Box Score Recap – 7/2/2014

Jason Marquis pitched well again, and could be a trade chip if they bring him up and get him a couple starts in the bigs pretty soon, IMO. Might not net you much, but maybe a low-level flier type guy from a position of depth in someone’s org. If you were contending and needed a fourth/fifth starter on the cheap, would you give up someone like Malquin Canelo or maybe Jia Tromp for someone like Marquis? Probably.

MAG debuted in Reading with a scoreless inning and 2K. Roman Quinn hit his second HR of the year, and Brian Pointer his sixth. Ethan Stewart worked out of the bullpen for CLR for just the second time in his four-year pro career. We’ll see if that’s permanent, and if it helps his stuff play up to more Ks, helping to nullify his soul-crushing walk rate. Dylan Cozens went deep for the third time in five games. He struggled in June, but he’s OPSing .927 over his last ten games.

In the short-season leagues, second rounder Matt Imhof got the starts for WIL, pitching to a line of 1R 1H 2BB 3K in 3IP. Luis Encarnacion was 2-4 with a double for the GCL, while Darin Ruf and Wil Nieves rehabbed. 20-year-old Jose Taveras pitched a complete game shutout for DSL. Julsan Kamara logged his first pro hit in that contest and Bryan Martelo had two in that one.

Look for my July 2 recap at later this morning.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

7-2-14 boxscores

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  1. Franco went 4/4 with 4 singles? Weird night for a power hitting 3rd baseman who has had contact issues.

    1. Good night for MAG as he looking more like a late inning reliever. Franco does not have alot of help in the Iron Pigs lineup.

      1. They are in a tough spot with MAG. The article suggested the other day that having not pitched much the last couple of years his stuff goes bad after 40-60 pitches. But he is only signed for 4 years so they might feel pressured to get him up as soon as possible as a reliever to get value from the contract rather than be patient and stretch him out as a starter

  2. I think a better trade strategy is to keep Jason Marquis for ourselves and trade Burnett, who will be worth more on the market.

    1. Phils could package AJ, Paps and $5 – $8 mil to Baltimore and get some good prospects. only problem is their top prospects are pitchers and we need hitters

      1. Take back anyone regardles sof position if they are at or near top level guys….Not saying it’s doable, but if you can get Bundy or Gausman, you have to do it. That’s a no brainer

        1. AJ, Pap and 6.5million to Baltimore for Bundy, Josh Hart and Travis Seabrooke? Which you rather Bundy or Harvey? I like Bundy because he is ready for the majors

          1. Cole Hamels on the table may start (start) a legitimate conversation on Bundy. He’d start a legitimate conversation on a lot of guys. Beyond that, I can’t see it.

          2. Let’s trade all the crap we don’t want for a couple of top prospects, don’t hold your breath.

          3. You a holding the joint too long pass it fool , you are starting to come up with crazy ideas

      2. Look, I absolutely think both of those guys should be traded, even if the return is minimal. But Bundy? Seriously? Not happening in a million years. Baltimore would laugh and hang up the phone.

        Maybe someone at the back end of their top 10, and someone at the back end of the top 20.

        1. True, a guy like Bundy is almost never traded. And we’re going to ask for two other guys along with him for an overpaid reliever?

        2. Yay, it’s my favorite time of the year: happy Unrealistic Trade Expectations month!

          That said, anything is possible, repeat it like an incantation: Singleton, Cosart, Zeid, Santana. Singleton, Cosart, Zeid, Santana. Singleton, Cosart, Zeid, Santana…

      3. Still a good trade target. We are also critically short on pitchers. Other than the guys we just drafted, we really have almost no pitching on the farm, apart from the very messed up Biddle and the injured Morgan Mecias, and Watson. At the MLB level, this is a trade of Burnett, which opens one spot, Lee may never be Lee again, Hernandez really isn’t all that much, and Kendrick may or may not be retained long term. Pettibone may or may not make it back from injury and Buchanon may or may not be effective with a few times around the league.

