Playoffs Box Score Recap – 9/10/2015

Williamsport (46-30) ran into the same kind of tough pitching that stymied the Threshers this week.  The Crosscutters lost a close game against West Virginia Black Bears 2-1 and fell behind in the best of three series.  

Alejandro Arteaga pitched well for five innings.  He gave up two runs (one unearned) on six hits and a walk.  He struck out six.  Three Cutters’ relievers shut the Bears down over the final three innings on two hits and a walk.  But West Virginia’s pitchers were even better.  Dario Agrazal held the Cutters to one run in 6.2 innings on five hits and a walk.  He struck out five.  Tate Scioneaux faced the final eight batters and gave up one hit while also striking out five.

West Virginia scored first on a solo home run in the second inning.  Williamsport got runners into scoring position twice in the first five innings, but couldn’t come up with a key hit.  In the fifth inning, the Bears loaded the bases with one out on two singles and a fielding error by Josh Tobias.   The Cutters got a double play on a fly out to Zach Coppola, unfortunately the runner scored before the tag at third.

The Crosscutters closed the gap to one run in the seventh when pinch hitter William Cuicas’ sacrifice fly brought home Venn Biter who had reached on a lead off triple.  The bullpens prevented any further scoring.

Williams port collected six hits.  Tobias and Biter each went 2-4.  Mark Laird and Brendon Hayden had the team’s other two hits.  Jan Hernandez went 0-4 with 3 strike outs.  Biter’s triple was their only XBH.  Coppola had two outfield assists.  He also threw out a runner at second trying to stretch a single.

Game two of the best of three series will be played on Friday at Susquehanna Bank Park. RHP Franklyn Kilome v. RHP Bret Helton.

Reading (80-61)  Rained out.  Game two Thursday in Binghamton.  Jake Thompson (5-1, 1.80 in 7 starts for Reading) v. Robert Gsellman (7-7, 3.51 in 16 AA starts).  Game three has been pushed back to Saturday at 7:05 pm at First Energy Stadium.  Fans holding tickets to Game Three/Game A will now be able to use their tickets for Saturday’s game between the Fightins and B-Mets per press release on Reading’s web page.

Lehigh Valley (63-81)  Finished fifth in their division.

Clearwater (79-58)  Finished first in their division both halves.  Best overall league record. Eliminated in best-of-three divisional series 2-0 by Daytona Tortugas.

Lakewood (73-65)  Finished in the second place in their division (2nd half).  Third best overall record in their division, fourth best in the league.

GCL Phillies (36-24)  Finished in second place, four games back.

DSL Phillies (40-32)  Finished tied for second place, three games back.

VSL Phillies (30-40)  Finished tied for third in a four team league.

Here’s the affiliated scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • No player transactions.

63 thoughts on “Playoffs Box Score Recap – 9/10/2015

  1. The difference tonight was defense. The pitcher for West Virginia had shut them down a week ago. Arteaga was good also. The infield defense was the difference. Let’s see if that can improve.

          1. no one thinks he hates Rhys. there are many other reasonable explanations. keep in mind, these national guys have a lot of prospects to keep an eye on. but the people who watch him regularly don’t make that statement and his stats don’t support it.

            1. Well, I haven’t seen a Scouting report from anybody who has seen him regularly. (Matt Winks doesn’t live in Florida)

              I just don’t know what the reasoning would be for Baseball America to just “make up” a flaw for a player. A question was asked by a Phillies fan, and the guy answered the guys question during a chat. Now people are mad because his response wasn’t positive.

            2. – people get confused.
              – especially when they are put on the spot in a live chat.
              – scouts are often wrong.
              – some scouts only watch one game.

              many different reasonable scenarios why he is flat out wrong that don’t include him hating Rhys.

            3. v1….didn’t he say he hasn’t personally seen him, but relied on his regional staff’s inputs.
              Maybe he was using Gus Lobel’s inputs! 🙂

            4. It’s possible that the scouting report the BA guy cited was a little old, maybe from the beginning of this year or last year even. I remember when Hoskins was drafted, one of the things I read about him was that he didn’t have great bat speed and that would seem to go hand-in-hand with fastball troubles. Or maybe the scout caught him at a bad time. It happens.

