Scorpions Win AFL Opener; 10/8/2014

The Scottsdale Scorpions beat the Salt River Rafters 7-4 in the Arizona Fall League opener for both teams last night.  Three Phillies’ prospects saw action – Roman Quinn, Colton Murray, and Nefi Ogando.

Roman Quinn started in centerfield and recorded 2 put outs.  He led off for the Scorpions and finished with 1 hit in 5 at bats. 

  • In the first inning he grounded out to short on a 0-1 pitch.
  • He batted in the second innng with nobody out and a runner on first.  He grounded out to the pitcher on a 1-0 pitch.
  • In the fourth inning, he grounded out to second on the first pitch of the at bat.
  • Quinn beat out an infield hit to short on a 2-2 pitch in the sixth inning, but was picked off and caught stealing 1-6-3 to end the inning.
  • He led off the ninth inning and fouled out to the left fielder on a 2-1 pitch.

Quinn faced Arizona Diamondback #1 prospect Archie Bradley in his first two at bats.  Bradley is ranked #9 overall and the #2 right-handed pitcher.  Bardley was charged with the loss.

Quinn faced Colorado Rockies’ Ken Roberts in his third at bat.  Roberts made 47 relief appearances in AA in 2014.

Quinn faced Houston’s Mitch Lambson in his fourth at bat.  Houston must be deep with prospects.  Lambson didn’t crack the top 20 despite solid numbers split between A+ and AA where he pitched remarkably better at AA.  Across both levels he struckout 63  and walked 9 in 54.2 innings.

And finally, Quinn faced another Astro pitcher in his final at bat, Tyson Perez.  Perez made 30 of his 39 appearances in AA in 2014.

Colton Murray pitched 2 innings and allowed 2 earned runs on 3 hits and a walk.  He struck out one and threw a wild pitch.  He threw a couple pitches in the dirt, one resulted in a stolen base.  Two of the base hits were ground balls to center and each drove in a run.  The other hit was a line drive to right.  He threw 16 of his 26 pitches for strikes and induced an inning-ending double play ball.

Nefi Ogando faced 4 batters while recording the save.  He threw 8 strikes in 10 pitches.  The first batter reached on an error by the second baseman.  Ogando retired the next 3 batters on a fly to center, ground ouut to second, and a fly to left.

Quinn and the Scorpions face Houston’s #2 prospect (#41 overall) Mark Appel tonight.  The Phillies’ Ryan O’Sullivan is scheduled to start tomorrow night.  I don’t know if I’m going to continue this on a daily basis.  Watching a game on Gameday is really boring.  Shouldn’t these games be part of the MiLB TV package or MiLB’s First Pitch?


20 thoughts on “Scorpions Win AFL Opener; 10/8/2014

  1. Thanks Jim, great stuff. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Quinn is focused on hitting the ball on the ground. With his speed, that’s what he needs to do. He has some pop but it will come out naturally. If Ogando can figure out how to throw strikes consistently, we could have something in him. I’m looking forward to see Morgan get into a game although I’m worried that his rustiness will show.

  2. Pretty good synopsis of last nights events. We weren’t impressed with RQ as it looked like he’s still adjusting to the time zone. He didn’t hit a single ball sharply nor out of the infield. Really hope he’s not overwhelmed by this level of pitching as Bradley looked very hittable last night. Guess we’ll chock it up to first game F(oul) up for now.

    1. Ogando with a nice outing but Quinn and Murray struggled-lets hope they progress as the season goes on.

      1. I thought the Arizona fall league is almost all triple a and double a players is that right? If that is right Quinn is facing better pitching then he ever saw, wouldn’t you think he would struggle?? and its only one game.

        1. Yes rocco….many AAA/AA mixed bag of prospects. But not many teams top starting pitching prospects, since they have thrown their allotted innings thru the season, unless of course there were injuries involving a particular prospect and he had missed some time.

          1. Except this year, here are some of the top pitchers in AFL this year:
            Archie Bradley
            Taijuan Walker
            Tyler Glasnow
            Francellis Montas
            Robbie Ray
            Miguel Almonte
            Sam Tuivailala
            Kyle Zimmer
            Tyrell Jenkins
            Tayron Guerrero
            Nick Howard
            Lisalverto Bonilla
            Vincent Velasquez
            Mark Appel
            C.J. Edwards
            Roberto Osuna
            Felipe Rivero

            Obviously they will be on pitch counts, but there is some serious firepower there.

            1. Agree…many good arms this year…normally AFL does not have that many starting pitching arms of note.

        2. Roccom, all I said was that Roman Quinn did not have a great hitting game on Thursday and hope he shows progression during the season. This experience taken properly can get him prepared for Reading and AA ball.

  3. Excellent report Jim. Empathize with your boredom, but if you could keep the reports coming through end of AFL it would be greatly appreciated.

    Just kidding. Seriously.

    Kind a

  4. Second game wasn’t very good. Quinn 0-4, Moore 0-3, and Stewart gave up 3 runs in 1.1 innings.

    1. Do u expect these player to perform at the top if the bats. They all have to adjust and two games is not going to make them or break them.

    1. Thanks for the link. Next year is a big year for Altherr. I assume he’ll start back at AA but maybe they’ll push him to AAA because Quinn will be in CF at AA.

      Fyi – Game 3 in the AFL saw Quinn and Moore sit while O’Sullivan started and got pounded. Ogando threw a 1/2/3 9th with 2 Ks (but it was 13-2 at that point and dinner was waiting…) I still like the no walks though.

  5. Friday was a much better day for our guys. Quinn and Moore were both 1-3 with a walk. Quinn scored and Moore had an rbi. But the big news was in the mound. Adam Morgan pitched! One clean inning with 10 pitches, 9 of them strikes. Outstanding first effort. Also, C Murray threw 2 terrific shutout innings with 18/26 strikes. Very encouraging

    1. Great news on Morgan. I expected him to be wild as he works his way back. 1 inning, of course, is an extremely small sample size. Ethan Stewart has pitched 3 1/3 innings with missed results. He’s given up 1 hit, 2 runs but only one was earned. He has a 2.70 ERA and has 6 Ks. On the downside, he’s walked 5 and had a WP. Yikes!!!

  6. On Sat, Quinn was 0-3 but with 2 walks and 3 steals, scoring twice. I’ll take it He also threw a guy out at 3rd. He hasn’t much but he’s contributing. Stewart walked 3 in 2 shutout innings and Ogando gave up a run in his 2nd inning but got a win. Neither threw too many strikes (25/40).

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