          1. Jp crawford and cole hamels might net you a Bundy , but honestly I think that kid is an injury waiting to happen max effort guy on the hill and already has one TJ surgery…. I know they are common(TJ) but Im not gonna sell my two top chips for an already damaged guy who has never pitched near the majors

            1. He did sniff the majors and then hurt himself id like to see some time in AAA or atleast some consistency above high school

      4. I think we need pitchers too , have you seen how bad Biddle has been this year , A lot of folks had him penciled into starting some games next year and it sure dont look like that is gonna happen judging on current trends

    1. Well, they have about 2 million left to spend. I’m going to go ahead and doubt they spend it.

        1. Players under $10K don’t count towards the pool and last year you were allowed up to 6 signings of $10k-$50k who did not count as well.

          Most of the filler added to the VSL/DSL rosters are not signing for more than a couple thousand.

          1. So I should have said “essentially” spent their cap last year. BA said the Phils signed 35 players in 2013-2014, as reported here:


            At the time Matt asked Ben Badler if they met the cap and he said they were close, which Matt guessed was probably within $250k, and I tend to agree. Also, six guys between $10-$50k doesn’t get you very far.

            We know they spent $1m on Encarnacion, $230k on Bryan Martelo, $100k on Edwin Rodriguez and $300k on Jose Gonzalez well after July 2. On a cap of ~$2.28M, they spent $1.63M on those first four guys, leaving about $650k, add maybe another couple guys in the $50k-$100k range (maybe) and probably another dozen guys (my estimate) in the $10k-$50k range, only half of which are exempt, and you’re running right up to the cap pretty quickly.

            Those guys aren’t all “filler” – look at all July 2 guys (born after June 15 1996 and on the DSL and VSL rosters (I quickly counted 17) and ask yourself what they command for bonuses. They all have agents pressing for market value. It doesn’t just drop off to under $10k after you sign the first 10 guys on your board.

            As for the leftover cash – those last couple thousand don’t get you very far in terms of big names anyway, and a wise team probably keeps some flexibility for guys who pop up as they mature, (like Jose Gonzalez, who was 18, etc.) I won’t call anyone cheap for being prepared to sign a decent player who appears late on the radar. It happens all the time as guys develop power as they age, etc.

  3. Trivia question of the day: Who is hitting .042 but has a .343 OBP in 30+ plate appearances? You guessed it: Julsan Kamara the 18 year old OF’er from Germany playing in the DSL. Could be the strangest batting line ever. The kid left Germany to play in South America so I’ll give him a pass for at least this season.

  4. I was curious about Franco’s 4-4, so I read the recap:

    – (1-0) Maikel Franco singles on a soft ground ball to pitcher Taylor Hill.
    – (0-2) Maikel Franco singles on a ground ball to left fielder Destin Hood.
    – (0-0) Maikel Franco singles on a sharp line drive to left fielder Destin Hood.
    – (0-0) Maikel Franco singles on a ground ball to left fielder Destin Hood.

    So one weak infield hit, and three balls pulled to left. Sounds like someone who’s still not picking up breaking balls, and he saw just 7 pitches.

  5. No mention of Sizemore’s leadoff homer? I’m guessing that three weeks from now he’s starting in Philly after Byrd is traded. Ruf will likely get at bats too which leaves the question who will play right since neither Dom, Ruf, Revere, or Sizemore play RF well or often. Mayberry should play somewhere (RF, LF, CF or 1B) against every lefty but sit against every righty. Actually he could be traded as well, as a throw in to a deal. I read the comments above about Bundy, that made me smile. In realty we don’t have anything to trade to get back that high level of a prospect. We’re probably looking for someone’s 3rd or 4th best prospect for a Pap and 7th or 8th best for a Byrd with Bastardo as a possible inclusion to get a 2nd prospect, from A ball. We have 4 weeks of trade rumors that should get started soon. As for now, let’s go Nerlens…..

    1. It will be interesting to see him play, but I have to wonder why he’s starting. Mayberry is off against a LHP while Howard starts at 1st.

      1. Because he’s only up for a couple days while Brown is on paternity leave and they wanted to give Altherr a chance to start against the lefty?

        1. Why not start Mayberry if your #1 objective is to win? I like Altherr enough as a prospect but I don’t think there’s any real chance that he’s a better hitter against LHP than Mayberry is.

          Maybe they’re ready to wave the white flag, which would be fine with me. I doubt the team would admit it though. I fear that Sandberg’s reasoning is that Mayberry has been “slumping” after facing all those RHPs.

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