              Still, there’s no reason to ignore or belittle the report; maybe there’s some truth to it. Just factor it in along with other reports (like the one Matt posted) and his performance. When he’s in AA next year, he should get some more eyes on him and we’ll have more information to draw from.

            5. @ Handzuz. Now that IS reasonable. He could be mentioning something that is old and is no longer applicable. I never read anything about a slow bat from Hoskins. Always read plus bat speed.
              But that isn’t what the guy said. He didn’t say “Can’t catch-up to average fastballs.”. He said, “Swings through average fastballs”. For me, that means he misses fastballs he should hit, if he’s not sitting on them.

            6. again, we are talking about fastballs. the pitch that every hitter sees 70% of the time. if he had a weakness to “average fastballs” he would get peppered with fastballs. he would have a high k rate, a low walk rate and a low batting average and demonstrate no in game power. all of those are the opposite of what we see. there is literally no flags raised in any stat that suggests he struggles with the pitch he sees the large majority of the time.

            7. The one person I trust in scouting Rhys Hoskins and his swing is Jim Peyton.
              I am willing to bet he has seen him bat over 200 times in the last three months.
              And sees quite a few prospects to make comparable evaluations.
              Also there is Baseball Ross who is there in the stands every game…though Ross can be a bit more enthusiastically biased and ever-the-top with Phillies prospects.
              But Jim’s take on him has bearing with me.

            8. If he feels he is as knowledgeable as a scout, and can visually recognize the difference between average, below average and above average fastballs, Jim’s opinion would be greatly welcomed. Negative or Positive, its another piece of data.

            9. @Anon Dude, don’t insult the person running the site. He’s the best person it’s had since James. By far. Though like I said gregg was always great.

        1. Well, let’s not get carried away with the BP scouting report. 50-hit, 50-power aren’t exactly earth-shattering acknowledgments of Hoskins’ hitting skills. Everyone seems to look at that and say that this contradicts the BA comment and is a positive report on Hoskins, but average hit and average power, to go with awful speed and average D, doesn’t get you a plus MLB 1B.

  2. Saw a couple Phillies related items on KLaws chat wrap

    Bob: I saw a piece recently discussing the advancement of Aaron Nola’s curveball, does this raise his ceiling … or just help him reach it?
    KLaw: Got a great report on that from the other night, too…If that’s the swing and miss pitch been lacking, then it would raise his ceiling. As a general rule, curveballs don’t have the same potential for improvement as sliders; you might improve your command of a curveball, but its shape is determined so much by your hand and wrist that it’s hard for it to get materially better.

  3. Bob: In your opinion, who will have a better career, JP Crawford or Corey Seager
    KLaw: Seager over Crawford primarily due to offense, but I think both are longtime stars

  4. RJ: You don’t seem as high on Nick Williams as others. Do you still feel that way even after his great season, and crazy bat speed?
    KLaw: I don’t know or care what “others” say about a player. I’m only concerned with my own evaluation of him. His plate discipline is poor, as are his instincts. He’s got great hand-eye coordination (but not “crazy” bat speed – he’s not Baez or Frazier) and power, and it looks like that will play even if he lacks the less tangible tools.

    1. See that I can appreciate. Even if you disagree with something he says, you have to respect the fact that his analysis is his own. Interesting comments on Nola.

      1. That’s interesting because I was thinking the opposite. It seems weird to just ignore everyone else’s analysis. Someone else might see something he missed. I have no problem with Keith Law or any of his analysis of our players posted here, just thought it is odd to say you pay NO attention to anyone else’s analysis.

        1. I find it odd that you think I actually said any of that when I never did.

          I said I can respect that his analysis is his. Not just somebody regurgitating stats. He watches players rather than just making claims based on nothing like many who write about baseball these days tend to do.

    2. Keith Law is like the obnoxious specialist who is well informed but is as prickly as a porcupine which turns people off with his attitude and conduct.

      1. He does admit mistakes however…he admitted to the fact he overlooked Goldschmidt a few years ago.
        On his Seager vs Crawford analysis, I can see his point from an offensive side with Seager’s power potential, though I cannot see Seager sticking at ss since I think Peraza will eventually end up there.

