Prospect Discussion: Week of September 14th

Here’s an open discussion thread about minor league prospects.  Phillies’ talk and other non-prospect discussion should remain in the Open Discussion.

This is an open format for any minor league prospect you want to discuss.  Just to get the ball rolling, what is Angelo Mora’s future in the organization.  This was asked before, and I was one of several who pointed out his defensive liabilities.  I was probably harsher than most with my comments.  But here’s a kid who has put up great numbers at two different levels this season and is continuing to impress into the payoffs.

  • Angelo Mora, middle infielder
  • Bats both, Throws right
  • 5’11, 151 lb. (I think he’s heavier now)
  • Born 2/25/93 (age 22)
  • FA Dominican signed in 2011, age 18; played in the DSL
  • 2012; GCL Phillies
  • 2013; Lakewood (except for one week in June with Williamsport)
  • 2014 Clearwater
  • 2014; Dominican Winter League
  • 2015 Clearwater until July 22nd, then Reading for remainder of the season

Mora carries a career slash of .251/.306/.347/.653.  However this year he put together a .304/.326/.405/.732 in Clearwater in 241 plate appearances.  After being promoted to Reading, Mora slashed .327/.411/.531/.942 in 131 plate appearances.  He’s hitting .357 in the playoffs.

After playing predominantly SS in the rookie leagues, Mora split his time equally between second and short in Lakewood.  At Clearwater, Mora was moved full time to second to accommodate Roman Quinn and later the arrival of J.P. Crawford.  In addition to second and short, Mora has spent time at third, in left, and in right.  He also boasts an ERA of 0.00 in one inning pitched, although 2 walks drove his WHIP up to 18.00.  Mora posted a .986 Fld% at second while at Clearwater this season, and his career .963 is better than his career .947 at short.  The other positions are SSS.

95 thoughts on “Prospect Discussion: Week of September 14th

  1. My memory may be clouded but I remember a 2nd baseman who people thought had defensive inadequacies. He worked hard on them and became a great 2nd baseman with a big bat. That guy was Utley. Mora will need to work harder with the glove. The bat was pretty special this year. I’m not sure he can play SS regularly or even the OF but super utility guy might be possible if the glove improves.

    1. Unfortunately, he is really not a good defensive infielder, compared to other infielders. Maybe he can improve but he’s really not very good at this point. His hitting however is very real so I assume the Phils will work hard on improving his fielding.

  2. Zach Eflin has been streaky this year. This is his first in the Phillies organization so he might have been similar in his previous years. He started in April sensationally and then May was not so good. June was a good month for him but July was less than stellar as he played in PanAm games. In August he was rejuvinated but he still wasn’t back to his great self. His playoff run has been spectacular. He looks like a gamer who wants to ball in a big game. The Phils need that kind of guy. We could see him in Philly as early as July 2016 but more likely in the September callups and then he won’t be back in the minors.

    1. I think you need to put his year in context. First, the EL and Reading in particular is a very favorable hitting environment. Eflin did very well in that environment and he has great command and a big arm – the game I was at he was throwing his FB between 93 and 97, sitting at 95 and 96. That’s HUGE, when combined with his typically great command. You are right that he has bobbed up and down a little, but the team has been working with him on developing better breaking pitches – so what could in other contexts be viewed as inconsistency, is probably better viewed as a player going through a learning curve. The intent of improving his breaking pitches is, in part, to address the legitimate concern that he was not missing enough bats – v1Again made this his mantra this year, and while I thought he was too down on Eflin, he was right that his K rates needed to improve. It does appear, however, recently, that Eflin’s work is starting to pay off and he’s missing more bats which, when combined with his big arm and very good command, could make this guy into a very fine pitcher with at least mid-rotation ability. I’m not sure the Phillies have found their ace yet, but they’ve found some guys who could be very high end pitchers in the major leagues – possible strong 2s and 3s – guys who could pitch well on a championship team. Eflin could easily be such a guy, but he’s still developing, still learning new pitches, still mastering the pitches he already throws and still developing consistency. But the arm and the command are there.

          1. Well that is good then, sitting at 94-95,T96 is what you would like to see.
            I wonder if he is going with the 4-seamer now or still prefer to throw his 2-seamer?

