Box Score Recap – 6/17/2015

Lehigh Valley (25-43) beat Bufalo Bisons 8-7 in a game that featured 4 lead changes.  Adam Morgan only pitched 2.0 innings and was pulled after 35 pitches.  Speculation about an injury or possible call-up to the Phillies was put to rest after the game when Coach Brundage revealed that it was an organizational decision to cut back on Morgan’s innings, but he didn’t have a SP available to completely skip Morgan’s appearance.

The IronPigs chased Randy Wolf after 5.0 innings.  They came from behind 3 times as the bullpen couldn’t hold a lead and won on Chris McGuinness’ walk off 2-run single.  Darin Ruf went 1-5 but had a double and 2 RBI.  Cord Phelps went 3-4 with a BB, HR, and 2 RBI.  Gabriel Lino went 2-3 with an RBI.  McGuinness had 3 hits, Chase d’Arnaud and Russ Canzler had two each.  The ”Pigs mounted a 15-hit attack.

Thursday is Nola Day as Aaron Nola makes his AAA debut.

Reading (34-30) lost to the Trenton Thunder 6-5.  The Phil’s fought back to take a 5-4 lead in the seventh but the bullpen couldn’t protect the lead.  Zach Eflin pitched 6.0 innings and was charged with 4 runs although 3 were unearned due to a couple of errors in the Thunder’s 4-run third.  He still left with the lead, but Nefi Ogando blew his 5th save of the season.   Ogando walked the first batter he faced then gave up back-to-back doubles.

J.P. Crawford went 1-4 with a double and a walk and scored 2 runs from the leadoff position.  Kelly Dygan went 2-5 with an RBI.  Aaron Altherr had 2 hits.  Cam Perkins, Brian Pointer, and Devin Lohman each had an RBI.

Tom Windle (2-3, 4.82) pitches tomorrow.

Clearwater (32-33) beat the St. Lucie Mets 4-3 on Aaron Brown’s walk off HR in the 11th inning.  Yacksel Rios started and pitched well for 5.0 innings in torrid conditions.  Ethan Martin made his first appearance after being activated off the DL.  It was okay.  I don’t have velo, I was looking for a cool place to stand when they snuck him in on me.  Harold Guerrero, Edubray Ramos, and Ulises Joaquin combined for 5.0 innings of 2-hit ball in relief.

Dylan Cozens had another fine day going 2-5 with a double.  He has looked increasingly better at the the plate.  In his last 10 games, he is 14-42 (.333) and only 2 Ks (4.76%).  Now, if he could just get the power to tick up.  Cozens would have added to his stolen base total but with Andrew Pullin on third, the Mets’ catcher sniffed out a possible double steal and pumped to second then picked Pullin off third to end an inning.

The normally aggressive swinging Threshers accepted 6 walks.  They figured prominantly in their first two runs.  The Met’s pitcher walked the bases loaded before wild pitching a run home.  Carlos Tocci tied the game with a sacrifice fly, his second RBI in two games.  Cozens and Chace Numata hit back-to-back doubles to re-tie the game an inning later.  The game remained tied until Aaron Brown launched a prodigious blast (4) to right field on the first pitch of the 11th inning.

Tocci went 1-4.  He looks so skinny, you expect him to be over-matched.  But he isn’t.  He’s holding his own.  It’s too early, and maybe a little unfair, to compare Tocci to Roman Quinn or Aaron Brown or Chase Harris in CF.  Quinn is fast and looks fast getting to balls.  Same with Brown plus that reckless disregard for his body.  And Harris is fast too and hustles to balls all over the place.  I don’t know if Tocci has really been challanged yet, but he has had to charge and move laterally for balls.  He just sort of glides to the ball.  Not the explosion of speed I’ve become accustomed to seeing.  Not that he can’t, maybe he just hasn’t had to.

