Box Score Recap – 6/13/2015

Lehigh Valley (22-42) lost to the Norfolk Tides 5-4 in 10 innings.  Joely Rodriguez lasted 4.2 innings.  He was lifted after his 7th walk and 100th pitch.  Chris Leroux held the fort thru the eighth.  Juan Gutierrez pitched a clean ninth but gave up the winning run without recording an out in the tenth.  The good news is he was able to maintain his 9.00 ERA through 2 appearances with the ‘Pigs.  Russ Canzler went 3-5 with a HR and 2 RBI.  Phillippe Aumont (2-4, 2.58) pitches tomorrow.

Reading (33-28) lost to the Akron RubberDucks 3-2 in 15 innings.  Aaron Nola allowed 2 first inning runs on a HR to the second batter, then held the Ducks to 3 hits and a walk over five innings.  He was lifted after 69 pitches.  Tyler Knigge, Steve Shackleford, Colton Murray, and Ryan O’Sullivan 3-hit the Ducks for the next 9.0 innings.  The Phils were forced to press Devin Lohman into service as a pitcher and he took the loss in the 15th inning.  This is the third game in as many days that a position player finished a game as a pitcher for Reading.  With Roman Quinn on the DL with a left quad strain, J.P. Crawford moved to the leadoff spot where he went 0-6 with a walk.  Not much offense from the top four spots in the order.  Cam Perkins went 3-6.  Lohman and Logan Moore had 2 hits each.  Moore had an RBI.  Brian Pointer hit a solo HR (5) and walked twice.  Ben Lively (4-4, 3.78) pitches tomorrow.

Clearwater (31-31) split a double header with the Brevard County Manatees.  Kelly Dugan made his long-awaited season debut and homered in his second at bat.  More on the game here.  Mark Leiter (3-1, 1.70) pitches tomorrow.

Lakewood (31-28) beat the Hagerstown Suns 9-1.  Elniery Garcia held the Suns to 1 run but allowed 8 hits and walked 3 batters in 6.0 innings.  Grenny Cumana, Carlos Tocci, Rhys Hoskins, and Herlis Rodriguez had 2 hits each.  Hoskins hit his 9th HR and had 4 RBI.  Rodriguez hit his 4th HR and had 2 RBI.  Ricardo Pinto (5-2 3.25) pitches tomorrow.

Williamsport (0-0) starts its season on the road against the State College Spikes on June 19th, home opener on June 20th.

GCL Phillies (0-0) start their season across the bay against the GCL Yankees1 on June 22nd, second game at the Carpenter Complex on June 23rd.

DSL Phillies (8-5) beat the DSL Athletics 9-1.  Haven’t seen Brito since June 8th.

VSL Phillies (9-14) beat the VSL Cubs 7-2.  Enger Jimenez went 3-5 with a double and an RBI.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • re:Quinn – Reading Fightin Phils placed CF Roman Quinn on the 7-day disabled list.  Strained left quad.  Quinn thinks it’ll be day-to-day.
  • Tyler Knigge assigned to Reading Fightin Phils from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • RHP Ulises Joaquin assigned to FSL North Division All-Stars.
  • Brandon Leibrandt, who was added to the DL, won’t participate in the All Star Game.  I don’t know if it is due to injury or maybe he’ll be in Reading?
  • After their game, the Phillies recalled Domonic Brown for tomorrow’s game.  Wanna bet here’s there in time?
  • To make room, Darin Ruf optioned to LHV to get “every day at bats”.  He was quoted as saying, “Everyday at-bats don’t really matter if I’m just going to come back up and be used in the same role”.  Whoa!  I think he’s right.

46 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 6/13/2015

  1. Wow we need right now to find three outfielders, and three infielders and a catcher, plus at least three more starters, really a mess. worst than I thought.