          2. Gun or no gun, he was throwing some gas the last time I saw him too. I was right up front, to the right of the visitor’s dugout. You could really see it with a left handed hitter. The numbers are about the same the night I was there, probably the same game. Beer stein giveaway night! I saw Steve Phillips in the house too. Not sure if he was scouting the game for someone, or scouting the women.

          1. I don’t think it’s that hot. It actually seemed quite close to being fully accurate – Ethan Martin was roughly throwing about as hard as I would expect. You’ll know more when they are promoted to Lehigh Valley – the gun there is about 1 MPH slow.

            I’ve been telling folks this all year – underestimate Zach Eflin at your peril – he has a big arm and he has command that young pitchers rarely have. He now has to improve his breaking pitches and throw more 4 seam FBs. And I’ll tell you what, as big as Thompson’s and Eflin’s arms are, Pivetta in my opinion throws even harder. He’s more of a project, but he has some serious upside.

          2. I thought it was 2 mph hot. Every FB I saw from Cordero was 100, mainly 101-102, even a 103. I thought he was supposed to be mainly 98-100. Eflin hit 96 on the gun. I don’t think he is able to hit 96.

            1. Zach Eflin:
              From last year in the CAL League….'”Zach is a strike thrower,” said pitching coach Bronswell Patrick on Eflin’s success this past year.”He has good movement on his two-seamer and he keeps the ball down in the zone to go along with a good slider. His change-up has also been good throughout this year too.” “You look up and see his numbers and he is putting together good statistics. He just goes out and pitches and really likes to compete.”

              Despite being a very soft spoken young man, the attribute that most people in the organization talk about most with Eflin is his mental approach.
              “He’s just a kid at 20 but is very advanced for his age and has a really good idea of what he needs to do,” said Patrick. “When he needs a groundball he can place the two-seamer where the batter doesn’t want it or when he needs to reach back in the tank and turn it up for his four-seamer, he can do it to get the strikeout.”

              “That 92 can turn into a 97 really quick


            2. Even if it’s 2 MPH hot, he’s still throwing 93 and 94 and touching at least 95 – he’s got a nice arm. My sense is that he was sitting in the low/mid-90s at least.

      1. Plus pitching in the Pan Am games had to have done something to him. That’s a lot of pitching in a high-pressure environment. I expected him t struggle a bit when he came back.

  3. Mora is a guy I’ve been keeping my eye and have asked the group about a couple of times previously. The few times I’ve seen him this year, he not only racked up some hits, but really drove the ball with some authority. He is only 22 and has gotten bigger and obviously stronger than when I first saw him in Lakewood. Both times this year, he was at 3rd…Jim, how is footwork around the bag at second? Seems more suited for there, especially with Franco already at 3rd. How would you compare him at 2nd to Valentin? Kingery is very smooth at 2nd and Tobias is a work in progress there.

    The other guy I’m watching is Sandberg. He didn’t fizzle out at the end of the year like he did last year. Next year will be big for him. Maybe he’ll continue to figure things out as Cozens has, both of them being big time high school football players.

    1. It’s logical that Cord Sandberg may improve a high rate, the farther he is away from his football days. But the difference between Cozens and Sandberg is Cozens has had some success at each level, but was just a little down at Lakewood. Sandberg has been bad at each level. He has a lot of ground to gain to get to a productive level.

      1. Good point…I was only using the football comparison to the two as they were both big time D1 prospects. Cozen’s has had more production at each level. I like him more than Sanderg. I agree, he has a long way to go, but my point was he didn’t fade off into oblivion like he did the last 2 years.

        1. Yeah, Sandberg flipped the script this year: struggled early and then had a much better second half. Comparing his year to Cozens at Lakewood: Sandberg K’d a lot less, walked less and showed less power, but he’s probably more likely to be a good defender in the OF. If he’s going to break out, next year would be a good time to do it in a slightly more favorable hitting environment.

      2. Watching Sandberg in person, he reminded me a bit of Walding in that he just looks the part but leaves you wondering how he isn’t doing much better. I saw him early on in the season though when he was struggling. But he had a good swing and just looked like he would be a good baseball player.

