Full Squad, Day Six; the University of Tampa Game

Day five was rained out on Saturday.  I’m sure a lot of work was accomplished indoors, but a steady and sometimes heavy rain made going to the Complex unappealing.  Today’s early morning overcast burned off and the sun came out.  The return to warmth overcame me and I decided to attend the Phillies’ game against the University of Tampa.  The pitchers scheduled to make appearances further swayed my decision as well as a first look at Odubel Herrera in a game setting.

The Phillies lost to the University of Tampa, 6-2, on a tie-breaking grand slam home run that capped a 5-run seventh inning.  The Phillies line up looked like one that might see a some action in Lehigh Valley other than lead off hitter and center fielder Odubel Herrera.  He was followed by Cesar Hernandez, Cord Phelps, Darin Ruf, Chris McGuiness, Russ Canzler, Aaron Altherr, Tommy Joseph, and Chase d’Arnaud.  Jordan Danks, Chris Nelson, Brian Bogusevic, John Hester, and Darin Mastroianni also got at bats in the game.  This juggernaut amassed a double and 5 singles against the 13-1, Division II Spartans.

Paul Clemens, Andy Oliver, Elvis Araujo, Phillippe Aumont, Nefi Ogando, Hector Neris, and Mike Nesseth allowed 8 H, 6 ER, 3 BB, and 8 K.  They certainly got their work in throwing 164 pitches this afternoon.

Ryne Sandberg allowed Hector Neris to throw 38 pitches while recording 2 outs in the seventh inning, walking in the tying run, and leaving with the bases loaded.

The 5,114 people in attendance were decidedly pro Tampa.  The temperature at the start of the game was 80 degrees.  Two hours later at 3:00PM it was 82 degrees.

In the first inning, Clemens looked sharp.  Herrera drove a ball into the gap that hung up for an out.  Hernandez walked and easily stole second.

In the second inning, Clemens threw 21 pitches and ran three 3-ball counts, but escaped the inning without damage.  Canzler doubled down the left field line and scored on a pop single by Altherr to shalow right field down the line.  Canzler was correctly ruled safe when he slid into the catcher’s glove which was on the back half of home plate.  Close play, the crowd groaned and more, but safe.  Altherr took second on the throw.  Joseph lined a single to left and Altherr moved up to third.  He scored when an errant pickoff throw by the catcher sailed off the first baseman’s glove into right field.  Herrera’s first-pitch pop up ended the inning.

In the third inning, Oliver was a little wild, issuing a 5-pitch walk before throwing a wild pitch into the dirt in front of home plate that Joseph could not control.  Oliver took a line drive off his leg but threw the batter out at first to end the inning.  He returned to pitch the fourth inning.  Ruf lashed a hard one hopper that bounced over a slow reacting third baseman for a single.  Ruf broke for second on a three ball count and would have had the base stolen but for the pitch resulting in ball four.  The catcher foolishly threw high to the bag and Ruf was able to take third on the catcher’s errant and unnecessary throw.

In the fourth inning, Oliver recorded a strike out and two pop ups.

In the fifth inning, Araujo relinquished the Spartans first hit but struck out the side.  Herrera line a single to left field.  The first pitch to Hernandez was a hit-and-run that the second baseman was able to stop and retreat to catch and retire Hernandez while keeping Herrera at second.

In the sixth inning, Aumont allowed back-to-back-to-back singles with one out.  The first single stole second and scored when the second single glanced off d’Arnaud’s glove on his diving attempt to keep the ball in the infield.  Fortunately this single was caught stealing on a weak throw and questionable call.  Altherr grounded a single through the hole into left field.

In the seventh inning, Ogando sandwiched a single and stolen base with two strike outs.  A walk and an infield  single on a 3-2 pitch loaded the bases.  Another walk forced in the tying run and ended Ogando’s afternoon.  Neris got quickly ahead 0-2 and hung an 82 mph pitch and watched it just clear the left field wall.  And the crowd went wild!!!

Both teams went quietly in the eighth inning.

Mike Nesseth pitched a strong ninth inning and the Phillies loaded the bases with two out on two walks and a hit batsman before Phelps completed his 0-5 afternoon with a game-ending, ground out to the pitcher.

  • Pitcher       IP       H     R   ER  BB  K      P/S        Fastball
  • Clemens    2.0     0     0     0     0     1     32/20     92-94 mph, touching 95 (2X) and 96 (1X)
  • Oliver          2.0     0     0     0     1     1     23/14     91-92 mph, touching 94 once
  • Araujo        1.0      1     0     0     0     3     20/14     93-94 mph, touching 95 twice
  • Aumont     1.0      3     1     1     0     0     27/18     92-94 mph, touching 95 once
  • Ogando     0.2      2     4     4     2     2     38/23     94-96 mph
  • Neris           1.1      2     1     1     0     0     15/11     90-91 mph
  • Nesseth     1.0      0     0     0     0     1       9/6        91 mph, touching 92 once

Neris inherited 3 runners and allowed all 3 to score.  Oliver threw a wild pitch.  Joseph threw out 1 of 2 base stealers, Hester 0 of one.

The new scoreboard displays pitch velocity.  I twill show in the section below the batters head.  It is sponsored by a local restaurant, the Lucky Dill.  The word Dill is on the screen where the velocity will appear.  There is also a smaller board on the second deck of  bleachers down the first base line that has been upgraded too show velocity.


There is also a timer installed to the left of the batter’s eye in centerfield.  This is used to count down the time between innings.  It was also started when Neris was brought in to relieve Ogando with two outs in the seventh inning.


  • Batter
  • Herrera – 1 for 3,
  •    Danks – 0 for 1, BB, K
  • Hernandez – 0 for 2, BB, SB
  •    Nelson – 0 for 0, BB
  • Phelps – 0 for 5, GIDP
  • Ruf – 1 for 3
  •    Bogusevic – 0 for 1, K
  • McGuiness – 0 for 3, BB, 2 K
  • Canzler – 1 for 4, 2B, R
  • Altherr – 2 for 4, R, RBI, SB
  • Joseph – 1 for 2
  •    Hester – 0 for 0, BB, HBP
  • d’Arnaud – 0 for 3, 2 K
  •    Mastroianni – 0 for 0, BB

Monday’s full squad practice will probably start earlier and will certainly end earlier as the team will break camp for the annual golf outing.  The Phillies will move exclusively to Bright House Field and the minor leaguers will take over the Complex fields.


12 thoughts on “Full Squad, Day Six; the University of Tampa Game

  1. Oh My! For professionals to be beaten by any college team is an embarrassment. It is going to be a long year for the big leaguers and the fans.

    1. Every year teams(multiple) lose the a college team in spring training. I’m pretty sure the 2 years we went to the world series we got smoked by a college team.

      If you were being sarcastic, sorry.

    1. When… not if…Aumont is released, I don’t want to hear one peep that he was another guy to go on to have success after leaving the Phils. Not one peep…

  2. watched some of the game via webcast (what a mess, good thing it was free since it barely worked) got to see Herrera’s hit into LF, but not much else. Did see Aumont struggle but turned it off the webcast kept freezing up.

  3. This group of pitchers all have control problems in their past but have good arms. It will be interesting to see if any of them improve their control enough to make it to the show this year.

  4. Anyone want to take the job of designing official Phuture Phillies T-Shirts so we can recognize other members of our cult when attending minor league games/spring training workouts? Maybe names/numbers on the back? Peyton 1, Romus 20, Matt Winks 32, Anonymous 00. I get Dibs on #19…

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