    1. rocco,
      Three infielders?
      Franco and Crawford are future fixtures… a 2nd basemen and 1st basemen, (maybe Hoskins?). Second base will be Galvis with JPC arrival. Galvis may be an interim.
      Three outfielders?
      CF will be Herrera, Quinn or Tocci.
      LF and RF are question marks for the future…hopefully the Cole Hamels trade addresses one of those corner OF positions.
      Well you got me there…..Sox’ Vasquez would be a nice addition if Swihart is not available in a trade. At least Vasquez can hold the fort until Lino, Knapp or Grullon each have their opportunity.

      1. romus crawford is in the minors. hasn’t proven anything yet. but yes he could be one. stating right now what we need. I Don’t see one proven outfielder in the minors, Romus what is swihart doing so far?. the reason I wanted him is for his defense. I don’t know what kind of hitter he will be. I really think the sox. overvalue there prospect more than any other team. My statement was right now on this team we have one starter imo. galvis will never hit. Herrera needs to go back to the minors and learn the strike zone or he will never help us. and he isn’t a good outfielder. If he learns to lay off the bad pitches he could be our second basemen.

  2. Poor Ruf – hope he realizes this was merely a numbers thing considering he had options remaining. Somehow RHoward managed 42 ABs against lefties (and a .525 OPS). Seems like it could have been another 25-30 ABs for Ruf. Oh well.

    As much as I loathe DBrown, he really needed to be on the big club even if he didn’t necessarily earn the opportunity. Now they need to move Revere, like, yesterday. Every GM knows he’s entering his 3rd year of arbitration and will command nearly $7mil for 2016. The time to trade him for value in return was last summer, or this past off-season; now you just need to move him for anything you can get.

  3. Darin Ruf’s statement may reflect a loss or absence of hope in the current situation, and may desire to move on, along with the others who have been rumored to be moving on.

    1. I don’t think Ruf will ever become an everyday player in the bigs but I just can’t understand why the Phils haven’t given him that opportunity as they rebuild. I don’t see what it could have hurt to play him 2 months to start this season everyday in LF rather than playing Francouer and Sizemore in RF.

      1. I agree Buddy; perhaps not an every day guy, but he certainly could have doubled the number of ABs he’s had to date. Ironic in that providing Ruf more ABs you do so by limiting how frequent you expose Howard to lefties, therefore limiting any deflation of his statistics and possibly increasing his attractiveness to other teams. It’s a win, win, win, win; yet our challenged GM and manager can’t seem to grasp this

          1. Odd statement. Since you can’t hide the widely known, you might as well play him against lefties? Or are you implying that the deflation of his overall stat line due to being exposed to lefties is a non-factor since other GMs would discount his performance against lefties anyway? In either instance, I couldn’t disagree more

      2. Agree Buddy……why not platoon also with Asche for awhile.
        Corinne Landrey of Crashburn Alley had this this morning on Ruf .
        2015 Darin Ruf:
        vs. LHP 39 .400 .436 .629
        vs. RHP 71 .152 .197 .258

      3. Ruf does very well against lefties and begins power right handed. D Brown has hit neither for about a yr plus he doesn’t hit doubles . He can’t play well or steal bases he gets hurt once a yr. Give Brown 100 at bats if can’t hit four power or speed then cut him.he has 1 half season of success he can’t seem to adjust he hit 260 with 3 he’s in AAA. The phillies have to keep Herrera up here for the yr play this yr is done.

  4. Hopefully, a Ryan Howard trade is in the works to allow Ruff to get more MLB playing time at 1B. I hope he stays sharp when he is recalled which will be soon.

  5. I think Ruben just doesn’t like Ruff -pretty obvious to me. I can’t see him in a phillies’ uniform again.

      1. With all due respect, not every major league regular made it happen by 27. There’s no reason the Phils couldn’t have played him every day in LF. I don’t think anybody here expects Ruf to be an every day player on a first division team, but why not give him an opportunity? The same way this front office could have simply given Brandon Moss or Ryan Vogelsong a chance….

        1. The Phillies knew his limitations (right handed pitching) and acted appropriately.

          You don’t pay a guy who is 28 or 29 millions when he breaks out or give him a 5 year contract as he passes his peak age. That is how we got into this situation with Utley, Howard, and Ruiz. You are not buying peak years you are buying post-peak years.

