MiLB Spring Training 2015; March 18th vs. Pirates

Two A games at the Complex today. Lakewood manager Shawn Williams’ group was on the bad end of a 12-2 decision.  I posted the following line up on twitter, but in these games the line up is often just a suggestion.  Changes came earlier than in the 6th inning and for players not scheduled to be replaced.  Oh well, that happens a lot down here.

3-18 A Line up

David Whitehead was the starting pitcher and threw two scoreless innings in 17 pitches.  Video here.  This 2-pitch AB was the longest AB in his second inning.

1st inning

  • Ground ball out, 4-3
  • Ground ball 1B through the right side
  • Pop 2B down the right field line, took third when the base runner was out 9-4-2
  • Pop out, P6

2nd inning

  • F8
  • 5-3, great dive into foul territory
  • 5-3

Ranfi Casimiro came on to pitch the next two innings. He got 2 quick outs each inning and recorded 4 Ks, but was getting over a weekend cold and tired each inning. He ended up throwing 39 pitches.  Video here.

3rd inning

  • Ground ball out, 4-3
  • K
  • Line drive 2B to center
  • Long HR to left
  • K

4th inning

  • K
  • Ground ball out, 3-1 on a nice play by Hoskins retreating back and to his left
  • Line drive 2B down the LF line
  • Line drive 2B to the wall in left
  • K

Denton Keys pitched the next 2 inings. He breezed through his first inning, 1-2-3 on 10 pitches, but struggled through 30 pitches in second inning.  Video here.

5th inning

  • Ground out 4-3 on a poorly executed bunt
  • Ground ball out, 4-3
  • Ground ball out, 6-3

6th inning

  • 5-pitch walk
  • Ground ball to second, error on the throw to second for a force
  • Ground ball to short for a force out, 6-4
  • 4-pitch walk
  • Triple over the center fielder’s head
  • K
  • Runner scores on a wild pitch
  • Fly out to left, F7

ProsinskI pithced a 1-2-3 innng.

7th innng

  • Ground ball out, 5-3
  • Fly out to center, F8
  • Fly out to left, F7

Kyle Bogese got hit around in his one inning.

8th inning

  • 1B
  • Wild pitch
  • BB
  • K
  • BB
  • Two run 1B down right field line, thrown out at second, 9-4-6
  • RBI 2B
  • F8

Calvin Rayburn pitched the final inning.  The Pirates scored a couple runs even though their coach stopped waving them home this inning.

9th inning

  • P6
  • 6-3
  • BB
  • 1B
  • RBI 2B
  • RBI 1B
  • FC 4-6

Offensively, the Phillies collected 7 hits.

  • Chase Harris went 2-4 with 2 line drive 1B over the shortstop. He also hit 2 hard ground ball outs to short.
  • Jose Pujols lined a lead off 2B down the RF line but was stranded, but left the game before his next at bat.
  • The Phillies loaded the bases in the 4th inning on a walk to Tromp, ground ball single to left by Hoskins, and a HBP by Zeir (who batted for Pujols) and didn’t score.
  • Hiciano singled and stole second in the 5th inning. He scored on Marrero’s single. He stole 2 bases and was stranded.
  • Zeir had an RBI 2B in the 6th inning. Then the Pirates retired the final 10 Phillies in a row to end the game.

The umpires are a little uneven implementing the speed-up rules.  In the second inning the home plate umpire told Derek Campbell to get back in the box after a foul ball.  On several occasions later in the game he neglected to make Pirate batters keep one foot in the box between pitches.

The line up for the other game included Arauz/Gamboa at short, Cuicas DH, Carlos Duran in center, Oberto/Encarnacion at first, Jan Hernandez at third, Palacios in right, Rivero/Posso catching, Gustavo Martinez in left, and Brito at second.  I’m not sure of all the pitchers, but I think Chris Oliver pitched, as well as Dominguez, Morris, Denato, and Figueroa.

One last observation.  There were 3 umpires today.  Usually, A games only have two.  We only had two for the AA and AAA games yesterday.  Funny the things you notice.

Camp day tomorrow, then the Blue Jays on Friday. I think I’m going to cover the AAA/AA teams in Dunedin.


