Box Score Recap – 7/29/2015

MLB Tonight confirmed that the Phillies traded Cole Hamels to the Texas Rangers.  The details announced were Hamels, Jake Diekman, and cash considerations to the Rangers.  The Phillies receive Rangers #4 RHP Jake Thompson (#60 on Top 100), #5 OF Nick Williams (#64 on Top 100), #6 C Jorge Alfaro (#69 on Top 100, #2 Catcher), #17 RHP Jerad Eickhoff, major league LHP Matt Harrison, and minor league RHP Alec Asher.  This could seriously upgrade the system, since the Phillies will have 6 prospects in the top 99.

Clearwater (59-45) closed out their series against the Bradenton Marauders with a 6-3 victory to earn a series split. Brandon Leibrandt (7-2, 2.88) gave up 2 runs in 5 innings on 3 hits and 2 walks. He ran some deep counts and threw 82 pitches before being lifted. Leibrandt also picked off a runner at second. Jesen Therrien retired the first 6 batters he faced but gave up an unearned after commiting an error to open the 8th inning. Miguel Nunez pitched a perfect 9th for his second save.

After falling behind early, the Threshers scored single runs in each of the middle innings before stretching their lead to 4 in the 7th inning. Andrew Pullin put them on the board with his 11th HR in the 4th inning. Dylan Cozens closed out the scoring with his 5th HR in the 7th inning. Cozens remains on a tear since his return from the DL. He went 4-4, scored 2 runs, hit 2 doubles in addition to his HR, drove in 2 runs, and raised his average to .285.

Carlos Tocci (.313) went 2-5. Malquin Canelo went 2-5 with an RBI. Andrew Pullin (.264) went 1-5 with a HR and RBI. Rhys Hoskins (.289) went 1-4 with a double and RBI. Wilson Garcia went 2-4 with an RBI.

Lehigh Valley (47-58) lost to the Scranton RailRiders 9-4.  Sean O’Sullivan.  Well, that about covers the pitching.

The ‘Pigs faced Luis Sevirino who pitched 6 innings, gave up 1 hit, walked no one, hit a batter, struck out ten, and somehow gave up 3 unearned runs.  In fact all 4 runs the Pigs scored were unearned.  Pretty good on a night they were 3-hit.

Aaron Altherr (.301) went 0-3 with 2 runs scored and a HBP.  Tyler Henson had 2 hits.  Brian Bogusevic had the other hit.

Reading (56-48) beat the Erie SeaWolves 9-8 on a walkoff single by Destin Hood.  Ben Lively got knocked around pretty good in his 5 innings but left with a lead that Tom Windle was unable to hold.  Stephen Snackleford picked up the win, his third.

J.P. Crawford was given the night off and Angelo Mora moved up to the leadoff spot.  Kelly Dugan slipped down to Crawford’s #2 slot.  This paid dividends as the Phils mustered a 13-hit attack, and all but Catcher Rene Garcia logged a hit.

Mora (.333) went 3-5 with a double, triple, and 2 RBI.  Dugan (.317) went 1-5 with 3 K.  Cam Perkins (.263) went 1-4 with a HR (11) and 2 RBI (44).  Brock Stassi (.316) went 1-5 with a triple and 2 RBI (68).  Andrew Knapp (.337) went 2-3 with a double and 2 BB.  Destin Hood (.293) went 2-5 with a double, 2 RBI, and 3 K.  Harold Martinez (.303) went 2-4 with an RBI.

Lakewood (52-48) No game scheduled.

Williamsport (25-13) lost to the Lowell Spinners 10-7.  Franklyn Kilome was lifted with one out and the bases loaded in the fourth.  Kilome had reached 61 pitches and is only recently returned from a rib cage strain that caused him to miss a couple starts.  Skylar Hunter allowed 2 inherited runners to score plus 4 of his own.  The Cutters fought back to tie only to have Kenny Koplove concede 3 runs in the top of the ninth.

Mark Laird (.264) went 3-5.  Josh Tobias (.301) went 3-4 with a double, walk, and RBI.  Jesus Posso went 2-4 with a double, HR (3), and 2 RBI.  Austin Bossart (.368) went 2-5 with a double and RBI.

GCL Phillies (20-11) lost to the GCL Tigers 2-1.  Bailey Falter pitched four, 2-hit, shutout innings.  Edgar Garcia followed with four, 2-hit, one-run innngs.  He struck out 8 Tigers.  Victor Delgado also gave up 2-hits and a run, but they came in one-third of an innng and gave the Tigers a walkoff win.

The Phillies managed 5 hits and a walk.  Rodolfo Duran drove in their lone run with a sac fly in the third inning.  Jonathan Arauz (.265) went 0-4.  Cornelius Randolph (.284) went 0-4.  Luis Encarnacion (.255) went 2-2 with a walk.  Bryan Martelo (.276) went 1-3.  Jose Antequera (.261) went 1-3 with a double.