        Granted I’m not anything close to a scout unless it we were talking hockey.

        1. Daniel…great analogy. I hope that’s where the similarities end, although Walding played well over the last 30-60 days of the season.

    2. Mora certainly seems more suited for second base. He’s not flashy and makes the plays he’s supposed to make. You don’t really notice him defensively until a ball clangs off his glove or he short-arms a throw to first.

      Any discussion of Jesse Valentin is probably premature. He wasn’t activated until late in the season, and I don’t know if/where he worked out prior to his activation. He seemed a little thick around the middle when he returned. He had to compete for the position according to Coach Legg. It appears he “won” the job based on how many games he started (or Legg received “direction” from above to play him every day so they could assess his progress). Anyway, he played better than I could have reasonably expected under the circumstances.

  4. This Reading team is definitely special. You can tell the playoffs are huge for these kids, too. Just making it here has to be huge for their confidence and mental development. It should set them up perfectly for Lehigh Valley next season. Can’t wait to watch some of these guys on local TV and hopefully catch a few games.

    I mentioned it already but don’t you think Art Charles hitting a HR in such a key situation has to be big for his confidence? Here’s a guy who is known entirely as a power prospect who has not hit for power, and he hits a huge HR in a championship series at a level above where he played most of the season.

    I love that we have more depth at most every position than we have in years. Especially pitching. Remember when we traded for Rosario entirely because he threw hard? Now we’ve got multiple guys who do, both with the big club and in our system.

    1. Ya, didn’t mention Charles before but he looked good playing every third or fourth day at 1st for the first half of the season. I’m hoping he will be their regular 1st baseman next year and who knows????

      1. I think the curtain has finally fallen on Big Art. With everyone moving up, Stassi, Hoskins, Martin, and the kid from Williamsport, There’s really no room for him. I wouldn’t want him taking 1 AB from Hoskins, or any of those guys for that matter.

        1. See this is where our philosophies completely contradict each other. I don’t think you give up on a power prospect before he turns 25. Especially not when he starts showing you something. That HR he hit could have very well been a fluke but the situation it came in should not be downplayed or ignored. He stepped up when his team needed him most, in a tie game. I think you give him one last year and if by some miracle he rakes and earns a promotion to AAA and a September call up, you now have a guy who can platoon with Ruf short term instead of Howard.

          If not, you cut him or trade him if there’s any interest. Either way, you have another potential big bat in the system for another year.

            1. So let me flesh this out so I’m not accused of just being “mean.” Art Charles had a .671 OPS (with a .215 batting average) as a 24 year-old first baseman prospect in the best hitting league in the Phillies’ system. This ineptitude is further underscored by the fact that he actually had a fairly hot start this year, showing that, once the league knew how to pitch him, he effectively stopped hitting altogether. He is very luck to have a job and he is a terrible prospect, evidenced by the team’s reluctance to put him in the line-up the second half of the year. The notion that he would ever be on the Phillies, no less play for them this year, is beyond absurd. It’s literally a 1,000 to 1 shot and would entail Art Charles becoming a wholesale different player – essentially, he needs a miracle to become a major leaguer and I don’t see that happening.

            2. I have to ask myself – why do you take positions like this? Suggesting Art Charles is a good prospect (or “deserves a shot” – which is saying the same thing because it makes no sense to a “bad” prospect a shot) or that the Barry Zito contract was a good contract (not because of his actual performance levels mind you, but because of the psychic effect he had on other prospects). And then you get all defensive and strident when people attack you on these wild positions. I wonder whether you are just making all of this up and just trying to yank our collective strings and don’t actually believe many of the things you are saying.

            3. That’s pretty much exactly what I said but feel free to make a fool of yourself by acting like not only are you contradicting me but “schooling” me.


            4. And you know what I wonder? Who on God’s green Earth you are that you think you’re such an expert despite never once proving it.

              You ever see me talking about “us” or “we” or “our”? No. Not ever. Yet it’s all I ever see you dudes do, like this is some junior high stuff. I make comments, no different than you, and I stand behind them myself… not as part of some unimportant collective that just stumbled upon this site when the big club started winning.

