a ways toward the rebuild.
            Water under the bridge now.

      1. I thought of that too to me they didn’t want changed what had been working as far as players go. There mistake was drafting and the couple of trades C Lee, Pence deal. neither brought back help to our system the bat contracts too.over the long period of time if you abuse something it usually stops working. The last yr they basically said we need a new way and new leadership. That is what is happening right now.

        1. Their biggest mistake was not spending more on the farm, before MLB went to hard limits. At a time when teams could spend as much as they wished on the draft and international, with no penalty whatsoever, the Phillies PTB simply chose not to do so. That made the downturn inevitable. The next biggest error was holding onto too much of the core for too long and making the wrong choices on whom to unload. Early extension of Howard was awful. Unloading both Werth and Victorino and then the quick Pence in-and-gone resulted in a not unexpected OF depletion. Much better to have let Howard leave in FA, assuming the Achilles injury didn’t occur, and find a decent FA 1B — not one of the primo, super-costly older ones, just a close-to-average guy at reasonable $/yrs.

          The post-season failings were strange. I thought RAJ’s multiple aces approach was a good way to stack the deck for the playoffs. It just didn’t work out for them. I think this was more Manuel than RAJ in its undoing. The 2011 team truly was a powerhouse. You don’t often win 102 games and then exit in the first round of playoffs..

        2. IMO, failure in scouting and player development is the waterloo of the FO. the 2007 to 2011 draft could have helped prevent the slide starting in 2012. Likewise, having Doc is probably bad coz Doc’s dominance and winning games somehow masked the weak foundation (i.e. barren farm, poor scouting, lack of player development, declining veterans) of the team. When Doc suddenly becomes human the said weak foundation became exposed and went downward spiral.

        3. another reason is tolerance to mediocrity that goes all the way to the top. I’m not an Amaro hater but he (or whoever is behind the decision making) is allowed to make too many mistakes whether is putting competent people in scouting and player development area, international market, bad trade returns (i.e. Lee, Pence, Vic), signing of the wrong FA agents, not signing the FA that can contribute and want to be part of the phils, etc. I understand that decision making is a gamble because nobody can see the future. But if failure is starting to become trend, why let the bleeding continue and make it worst by making bad decisions after bad decisions. If the Phils moved on from Monty and RAJ since 2012, the Phils could be back in contention this year and fans probably see better of RAJ.

  14. Jim, Long time reader, I only post on here with the occasional game recap when the Pigs come to town. I do however read the site daily and have for many years.

    I can tell you that I, for one, will not stop reading this site no matter what goes on in the comments section. Worst case I may stop reading the comments, but I enjoy a lot of the posters, so even that is unlikely.

    I will say that the comments in the recent past have gotten more and more confrontational and I, for one, do not get it. Certain people, it seems, are just unable to accept a differing opinion, even one that is backed up factually and statistically. Then we get into name calling and the like. Frankly it is both sad and annoying, however it is easy enough to skip those comments if one so desires.

    That is how I handle it at least. Seems a simple enough solution.

    Thank you for another season of wonderful and informative coverage, analysis and opinions on a truly exciting group of kids.

    Now let’s go Reading!!!

    1. dude, i just gotta tell you your name is awesome. When I was 6 yrs old i was not yet a sports fanatic. I was more of an indoor kid at that point in my life. I went to camp one year and each bunk had to do a little presentation based on a theme. It started out that my bunks theme was the history of baseball, and becausei was a chubby kid, they made me babe ruth. solid deal. however, the phillies were doing so well that a week before the presentation they changed our theme to just “phillies” And all the kids jumped to be their favorite players in our skit. By the time it came down to me, I had no idea who the phillies were, so I got the only player who wasn’t taken yet…Kim Batiste. That pennant race I got into baseball and have been ever since, but because of that skit, Batiste was my favorite player. You can imagine how happy of a 6 year old I was when he got that hit against teh Braves. Kim Batiste will always hold a special place in my heart, and I am not even joking whenI say that.

