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It has been ugly for Lehigh Valley who are in the midst of a seven game home stand and have lost 17 of their last 24 games, even after their walk off come from behind win last night.  Hope comes tonight with the introduction of Aaron Nola into the IronPigs rotation with his scheduled start against Buffalo.  At 25-43, the ‘Pigs are in 5th place of the Northern Division of the International League, 13.5 games behind division leading Scranton.  Scranton visits Coca Cola Park over the weekend before an off day on Monday.

News and Notes: Tyler Henson is hitting .542 (13-24) with RISP and two out.  Not bad.

–SP Adam Morgan threw two innings (35 pitches) on Wednesday night before being removed from the game.  Not injured, speculation quickly grew that he was being removed to keep him fresh to pitch Sunday for the Phils in Jerome Williams spot in the rotation.  That speculation was seemingly stomped after the game when Manager Dave Brundage commented that they were simply trying to limit Morgan’s innings and did not have an available starter to take Morgan’s rotation spot.  Not sure how much I am buying into that.

–I have no real idea why Jayson Nix was re-acquired.  He was awful last year and continues to be awful .  He is 0 for his last 18 and 4-38 in his last 11 games.

–1B Chris McGuiness is hitting .177(11-62) over his last 19 games and has fallen to .234 on the year

–SS Edgar Duran, who has been out around a month with a hamstring strain, is close to returning.

Brian Bogusevic has hit safely in 51 of his 57 starts this year and has not gone back to back games without a hit.  Based upon the Phillies roster moves up until this point of the year, Bogusevic is extremely unlikely to receive a major league call up and has a July 1st opt out to his minor league contract.

–Lehigh Valley continues to lead the league in walks allowed, having given up 8% more than the next closest team.

–When Dom Brown was called up to Philly on the 14th, he was tied for the league lead in extra base hits during June with 7. He left Lehigh Valley with twice as many OF assists (6) as any other member of the OF.

‘Pigs Prospects: Jake Diekman has been unscored upon in his 6 games with Lehigh Valley since his demotion from Philadelphia.  He is throwing with increasing command and confidence, earning 3 saves, striking out seven and allowing just one walk in his seven innings of work.  I would expect him back in Philadelphia with another two weeks of similar work.

Hector Neris finally has seemed to get it together after a miserable late April and most of May.  In his last appearance he entered with runners at 2nd and 3rd with no one out and stranded both runners and going back over his last half dozen games, he has thrown 10.1 innings, hasnt yielded and ER, and has truck out 11.  Neris currently hold the ‘Pigs longest scoreless streak at 12.1IP.

Gabriel Lino has hit safely in 9 of the first 10 games he has plated in since his promotion from Reading.  Lino has followed up his success at Reading throwing out potential base stealers by throwing out 5 of the first 11 trying to steal on him in AAA.

Next Week: Nola, Ruf, Morgan, Aumont

‘Pigs League Leaders, Hitting:Brian Bogusevic is 7th in AB’s(239), 5th in RS(34), 2nd in hits(76), 10th in OBP(.374), 6th in SLG(.448) and 4th in avg (.318); Jayson Nix has the worst avg in the league at (.158)

Pitching:Adam Morgan has the 6th most losses (6), 7th worst WHIP (1.58) and 8th worst ERA (4.74); Joely Rodriguez has the 7th most losses (6), 2nd worst WHIP (1.84), 2nd worst ERA(6.32) and is 3rd in walks allowed(37); Phillippe Aumont is 3rd in ERA (2.35), 8th in K’s(58) and 2nd in walks allowed(41); Cesar Jiminez is 6th in games(25); Seth Rosin is 7th in games(25)

Transactions: Comings: Adam Loewen (Reading); Darin Ruf (Philadelphia), Aaron Nola (Reading), Juan Gutierrez (Signed as free agent)

Goings: Joely Rodriguez (Reading); Nick Hill (Released), Domonic Brown (Phillies), Tyler Knigge (Reading), Hector Neris (Phils), Ethan Martin (Clearwater)

19 thoughts on “Lehigh Valley Report

  1. As to Chris McGuiness, by all means keep playing him. I mean, let’s not even think about giving Brock Stassi a shot!

  2. I’m sure we will want to elaborate on Gabriel Lino. This is turning into one of the most exciting developments on the farm. While we are looking at a SSS in LHV, this kid just gets better and better. It’s getting to the point where the only question is will he be a backup catcher in the bigs or a starter?