          1. Well, for starters, the homerun did not come when the game was tied, Stassi’s homerun broke the tie, not his. If you keep him around next year, you’re taking time away from Hoskins and therefore dismissing what he’s done. Compare his and Hoskins numbers and Hoskins is 2 years younger.

          2. Nor should a single home run be trumped up to be much more than it really is – a single home run.

            And, just out of curiosity, what return do you think Art Charles would fetch in a trade?

      2. We have some great, good, and okay prospects at Reading – Art Charles, frankly, is not one of the good or even okay prospects. He’s really an org guy at this point. Stassi is a little above that, but Stassi is way old for Reading – not sure if he even gets a cup of coffee.

        1. And I disagree with you. You speak your opinion, and I speak mine. If you have a problem with that, go start your own blog where nobody will ever disagree with you.

          1. Enlighten me. I gave you statistics and a rational argument. Go and make a rational argument. “It’s my opinion” is just a statement – it’s not an argument. Make your point.

            1. You actually didn’t make a rational argument. I don’t think you know what that word means but like to throw it around, as well as “logic” and “evidence”. You relied entirely on statistics and absolute statements that you never seen to want challenged.

              And that’s what I disagree with. You’re not an expert. Your opinion is not fact. It is asinine for you to make these absolute statements based on your own personal philosophy that is based entirely on statistics. You flat out don’t know until the end result. Period. THAT is logic and reason.

            2. I give up. In baseball, all we have as predictive tools are statistics and scouting reports and personal observations. None of these things mitigate in favor of Art Charles as a possible major leaguer. A baseball fan who utterly disregards statistics. You are hopeless. Statistics are the rational embodiment of performance.

            3. Funny you mention crossing the line Patty (does this annoy you? I hope so), I have been blogging on this site for 9 years – I’ve never been in a hot dispute with anybody that roughly approached this. You, however, in the last 2 weeks seem to have had similar fights with lots of other people to the point where your posts are being blocked and removed.

              I was attacking your reasoning, logic and your approach and you took it personally – that’s your problem. I was not attacking you as a person and I still am not mad at you as a person. If you want to hate on me, go ahead.

            4. If I may jump in, I think you made a good argument, my problem with your argument, Catch, was that you included negative comments about TrueP – and I personally don’t find that additive.

          2. As for arriving when the club started winning – I started posting here consistently when the site was formed. You just started posting here in earnest over the last few weeks from what I can tell.

            1. Try 2007.

              So you’re one of the few here who has actually been commenting since around the time I started. I don’t know why then, you act exactly like the ones who did in fact stumble onto this site when the big club started winning.

          3. Honestly, I just view this as baseball discussion. I don’t agree with you – at all – but in the scheme of life, none of this matters in the slightest. If you were here, I would shake your hand, tell you I’m sorry for making you so angry and buy you a beer. Not because I think you’re right but because none of this is worth hurting somebody’s feelings over. I’ll bury the hatchet now if you want – I just think it’s best for everyone that I do not respond to your posts.

            If you want it to be over, it’s over by me. I’ve got real _hit to worry about in my life; and this is not one of them and it’s not going to become one of them.

            1. I said what I meant – I’m sorry you viewed my disagreeing with your positions to be disrespectful. I’m burying the hatchet – I’m sorry for offending you.

            2. It wasn’t a false apology. It was a real apology. I did not mean to be disrespectful to you or hurt your feelings – I understand, having reviewing my comments, how things came off as a personal attack and I am sorry for that. I am being as polite and humble as I can be and this is over as far as I’m concerned. I would hope you would be kind enough and respectful enough to accept my apology rather than to continue to argue with me – I am trying to end this politely.

      3. The 2016 Reading Phillies’ starting 1B job should and, barring injury, will belong to Rhys Hoskins. Hoskins is a legit prospect; Charles is not any kind of prospect.

        1. And I disagree. You need more than just starters or big time prospects on any roster. If there’s room for him then there is, and if there isn’t then there isn’t. The system might be deep right now but not 25 guys deep.

