Box Score Recap – 6/12/2015

Lehigh Valley (22-41) beat the Norfolk Tides 1-0 in 14 innings.  Adam Morgan threw 6.0 shutout innings (101 pitches) and 4 relievers pitched 4-hit ball over the next 8.0 innings.  Seth Rosin got the win and Jake Diekman picked up his first AAA save of the season.  The IronPigs’ offense was non-existant most of the game.  They didn’t get a base runner until the fifth, a hit until the seventh, their second hit until the eleventh.  Jordan Danks doubled home the game winning run.  Dom Brown went 0-4.  Gabriel Lino went 1-5.  Joely Rodriguez (2-6, 6.36) pitches tomorrow.

Reading (33-27) lost to the Akron RubberDucks 12-11 in 12 innings.  The Phils had a 10-5 lead going into the ninth inning but Reinier Robel had to leave after facing one batter due to an injury.  A defensive letdown led to 3 unearned runs in the inning as the Ducks tied the game.  The Phils allowed 5 unearned runs in the game.  After last night’s 18 inning game, the Phils had few available arms tomight and C Rene Garcia was pressed into service.  He gave up 2 runs and took the loss.  Roman Quinn left the game after beatring out an infield single.  He was grasping his upper left leg and was unable to put any weight on it.  He was 2-2 when he left the game.  J.P. Crawford went 2-6 with 2 RBI.  Aaron Altherr went 0-5 and struck out 4 times.  Art Charles went 0-1 and walked 4 times.  Brian Pointer went 5-7 with 2 RBI.  Logan Moore went 3-7 with 2 doubles and 2 RBI.  Gustavo Pierre had 3 RBI.  Aaron Nola (7-3, 1.76) pitches tomorrow.

Clearwater (30-30) and the return of Kelly Dugan were postponed due to rain.  A double header is scheduled tomorrow.  Game #1 at 5:00pm, gates open at 4:30pm.  Victor Arano (0-7, 6.20) and David Whitehead (3-6, 3.65) pitch tomorrow.

Lakewood (30-28) beat the Hagerstown Suns 8-7.  Chris Oliver lasted only 4.0 innings, but the bullpen held the suns to 1 run over the last 5.0 innings.  Manny Martinez got his first win and Joey Denato picked up his 3rd save.  Malquin Canelo went 2-4 with a triple, his 4th HR, and 3 RBI.  Rhys Hoskins went 2-5 with a double and his 8th HR.  Elniery Garcia (3-5, 3.58) pitches tomorrow.

Williamsport (0-0) starts its season on the road against the State College Spikes on June 19th, home opener on June 20th.

GCL Phillies (0-0) start their season across the bay against the GCL Yankees1 on June 22nd, second game at the Carpenter Complex on June 23rd.

DSL Phillies (7-5) beat the DSL Royals 7-3.

VSL Phillies (8-14) beat the VSL Cubs 2-1 in 12 innings.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • Yoel Mecias assigned to Phillies Extended Spring Training from Clearwater Threshers.
  • re:Quinn – Per Mike Drago, sportswriter for the Reading Eagle:
  • “No official word on Roman Quinn’s injury. Reading manager Dusty Wathan believes it’s an upper leg injury, nothing with the knee or achilles.”
  • “Reading manager Dusty Wathan said he thought Quinn was injured before he hit the first base bag, not as he stepped on it.”
  • “Following 2013 season, Roman Quinn ruptured Achilles tendon & required surgery, but this does not appear to be related.”

40 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 6/12/2015

  1. Re: Quinn. Any leg issue is a big deal for someone whose legs are such a big part of their game so let’s hope it’s nothing too serious – but sure sounds like quadriceps/hamstring. Ugh! Wish him the best.

    1. While a quad or hamstring strain would certainly sideline him for a good month or so, at least he can overcome that type of injury. Best case is his quad tightened up on him, or even cramped perhaps. ‘Upper leg’ sounds less worrisome than lower leg

      1. I agree with that assuming it’s not a knee or a hamstring. But he could be out anywhere from 15 days to the entire season – it just depends.

  2. The VSL game must have been exciting to watch. I hope no one did. In the 12 innings there were 10 errors but only 11 hits. All of the runs were unearned. Wake me up before you go-go.

  3. I had a write-up in mind for Altherr today, but his 0-5 with 4k’s last night made me think the timing was less than appropriate.

    What I will mention is that Altherr is having his best season as a pro, by far, and it seems as though no one has noticed. If we assumed the best for Crawford and Nola coming into the season, Altherr is the story of the year (alongside Tocci). There isn’t a player I follow more closely right now. My biggest question is the hit tool, but with what I could only describe as a dramatic improvement in Altherr’s plate discipline, a .260-.270 hitter at the major league level can possibly emerge. Couple that with above average speed, above average range and glove in the OF, including the ability to play CF, an above-average arm, and the ability to hit the ball out of the park, and we have ourselves the makings of a very valuable outfielder. Out of all the likely promotions in the coming weeks, there are none I am more excited about than Altherr to LV.

    1. The player you describe above is not “a very valuable outfielder.” The player you describe is a bench player. If you hit .260, you need to have big power or big stolen base numbers to justify being. Regular outfielder on a good team. Otherwise that is a very mediocre profile.

