Box Score Recap – 6/24/2015

Lehigh Valley (29-45) beat the Bufalo Bisons 5-4.  Nola won.

Reading (37-34) lost to the Akron RubberDucks 4-0. Leiter lost.

Clearwater (37-33) swept the Daytona Torguas and won the FSL North first half.  Sorry, all me energy went into these games and this story.  I got nuthin’ left for the box score report.  Read about the Champion Threshers here.

Lakewood (33-35)  All Star break until Thursday when TBD pitches.

Williamsport (6-0) beat the West Virginia Black Bears 2-1 in 15 innings.  Lots of good pitching here.  Some Cutters will probably be on the Threshers playoff roster come September.

GCL Phillies (1-0) postponed.

DSL Phillies (11-9) postponed.

VSL Phillies (14-19) beat the VSL Rays 3-2.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • placed 2B Chase Utley on the 15-day disabled list. Right ankle inflammation
  • Philadelphia Phillies recalled Darin Ruf from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • RHP Phillippe Aumont elected free agency.
  • Gustavo Martinez assigned to Lakewood BlueClaws from Williamsport Crosscutters.



66 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 6/24/2015

  1. Watched Nola, he was sailing along until the 8th, before that he barely threw any bad pitches all night. he just makes it look easy out there.

    1. I guess if Aaron Nola did not walk Travis in the 8th, with his first walk, he would have finished the inning.
      Lieter pitched well also.
      Did Imhof get hurt again?

  2. Sat behind home plate tonight for Nola’s start- just outstanding. Control and late movement on pitches are outstanding. Talked to a scout for about an inning and a half and got his take on a bunch of topics as he’s seen lots of Lehigh Valley, Reading, and Lakewood this year.

    – JP Crawford – elite prospect at critical position, with plus character and leadership. Expects strong career, with superstar / HoF potential.
    – Lino – huge strides offensively, consistent progress defensively with more improvements needed. Ready for big league backup role now, but would leave him in AAA until Sept 16 to try and develop further potential by playing every day
    – Quinn – looked great, but multiple leg injuries catch up to a player. Very concerned about his recovery.
    – Tocci – No player has made greater strides this year. Considers him top 100 prospect by year end. Gold glove CF in big leagues right now with Derek Jeter level baseball IQ
    – Altherr – will be starting CF by year end in Philly, and won’t let go of that position for many years. We are in the process of seeing a breakout year.
    – Lehigh Valley is worst team in AAA in terms of prospects, completely barren. Doesn’t understand why several Reading guys aren’t in Lehigh Valley – mentioned Dugan, Altherr sooner, Biddle, Stassi, Nola sooner.
    – Knapp – overrated, not going to succeed at higher levels.
    – Pullin – intrigued, unique intangibles. Not sure why he wasn’t developed further at 2B.
    – Grullion – numbers will follow potential, big league tools but 5 years away.
    -Eflin – not sold yet although admits he’s doing well. Not convinced his stuff will translate as starter in majors but floor is solid setup man.
    – Biddle – success this year but hanging by a thread. Called him the next Gavin Floyd – will never make it in Philly, will go elsewhere and have short lived success.
    – Windle and Joely – horrible
    – Bigosevic? – promote and play in bigs, nothing to lose.
    – Hoskins – big upside, should have started in Clearwater and would be getting promoted to AA this week, Phils too conservative with college bats not named Asche
    – Perkins and Charles – Org guys

    1. BuddyB…..very good scout take. Little disappointed in his take on Knapp, Biddle, Eflin, Windle and Joely Rod. He does not beat around the bush it seems.
      Quinn’s issues seem to be leg issues….somehow his training program may need modification…perhaps an Olympic runner’s program, not sure.
      And agree on R. Hoskins….should be doubled up to Reading now, finish there, and start there next season and if raking, as expected, up to LHV.

      1. On Knapp and Pullin, he did say he hasn’t seen them this year but was commenting based on seeing them last year in Lakewood and for a few games in spring training in Florida this year.

    2. Great feedback. Interestingly we share PoV on Eflin and Biddle. I wonder if he will get beat up as much as I do on this blog about those views.

      He is much higher on Tocci than me, which is great to hear. I would love to be wrong about him. A gold glove CF who can hit and steal some bases would be really, really good to have in our system.

