Box Score Recap – 5/6/2015

Lehigh Valley beat Louisville, 5-3.  David Buchanan allowed 2 ER in 6.0 innings.  Seth Rosin pitched 2 shutout innings.  Colton Murray picked up his second save.  Maikel Franco went 2-4 with a double and 3 RBI.  Dom Brown went 3-4 with a double, R, RBI, HBP, and a CS.  Brown was hit in the top of the first, Buchanan hit 2 batters in the bottom of the first.

Reading lost 5-2 to New Hampshire and Matt Boyd, the Blue Jays phenom in Dunedin last year.  Zach Eflin took the loss, giving up all 5 runs.  Roman Quinn tripled and scored in 5 at bats.  Aaron Altherr went 1-3 with a double and 2 RBI.  Cam Perkins had another hit.  Brock Stassi went 0-2 but walked twice.  Anthony Vasquez pitched 2 perfect innings in relief.  Mike Nesseth pitched 2 shutout innings.

Clearwater beat Brevard County, 7-3, behind the return of J.P.Crawford and the pitching of David Whitehead.  Story here.

Lakewood 10-8 to Agusta.  Josh Taylor couldn’t escape the first.  The defense commited 3 errors during the game and 3 GreenJacket runs were unearned.  Lakewood made the most of their 5 hits and 5 walks (they scored 2 runs in the 4th without benefit of a hit), but their rally from the early deficit fell short.  Cord Sandberg had 2 RBI.  Carlos Tocci is 1 for his last 8 at bats (0-3, 1-5)  Slump? jk

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • J.P. Crawford was activated from the DL by the Threshers and played DH and Led off today.
  • RHP Kevin Walter was released by the Threshers.
  • RHP Calvin Rayburn assigned to XST from Lakewood.
  • LHP Scott Harris activated from the DL by Lakewood.

23 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 5/6/2015

  1. The Lakewood boxscore was painful to look at. Let’s see, 10 BBs and 2 HBPs in the game. 7 errors and only 15 hits in an 18 run game (both teams of course). What was it a T-ball game for 8 year olds?

    One thing struck me about LKW. If Tocci, Hoskins and possibly Canelo were moved up, this team would look like a worse version of the Major League club. Their team BA might be under .200. But that’s what minor league baseball is about. Good players progress and bad players falter and then are released but in the meantime someone’s got to play the games.

    1. Speaking of releasing and attrition…..Kevin Walter of the 2010 draft class let go, next on the bubble Mike Nesseth or Chase Numata?.

  2. Time to get this train rolling, bring up Dom Brown and Franco, tired of seeing the old man show of Francuer and Sizemore, heck put Asche at second while youre at it, then promote Quinn and Gustavo Pierre to the Pigs, promote Pullin up to Reading, and JPC wont stay long in Clearwater , way to ANNOUNCE your presence with authority young man, 2-3 with a walk , HR and 2 ribeyes……. While youre at it promote Tocci and Hoskins…

    1. Are we not being too aggressive in promotions? Promote someone too fast and that is usually a recipe for failure.

    2. I’d like to see Brown replace sizemore, but I’m ok with keeping Francoeur around. He is right handed and has a little pop and a strong arm. He’s been working with Manuel and has shown some improvements IMO. He waited back and drove a few breaking balls in this past series in Atlanta. I think deserves to stay over Sizemore. Who knows maybe he can get on a a few hot streaks before the trade deadline and bring us back a #5 starter or bullpen prospect. Even if he doesn’t do much this season he at least seems like a good guy to have around. I’m not sure we could say the same for Brown.

      I’d also like to keep Franco down in the minors for a while. I want him to continue working on his plate discipline and really dominate at AAA before a call up. He’s off to a good start, but it is still way too early to say he’s gotten everything he can from AAA. I also don’t think Franco and Brown could get this lineup rolling. There are way too many other holes to fill. Hopefully Asche can get his bat going again and either generate some trade value or justify a move to the OF.

      I completely agree that its time to challenge Tocci and Hoskins with a promotion.

      1. Agree with everything you said except for the Francouer optimism. That’s his whole career in a nutshell. One or two nights a week he looks like he gets it, but at the end of the day he is hitting .240 with a 270 OBP

        1. I know I’m too optimistic about Francouer. I guess I’m pulling for him more than I actually think he will make any kind of significant impact. As a Phillies fan living just outside of Atlanta, it has been nice seeing him succeed against the Braves. I hope he can stick with the team since we are going to finish in the bottom 5 regardless. It’s not like Ruf, Sizemore, or Brown are doing anything to warrant Francoeur being sent down or released.