      1. A .260 hitting OF’er with the right accompanying profile (e.g. plus defense, plus base runner, average power) and at a premium position (i.e. CF) and at a league minimum salary is absolutely a very valuable outfielder. Then you apply this player to a team completely devoid of contributing options in the outfield and his value, at least to the team in question, increases further.

        I also want to be clear that I’m not clamoring for Altherr as the next big thing. I’m merely pointing out that when valuating progression of our pharm, Altherr sticks out to me as one of the players who has shown the most improvement in 2015. I don’t think anyone would disagree that Tocci is probably the most improved. Altherr for me is certainly top 3

        1. Sorry Steve….but I think John Mayberry provided more of service to the Phillies, mainly from the plate, then Aaron Altherr will be able to do as a 4th/5th..
          Altherr may be a better defensive OFer.

      2. As someone else said, judging a hitter on BA is not close to cutting edge analysis. Altherr now has his BA up to .271, but more significantly, he walks a lot. He walks enough to bring his OBP up to .350, which is fine. His OPS is .808, which is also fine. He is a plus fielder, who can play anywhere in the OF. He will steal some bases for you, although he needs some improvement there. He can start in the Phillies OF for a season or two and then be a plus 4th OF.

    1. Most impressive is Tocci resumption of extra base hits. For me that is secret sauce to his success .

  4. Steve based on two times I saw this kid altherr and his age. I just don’t see why to get excited. I have seen the rufs, and now stasis. they might be 25th men on a club at best. but each year in the draft you can find these types that are in college. maybe I am wrong. but the excitement just isn’t there for me.

    1. Roccum – Ruf and Stassi both suffer from position limitations and defensive liabilities, whereas Altherr will prove to be a defensive contributor. I’m certainly not predicting stardom for Altherr, but I am excited to see if he could carry his newly found plate discipline to the next level. If he develops into a regular OF’er at the highest level, there will be that much more money for the big club to spend on the front of the rotation, and a power hitting 1st baseman. Oh, and a second baseman. And a catcher too. And probably a right fielder. . . . .

      1. I don’t understand why people lower their standards. A .260 hitter without power or stolen bases is not something to get excited about. It is an 8-hole hitter on a good lineup.

        1. The only time I lower my standards is when I read your posts. No joke. If your valuation of a player is limited to BA, then not only are you stuck in the 80’s in terms of measuring a player’s value, but your also failing to see how the game has changed the past few years.

  5. Hey Jim – have you heard Arquimedes Gamboa’s name thrown around the Carpenter Complex? I don’t see him on any of the Caribbean team rosters. I suspect he’s starting his professional career in the GCL which makes sense given he’ll turn 18 in September

    1. Agree….hopefully Roman Quinn’s injury is not a Grade 3 Quad tear of the rectus femoris. If it is….he will be out until August or longer sometime.
      That will be so sad for him after all the injuries he has gone through.

    1. As I understand it, all muscle “strains” involve muscle tears to some degree. I guess I’m happy it’s not a knee or tendon or even a hamstring. That said, this fellow cannot catch a break. It’s amazing how well he has progressed given the injuries and lack of consistent playing time. Well, let’s just hope he can get in another month before the season ends. The good news, I suppose, is we now know that, if he can return to full health, he’s a truly electric talent.

    2. Grade 1 or 2 is a very good prognosis…..not so much 3…I guess we will know when they say how long he will be on the shelf.

        1. No….just seen and heard of a few quad issues with football players and believe it or not, in the weight room with guys doing squats and leg presses with excessive weights.

  6. Brian Pointer continues to rake in June. OPS’ing 1.024 for the month and sporting a 15:18 BB to K ratio since the beginning of May. He homered in his first AB tonight and is quietly having a nice season

  7. Anticipating the roundup of Sat.s games, I suggest some attention be given to 4 (four) likely candidates to not only move up…but whose numbers give reason to believe that they each could become special and participate well in the revival of this franchise: Canelo SS; Tocci CF; Hoskins 1b; and Herlis Rodriguez RF. Add in some good pitching and stir…on up to the big club in 2 (?) yrs.

    Then, add in the somewhat amzing season Enger Jiminez RF is having (VSL Phils) now at about .440 w 3/5 today including a 2bh.

    So…the point I’m making is that “help is on the way,” when we add in Crawford @ SS, Nola on the staff, and the graduation of Eflin toward the bigs. Let’s also not forget that we should/must bring back some pitching on trades of Hamels and Paps, etc.

    Also, it could be that Lino will be able to answer the call for a catcher for the big club in ’16 making our desperation for a catcher moderated.

    Further, we are headed for one of the first picks in the June ’16 draft which most likely involve a first line pitcher if the team’s needs then are addressed.

    Before I leave this post, let us be reminded that the just concluded draft yielded draftees that tell us that a new dawn has arrived in the person of our new draft director and that, IMO, this is their best draft in many years.

    Patience is required.

    “How poor they who have no patience! What wound did ever heal but by degrees?”–“Wild Bill” Shakespeare.

  8. Pls insert “are” between “they” and “who”…in the above quotation. Sorry…Bill.

  9. D Brown comes in place of Ruf poor Ruf this has to be a hopeful trade of D Brown.Ruf at least can hit lefthanded pitching. Brown isn’t going to come in on a def replacement or pitch hit . He can’t play def of hit for power even in the minor leagues. This more mean 1st moves around the system.I like Brown As a person but he’s done.

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