            1. Okay first of all, you’re the one disagreeing with my original comment on Art Charles. I never said anything other than I don’t think you write off a power prospect before he turns 25, especially when he finally starts to show something. That was a huge HR in a big situation. Regardless of how some want to see things, players are human. They don’t become these mythological, cool as a cucumber sports gods until they have mentally reached that point. They are much more susceptible to highs and lows before that, in any sport. Sometimes something finally clicks and sometimes it doesn’t. Numbers will not explain things like that. It’s something you just see. If that was the case last night, it would be a mistake to not give this kid another year. If it wasn’t, then it wasn’t.

              What I disagree with is your speaking in absolutes about something that is never absolute. Never underestimate the power of winning in the postseason at any level, either. For that kid, that moment had to have felt like he finally broke through and did something big, like he had finally made it. Maybe that means something in his development, and maybe it doesn’t. I just don’t like writing a player off before it’s officially time to.

            2. Art Charles is an org guy – he’s not a real prospect.

              Where is he going to play? He’s not going to play first at Reading – Rhys Hoskins, a real prospect – is going to play there. He is not going to play first at Lehigh Valley because Stassi is probably going to play there.

              He’s an org guy – a guy you play because you don’t have a real prospect at the position and you need to field a team – so he may get some at bats next year at DH and in games Hoskins doesn’t play.

              Is it possible that, suddenly, Art Charles morphs into something else? Sure it’s POSSIBLE, but the odds are truly remote. Maybe he plays because they don’t have another guy, but the second there’s a better option, Art Charles is gone.

          1. catch…TP:
            Agree to disagree…let it go.
            Thru the years been too many confrontations over rather minute things that people tend to regret later.

            1. Agreed – it’s not worth it – no matter what I say it won’t change his views in any event. It’s just baseball, he can have whatever opinion he wants.

            2. Been trying to do that this whole time. I don’t waste my time with grandstanding online the way some other people seem to.

            3. Views and opinions that are every bit as valid as yours. And I’m not going to accept you snarkily saying or even implying otherwise.

            4. With all due respect, you are entitled to have whatever views you want and I’m glad you follow the Phillies, their prospects and like baseball. But not all opinions are equally valid – sorry, that’s just a false statement.

            5. It’s false that I’m just a numbers guy. I value scouting reports and my own personal observations as well. So, please don’t give me the “you just don’t get the non-statistical stuff” response – I’ve watched baseball almost every day during the season for 44 years (1971) – I think I know what I’m watching out there, in fact, based in large part on my personal observations, I became a huge supporter of Altherr this spring while he was still in Reading and have been arguing with v1Again about Eflin based on my personal observations and scouting reports even though V1 has downplayed his performance due to his statistical strikeout numbers and my point was that, due to my observations, I viewed those numbers (while important) not to be determinative because, based on his stuff and his command, he could develop a strikeout pitch – and I think time is proving me right.

            6. Yeah, but that problem with that is that there is nothing about Art Charles from a scouting perspective that suggests that the statistics are not entirely accurate and predictive.

  5. I think tonight is the last night to catch the Reading Phils unless you want to go to Bowie MD which is not out of the question for some of us. Yes it has been a lot of fun this year in Reading. As I told Jim down in Clearwater in early March, Reading will help me to not get depressed over the major league team. Its been a while that we have had so many upper level prospects on 1 team. What is the timeline for these guys? Here’s my guesses.

    Stassi – I agree with the comment yesterday that if he could play in the OF and put up numbers for the Pigs it would increase his potential top play MLB. He is still a long shot but I don’t think he can be ignored at this point. LHV next year and maybe with another torrid year a call up at some point to see what he can do during another AAAA season in Philly.

    Mora – Some good discussion above. Like many of the Reading guys he seems to be peaking this season at the right time. Another season at Reading and lets see if he can continue. I like Hernandez but it would be good to get an upgrade there by 2018.

    Crawford – Again a lot written and I agree. Whether he starts in Reading or LHV my hope is he plays himself for a Phils call up in August of Sept.

    Martinez – Again whether for Reading or LHV lets give him another shot to play a full season. He did not play much in the first half while they experimented with Pierre (who is now pitching somewhere). He is the biggest long shot in the lineup, but he has been playing well when regular.