      Also looking like Steve (Tampa) is looking right about Altherr, although I need to see it at higher levels before I am a true believer.

      1. viagain….’ I wonder if he will get beat up as much as I do on this blog about those views.’…..nah he will not.
        You are an easier punching bag! 🙂

        1. Especially with one of the few accounts with a photo. Too easy to spot. : ) I happen to agree with u on most points. I have become a huge prospect skeptic considering all of the Phillies’ Phailures over the last 10 yrs.

      2. Buddy, thanks so much for the report.

        Very interesting report including on the three prospects that spark the most debate – Tocci, Biddle and Eflin. I’m still curious to see how and whether he Tocci fills out – that will determine his power in large measure, which will greatly affect his value. I think nobody knows what to expect on Biddle, but the continuing control problems are a serious concern.

        On Eflin, if you just saw him once from the crowd, I could see how you might be a doubter – what he does is subtle and grows on you – best seen from a TV angle. That said, i was concerned about the velocity numbers someone repeated from the other day – if he sits around 90 or 91, even with plus command, it’s going to be hard for him to be much better than a 4 or just an okay 3. In the majors, absent developing an “out” pitch (see, we are on the same page :)!), he’s probably going to need to sit at around 91-94 for his game to play up. In terms of stuff, movement and approach – Eflin’s best case is probably being like Halladay but, again, mid-career Halladay sat 93,94 – when he sat 89 or 90 in his last few years, he had a lot of problems. So, yeah, I want to see a few more ticks on the gun from Eflin. Reports are that he has it in him but that he intentionally holds back – which might work in the minors, but it would be difficult in the majors if he’s just sitting around 90 as a righty without an “out” pitch – major league hitters will be all over that.

        1. I’ve said this before, but current reports on Eflin’s stuff reminds me of Pettibone. Their minor league numbers are actually pretty similar, especially comparing Eflin this year to Pettibone’s age 21 season in AA.

          Pettibone was a few months older, but both guys are righthanded ground ball pitchers with plus changeups that needed to develop a breaking ball. They’re both big too, with Pettibone being a couple inches taller. I don’t remember how much Pettibone weighed at the time. Pettibone was said to get up to 95 mph on his fastball but never really developed plus velocity, as we hope Eflin will. He also never developed a slider, but his career was put on hold because of injuries.

          Pettibone also had a better K/9 with about the same BB/9. He finished the year in AAA and then had a solid rookie campaign the following year. By then I don’t think anyone looked at Pettibone as anything more than a #4 or 5 starter. Comparing the two makes me think either we should have been higher on Pettibone or, maybe, we’re too high on Eflin.

          1. Interesting comparison – a couple of points.

            Pettibone actually was doing well and was hitting the mid-90s with his pitches when he got hurt. He could have developed into an interesting player – but he had shoulder problems which is often ‘game over’ for a pitcher.

            On Eflin, BB rates can be a little deceiving. Eflin lives on the edge of the strike zone in a way that Pettibone just couldn’t even begin to touch. Eflin has like 70/75 command, whereas Pettibone was probably like 60. But Eflin definitely needs to work on breaking pitches and hopefully can continue to develop his velocity.

            1. Good point on Eflin’s command. If that’s the case, it helps his profile in the event that he doesn’t develop with either his velocity or his slider. Then I could see the scout’s opinion of his floor as a set-up guy coming to fruition, but also hopefully being able to stick in the rotation as a 4/5.

            2. Eflin’s ceiling is way higher than a 4/5 – Eflin’s ceiling is probably as a workhorse 3 or, if he continues to progress, a borderline 2. I will be disappointed if he ends up as a 4/5 – very disappointed. And he won’t be a set up guy. He’s much better suited as a starter and doesn’t have the type of shut down stuff you need to be a good set up man. I agreed with most of the scout’s comments and I understand how he could reach those conclusions on a quick view of Eflin but I think he’s wrong about that player.