34 thoughts on “MiLB Spring Training 2015; March 18th vs. Pirates

    1. If you cannot or do not want to register, but still want to see videos…go over to Baseball Ross…3. Phillies Blogs, in the right column menu and he usually post plenty of videos of minor leaguer prospects.

  1. Jim I was watching video of imhof strikeout. On the tape he looks like he doesn’t throw hard. Have you seen any guns on him? just wondering ty

    1. His FB is reportedly high 80s-92 with deception and good command. I think the general scouting view is he is a #4 starter if things break his way.

      1. You are way off here. Velocity never gets above 90. Will get cranked when the word gets around that he can’t come inside due to lack of the aforementioned velocity. # 4 starter in the low minors at best. Wow what a great draft pick.

  2. It will be interesting to see how the outfielder placements go across the levels. Will Aaron Brown stay at Reading, will Sandberg stay at CWater, will Pujols stay at LWood? I assume all three guys will drop back a level.
    The Lakewood offense appears like it will be built on Hiciano, Tromp, and Hoskins. Chase Harris is nice looking player though and should get plenty of time in LF forcing Hiciano into DH mode (Pujols or Sandberg will be in RF), which is bad for his future.

      1. At Lakewood? Wouldn’t WSport be a more reasonable level for him, especially if Pujols gets sent down since he’d be ahead of Margot? Tell me more about Margot though.

        1. Murray…..he is a Sox top prospect OFer who could be an outside chance return in a Hamel’s trade. Just imaging the possibilities of a trade.But where would he go if a Phillie…probably to start at CLW, since he was playing at Salem (A+) with the Sox at the end of last season

          1. Sorry, I’m sick today and totally missed the point initially. I thought maybe I wasn’t aware of some awesome Dominican guy. Yes, I agree, there will be some infusion of talent from a Hamels trade.

    1. Yeah, Joseph (and Rupp) getting back on track this year would be huge. We are very weak at catcher.

  3. Probably one of the best things (aside from getting fine prospects back in a Hamels trade) that could happen would be a good season from catcher Joseph. Filling that position with Ruiz starting to creak would be one big step forward in the rebuilding process. So….watching Joseph should have our attention through ’15—no injuries, please.

  4. I agree. Watching him and the Pitchers at Reading and hoping for at least 1 hitter from the lower levels step up and declare himself a real prospect would be great.

    1. rocco…speaking of yuor fav Dom Brown. he is having a MRI on his Achilles heal. A bad tendon strain could keep him on the shelf for up to two/three weeks. That means Frenchy could be in RF for the opener, once he gets over his oblique issue.

    1. Well Elvis was sent down so its between Oliver and Hollands, unless RS goes with 3 lefties in the pen….and the Rule 5 guy looks to say, so Mario has options so he will go to LHV and get his act together again.

    2. Hollands isn’t that good. His stats the 2nd half of the year were not good, I think his sudden fastball pickup was limited time only.

  5. I’m betting on Oliver…Hollands gets hit around too much. Could use more minor lg work.

    Franco gone to Lehigh Valley. Wish him well…but the odds seem to be getting longer. Asche could kinda break out in ’15. Right now, he’s a better bet than Franco….but Franco hits (?) right-handed, a LARGE need in that lineup! My money has long been on Asche…maybe Franco can go to AAA and prove he belongs, but he’d better get it together ASAP since we DO need a power righty in the lineup.

    1. Art, he needs to get it together, but getting it together ASAP? It’s not like the team is competing for a playoff spot or Franco is an old player done with last chances. Still his deficiencies are real and if he doesn’t address them, he’s not going to turn into much of a player. I still don’t know what to make of him, except to say that he has a real problem at the plate but he also has very real talent.

    2. At this point, how do you not go with Oliver? Even if Hollands was pitching well, Oliver has shown consistent dominance and he can’t be sent down whereas you can send Hollands down. Oliver has been doing one hell of a Steve Carlton impersonation this spring. In fact, he’s pitched so well you have to wonder if they are toying with the idea of putting him back in the starting rotation. Probably not, but it’s not a crazy idea to mull over.

  6. Franco just Maybe tired he’s been playing ALL YR. He has hit everywhere else AA, AAA and winter ball and showed power and avg. It could be in his head too until he has success in mlb . Plus I really never seen him hit in any league early in the yr. I do love the phillies bp lots of talent and depth also Rupp hitting around 400 nice spring.

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