We had another disputed call today.  It involved Angelo Mora and home plate umpire Alexander McKay again.  After Harold Martinez singled to lead off the bottom of the ninth, Angelo Mora was sent in to pinch run.  Mitch Walding reached on a throwing error and Mora was in scoring position on second.  After a foul pop bunt and a fly out, Carlos Tocci came to the plate with 2 out and the winning run on second.  No pressure, he hits a ground single to right.  RBI.  Walk off.  Nope.  The throw was up the first base line and the catcher did a good job making the play close, but McKay got another call wrong.  IMO.  In the broadcaster’s opinion.  In the dugout’s opinion.  And in Coach Legg’s opinion.  He avoided getting tossed this time.  So instead of a game-ending single for Tocci it was just an inning-ending play at the plate.  Until Brown took the umpire out of the equation two innings later.

David Whitehead (4-6, 3.65) pitches tomorrow.

Lakewood (32-32)  lost to the Delmarva Shore Birds 5-4.  A scheduled make up game was postponed and will be made up tomorrow.  Stake to a 3-0 lead, Ranfi Casimiro unraveled in the fifth inning.  After retiring the first batter, he allowed 3 walks, 2 singles, and a wild pitch.  Manny Martinez came in and allowed the obligatory inherited runner to score before escaping the inning trailing by one.  He allowed another run in the sixth and the offense couldn’t make up the difference.

Herlis Rodriguez (.301) , batting out of the 2-hole, went 2-4 with a triple and a run scored.  (Be prepared to hear a lot about this kid from me if he continues to produce.  I have always enjoyed watching him play in Clearwater.  Just sayin’)  Rhys Hoskins went 2-4 with 2 doubles.  Damek Tomscha had an RBI, Jiandido Tromp had a double and 2 RBI.

Chris Oliver (3-4, 3.44) pitches tomorrow.

Williamsport (0-0) starts its season on the road against the State College Spikes on Friday, June 19th, their home opener on June 20th.  As of 1:00AM, they still haven’t announced any roster additions or updated their web site roster.

GCL Phillies (0-0) start their season across the bay against the GCL Yankees1 on Monday, June 22nd.  Their second game is at the Carpenter Complex on Tuesday, June 23rd.  The GCL plays Monday thru Friday at noon.  Saturday at random times, usually 10:00AM.  Off Sunday.  The first Sunday game is August 30th, the first game of the playoffs.  They also haven’t posted a current roster online.  It still includes last year’s players.

DSL Phillies (9-7) lost to the DSL Rays 6-2.  The Phillies had 6 hits.  SS Daniel Brito (.273) went 2-4 from the leadoff position.

VSL Phillies (10-16) lost to the VSL Cubs 11-10 in a walk off.  Enger Jimenez (.396) went 1-3.  Every batter had a hit, five had two.  3B Willerker Isava and 2B Jesus Henriquez had 3 RBI each.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • The 2015 Draft Tracker has been updated to show updated signings and bonuses.
  • Philadelphia Phillies signed 2B Cornelius Randolph for 100% of slot.
  • Philadelphia Phillies placed RHP Jerome Williams on the 15-day disabled list. Strained left hamstring.
  • Philadelphia Phillies recalled Hector Neris from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • RHP Paul Clemens assigned to Lehigh Valley IronPigs from Clearwater Threshers.
  • Ethan Martin assigned to Clearwater Threshers from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • I’m pretty sure that I saw MAG walking out of the Complex around their lunch break today.  He was in baseball pants and a T-shirt, and had a multiple days growth of beard.  The beard threw me, but I’m almost 100% sure it was he.  Almost.
  • I watched Kingery, Pickett, Coppola, Bosheers, and Martelo take BP before walking over to BH for the Threshers’ game.  Pickett’s a big kid. Reminds me of Cozens when he reported after signing.

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  1. Since May 10, when he took the collar from his twin brother, Herlis Rodriguez has been hot. He hit .393 for the rest of May and has continued at a .359 clip in the month of June. I’ve always liked the guy but he always seemed to be the odd man out wherever he played. He turned 21 on June 10, so he’s young. He has some power as evidenced by his .474 slg%. He doesn’t K a lot but he also doesn’t take many BBs. LKW is giving him some playing time and he’s making the best of it. With Altherr, Quinn, Dugan, Cozens, A. Brown, Pullin in the OF above him, he will take second fiddle role for a while. Until someone falters, he has to take whatever playing time they give him and use it to his advantage.