      1. Kim Batiste. Now that is an obscure ‘fave’. I thought my unnatural love for Bake McBride and Manny Trillo was something.

          1. We loved Rob Ducey too – very nice guy. Went out of his way to sign my son’s glove when he was around 7.

            1. exactly why my mom loved him. we met him for an autograph pre-game once. then when we went to photo night, ducey actually remembered my mom and was like “you are the lady with twins right?” (my twin sisters were there the first time)
              so that made her a ducey fan for life haha

          1. Shake and bake McBride one of my favorites, But my all time favorite was tt. love tony taylor. Fathers day 1964 that day he robs Jesse gonder of a hit to keep the perfect game.

  15. We’ve needed a little levity on here lately, so I was hoping the name would make someone chuckle. The obscure favs are a fun part of being a phan, heck, I have some fond Dickie Thon memories if you can believe that!

  16. Growing up, and I am 61 so go back a long way, it was Cookie Rojas! He played all over, and I met him at some Cub scout event. Always followed him.

  17. Jake Thompson is dealing again tonight. Wow. They were very fortunate – he appeared to turn a corner from the moment he started pitching for the Phillies. If he had had a month and a half like this in June and July, I’m not so sure the Rangers would have been willing to trade him. He is starting to look like a potentially bona fide #2. Wow.

  18. Ron Northey, Jim Tabor, Jackie Albright, Tony Lupian, Emil Verban, Frank McCormick, Skeeter Newsome, Johnny Wyrostek, Del Ennis, Andy Seminick, Stan Lopata, Robin Roberts, Curt Simmons, Jim Konstanty, Richie Ashburn, Mike Goiiat, Granny (?) Hamner, Steve Carlton….all remembered from my misspent youth.

    Connie Mack Stadium…Shibe Park,,,Baker Bowl…

  19. On Thompson: IMO he is working toward competing w Nola as our #1 in the rotation.
    Previously here I mentioned how in his first few starts in Reading he’d get outs aplenty but few Ks. His past record indicated that he was a pitch to contact guy without emphasis on strikeouts. And, though he pitched OK, he issued too many walks.

    At Reading, the early pitching coaches plan seemed to be : first, get more and better strikes. His first couple-3 games he pitched started to turn the tide on walks. More and better strikes emerged and then it seems they turned him loose, upped his fast balls, polished his slider, etc. and now he strikes out many more than he walks and with fewer pitches needed he can go further in the game.

    Don’t count him out from starting the ’16 season in the Phils rotation. Right now it seems they can’t hold him back.

    1. They are probably going to go very slow with him. That said, if he keeps this up, he could be up by May or June. But first things first. And don’t forget about Zach Eflin – he’s not in Thompson’s class right now, but he could be damned good.

  20. The R-Phils in the middle of a serious beat down on Bowie; 8-0. Jake Thompson 1 hit after 5 innings. Nick Williams with a home run. Knapp with a double. JP 2 for 2 with a walk (I don’t EVER recall such a young player without plus power drawing this many walks the high minors – his plate control is insane). It’s almost like the Phuture Phillies posters wrote their own box score.

    1. You’re right about JP but Quinn draws just as many walks. I have dreams about the two of them batting 1/2 and getting on base all the time.

  21. Really nice game by the Fightin’s tonight. So much to be excited about right now. I can’t wait to see many of these guys when the Pigs come to Buffalo next summer. The walk down memory road with you folks tonight was a blast. In keeping with the comments I’ll share that my old man’s favorite was the Kingfish, Wes Covington.

    This is a fun comment stream. Let’s keep this type of fun going!!!

  22. Talented ball player’s on there way next yr might be nice. It’s some of them came from 1 trade some came from drafting. Try and make a batting order using the PLAYERS now with 1 FA Kingery , Crawford, N Williams, Heyward , Franco, Hoskins, Herrera, Knapp, pitcher. That’s not easy all can hit for avg all give good at bats. Throw Randolph in there and Quinn where you put them. Heyward because he’s 26 defense is outstanding walks his power can get better in CBP. The 1 thing is St.louis is going to keep him they gave to much for him. The thing we need unless Altherr comes though is a RF. Perkins , Ortiz, Pujols are light years away. Pitching we need just a couple more top pitchers ,Oh and a GM. FYI the players from the Taxes trade N Williams and Thompson Was the I was talking about.

