Box Score Recap – 7/16/2014

Add the name Angelo Leclerc to the list of ancillary characters in the history of the Phillies. He gave up what’s sure to be one of several, maybe even one of dozens of, Carlos Tocci professional home runs. Yes, it cleared the fence. By how much, I don’t know. In the DSL, Julsan Kamara was 2-3 to pull his average above the Mendoza line. Good to see.

For WIL, Jan Hernandez was 0-4 with 3Ks. He’s really struggling, with just four hits in his last ten games. He’s struck out 13 times in that span. Mitch Gueller did not have his best stuff, the way it sounds:

He wound up allowing 4R, 7H, 3BB and 4K in 4IP. Another report from Brett Hershey, this one on Manny (nee Manaure) Martinez:


Also, my latest Crashburn Alley piece just went up. It’s on the scorching hot Brian Pointer.   Give it a whirl, if you like.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

7-16-14 boxscores

10 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 7/16/2014

  1. Nice Pointer piece, Brad. Frazier should have been told that he can always go to college when he’s Derek Jeter’s age.

    1. LOL, true. I don’t know what’s up with Frazier – I couldn’t find anywhere that he’s hurt, but he’s only on the AZL roster right now, so they may have no incentive to DL him from there if they don’t need the spot.

  2. Happy Tocci day everyone!

    Since it’s Tocci day, I thought I’d share something I just noticed, but that I think is very significant:

    .280 / .324 / .369

    That is Carlos Tocci at home this year, and it’s not new. His home-away OPS differentials by year have been:
    2012: .218
    2013: .111
    2014: .133 *(excluding yesterday)

    And Lakewood is a pitcher’s park. Lakewood as a team have an OPS 72 points lower at home than on the road. In fact, among players with at least 80 home PAs for Lakewood this year, Tocci has the 3rd highest OPS, behind only Knapp and Astudillo, and ahead of Pullin, Crawford, Oberto, Walding, Hiciano, Green, and Cozens. That’s right, JP Crawford had a home OPS in lakewood of .647, nearly 50 points lower than Tocci.

    Why does Tocci hit so much better at home? I don’t know, but maybe going on the road is particularly hard on him as a young kid in a foreign country. Maybe home Tocci is the real Tocci. One can hope.

    1. Good data.
      Surprising OPS metrics to say the least compared to some of the other Lakewood guys
      We all hope Tocci becomes what we expected when he was signed in 2011..
      I wished they would list the actual yearly weigh-in data. Still listed at 160 lbs on some sites from his 2011 days…which has to be incorrect at this point..

  3. I’m wondering if Mitch can tell us what Jan is struggling with. Is it bat speed, pitch recognition, the breaking stuff?

    He has had window where he has flashed but even last year he couldn’t sustain any type of offensive production.

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