  2. Herlis Rodriguez,and he is almost one year younger than Hoskins,both playing at the same level.He’s showing an uptick with his power, Could he be a dark horse that comes out of nowhere and becomes a very good prospect?

  3. Despite that 4th when Lohman made 2 errors in 1 inning to give Trenton the lead Eflin seemed to have lost his focus. To me he seems to lack a quality off speed pitch. The radar gun wasn’t flashing velocity last night so I asked the guy next to me (an obvious Thunder season Ticket holder) what the deal was and he said you never know when it is going to be working. I said it seemed to be working fine last night and he said come back tomorrow I’m sure it will be working again.

    Anyway Nick Cave of the Thunder and Judge hit some balls really hard off Zach and he seemed to struggle all night with command. From 1B side dugout it looked like the Ump was really squeezing him on the inside strike. So all in all I’m not sure based on what I saw last night that I would be overly excited about his chances at the next level.

    Stassi’s double was mashed and so was JP’s. JP was 0-2 I believe on his double. JP’s eye is simply uncanny. The kid just doesn’t chase.

    Altherr did not have a great night at the plate. He managed a few IF singles he did however shine in CF. The kid can cover ground and always seems to get proper reads. Last night he broke late on a ball he should have let bounce in front of him but he dove and missed it. Earlier he did the same thing however when he missed it kind of hit him in the chest and stayed in front him. He popped up and through a pill to home to record the 3rd out of the inning and save at least another run from being recorded.

    Dugan again same thing also has a really good eye. His first AB they put a shift on him and he stayed back on a FB and went through the whole at SS. He didn’t look good in RF last night. Looked slow to react on a few balls. Judge lit up a pitch to him in the 2nd that he broke late on and caught at his shoe strings I thought he trapped it but the ump called him out.

    Judge is the real deal. I’d take him as a center piece of a deal with Hamels if no one else is offering anything.

    1. DMAR….good report….my buddy and his male children and grands /friends also went to the game and expect a report.
      And agree….Judge and a few pieces for Cole Hamels would be fine with me also.
      Judge solves the one corner right handed power bat concern.

      1. I agree with what DMAR said. I would slightly disagree with Elfin losing focus. Can you blame him? Lohman was awful in that inning. There was another play where Elfin practically knocked Lohman out of the way to make the play. (Ok I exaggerate). You could tell Elfin had no confidence in anything hit to 3rd. I don’t know what it is with me but in 3 game where I have seen REA play three different 3rd basemen have had brutal games. In Richmond, Biddle, like Elfin last night, had to gather himself. Elfin did a better job than the time I saw Biddle. But isn’t this what we want to see? How do they battle and dig themselves out of holes not of their own making. It’s a learning process.

        Thanks for explaining the lack of a speed readings on the scoreboard. I was wondering about that.

        Agree 100% about JP’s eye at the plate. I wish Cord Sandberg, Aaron Brown and others had that eye. On defense, I was really impressed how JP hung in there on an attempted doubleplay. He got the bag at second and looked like he was horizontal to the ground on his throw to 1st. Didn’t get the runner at 1st but it was a heck of an athletic play not to mention effort.

        Dugan’s second AB was a smash to first where the 1B made a great leap. Third AB was a flare to the opposite field.

        I was on the 3rd base side near home plate. I had a hard time following the ball to the outfield in right and center. Couldn’t believe Altherr ran that smash down. Altherr also made a heck of a throw to nail the runner at the plate to end that inning.

        Absolutely right about Judge…love him…but there isn’t much else to get excited about on the Treshers.

          1. Thunder. My mistake. Thanks for the correction.

            Also to clear up a comment, the Trenton outfield is in the dark. Could use an upgrade in the lighting department.