  23. art That right field wall was not green if I remember right. look like aluminum. Remember the sound of the ball when it hit that 32 ft high wall. The light tower in dead center. They kept the batting cage in center field 447 ft away. Richie one night put on in the net of the batting cage. The only thing I remember that was bad, was the steel columns which could block you view. if you had a seat near them,

      1. That wall was put up to stop the fans on Somerset Ave from getting free looks at the games. It was made of tin or aluminum and had a very distinctive sound when balls would hit it. I remember Johnny Calison banging balls off of that wall. It definitely wasn’t green.

      1. Romus, left me remove the word “definetly”. I just saw your photo…I have a color photo of a print with the wall grey/silver. I wonder if the original wall was wood and was later replaced by the metal one or if they just stopped painting it? Something for me to research, just out of curiosity. Very cool old ball park. So glad I was able to get there as a kid. Bat day 1967 my first trip!

        1. My one and only foul ball caught…off the bat of Cubs George Altman, Sept ’62, third base side, thru the hands of people stretched out- on one of those ramps going up to the seats, as I walked around the stadium alone as a young kid.
          Next week… took the ball and played sandlot baseball with the neighborhood kids.
          After a few years….electrical taped it, to keep it going.

          1. Haha! Kids today would have no clue! Did you put a screw or carpet tack to keep your wooden bat still useable? I found a nice photo with the RF wall, but I’m not sure how to upload it. Looks like the wall was metal, not wood from what I’ve found. Fun stuff

            1. Yes, that’s funny…..and we also hammered in some thin nails.
              The movie ‘Sandlot’, made about 20/25 years ago, captured a lot of those days.

          2. I got three in one game against braves. Left hand hitter for braves who name I think was jones was one of them. but long time ago. Had a chance for a fourth but the dam thing was hit so hard, I move away at last second. Like to sit in right field. but those dam column sometimes would block your view. When I would cut school sometimes did the cheap route bleachers like 50 cents in those days.

            1. rocco…three in one game!
              We are talking about getting foul balls….not going down to the bullpen area and swiping them when the players were not looking. 🙂
              But that could be a record …three in a game.

            2. Romus true story. in fact I have gotten over the years about 10-12 balls. I sit in right field and gotten lucky over the years.

  24. From what I’ve found, it was definitely metal. As far as the color, some it looks like grey, others I see a shade of green. If you scroll through the first link, there’s a great photo of Bunning, Mauch, and I think Amaro Sr. The right field wall seems to have a shade of green. I suspect at one point it was painted and they just stopped, but I have no clue. I was only there a handful of times. Rocco & Romus, you guys may have a better recollection. I will reach out to my father and see if he remembers. He and my grandfather were A’s fans. My grandfather worked for the railroad and had a free rail pass and parking access at the North Philly station, so he and my father went a lot. My father still talks about Williams and batting practice and ball flying over and banging off of that metal wall. My grandfather hated the Phillies and refused to go or take my father. He finally agreed to go see the Phils with my father, but he was so stubborn, he wouldn’t agree to go see them in Philly, only on the road. The tickets were for father’s day in 64. My grandmother passed 2 days before the game and the tickets were given away.
    I hope these pictures help someone figure out if it was green then grey, or green to faded green. Lots of fun memories looking at these pics. It’s a shame the baseball wasn’t better.

  25. Sadly, yes, that’s correct. I’ve heard my father say at least hundred times how he wished he still had those tickets. Somebody got a treat. Hey Romus, I just realized the link you posted is the same one that I did.

    1. The game was at Shea…doubleheader I think, they use to play a lot of them in those days. And yes…same link.

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