DSL Phillies (28-23) beat the DSL Royals 4-0.  Joel Cabrera pitched a 6-hit, complete game shutout.  Ronaldo Marrero (.277) went 1-3 with a HR (1) and 3 RBI.

VSL Phillies (27-36) beat the VSL Cubs 8-2. Sergio Velis (4-2, 1.16) pitched 6 innings of 2-hit ball.  Lenin Rodriguez (.251) went 1-3 with a double, walk, and 2 RBI.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • RHP Nick Pivetta assigned to Reading Fightin Phils.

38 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 7/29/2015

  1. All we need is 3 to workout best wishes to Hamels welcome all the players from Texas. Why we gave up Diekman is anyone’s guess. This should give the Phillies better cap room. I really don’t know who’s next maybe Francoeur , Brown Galvis, Hernandez and Howard and Williams the starting pitcher.

  2. I watched parts of the Reading game while working, it was just one of those kind of games where the ball was jumping off bats all day. It’s too bad Mora got picked off 2nd cause Perkins ended up hitting his HR 2 batters later.

    Not the best day for Dugan but Knapp was impressive once again, I think the announcers said he’s had a hit in every game he’s started but 1 since the call up.

    1. Cozens looks more like a hitter than he’s ever been. He’s big. He cut down his swing a little last year. He might be a guy who needs some time off in the middle of a season. He learns a lot from that time off and he applies it in games. I’ve always ranked Cozens and Zach Green at the same level but Green can’t stay healthy and is losing valuable time while Cozens goes off for a couple of weeks and comes back gritting his teeth and smashing the ball.

  3. Cozens is killing it, rising up prospect ranking lists. Speaking of which, new list will be interesting. Knapp has been terrific with the bat although reports of his defense haven’t been as good. Alfaro and knapp will have a nice race to Philly with Lino. Williams looks like a nice player although his splits look bad. Three 6’4″ pitchers coming, all with good fastballs but high era. Certainly more depth.

    1. Pivetta also 6’4″. Phillies mantra is the bigger and stronger 6’4″ pitcher it appears.
      Nola is the exception to the rule…rotation someday will be Nola and the Four Giants.

    1. Have to assume, as far as pitchers go, Thompson and maybe Pivetta, doubt it however (prox vs ceil), will now will be ahead of him.

    2. Among pitchers, if you exclude Nola, he is behind Thompson only. As for the whole top ten? Here is a guess:

      Nick Williams
      Jake Thompson
      Jorge Alfaro

      I might have forgotten someone…

      1. I just wrote a long post that didn’t take. My view of this trade is that it’s really good if Williams at least becomes a borderline star (I LOVE what I’m reading about him) and one of the other pitchers becomes a solid mid-rotation guy. I don’t expect much from Alfaro and am not entirely sure that Knapp won’t be the better player in the long run. If Alfaro becomes solid, so much the better and the depth couldn’t hurt.

        As for the pitchers, I like their size and I like the velocity, but it still sounds like the team is looking for pitch-to-contact type pitchers ground ball pitchers. Some of those guys are fine, but I’m a big, big fan of righties who can throw up in the zone – truly dominating pitchers. I know they aren’t easy to find – I get that, but I still don’t think the Phillies are pushing for that type of pitcher and it bothers me a little. The Mets righties aren’t so dominant because they pitch to contact – they are dominant because hitters can’t make contact. Give me that type of pitcher any day of the week over a ground ball guy. And the excuse that you can’t have that type of pitcher in CBP is ridiculous. I’ve seen tons of flamethrowers dominate in CBP. You can have fly ball pitchers there – what you can’t have is a fly ball pitcher who also walks a lot of guys.

        By the way, in disucssing these pitchers, I kind of remove Aaron Nola from the discussion – he’s just a different beast altogether. Seriously, he’s the closest thing to Greg Maddux I’ve ever seen in a young pitcher. He’s a keeper and will be fun to watch. He’s a 3 (at the very least) right now, and is almost certain to become at least a 2. I love him as a player.

      2. I have Pinto in my ten still, I like his arm, ahead of Kingery and Tocci. The list looks decent. I guess this list making will have to hold us for awhile now. Altherr and Cozens are close too.

    3. I’m being won over by the scouting reports. I definitely have him in the top 5. He’s a potential ace and those guys don’t grow on trees.

  4. Thing is, if Alfaro (or Knapp for that matter) isn’t the long term solution at catcher the Phils seek, they could probably be hidden in LF. I can’t speak for either guys athletic ability to take on such a switch (case in point Cody Asche) but i don’t think its out of the realm of possibility. Seems like both have bats that will play, Alfaro’s walk rate notwithstanding.