            3. Older report on Eflin —2014 as a Padre prospect.
              His philosophy and approach sets him apart.

              “Despite his size, he is not a strikeout pitcher, relying instead on getting batters out with his two-seam fastball, a pitch which is slightly slower than the traditional four seam fastball but has downward movement on the pitcher’s arm side. The key benefit of the two-seamer is that its late movement makes it difficult for batters to square up or “barrel” the ball. “I started throwing it in Little League,” Eflin said of the pitch that most hurlers only begin to learn later in their careers. “I threw a little split; I put my fingers on the outside of the two-seam grip. As I got older I started to put it on the seams and it just started diving down. So I kept using it.” “I probably throw about seventy percent two-seam fastballs but when I need to be more precise or want more velocity I will throw the four-seamer. The reason I throw the two-seamer more is that it forces the batter to swing earlier in the count and allows me to stay out on the mound longer.”

            4. @ Catch, I agree on Eflin’s ceiling but as you said he needs to progress. There’s always a chance that a guy’s development will flatline and his arsenal will never get any better. To me, he needs that improved slider and/or velocity to be better than a #4.

            5. For many it comes down to ‘the swing and miss’ factor or increased velo.
              Eflin paints the corners with the two-seamer and when he needs to dials it up with four-seamer to the mid-90s.
              The CU is plus….slider/curve needs more work but he is young.
              I look at G Maddux’s SO/9 at 5.7 and see Eflin’s at 6.0….and not comparing them, but also not concerned.

    3. Some interesting comments from the scout but also some uninformed comments with harsh tones. I don’t see how he could comment on the players on Clearwater(Knapp, Pullin) when they have been at Clearwater all year as players develop at different rates. Does he know that Dugan has been playing only about a month so far this year? Elfin is very young and probably needs to add another pitch but is much more valuable to the Phillies as a starter than a setup man. Biddle has been up and down but still has potential and lefties sometimes develop later. Agree that Hoskins should be in Clearwater very soon as the first half of FSL is over and Bigosevic should be at MLB. Lastly, Charles, Perkins and especially Stassi deserve a shot at AAA to see what they can do and then evaluate it.

          1. I am wondering if they are trying to showcase Dom Brown for a July deal or in a package of some sort with another team.
            But agree…Dugan, and IMO, even Altherr, can give you what would be expected now as a 4th/5th at the major league level.

      1. He actually said he’s not sure on Nola – said it’s hard to say what he will be at the big league level because his control and movement are very uniquely good and not alot of comparisons. Has no doubt he’ll be a good big league pitcher but said it’s hard to project what the upside is. In general, was high on him.

  3. Buddy, Great stuff from the Scout! Can’t expect him to be high on everyone, and would love him to be right on Altherr. Recurring leg injuries are really going to hurt Quinn, but I hope he completely recovers because I really like him. Love what he said about Tocci, and completely agree on the Phils conservative approach to College players.

      1. I wonder if Laird will also go to Lakewood if/when he signs. Coppola is holding down CF well so far for W-port and the OF is already a bit crowded.

      2. Kingery’s hit tool (minus power) is suppose to be one of his featured strengths.
        ESPN’s Eric Longerhagens (sp) feels he can hit at AA level now.
        Will be an interesting watch on how he develops.

        1. One of Kingery’s gradings…prior to his 2015 season:

          Factors included in each scouting category:

          Batting: Takes into account batting average compared to his peers.
          Power: Takes into account extra-base hits against balls put into play with extra weight given to homers while doubles and triples are treated equally owing to the assumption that a triple is a double with better circumstances.
          Contact: Compares strikeouts against a player’s plate appearances.
          Speed: stolen bases as compared to the number of times a player reached first base, not considering caught stealings.
          Patience: Simply the number of walks compared to at bats.

    1. Very interesting – if he keeps moving quickly (as I expect he will), Hoskins will be perfectly age appropriate.

      Poor Malquin Canelo – he’s our most overshadowed prospect in some time, but he’s very young (20 and in high A ball) and he’s having a whale of a year. He’s got to be pushing our top 10 now, although, happily, the system is starting to get pretty deep in some very nice prospects. The cumulative effect of drafting high, drafting better, and acquiring rather than trading prospects is slowly starting to come to fruition.

      1. Never a bad thing to have 3 pro level ss Crawford, Canelo, Galvis. To have depth at a key defense position.

      1. Marrero is there too and probably has a better glove than Stank. Maybe they’ll split time but I would like to see them both play every day. I don’t know if Stank can play 3B at all, but it would help things if he could. Mora’s now the everyday 2B in Clearwater I guess. He has similar #s to Stank but is a year older. I guess the Phils are telling us who they like better.