    1. The way things are going with the Phillies now, if Rupp or Ruiz get nicked and have to go on the DL, Lino may get the call-up as the back-up.
      And at this point…that is what fans want to see, not injuries, but younger players getting MLB experience and get hungry to get or stay there.

  3. The Phillies chose to bring up Dom Brown instead of Brian Bogusevic. Now we could lose Bogusevic– brilliant. And when are they going to move Stassi to LHV? What are they thinking?

    1. Bogusevic is 31. He’s not part of the solution. Brown is turning 28 and is getting paid arbitration money. He still has a chance to turn it around although he probably won’t.

      1. I know he Is 31. but if I am not wrong he was a pitcher, for a while and hasn’t been a hitter that long. I Think he has more upside then dom brown.

        1. Doesn’t matter if he has any upside, by the time the Phillies are ready to compete he will be 33-34 years old. Best thing the team can do for him is let him exercise his option and go elsewhere.

  4. I know it was a minor signing, but i had some hopes for chris mcguinness, thought he could be brandon moss-esque. hes trash though. get stassi up there.

    really nice to see how lino is playing. often times catchers u think are nothing but minor leaguers end up being mlb starters. see aj ellis, jose molina, etc. even tuffy! Lino may be a player.

  5. Glad to see the acknowledgement of Lino…who seems to have come out of nowhere since his record shows below average hitting skills but somehow he has got it together to be a candidate to join the Phils in Sept. and to be a competitor for an equal starting role along with Ruiz in 2016.

    The Phils acquired him from Baltimore when he was about 19. At little cost. Now he appears to be their best/closest catcher prospect which moderates the formerly desperate need for a catcher in any trades…allowing concentration on pitching plus an OFer.

    So this is one trade-acquisition they got right. He appears to have a good accurate arm. don’t know how he is on blocking pitches in the dirt or game-calling, but working alongside Ruiz should aid the latter.

    Sept. appearance in pin-stripes in order.

  6. Amazing that it appears the Phils got more value trading a 41-year-old Jim Thome than they did trading Hunter Pence in his prime.

      1. At this point, I think Joseph’s best option might be to step away from baseball. Poor guy is a concussion magnet. 1B may work for him, but anything has to be better than concussions every season.

        1. There was talk last year about moving him to LF. A bit late for a move now. He should retire or Phils should release him.

  7. He has never shown he can hit……..and his catching had a lot of “catching up.” What does it take for him to realize the permanent neurological damage he ‘s risking by continuing to catch in BB? Where the hell are his family members? He didn’t deserve to have to lose his BB dreams, but his long term health is on the line.

    1. Who knows. Maybe his family has said something, but they can’t force him to give it up. Given his injury history, it’s easy for us (and, well, anyone, really) to say he should, but HE has to want to do it. I’m not sure he does, to be honest; after the season ends (or even right now), he may start thinking about the future. He’s still 23 – he should enjoy life away from baseball before the brain damage gets any worse.

      I genuinely feel bad for the guy; it’s not easy to give up something you love doing, or for a dream to end, but there comes a time when you have to make the tough decision. His life and his health are far more important than professional sports.

  8. The speculation about Adam Morgan was on the money. He is pitching against the Cardinals on Sunday and I would bet on Aumont back to AAA to make room, especially after that performance.

  9. Yep batting practice for st louis it doesn’t matter fast you can throw you have to hit the mit.

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