    Cozens – Full season in Reading but if he rakes………

    Quinn – Another injury slows things but with Herrera doing well in Philly no need to rush. Another season in Reading with promotion to LHV if healthy and doing well.

    Williams – LHV with a move to Phils at end of the season if he continues.

    Thompson – LHV with call up assuming he does well

    Eflin – Same

    Lively – I’d start him in Reading move LHV if he does well and who knows from there, assuming the Phils will be mixing and matching next year as well.

    Martin – He’s starting tonight so………..?

    Pivetta – He is still a work in progress so he could go in any direction I think, but obviously Reading and hopefully he can have a better year.

    Rolaids guys – Who knows with the mixing and matching that will happen next year.

    Windle is probably the biggest mystery, but the rest of the team is pretty exciting. Just going to enjoy the next 2-4 games. Go Phitins!!!!!

    1. Stassi has seen time in the outfield. In fact, when he was with Clearwater in 2013, I thought he was an outfielder first who hit his way into the line up at first base.

      For all the talk of his being to old for the EL, Stassi is only 6/10 of a year older than the average of all batters in the league, but a full year older than the average for all pitchers in the league.

      1. As a side note, Stassi , with his brother Max’s suggestion and a new hitting instructor, changed his hitting approach over the last off-season ….and the results paid off for him.

      2. I’ve personally never considered 25 too old for Reading, especially if you were drafted out of college. I do think if you don’t make it there by then that you’re not even going to be a bench player though. Ruf was in Reading at 25, Rizotti I believe as well, Susdorf I think, and now Stassi and possibly HMart or Charles. I doubt any of those guys becomes anything more than a bench player or “cup of coffee” type but there’s value in that. Every man on a roster is important in one way or another.

        1. Rizzotti made it to Reading and put up a 1.08 OPS at age 24. He made it to AAA that year but didn’t hit in SSS and the Phillies returned him to Reading for his age 25 season. He never did hit above AA and was out of baseball at age 26. Susdorf indeed hit Reading at age 25. He put up a .906 OPS, but wasn’t much of a power guy — great OBP though and he was a decent corner OF. He returned to Reading the next year and wasn’t nearly as good, really ever again although he had some other .900 OPS performances earlier in his career. You are again correct that Ruf hit Reading at age 25. He also had a much higher OPS than Stassi at 1.028. Although he made it to the major leagues, Ruf has been a fairly marginal major leaguer. Stassi played all of his age 24 season in Reading. It’s just that he hit very poorly.

          1. I remember. I remember the debates over Rizotti and that he got traded or cut after that big year.

            I think Ruf was a different animal. He was a legit power hitter like they hoped Art Charles would be when they traded for him. Those other guys were just hitters. Rizotti I think would have been a solid bench player and nothing more. Sort of like what Conine was for us in ’06 or Sweeney in I believe ’09?

      3. I am not a believer in ‘league average age’. There are a lot of older org players. If you are arguing that a guy might be a legit prospect, then you have to compare his age to the average of prospects in that league. As an OF, Stassi might have a chance to be a 5th OF if his defense is okay in one of the corners. I just don’t see him as even a chance prospect as an MLB 1B. I look at all the over-age Reading wonders we have seen in recent years and Stassi’s stats are not as good as theirs were. Stassi gets to bet he starting Allentown 1b next season and we’ll see what happens there, but really this season at Reading was Stassi’s first good year with the bat and an .864 OPS at Reading just isn’t good enough for a legit 1B prospect. This was Stassi’s repeat year at Reading. Last season was his age-appropriate year and he put up an OPS of only .629 was awful for a 1B. Going back to prior seasons, he has never had even a good OPS for a 1B.

        1. But where do you get a metric/stat with ‘age by prospect status’.?
          I guess you can go thru all 30 teams and their top 30s and start tabulating and purging…..but that is so labor intensive.

          1. Catch really. you would waste your time answering someone on Charles being a prospect, I Cant believe you would do that. its silly to even discuss a non prospect like Charles.

            1. And you love to oblige his hyping the situation up, huh…

              Be a man in what you do. You see me throwing out catty little digs at you? No, so stop doing it at me. I’ve been a lot nicer in saying that than I have to be.

