2015 MiLB Training Groups

Here’s the early list of work groups for the Phillies’ minor leaguers at the Carpenter Complex.  Later on there will be 5 groups as non roster invitees leave the major league camp and force the downward movement of players to lower groups.

2015 Phillies MiLB Workgroups

Things of note –

  1. Larry Greene is not listed (?).
  2. A lot of the academy kids aren’t listed like Bryan Martelo, Julsan Kamara, Jesus Alastre
  3. Manny Chavez, the pitcher they lent to the Mexican League, is here and listed as Jesus Chavez.
  4. This is a different, older Tyler Greene than the one the Phillies released.
  5. Andrew Pullin is listed with the outfielders.

I didn’t cross paths with Catchman22, but I did see and talk to Gary “Gkit” who has posted video here under TheGkita on YouTube.

It’s great to see the kids with names on their backs, finally.  The coaches kept them on the field for about 3 hours – running through PFPs, fielding drills, and bunting practice for the position players.  They hit off coaches and later hit off the machines set up in the outdoor cages.  Some players got to hit indoors.

Today was like being a kid in a candy store, trying to decide which field to watch.  Yoel Mecias looks like he gained mass.  Kelly Dugan was walking around without the boot he wore 10 days ago.  Some kids like Carlos Tocci and J.P. Crawford appear to be taller.  Willians Astudillo looks a tad slimmer.  Only one player, a newly signed pitcher , looks to be out of shape.  And maybe that’s just his build.  Pullin looks bigger across the shoulders.  Zach Green was working out at first base.  Everyone looks to be in great shape.

On one play, Jesus Valentin was set to catch a ground ball and flip to Crawford at second base.  The ball hit a ball on the infield in front of him and took a bad bounce.  Valentin reacted and made the play like it was “no big deal”.  Great concentration and reaction.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to ramble on so much.  I just wanted to get the work groups published.  More tomorrow.


16 thoughts on “2015 MiLB Training Groups

  1. Ramble away! I love all the info. I know these are subject to change, but Elniery Garcia seems to be higher than I thought he would be.

    And Mecias gaining weight is great. High hopes for him this year.

  2. I hope everyone understands that these groups are formed with the knowledge that they will change as soon as players are sent out of the Phillies complex and into the minor league complex. Garcia is probably higher than he will be at the end of spring training. Many in the first group will probably be in AA or lower when they are assigned to teams in April.
    Thanks, Jim, for the list.

  3. Thanks Jim, I love it. I’ll be there Friday, I’ll look for you.
    Pullin in LF lowers his value obviously. LGJ not there? Oddd…
    Players like Biddle and Joseph will be sent down later in the week when the minor league camp activity catches up to their daily work.

  4. In addition to players moving down from the MLB camp, I think another plane load from Latin America should be coming. I count only 4 DSL/VSL players listed, while there was 22 in camp last year.

  5. Dissapointed in Pullin in left. Thought he had a chance to make it as a 2nd baseman. Guess with him and Valentin together they have to find time for him

  6. I am guessing that Aaron Brown will be in Clearwater with Cozens. This may mean that Tocci stays in Low A — a non-move that seems appropriate. Their play over the next three weeks will determine this.

  7. From Jay Floyd at Philliesnation.com

    With minor league camp underway and the initial work out groups list unveiled this weekend, thanks to Jim Peyton of PhuturePhillies.com (see below), a key question arose. Where is Larry Greene Jr? The omission of the Phillies’ top selection from the 2011 draft (39th overall) has plenty of people wondering about his status.

    Confirmed by manager of the Class A Advanced Clearwater Threshers, the 22-year-old Greene has retired from professional baseball


    1. Disappointing pick…along with Hewitt….though, in Hewitt’s defense, he seem to give it his best shot by pushing himself to stay physically fit and work the hours required.

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