          Ruf is a platoon guy. Nothing more and nothing less.

          1. Brown is 27 will be 28 sept we know what he is a bench player he was 1 of the worst outfieders in the league last . When Ruf did come in to play he hit lefties well . Brown isn’t going to a contact of any kind for the Phillies .

  6. Broken record, Hoskins needs to be promoted..

    Nola pulled early… Hmmmmm someone seen enough of him at AA ? Matt hinted at this yesterday.

  7. And also ….Ruben takes things too personally. If he feels insulted by somebody in the system he’ll get rid of him- without even thinking it through

  8. I dont know what Ruf couldve been but he never got a real shot…this team stinks so there is no reason to not throw him out there everyday to see

  9. It’s amazing that, even before they trade their few remaining stars, the Phillies are on a pace to lose 105 games. After they complete those trades, you are looking at an historically bad team – at least for the rest of the year. It’s hard to imagine them not losing 100 games this year and it’s very, very possible that they lose 110. 110?! Whoever they cannot trade at the deadline and who has no future needs to be benched. Is this team aided in any way in the long run by running Carlos Ruiz and Chase Utley out there almost every day? The scary thing is that I don’t think Ruben is going to lose his job.

    1. When bringing up some of the awful contracts at the hand of RAJ, few mention the Ruiz extension. But they should. He’s probably the least movable piece not named Utley. I suspect any RAJ move at the deadline will need the blessing of Gillick and ownership. They aren’t about to allow him to make another blunder. As far as an extension for RAJ, I have the odds at less than 5%. I don’t think you need to worry about him after 2015 Catch

      1. It’s all fluid man. Howard used to be the most immovable piece in baseball, but now that he’s actually slugging that isn’t the case. I’m less worried about Utley & Ruiz because they actually have on-base-skills. Once they get on a hot streak, their contract situations will be looked at differently. If RAJ gets an extension by the end of the year, I will become an A’s fan.

        1. Your choice of the A’s is curious because they are competing with us for the worst record.

        1. rocco…..think of the 2016 Rule 4 draft and then things can be kept in perspective.
          Of course, when all the vets are gone and the kids are up…still can take 3/4 years before they are able to win during crunch time in August and September..

    2. catch….I think Ruben gets promoted out of the GM job to President…ala Paul Holmgren. Saves face.
      He is currently GM and Sr VP of Operations. I think pat Gillick retires after this season and Monty’s health may be an issue.
      Question remains….who will be the next GM?

      1. Promoting Ruben to club president is literally the worst of all possible outcomes and will virtually guarantee that the team is a bottom dweller for at least the next 10 year – let’s pray for any outcome other than that one.

        1. Of course…if he does get the promotion…he, along with the ownership group, could hire a more forceful ‘Hextall-type’ GM. Who that would be, do not know.

        2. Catch, How does Ruben to President affect the player transactions? The President does not handle on the field MLB decisions and it is the ownership group making the big decisions together not the GM alone. Romus is probably correct that Ruben gets kicked upstairs but the GM does not control all the big decisions(see Colorado Rockies). I can’t believe some people still think that ..

          1. I would hope if he does get the promo….that John Middleton will become more vocal in the upper management circles.

          2. Why? Because the president decides who becomes GM. Theo Epstein is the Cubs president. Dave Montgomery was the Phillies president. I repeat – if Ruben becomes the president you can freaking kiss the next 15 years goodbye.

            1. No, not really. I don’t think they are stupid enough to reward his incompetence by making him team president. What I am saying, however, is that if they do this, it’s about the worst thing that could happen to the franchise as a whole.

  10. Was at Reading game today. Lively pitched a good game. 7 inninings 3 runs. Should have been zero. 3rd baseman Pierre butchered 2 bunt plays and had a 2 base throwing error on one of them. Lively had 92 pitches after 6 innings, but started the 7th and ran into trouble thanks to the Pieere play. Crawford had 2 hits( 1- 2B), and Perkins smoked 2 line drives that were caught by LF. No other offense to mention.

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