    2. Agreed on Crawford.

      Having watched Crawford a little, read the scouting reports and followed the box scores religiously, my initial impression is that he has something like 60 speed, is a 60/65 (maybe better?) in the field, has at least a 60/65 hit tool (it might even be as potentially high as 70 downt he road), has 40/? power (I have no firm idea of his power potential – it’s probalby something like 50 or 55), but has something like 75/80 plate discipline/plate control.

      His last tool (plate discipline/plate control) is so exceptional that it requires some explanation. As Ben Revere has shown us, it’s not easy for a non-power hitter to draw a ton of walks, even in the minors. If a guy isn’t likely to wallop a home run or an extra base hit, the pitcher would rather put the ball over the plate and take his chances than give the batter a free pass – so what one often sees as “plate discipline” for sluggers is just a reflection of pitchers not giving the hitter something good to hit. But when a guy like J.P. Crawford draws a lot of walks it is almost entirely because he is incredibly discerning at the plate – when I watch him, I see plate discipline like I did with Lenny Dykstra or Ricky Henderson or Keith Hernandez – it’s nothing short of phenomenal. But he doesn’t just has “plate discipline” (ability to lay off bad pitches and swing at good ones), he has what I would call “plate control” – which is the ability to repeatedly foul off strikes or close pitches that he would prefer not to hit. Crawford often has these long at bats where he fouls off as many as 3 or more pitches until he gets something he wants to hit or draws a walk. For a 20 year old to have the ability to do this is, when combined with his plate discipline, amazing. It’s hard to imagine Crawford not being a top player (routinely 5 WAR or so) even if he only shows moderate (8-12 homer) power. If he develops decent power (approx. 15 homers plus – basically, Derek Jeter power), you are going to be looking at one of the elite players in baseball. Crawford is special.

    1. rocco….I would take Judge and Clarkin and, Sanchez or Juan DeLeon….me thinks Rubens wants Judge and Severino, which Cashman will reject.

        1. Judge would be the centerpiece of a trade with the Yankees I would think.
          Ruben should be looking at Judge plus younger prospects. Though Sanchez looks to be another version of Jesus Montero….catching does not seem to be to his liking.
          He does have a bat, but is slow, so 1st base will probably be his final destination in MLB.
          I think Deleon would be an ideal asset in a trade. He is 4/5 years out, but does have the raw skills for a 17/18-year old.

  4. I was also at Reading/Trenton game last night. I took a lot of video of full AB’s. The link is below.

    A few things:

    I sat right behind homeplate and Ed Wade was actually sitting right in front of me and I could see his radar gun. Eflin was 90-92 most of the night. I remember him hitting 95 twice (once in the 1st inning and then again in the 4th or 5th). Ogando was consistently 96. I agree with whoever said it above, Eflin’s secondary stuff did not look outstanding to me, but it was first and only time I’ve seen him. And in Eflin’s defense the inning he gave up runs was UGLY defensively. Lohman struggled pretty badly at 3B.

    Theres not much else to say about Crawford. Had great AB’s, ran full count multiple times, abasolutely scalded that double. LKooked super smooth in the field as well.

    I took video of Judge as well, as I figured that would be of interest to people as a possible Hamels trade piece. He had nice ABs as well.

    And here is the list of videos on my Youtube page:

    3 Altherr at bats
    5 Crawford at bats
    3 Dugan at bats
    4 Eflin videos
    4 Judge at bats
    2 Perkins at bats
    1 Stassi at bat
    1 Pointer at bat

    Heres the link again:

  5. K Law had some comments on Biddle and Crawford, here is a summary

    – looked as good as he did before the concussion
    – added bonus was a slider that was his best pitch
    – sat 90-92
    – has a flat fastball, so location is key
    – says curve ball is a show me pitch, not an out pitch
    – avg change-up


    – continues to outperform his high expectations
    – shocking how easy he makes it look playing defense
    – fears he may be criticized for lack of effort because he’s so good
    – has never seen him play “hard” because he never has to (this was a compliment)
    – He’s just that much more talented than everyone else

    1. “fears he may be criticized for lack of effort because he’s so good”

      That doesn’t sound like Phillies fans at all!