  5. He’s a little cocky I wonder if cares what his boss says. Hand eye cord is a great tool to have he coming along fine.

  6. The Reading rainout has caused me to miss the game tonight that I was planning on going to in Reading. Bummer!!!
    ‘I’m looking forward to see how Kilome will do with a little more pressure on him. Also, I’m excited to follow the Reading team’s march to the Ship!

  7. From most recent BA podcast, paraphrasing John Manuel: ‘Hoskins had a great year… Good feel for hitting… He has a chance… Sort of a Darin Ruf part II, if you want a comp… A little better feel for hitting than Ruf, but not as athletic as Ruf… Bad body’

    1. More confusion for me……’not as athletic as Ruf… Bad body’’
      BP above has Hoskins as…….’chiseled’
      Now Ruf has learned to play LF, Hoskins may not be afforded that opportunity…so that may be part of the athletic comparison where they think Ruf is more athletic.
      The profiles on Hoskins are so varied.

        1. Exactly why I take every single one of them with a grain of salt and wait until I see a kid myself once he hits AAA or MLB. To me it’s insane to say Hoskins projects as Darin Ruf when Ruf took years to start hitting to his capabilities. We had written him off as a prospect before he had that record HR year at Reading. Ruf doesn’t hit for average, either. I think Ruf is capable of hitting 20+ HRs as an everyday player or at least was earlier in his career but that’s all he can really do. He strikes out a ton and always has, just like every other guy the Phillies drafted for power or athleticism back then. And it took Ruf how many years to get to Reading or even Clearwater?

          1. Except Ruf did put up good numbers in the lower minors in every stop, except his first half-season at CLW. He also always hit for average, until he hit AAA and MLB. Through Reading, Ruf’s minor league BAs were .326, .301, .330, .277, .308, .317, with enough walks to have OBPs of .400, .377, .443, .335, .388, .408. It is too soon to know whether Hoskins will do any better than Ruf did in OBP and BA in AAA and MLB. The big difference Ruf vs Hoskins is that Hoskins is going through the minors at a year younger pace than Ruf did. Basically, Ruf started in GCL his first year, then had the same stops in years 2 and 3 as Hoskins has had in years 1 and 2. That’s a big plus for Hoskins.

            1. I stand corrected. It was his power that wasn’t there. That’s why he was written off as a prospect by pretty much all of us before 2012.

      1. Plus the other report had Hoskins arm as a 60 Ruf arm is not a 60. I’d rather have a report Besty , Jim, or Matt people who seen him more then once .

  8. Willams k 9 is 19.3 which is good . Mlb has him with really fast hands and wrist. So it depends on what sight you look at.

    1. Definitely impressed with Kilome’s line considering he’s mostly potential right now. Really cannot wait to see how he does next season.

    2. Reading’s top 6 of Williams-JPC-Knapp-Stassi-Perkins-Cozens can do some damage to any pitchers. The Fightin’ Phils should finish those lousy Mets in GM 3 coz GMs 4 and 5 with Joely and E Martin can give them some very scary moments.

  9. If you want a “lights out” guy, we need to look at Thompson, Jake, RHP. Yes, tonight he threw a complete game 3 hitter w one BB and 7 Ks. Again, he is only 21. With the way he’s been going, he could be a spring training candidate to go up to Philly as one of the 25.

    It seems he’d caught the “Reading Effect”…guys who take off once they hit Reading, i.e., Knapp, Cozens, Williams. All of them look like Lehigh Valley in ’16 unless Thompson comes to Philly. Together with Nola the duo should be heading the staff in ’16 sometime.

    Also, take note: Thompson was a beast in High School HITTING!. a .500 BA, plenty of HRs and other extra base hits. So, he can try pinch hitting sometime in his career.(Wow!) The Giants have used MadBum as a pinch hitter…

    Check out Thompson !!!

    1. It’s only AA though. Wait to at least see what he does at AAA before deciding on his future. There are at least major league hitters at that level.

    2. There is no reason to rush Thomson – none. He should continue to develop at AAA and be promoted only when he consistently dominates at that level. And stop with the complete games – all this development isn’t worth a damned thing if he ruins his arm before he makes the majors – the Reading manager has made it a habit this year of pitching guys past their point of exhaustion – fireable offenses if you ask me.

  10. Depends on what he does in late spring training when the reg are batting. That’s a long time away he still might have 1 more start in the playoffs.

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