    It’s definitely a nice problem to have when you’ve potentially got multiple guys ready to fill the same role. A surplus down the road could help in trades as well once the rebuild is over.

    1. Colin,

      Apparently Alfaro is athletic and can play elsewhere.

      Knapp has gotten off to a great start at Reading, but let’s allow him some more ABs before deciding he’s over night become a much better hitter than he’s ever been before, including earlier this year. Regression to the mean might be more likely.

  5. While yesterday was an incredibly exciting and sad day, I think I am more shocked by Tocci hitting 313 at High A over 150 at bats. Cole Hamels deserved to be traded to a contender, and the Phillies deserved a kings ransom. Carlos Tocci hit 242 at lakewood last year, a jump to .318 on the year over almost 400 abs seems even crazier to me. Hopefully he takes another step forward this offseason and adds some more weight.

      1. Agreed which takes away from his career BABip close to .300. I couldn’t find the stats but would wonder if there was an increase in linedrives that could be attributable to it. Sorry I’ve been drinking a lot of Koolaid.

  6. The Phils really need Quinn to get healthy and resume his development. He needs more playing time to become good enough to challenge for a major league job. Due to the team’s construction, I really believe they need and want Quinn to become their lead off guy and CF of the future. I’m guessing that Williams will play more RF at Reading because the team has Randolph playing LF and that could be a future OF. First base is still unresolved but Hoskins and Martin (and Encarnacion and later Ortiz) will take their shots.

  7. 2018 Starting Lineup
    C: Knapp
    1B: Asche
    2B: Hernandez
    SS: Crawford
    3B: Franco
    LF: Williams
    CF: Quinn
    RF: Randolph
    Bench: Galvis, Tocci, Athlerr, Alfaro, Kingery

    Missed the cut: Canelo, Dugan, Brown, Grullon, Herrera, Lino, Rupp, Ruf, Sandberg

    2016 1st overall pick

    Giles (closer)

    1. Sam,

      You’re starting line up is as likely as anyone’s right now. I would be more apt to put Alfaro or Lino at catcher and a bigger bat at first base: Cousins, Hoskins, Martin, Randolph. If Randolph, then a position opens for Altherr, Herrera or someone else.

      1. Ashe at 1B, his bat would be the worst on baseball at 1b. Hernandez isn’t a starting 2B. Also their 2016 first round pick will (in my opinion and should) be Groome who at the earliest it would be the end of 2018 and that would be quick. There’s also never been a team who has had ALL homegrown guys.

            1. He could but I just like Groome better then anyone. Have heard from more then one scout that says he has more upside then Aiken did prior to injury/injury concerns. If you want to think even crazier I’ve heard Kershaw comps.

    2. Quinn CF
      Kingery 2B
      Crawford SS
      Franco 3B
      Hoskins 1B
      Williams LF
      Altherr RF
      Alfaro C

      Nola is the only pitcher on the current big club I can see being around in a few years (you could make a case for Morgan sticking as a crafty lefty). I’d imagine Thompson, Eflin, Pivetta and possibly Lively would be ready for a shot in Philly by 2018.

      I’ve got to admit, this is the best I’ve felt about a projected lineup consisting solely of prospects in a long time. Speed and hit tools at the top, power from the middle all the way to the 8 hole. Obviously, a lot of things need to break right for these guys to reach their potential, but this looks like a team that, with a few big $$ pitchers (plus prospects like Randoph, Kilome, 2016 first rounder, 2017 first rounder, Tocci, Arauz, etc. knocking on the door) would be retooled for a long run of success.

      1. That is the first time in years that I’ve seen an entirely “home grown” future lineup that looks like it could really be decent. Of course it won’t play out exactly like that, but it’s certainly a sign that the organization has a better foundation than it has in a while.

  8. Asche will be on bench or traded and Kingery may be your 2B. There will be a FA signing at 1B, at the very least, and probably a SP as well. But, at least that lineup looks like fun. I agree on Quinn, and hope he has a great year next year. I also want to see the development over the next year of Williams and Corny. They could both be really good.

      1. Even if they don’t buy out the final year after 2016 (which they will), Howard will still be a UFA in 2018.

  9. Lehigh Valley IronPigs sent C Tommy Joseph on a rehab assignment to GCL Phillies.

    Lehigh Valley IronPigs placed RHP Severino Gonzalez on the 7-day disabled list retroactive to July 28, 2015. right bicep strain

    RHP Chris Leroux assigned to Lehigh Valley IronPigs from Reading Fightin Phils.

    Jesmuel Valentin assigned to Clearwater Threshers from Williamsport Crosscutters.

    Luis Espiritu, Jr. assigned to GCL Phillies from Clearwater Threshers.

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