Three Elect Minor League Free Agency

Transactions begin to roll in on the minor league side as the off season gets going as three players who at some point saw time with the Phillies have elected minor league free agency.  Add INF Reid Brignac, P Jeff Manship and P Jeremy Horst to the list of former Phillies have they hit the free agent market.  Very little concern about losing any of the three with plenty of similar players on the minor league free agent market to replace them.

11 thoughts on “Three Elect Minor League Free Agency

    1. Yes, as good or better players are available on the AAAA minor league free agent market. It takes paying a little higher than the normal AAA veteran salary and promising a ST invitation, likely with something like a 1 June or 1July out clause, if they haven’t been promoted to Philly by then, but better guys than these are available, and we should seek them out this winter. We realistically have 25-man roster openings, so we should be a very attractive destination for AAAA talent. We have the huge revenue $$,, so paying a premium to get the best talent should be a non-issue.

  1. No doubt one of them will end up on some team’s roster, have a career year, and there will posts immediately condemning the Phillies for not giving them a chance and letting them get away for nothing.

    1. If so, more power to them. Hopefully, we sign someone even better. I never thought much of Manship, but both Brignac and Horst have had their moments and have decent talent.

  2. I actually thought there was hope for Horst. Being a lefty and having a good spring a couple years ago I thought he might’ve been a coup. Obviously, this wasn’t the case. The other 2 I really could care less about. As said above , every team will have players like this cut over the next few weeks.

  3. If they keep taking chances on players, maybe they can stumble onto a Jayson Werth or a Shane Victorino. When Reben talks about being creative, this is one way they can do that.

  4. nice comments on 3 players that worked hard in the system. You wonder why you have what you have….I wish them the best and thank them for their service. Hopefully we find others to fill in and make a contribution to the team.

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