Box Score Recap – 5/5/2015

Lehigh Valley beat Louisville, 12-1.  Jason Berken struck out 6 over 5.0 innings.  Cesar Jimenez, Hector Neris, and Nick Hill pitched 4 innings of 1-walk relief.  Maikel Franco went 3-5 with a HR and 2 RBI.  Brian Bogusevic and Jordan Danks added HRs.  Dom Brown went 1-6.

Reading  held on to beat New Hampshire, 11-9.  Jesse Biddle was staked to a 7-0 lead but allowed 10 hits and 2 walks in 4-plus innings and couldn’t stick around long enough for the decision.  Hoby Milner, Lee Ridenhour, and Stephen Shackleford contributed to the Fisher Cats 19-hit attack as the Phils held on to win.  Shack did get his 5th save.  Art Charles and Cam Perkins homered and combined for 5 RBI.  Brodie Greene, Gustavo Pierre, Charles, and Perkins had multi-hit games.  Every starter had at least one hit in their 15-hit attack.

Clearwater lost 2-1 to Brevard County. Story here.

Lakewood was not scheduled.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • J.P. Crawford played nine innings in XST today.  I hope he is activated for the Threshers’game tomorrow.
  • Darin Mastroianni was sold by the Phillies to the Nationals.  That leaves an open roster spot in Lehigh Valley.
  • Shane Watson pitched one inning in an XST game in Tampa Tuesday.  He threw only fastballs and was reported to be 88-92.  If all goes well, he should be on schedule to throw again on Monday, which would be in Tampa again.
  • C John Hester assigned to Reading Fightin Phils from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.  He had been rehabbing in XST.
  • Reading Fightin Phils placed C Gabriel Lino on the 7-day disabled list. Strained left knee.

65 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 5/5/2015

  1. Every eat there Wheaties today Homer city . Perkins starting to son is Charles Nice to see Franco go yard.

      1. I translate this as the following:
        Everyone ate their Wheaties today, that game was Home Run City. Perkins starting to come on, so is Charles. Nice to see Franco go yard.

        1. Ha! That would be an awesome feature for this site, a comment translator.

          Look, I hate grammar police types, but there are a few commenters on here who have no business being near a keyboard….If you must comment, take a deep breath, count to three…and read what’s on the screen before posting.

          1. True, everyone has typos, but Tim must have been pouring Wild Turkey in his Wheaties this morning.

        2. Ha I found out where my spell check went lol nah someone keeps turning on . But ty you there was so many Homers and runs I couldn’t contain my excitement.

    1. It is too soon to start making conclusions or panicking as this was Biddle’s first bad start this year. The body of work has been good up to this point.

      1. he has 2 quality starts out of 5 games this year. not sure which stats you are looking at, but that is not a “good body of work” in my opinion.

        1. His WHIP of 1.4 is not great, but his BB/9 are the best he has had it in his career so far. Trouble giving up more H/9, one of highest so far, and a lot of singles. But does not give up the HR. Can he be working on something different in his approach?

            1. but this is a bounce back year for Biddle after taking a long mental break last year. I doubt they would mess with him further by limiting his pitches.

      2. I agree. let’s not overreact to one bad start.imo, if he can stay consistent and harness his command, he’ll be a good number 2. imo, that’s his ceiling.

    2. Biddle will not be a Kershaw. But, IMO, he can be a poor man’s version of a combination of Barry Zito/ Randy Wolf/Terry Mulholland.
      A good serviceable 3, and on a few years in his prime, possibly a 2 in a rotation.
      He has the skill level, just not the consistency.

      1. 1. Barry Zito won a Cy Young. I assume that was a mistake, so will ignore that comp.
        2. Wolf had much better control than Biddle has and was in the majors at 22. Biddle is 23 and still struggling with AA (after his 3rd season there)
        3. Terry Mulholland – might be a fair comp. but he had 10 of his 25 seasons of negative WAR and 3 of his seasons of a WAR > 2.0. That is not a good pitcher. that is an innings eater. he also had a career BB/9 of 2.4 in the majors. Jessie has a BB/9 of 4.4 in the minors.

          1. Biddle’s expectations may be higher on this board then what he really should be.
            But in fairness…..not many pitchers his size and bulk, lefty, and if velo is correct at 91/92 T93, with plus CB, have that skill level.

