Inquirer Top 25

Below is the Inquirer’s mid season Top 25 list.  I am certain  this will create a very healthy debate.  Have at it.

  1. JP Crawford
  2. Maikel Franco
  3. Aaron Nola
  4. Ken Giles
  5. Jesse Biddle
  6. Roman Quinn
  7. Miguel ALfredo Gonzalez
  8. Cesar Hernandez
  9. Cameron Perkins
  10. Kelly Dugan
  11. Tommy Joseph
  12. Severino Gonzalez
  13. Cord Sandberg
  14. Matt Imhof
  15. Carlos Tocci
  16. Zach Green
  17. Adam Morgan
  18. Ethan Martin
  19. Aaron ALtherr
  20. Aaron Brown
  21. Deivi Gruillon
  22. Yoel Mecias
  23. Shane Watson
  24. Dylan Cozens
  25. David Buchanan



43 thoughts on “Inquirer Top 25

    1. It’s not a well conceived list in terms of the later rankings. I can’t rate Imhof that high yet, especially if his ceiling is a 4/5. If the Phillies are using top 10 picks to draft future 4/5s they are out of their minds. A guy or two here or there is okay I guess, but a team with the Phillies’ resources can stock up on those guys in the non-comp free agent market as an afterthought. That’s not how we get better and stay better. I’d rather have a strong arm that I develop in to a good BP arm and try to stretch out into a starter – and, to give them credit, I think they have at least done that for the last several years.

      1. Boy you must be a genius to know how easy it is to find future major leaguers, not to mention how easy it is to draft them. How do you or anyone else know what Imhoff will be? How do you know what other options were available at the time the selected him, how do you know anything about it really? All I know is you can never have enough inventory of arms and I will hold opinions until an informed decision can be made.

        1. You’re missing my point. I really don’t know much about Imhof and whether he in particular has more upside. I’m not criticizing or even commenting on the Imhof pick per se. What I’m saying is that the Phillies should not be using relatively high draft picks with the INTENTION of getting 4s and 5s – that’s not a good plan. Execution and outcome follows design. That’s not a good design.

          1. My guess is with the lack of return from guys such as Hewitt, collier, LGJ, etc they are taking a safer approach. I have no idea if it’s right or wrong, just my observation. Wasn’t trying to start anything

            1. No, neither am I. I’m just talking about draft philosophy. This year’s draft concerns me a little because I think, rather than trying to get the best picks, they were trying not to mess up with high school kids so they chose almost exclusively college guys. I don’t think anybody does anything well when they think that way (not messing up as opposed to doing what they think is best). But who knows, maybe it just played out that way (which is what they are saying, if you believe them).

            2. I guess when you are drafting 25 thru 40 as your first pick for half-a-decade or so, taking toolsy HS guys is a risk you take.vs the safe low-ceiling collegiate, though Savery is a guy that did not work out.

      2. Well, shouldn’t be shooting for a #4/5 starter with a pick near the top of round two, but top 10 rounds? I’d happily take a #4/5 starter outcome for guys from rounds 3-10. In reality, I’d happily take a decent middle reliever outcome for guys in rounds 4 or 5 to 10. Not every pick, even in top 10 rounds, can be a swing for the fences and hope for a star pick. That level of wishful thinking has left us with little production from the farm. You need some plus players, we need to get a plus player and an average quality starter from each draft for a while, if we are to build a new contender. It is also important to maintain a steady stream of relievers, 4th OF, good utility IFs, backup catchers and #5 starters. Every team has use for several #5 starters, because of the need for injury fill-ins.

    2. Agree. Beyond #6, the list seems almost completely indiscriminate.

      For instance:

      Ethan Martin either shouldn’t be on the list (not a prospect anymore) or, if he is a prospect, should be considerably higher than #18.

      Pullin and Gueller should both crack the top 25.

      Perkins at #9 is kind of silly.

      Buchanan at #25 is strange.


      1. Exactly – Buchanan is Kendrick’s likely replacement and really looks like he could be a solid 4 for years – that type of profile probably puts him in the top 15 and no higher than the high teens.

  1. Tocci, Dugan, and Sandberg should all be ahead of Perkins. No idea why Cesar Hernandez is in the top 10. JP/Franco/Nola in the top 3 is alright, but really there are at least 3 guys you could alot in there at #3.

  2. I’m sure this will be on the upcoming box score recap, but huge night for the lower level guys. Brown with his 2nd HR on the year, Tocci with 2 more doubles (now batting .252 and OPSing a contextually impressive .612), and Sandberg just keeps on hitting.

    1. I was at the Williamsport game last night. Brown’s shot was laced off the right field scoreboard. Sandberg had a shot to right center that would have cleared the fences in parks with more friendly confines than Bownman Field. Unfortunately, Tri-City had a field day on the Crosscutter pitchers, routinely squaring up the ball with strong at-bats.

  3. I don’t see anything glaringly wrong with this list. Much of it is argumentative and not easy to substantiate one player over another after the Top 6. Personally I would have Deivi Gruillon much, much higher, probably knocking on the door of the top 10

  4. Amusingly, seeing this top 6… makes me really happy and hopefully. I like all of those players, and think they can legit contribute.

  5. Not even sure why they have to add Giles, Martin and Buchanan to the list.
    Giles and Buchanan are probably up to stay and whatever happens in the next 2/3 weeks may further attest to that..

    1. Agree with that. Morgan and Watson are there with their shoulder issues so Pettibone should be there also .And he did show potential last year before going down.

  6. At this time next year, my crystal ball says that Sandberg will be in the top 5 (or right on the brink).

    Unfortunately, my magic balls also says that the guy I had at #3 coming into the season – Biddle – will be lucky to be in the top 10. Professional baseball is hard enough from a skillset perspective. But once someone has confidence issues, it becomes that much more difficult.

  7. Dugan only at 10? And behind Hernandez?

    Really think Sandberg will finish the year inside the Top 10.

  8. Tromp is the ONLY Williamsport regular NOT in the list of 31 players by position. Not one of the top 8 OF’s in the system. Wow.

  9. wow. encarnacion is 16 years old and not listed. grullon is 18 in wiliamsport an 22. canelo is 19 in lakewood. where is hiciano?

    1. This the ranking of a newspaper reporter, he’s not going to get a lot of the nuances.

    1. Tocci should be ranked in front of Canelo (no doubt about that), in front of Encarnation (at lot to dream in with him tho) . . You could argue Grullon over Tocci but I wouldn’t yet.

  10. not bad, Zach Green is too low, you forgot Andrew Knapp, not sure why Giles and Buchanon are in here. Already proven big league players and no way MAG should be on list

    1. Actually MAG’s is coming around. He may get the call in September.
      But understand where you are coming since he is 27-years old and experienced in the Cuban league and the International arena. But I guess he is still considered a rookie, like Abreu of the White Sox.

  11. It is nice to see that our farm system seems to be on the rise. Could it be better? Of Course, but I think that they are heading in the right direction. If they can acquire any sort of talent through trades I’d be very pleased. Hopefully they can have another good draft next season and be on their way to rebuilding (retooling) this team.

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