Box Score Recap – 7/14/2014

Can you all confirm for me that you don’t really care about Adam Loewen? Nothing against him, I just can’t get excited about a 30-year-old guy who, yesterday aside, doesn’t strike many guys out. It’s a nice story, going from big league pitcher to cup-of-coffee big league hitter, and back to minor league pitcher and winning some games. But really, I’m not feeling it.

How long can Brian Pointer stay this hot? Mercy. He was 2-4 with his ninth home run of the year. JPC was 3-3 plus a walk the day after he played in the Futures Game. Cliff Lee got hit around a bit in his last rehab start before a scheduled return to the bigs this Saturday. Jim wrote that up here. Check it out.

WIL managed just four hits, two from Deivi Grullon, and David Whitehead pitched pretty well again, though he’s still not ringing guys up – just 3k in 6IP. The three rehabbers, Galvis, Thomas and Joseph each had a hit for the GCL. Jesus Alastre stole his tenth base, and he’s finally at 50% on the year. Not bad after he started 2-9 or something like that. And Ranger Suarez continues to dominate opposing VSL lineups – 4H, 0BB, 5K in 7 scoreless. His K:BB ratio sits at 61:1 for the year. Silly.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

7-14-14 boxscores

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  1. Crawford reached base 4 times. Seems to be getting the hang of High-A pitching.

    Quinn seems to be struggling of late but I suppose the most important thing is for him to be getting AB’s and long stretches of playing time after being on the shelf for so long.

  2. Frank Rivas seems to do the job wherever he is. He is an older player. Probably time to move him up to where he is challenged. Encarnacion is holding his place. As a sixteen- year-old he is doing well in GCL. Whitehead isn’t missing bats, but he is not allowing runs either. He is doing well coming back from surgery. I am looking forward to see how Franco does the rest of the year. He looks like he is starting to figure out AAA pitching.

  3. Joseph back behind the dish again…I don’t get it! In this day and age where we are so aware of the long term effects of concussions.

    1. Latest injury was a wrist injury from someone sliding into his hand (nothing related to concussions or concussion symptoms). Baseball Betsy reported it is still heavily wrapped even while he is catching

  4. Pointer has always intrigued me. IIRC, Speed has always been his best tool, maybe the bat’s starting to catch up

    1. It looks like the light just turned on for him in June – his two halves of the year don’t match at all. Sometimes a slight adjustment can permit this to happen. Heck, it happened for Jose Bautista in the major leagues (apparently, Vernon Wells of all people told Bautista to start his swing as soon as he could).

    2. I was in on the Pointer hype when they gave him the $300K as a 28th rounder but he’s had his issues with contact. It seems that (knock on wood) he’s turned a corner in the last 6 weeks.

      He’s a streaky player who’s put together smaller SS’s of good offensive numbers but this appears to be more than that. Well let’s hope it is at least. A strong finish to the season and then a good year next year in Reading as a 23 year old….you never know.

      1. I agree with all on Pointer, kid is really coming on with the bat. Aver up over 250 with 9 home runs !!! And he outfield defense has been real good including filling in at CF for Quinn when he needed a break !!

  5. He’s a long shot, but I’d at least like to know what Loewen is throwing these days before I write him off. I think he probably has as good a chance, if not better, as Brian Pointer does to reach the majors. Pointer’s a guy I’ve always been interested in but I’m not buying his BABIP fueled hot stretch right now.

    1. I think if you look at Matt Winkelman’s twitter you’ll find that he’s been following Adam Loewen closely and enthusiastically.

    2. The power surge indicates that there’s more than luck at play here though

    1. Pointer is also an excellent outfielder (Including CF though Quinn is playing there now) and has a strong arm.

  6. Brad, Matt or any poster; do you know if the Phillies made any more signings in the College Draft since today is the deadline? I did not see any more in the Draft Tracker.

    1. Nothing new for a while. They’ve locked down their first 21 picks. We’ll possibly have at least one more guy on Friday, I would guess. Who that would be with the resources they have available? Hard to say.

  7. does anyone have a report on Ranger Suarez stuff? Guy has been outstanding 60.2 innings 61 so’s 1 walk 1.63 era.

    1. Cozens is a guy to keep an eye on. I know he’s young and there are questions about his athleticism, but I like him. His average is up to .244 after his 13th home run this season. If he can get that average a little higher and continue to improve his power he could become a pretty good major leaguer.

      Glad Utley got a hit and rbi tonight, he goes about the game the right way and really represents philly well.

      1. Athleticism?? Wasnt he a two sport guy? I get it hes a giant…but he has a good bit of steals.

        1. you have to see him in person to really get a sense. At first when you look at his height and weight and see he was two sport athlete…you think he is monster out there. But when you actually see him – he is not muscular, didn’t look fast…he just looks tall. I still think he has big swing that could hit for power but the pitchers were able to get him off-balance fairly easy. That being said, his numbers are improving and he has power.

        2. I think scouts question his athleticism long term in the outfield, some apparently think he may need to play first. I know he has some speed now, but idk if that will necessarily translate in the big leagues. If he makes it to the bigs and can swipe a few bags thats great. I am more intrigued by his power than speed. I think he should be able to stick in the outfield, but as long as he keeps hitting they will find a spot for him.

    1. Walding would need to go on a serous offensive run to be true prospect again. What we all thought was just a slump turned out to be major problems with pitch recognition. Lets see how he finishes. He probably has nicest swing in batting practice.

      1. Walding now finally healthy. That broken rib really slowed him down. Batting aver is inching upward and now has 17 doubles total with a lot of them to deep deep CF. Don’t give up on this one, he works really hard , has the body who will only get stronger and does have a sweet lefty swing

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