            1. I am aware of all of that. however, if his control is a 45 grade then none of the other stuff matters. poor control is not just about not walking guys. you have to hit spots. in the majors if you can’t hit spots you get crushed.

              some times i think people on this board lose sight of how big of a jump it is from AAA to the majors or even to be a quality major leaguer.

              i would love to see him be a solid 3 or even peak to a 2 like you suggest. but i think that is based on hope.

        1. Fangraphs is disputing those ten years of negative WAR. They have him as negative for his last six years when he was clearly a guy hanging on, but never before that. I think the Phils would love a 23.6 career WAR from Biddle.

          1. Are you sure you are looking at the correct Terry Mulholland?
            Except for ’91 and 93, did he ever have another year with >1WAR?

            1. I’m not trying to say Mulholland was anything more than what he was, but you correcting your own statement is making my point for me. He was a little better then everage for a long time. I don’t think Biddle ever will be. He can’t throw strikes in AA, what makes you think he eventually will in the Majors?

            2. Saw too many lefties in the past, at the earliest stages of their careers, not able to command their pitchers, then something clicks….just wishful thinking he can turn it around. Something like Cliff Lee, up until his mid-20s he was all over the place with not only his command, but his control. So hoping Biddle can also do something similar.

            3. That’s what we all hope for. Everyone who cheers for the Phils wants him to become a Zito, a Wolf or even a Mulholland. I’d love him to throw 200 innings and go 15-12 every year. I just think the people out there that aren’t wearing the rose color glasses are probably closer to be correct. The guy is age appropriate in AA, and can’t consistently throw strikes and get outs. What’s he going to do against ML pitching? If he has Lee’s career trajectory, then great. But how often does that happen?
              My only real argument was V1again cherrypicking stats that were incorrect. The guy pitch from 86 to 06, an wasn’t in the majors in 87. He only had negative WARs from 01 to 06, only one of those seasons throwing more then 100 innings, and in 06 he only threw three innings. I’m not a math wizard, but that’s not 10 of 25 years with negative WAR. The guy deserves more credit then being labeled “not a very good pitcher”

            1. You dont need to explain WAR to me, you need to explain your math. He didnt have ten seasons of negative WAR.

  2. The roster spot opened by the Mastroianni trade was used to activate RHP David Buchanan, who will pitch tonight in Louisville. The IronPigs are at the maximum. Another move will need to be made to activate Severino Gonzalez.

  3. who takes the outfield spot in AAA? Altherr has cooled off. Probably too soon for anyone else at Reading. Any word on Dugan?

    1. No immediate need for an OF at AAA: Danks and Bogusevic can both play CF. Perhaps d’Arnaud too–I know he’s been after more OF time. Canzler and Henson can play the corners. For now, Brown is around too. Perkins and Altherr will be here soon enough, but no rush–and no roster spot either at the moment. I haven’t heard anything about Dugan working out or playing XST games–assume that will come first, then maybe Reading to warm up.

      1. Kram…in truth….Danks should be at CBP with his versatility and skill level as an OFer, plus a very serviceable bat. Grady Sizemore, I assume, is being held on to increase his MLB service time for retirement purposes, he gets the contract salary no matter what. I can only guess.
        And Danks, one year older then Dom Brown, but can contribute more to a team with less physical raw talent then a player like Brown

        1. Oh, yeah. Danks has the 40-man spot, but both he and Bogey are starting to hit for power now. I think both would be an upgrade over Sizemore/Francoeur at this point.

  4. Will Jordan Danks be the next Brandon Moss that the Phillies will let go after giving an opp at TripleA? And who will be the next Johnny Bowker to replace Danks?

    1. Danks isn’t quite having the season Moss had. Moss hit .275/.368/.509 for LV and Danks is at .284/.341/.358. Maybe Danks will have a power surge?

      1. Agreed. If he turns in a solid year in AA, he will (rightly) leap up the prospect lists. No need to rush him. He’s on schedule, and has plenty to work on in AA (like cutting down his strikeouts).

        The guy who should be promoted soon is Tocci. Then maybe Hoskins.

  5. Can we please not pretend like quality starts are a thing? Especially in the minors and in April.

  6. I’m not a huge Biddle fan but still think he has potential to have a solid career in the majors as a back end starter. Even with last night’s outing, Biddle’s FIP on the year is 2.52, which SSS caveat included, is his best FIP at any level.

    1. Biddle’s FIP is suppressed, and exaggeratedly so, due to him not allowing a HR yet this year. But his WIP is 1.43 and there is no scenario in the world where that would translate to a 2.28 ERA

      1. Actually, his WIP is just 0.36 so far. His WHIP, on the other hand, is pretty high, but that reflects a high BABIP against (.338), which is unlikely to continue.