          2. Yeah, it wouldn’t be quick or easy. You could do it with a few years of when top-30 guys first had a productive AA season or you could do the same for current major league players. To be fair, just consider top-30 guys and major leaguers who were college kids. For the Phillies start of season:
            Ruf — 25
            Howard — 24
            Utley — skipped AA, put up good numbers in AAA at age 23
            Asche — 22 and put up about same OPS as Stassi did this year
            Rupp — 24, but only a .784 OPS, but then again he is a catcher

        2. I don’t think he even fits the mold of a 1B. He’s built a lot more like an outfielder. I do think he could be a solid bench player though, maybe. Have to see what he does at AAA.

  6. For whatever reason, some guys have career years in the minors and can’t repeat it. Ruf had his one monster year, and Rizzotti too. The question is whether Stassi, the legit MVP this year, can back up this year with another year just like it at LHV. If he can, he’ll hit his way up to Philly, regardless of his age. If he falls back and has another so-so year, he’ll be labeled a minor league guy hoping for a cup of coffee. Its a tough business but that’s the reality for him. If he plays more OF next year as I expect it will increase his value but it will depend on his hitting. He had an unbelievable year for Reading this season. He seemed to get every big hit the team needed. You have to root for the guy, what an underdog story.
    As for big Art, he seems like a really good guy and he has terrific power but he has so many holes in his swing that I don’t expect him back next year. At Reading next year, I think Hoskins will be at 1B and Pullin/A Brown/Quinn/Cozens will produce the DH each night. Unless Quinn goes to LHV and then maybe Pointer will stick around.

    1. It was a bit more than that. You said the Phillies should not give up on Charles and should give him another year, and suggested that if Charles did well in 2016 he could potentially get called up to the Phillies in September 2016.

      No one has said you are high on Charles, but this mere suggestion indicates that you are more hopeful about Charles than pretty much everyone else on this board.

  7. Over on the other channel, Crashburn Alley, C Landrey has a great article today about Jerad Eickhoff and his pitch selections…plenty of metrics to verify.

  8. I know there’s been a lot of discussion about bringing guys up from Reading after the championship but personally the only guys I’d like to see get called up are Cordero and maybe Stassi if there’s an opportunity for him. I think Cordero getting a shot to pitch in MLB situations would be good for him, and that bullpen even with the fresh arms is still being overworked by McKanin. Then you make it clear getting sent down to begin the season is because he’s still got a lot of work to put in and to keep his head on right and do it.

    1. I doubt any will get the call. My wish was for Thompson to start the last game just so we could see him but it’s unlikely. More likely is that the entire team will be brought to Philly and be celebrated one night. They’ll be feted and get to see everything and maybe give some interviews

      1. Barring any injuries for a player on the current 40, don’t they have to be on the 40 prior to Sept 1st to get called up now?

  9. ETHAN MARTIN REALLY then Joey Rodriguez Surprise Reading losing game 2. Knapp has a homer it better be Thompson or Lively tommorrow.

  10. I can’t believe I had to spend 10 minutes scrolling past a 25+ post argument to get to anything worthwhile.

    Guys, please keep this blog positive and encouraging. The Phillies farm system is awesome to follow right now, and for the comment section to get bogged down with people arguing about whether or not they are arguing, it really detracts from the quality of the site, and makes it seem like a comment section.

    I love this site and I love reading the comments, and it would be nice if I can keep saying that in the future.

  11. Should Thompson and/or Williams have 3 good months at Lehigh Valley starting ’16, then bringing them up to the bigs would be appropriate and get a start on their MLB careers while encouraging fans that a future does exist for this franchise. No need to wait until Sept ’16.
    In the meantime the big club will have other newbies– Nola leading the group–with Altherr, Sweeney, and Eickieff …fresh blood.
    And, there is an outside chance that Crawford will make the team in the latter part of ’16…which is why they are sending him to the AFL in a hurry-up mode.

  12. Alec Asher may need more seasoning at LHV next season.
    Marlon Anderson says he needs to make a distinction to himself if he is going to be a 4A pitcher or a MLB pitcher in his future.

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