    1. Randolph is still on pace to never make an out as a pro. He’s 3 for 3 through 5 innings with a triple, a couple of singles and an RBI.

  4. Good for Andrew Knapp getting the promo to Reading.
    Hopefully he dispels the above scouts report on him

    1. Good to hear, I guess that’s to let Astudillo catch since Hoskins will take over at 1B. Moore will lose at bats at Reading (no loss)

  5. In today’s AAA game, there has been exactly one guy worth watching (Altherr). Why do they insist on employing no upside retreads at AAA? Why not take some wild risks with younger failed prospects from other teams?

    1. Really…that is too logical. The Brandon Moss’ and Jason Grilli’s’ of the world just do not fit into the Phillies long-term plan.
      But you are correct..take the chance.
      I am willing to bet some team out there will scoop up Phillipe Aumont and try that same thing.

  6. Question for the thread:

    There’s been a lot of excitement this year on about a lot of our more prominent minor leaguers… Who would you say has been the most overlooked of the bunch so far?

    Canelo and Lino jump out as the most obvious choices to me, but I think you could make a case for Herlis Rodriguez and Altherr as well.

    1. Ironically, the Phillies best year ever in 2012 saw a pretty depressed farm system…and now the worst Phillies season may see one of the best farm systems.

      1. It really speaks to the depth of our system that we actually have this many overlooked players whom are actual prospects (not the rizzotti, Derek Mitchell, Scott matheison type of overlooked player)

        Let’s hope for continued growth.

  7. Romus, I think you meant 2011. But did anyone have Lino or Canelo as their breakout prospects when we did this before the season? I seem to remember Lino on lists.

    1. I had Lino and Jan Hernández, but had Lino higher and argued for him during the top 30 voting, while voting for him over and over.

  8. In addition to Knapp moving up,

    Reading Fightin Phils placed LF Cam Perkins on the 7-day disabled list. back tightness

    Reading Fightin Phils activated C Rene Garcia from the bereavement list.

    Logan Moore assigned to Lehigh Valley IronPigs from Reading Fightin Phils.

    Jose Mayorga assigned to Lakewood BlueClaws from Reading Fightin Phils.

  9. MLBTR just updated their FA list for next year. It seems pretty rare to see three top ten corner outfielders in one FA class given the premium on hitting in the game today, especially with two of them well under 30. Despite the gains the minor league system has made, I still don’t see too many impact corner OF types to fill out the middle of our lineup. How do people feel about signing one of these bats (and only giving up next year’s second rounder) and potentially looking at a 2017/2018 lineup and rotation of:

    Quinn – CF
    Crawford – SS
    Franco – 1B
    Upton – RF
    Altherr/Dugan – LF
    Asche – 3B
    Hernandez/Herrera – 2B
    Rupp/Lino – C

    Hamels (or a pitcher he nets in a trade)
    (rounded out with FAs or Morgan/Buchanan/Biddle/Lively/Pettibone/Pinto/Mecias).

    I think we have remember that the advantage the Phils have over a lot of teams is the ability to spend when scarce assets become available. This ignores the possibility of also signing a 1B and leaving Franco at third, but even so, this team should challenge for the playoffs by 2018 IMO.

    1. Hopefully, by 2017, Hoskins will be knocking on the door at first and don’t be surprised if Malquin Canelo is converted into a second baseman to utilize his skills. I haven’t ruled out Hernandez at second, either. He’s a very dedicated player and seems to be taking a big step forward right now.

  10. Kingsley will be there 2 for 5 with a triple . Randolph 3 for 3 with a triple and a walk. Encarnacion with his 2nd Homer Herlis Rod another Homer he’s on fire . VSL starter tonight was pull he was pitching a no no after 6 ings.

  11. I really have no idea what people see in Cesar Hernandez 165 pd no power 2nd baseman.he has a career 256/328/333 line hitting .242 right now .183 right .385 left.Bowa said he has tools he can run and is a ok fielder in 15 days we will know . This yr we could put anyone out there and we are , because we Are the worst team in baseball. The Pittsburgh Pirates have scouts looking at Harang , the Dodgers have there top scout who looked at Hamels last start.

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