      2. No offense to Sizemore and Francoeur, but they are just weak placeholders at this point. There appears to be no real hope for them as anything other than minor role players now. They are out there filling out roster spots and taking at bats; trying to look like capable major league regulars which, at this point, they clearly are not. They are essentially outfield analogues of Jerome Williams. They only receive regular playing time because they are on a very bad second division team that has not yet received a desperately needed infusion of youth. Sad. Brutal. But the truth fellas.

  3. Many posters bring up Maikel Franco’s low BB rate and indicate that this may be a fore-warning of things to come at the higher level. My thought was that DR power hitters typically have had lower BB rates historically since they were youthfully experienced in swinging at everything in sandlot years of development.
    So I tried to compare Franco’s current low rate of approx. 6% against past and current countrymen from the DR.
    MilB BB Rates for DR Power Hitters:
    Vladimir Guerrero –8%
    Robinson Cano – 7%
    Manny Ramirez – 13%
    David Ortiz – 10%
    Sammy Sosa – 6%
    Adrian Beltre – 12%
    Julio Franco –9%
    Pedro Guerrero – 10%
    Aramis Ramirez –12%
    Hanley Ramirez –7%
    Ruben Sierra –9%
    Jose Bautista – 11%
    Granted some of the above rates went higher when they went back for rehab and late-career minor league stents, but most of the data is from their first 3/4 years in the minor leagues..
    Sadly Franco has one of the lowest gradings.
    Hopefully this isn’t a red-flag for him down the road.

    1. It’s actually a little worse than that. His BB rates in the upper minors (one season at Redaing, 1+ at LHV) are 3.4, 5.4, and 4.4 respectively. It’s a huge red flag.

      And that’s not to say he can’t be a productive major leaguer, but it certainly gives him a lower ceiling than his physical skills would otherwise allow for

    2. That I s pretty close to a complete list of the best DR hitters ever, isnt it? It would be amazing if he could be compared to those guys.

      1. Yes….mostly power guys I tried to include. The ‘singles’ guys wouldn’t be fair I would think. Its kind of gloomy the way it is now.

  4. Starting to have some concerns with the Lakewood club. Cord Sandberg especially. Looking forward to seeing them in two weeks at Delmarva.

    1. K Rate has dropped from 20% to 11%. He probably needs to be more aggressive to fully use his power but I think Sandberg has been just fine so far.

    2. A little early to Wport about him I think. He was always described as a little raw and if memory serves he had/has some swing issues to work out. Still only 20

  5. On Eflin: keep in mind that all of the Reading 4 1/2 are adapting to new pitching coaches excepting Biddle. Other “refinements” such as adding another pitch, etc. are being worked on. IMO, in another 2 months all of them should be ready to settle into their talent and ready to move forward and up…
    Nevertheless, I do have concerns about Biddle (the 1/2) whose direct forward concentration of mind as well as mechanics seem scattered which could be a continuing barrier to any success. I have no idea whether he can get it together but at this time the odds seem to be getting longer. Sad.

  6. Great to see JPC come back with no rust. I’m hoping to see another uptick in power from his bat this year, and it’s certainly off to a good start!

    Lots to love in the system right now. The AA pitchers have shown progress, Quinn has 5 triples and it’s only early May, and Tocci is putting on a hitting clinic. Ben Badler was very high on Tocci in a chat earlier this week:

    Juice (Just outside Philly): Can we be excited about Carlos Tocci’s hot start in Lakewood or is it merely a result of him repeating for a third year?
    Ben Badler: Be excited. This is what happens when kids who have high feel for the game but are extremely skinny when they sign at 16 years old spend a few years in the minors, get some strength on their frame, and are placed at an appropriate level commensurate with their current talent level. This is a breakout year.

    Give me a Luis Encarnacion power breakout this summer and I will believe in Santa Claus again.

    1. Referring to your Carlos Tocci comment: I believe its just a hot streak but he has been seeing the ball a lot better, I’ll definitely give him that,

      1. He’s certainly not going to sustain the pace he is on (evidenced by his recent cool-off) but I wouldn’t write it off as just a hot streak. His BB/K rates suggest a far more advanced approach than anything we’ve seen from him before. He’s doubled his BB rate and cut his Ks in half in a sample of more than 100 PA. He is one SB from matching his career high … And it’s early May! I’m with Badler… He’s breaking out.

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