        Personally, I like to look at K% – BB%. So far he’s at 22% – 8% = 14%, which is pretty good.

        1. Just a typo. I was referring to WHIP. Regardless, his FIP is somewhat deceptive due to no home runs allowed. His peripherals are ugly. After two solid if unspectacular starts to begin the season, he’s now had three clunkers in a row. If I’m looking for a silver lining, at least his BB rate has decreased from prior seasons .

          1. I think the point is that his peripherals *aren’t* ugly. His K% is pretty good, his BB% is ok, and he hasn’t let up and HRs. Those are the peripherals and that’s why his FIP is so low.

  7. At the Reading game last night… Biddle started off strong in first two innings, striking out the side in the 1st, but deteriorated quickly. Struggled to locate FB. Good curve. When he missed with the CB, he missed down. The opponents seemed to lock in on his FB by the third inning and hit single after single. Didn’t start using his “new” slider until the 4th inning. Used it three times that I saw, and got three swing and misses on it.

    One note on Biddle’s body language. Now, this of course, is quite subjective, but he was annoyed after the 2nd inning with the strike zone, particularly not getting calls on his CB at (or maybe, below) the knees. This seemed to really affect him. He waved his arms a few times; looked back at the ump, and seemed to pout a bit. Reminded me of Hamels a few years ago. The more annoyed he got, the worse he pitched.

    This is not implying that he is not mentally tough, it is only making mention of his body language and attitude. I hope he can channel that frustration.

    Other notes on the game:
    – Altherr looks bad on off speed, even against the lefty
    – Quinn is faster than most people
    – Art Charles is a large man (by the naked eye; just a bit bigger than Quinn)

    1. I couldn’t agree more from what I saw last week in Richmond. He relies on the FB. Let’s the umpire and miscues in the field affect him. Seems to go on streaks when the opposing team touch him for back-to-back-to-back hits after he loses mental focus.

      Good point about him starting off well in the first couple of innings and the opposition doing better the second time around.

      Altherr looks bad against off speed pitches. So does Quinn and the rest of the team. Lino and Charles looked like the were waving at butterflies.

  8. I have never seen biddle pitch so I cant say, if he is a 2 or3 or relief guy, I as you know want to see a guy before making judgment, most on here are stat men and that is fine, I always thought that stats in minors are tough to judge, because you never know what a guy is told to work on, which can affect his stats, that being said. I am getting real concern with Franco ,who many know I love, the lack of walks are starting to bother me. and channel 69 hasn’t shown any games in t wo weeks. so I haven’t seen him play. Quinn is one kid I am dying to see, hope them move him in june to aaa. if he is still hitting ,

    1. rocco……Franco is a LA, and more so, from the DR specifically…walking is not in their blood. Of the LAs the Ven guys do the most BBing. Do not let it concern you.
      Be more concerned about the new 9-Patty Hamburgers at the park and whether or not there are enough defibrillators around.

    2. It is not just stats with regard to Biddle. Find me one scouting report that says he can be a #2. Just one? I bet you can’t find one that thinks he will be a legit 3 anymore. maybe a few years ago, but not now.

      most scouts think Nola will be a #3 and he is light years better than Biddle.

      1. Well it would be virtually impossible to find good forecasting on him over these last two futile injury filled years…2013…2014. That’s a certainty. But after 2012 and before 2013 he had his highest ratings and I would have to do some intensive research on specifically projected rotation level, which right now I feel too lazy to do.
        But he was rated higher then , then now for sure.

        1. I found it romus. I looked up biddle in dictionary. he is a legit three on turf, on dirt a 2

      2. Well did find our own draft report at the top of the page under his draft year:
        “Biddle has true number two starter upside, and teams that believe in that could take him as high as the second round, though he fits more comfortably in the third to fifth round range. His Oregon scholarship may cost $1 million to buy out, but he’ll probably be worth it in the end”
        …..ok what do I win?

          1. Great!
            ….here I was expecting ONE Trillion Dollars….but only in Rosland Capital Gold and Silver!

  9. It’s good to see Drew Stankiewicz taking advantage of the playing time he’s getting in Valentin’s absence. He seems to have very little power, so he may be another Carlos Alonso, but he’s only 21 while Alonso was 24 his first year in Clearwater. I wonder if he can handle SS well enough to be a utility guy.

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