      1. Oddly, I was glancing at the videos before I got to this series of posts, and, watching them, it struck me that Crawrord didn’t run hard on his fly ball to right field. The only excuse would be if there was already a man on first coming back to the bag and that may, indeed have been the case. He was also running really slowly into second on his double. I believe that the fans can distinguish between being really good and making things look easy versus not running things out as one should.

  6. Also, Crawford is ridiculous. He has more BBs than Ks, a .848 OPS, and a 144 wRC+.

    Among players 20 and younger in AA, that’s the second highest wRC+ (after Carlos Correa). If you throw 21 year olds into the mix, he’s topped by Corey Seager and Joey Gallo. And that’s it.

    So there you are. The best hitters <22 hitters in AA: Seager, Gallo, Correa, and Crawford.

  7. Just thrilled about Crawford, and to his credit, KLaw always has been, also. I would love for Biddle to succeed, and certainly root for him, but I don’t understand the curve point. Everyone has always said his curve is an outstanding pitch. Why wouldn’t it be an “out” pitch? When Biddle uses it? Can someone explain, please?

    1. sorry I wasn’t more clear, just didn’t want to write word for word, so this is based on my memory of what I read.

      He throws the curve for strikes, but he doesn’t think it will miss bats, the opponent was able to time it and foul pitches off.

      I’ve heard the same things you did, I know others say it’s a swing and miss pitch, it was in the futures game I saw. Maybe he’s just not as sharp right now, or just that night. I was encouraged to hear about the slider, which I didn’t even know he threw.

      1. All of this information is so helpful. My sense with the curve is that he’s probably inconsistent with it and sometimes struggles throwing it for strikes. When his FB and curve are on, he can dominate on those two pitches alone, but adding additional pitches and continuing to work on FB command is what will alllow him to progress and I’m thrilled he’s making some progress. The slider used to be just a show me pitch so the improvements on that pitch are a big deal.

        1. I can only guess but sounds like his curve isn’t as sharp as it could be , a curve that isn’t sharp is easier to hit. but purely a guess on my part. I have only seen him once in spring training.

  8. Has anyone heard anything about Shane Watson and Drew Anderson? Will they be returning to the Lakewood Rotation soon?

  9. TY for the video from last night, I like perkins, but hate that bat wiggle. It is too much movement when the pitcher is in the windup. I went through this about four weeks ago with my kid. He was hitting a lot of grounders. And I was stump on what he was doing. he is seventeen. I finally saw what he was doing the same thing with that wiggle. and made him stop, and now he is back to hitting like he could. shame he cant field. bad third basemen.

  10. The Answer333 posted above about Ed Wade being at the game last night in Trenton.
    Hamels was pulled from his start tomorrow night, slight ham problem.
    Could a trade with the Yankees being in the works?
    Was Ed scouting Trenton players, maybe Aaron Judge?

    1. I think it’s particularly interested that they brought Aumont up. He’s out of options so he’d have to clear waivers if they sent him back down…Soooo he’s probably staying up for the longer term. My conspiracy theory radar is going off.

  11. Crosscutters updated their transactions page on milb,

    Alejandro Arteaga assigned to Williamsport Crosscutters from Clearwater Threshers.

    Scott Tomassetti, Lewis Alezones, Andrew Amaro, Ranger Suarez, Venn Biter, Jesus Posso, Gregori Rivero, Carlos Duran, William Cuicas, Jared Fisher, Luis Espiritu, Jr., Franklyn Kilome, Luis Morales, Denton Keys, Jason Zgardowski

    were all added to the roster.

  12. Herlis Rodriguez, a righty hitter, needs to increase his k-zone judgement since 5 BBs is indicative that he will swing at pitches out of that zone. But, equally, his contact rate is high and producing some xtra base hits along with his BA at/near .300. If he learns the k-zone he will be a twin of Enger Jiminez of VSL who also offers righty hitting OF-ing for RF and could satisfy our OF-ing needs along with our 1st draft pick in the next 2-3 years.

    1. That’s my own post above. I’m taking responsibility for it but not for that lousy name “artfulme.” Sorry…

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