Box Score Recap – 6/23/2014

Aaron Nola got his feet wet with a fifty-pitch limit in place – he allowed 5R 4ER on 3H 1 HR 3BB and 3K. He’s not lined up to pitch Saturday on turn because he’s a finalist for the National College Baseball Hall of Fame Pitcher of the Year award, which will be given out on that date. Aaron Brown is in the running for the John Olerud award for two-way players that night as well, so I assume he’ll be out of the lineup for WIL.

I don’t know how poorly Brad Lincoln would have needed to pitch to not get the call-up for Saturday’s double-header in Philly, but he certainly passed in my eyes, as he allowed 2R on 2H 3BB 4K in 7IP. Would have liked to see him throw more strikes – he had just 53/93 or ~57%. Jesse Biddle didn’t fare as well for Reading, and you have to wonder if there’s something physically wrong with him at this point. Might not be, but it would at least help explain the tragically bad June he’s put up – he’s walking more than he’s striking out, he’s allowed six home runs in 15.2 innings, and he hasn’t only gotten out of the fourth inning once in four June starts.

Also in Reading, Pete Lavin was a single short of the cycle, which may be a bit of a letdown, but that’s a heck of a night anyway. Logan Moore connected for two doubles. It’s still a small sample there, but his hitting is something to watch. Roman Quinn was on base twice and stole his sixth bag of the year in his 26th game. It’s about half the pace he had the last two years, but that would be about 30 steals for a full-season. Coming off his Achilles’  injury, I’ll take that as a good sign. Also for CLR, Brian Pointer stays hot – he’s hit in seven straight, and is OPSing .926 for the month of June.

Sam Hiciano went deep (7) and Aaron Brown did as well, his first as a pro. Cord Sandberg continued his hitting streak – it’s at 12 if you include last year’s finale. And Yoel Mecias returned from TJ with good results, while 4th rounder Chris Oliver made his pro debut with results that were not so good. I imagine they’ll give him a couple more chances before they give up on him.

And now in the interest of me not rambling too badly, (too late, I think), I’ll let you all scour the rest.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

6-23-14 boxscores

40 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 6/23/2014

  1. Was at the Lakewood game. LGJ was still lost. Ran an obvious single into an out by 5 feet at 2nd. Misplayed several balls in the field. Andy Greene looks good hitting. But his arm is still not strong. He was run on a lot. Pullin has a nice, short stroke. Cozens in CF is not going to work. Hiciano has some potential with the bat.

  2. Nice to see Jan Hernandez have a good night at the dish. Williamsport as a whole is a pretty interesting team to follow. Wish I could say the same about the rest of the system (outside of a few individuals).

    1. I still can’t help grouping Jan Hernandez and Trey Williams together and have done so since that draft…so it’s funny when their progress coincides but it seems to for whatever reason. Maybe if I actually watched them play it would help separate the two in my mind.

  3. Pullin with 3 more hits. I think he’s one if the most improved players in the system. K rate down, Walk rate up and avg up. I know his D is a work in progress but he’s moving up the rankings for me.

  4. I was at the GCL game. Not only did Mecias get 5 K’s but he induced the other 4 outs at first base on 3 GB and a pop up. When Oliver entered the game, the first GB hit to some one other than Trey Williams was booted by Cumana. After a K, Cumana threw another out away. After an F7 (the 4th out), a triple drove in the 2 unearned runs. Neither play was difficult. No ranging left or right. Both hit at him. The first one he only took a couple steps in, set himself, and watched the ball clank off the edge of his webbing. The second one he stayed back and bounced the throw to Williams. It’s a good thing he can hit. Oh, and Mecias’ earned run was the result of a poor route to the ball by Pujols. He looked lost as he moved back for the ball. It landed by him on the warning track. Harris almost got there in time to bail him out from center.

    1. I’m skeptical that he’ll keep up his current pace. He has a nice .340 BABIP in Reading, although his line drive rate is up and his K and BB rates are solid enough to have some hope.

  5. Don’t look now but MAG just threw 3 shutout innings. 2 innings without a walk yesterday is real progress for him. In light of Biddle, Nola, and Oliver’s poor appearances, I’ll talk the small ray of light form MAG and Mecias. Pullin could be getting hot again which would be outstanding if he can keep it up. The org wants to see guys go into slumps and pull themselves out. That usually results in guys getting promoted. I would love to see Pullin in Cwater playing with Crawford and working together to get to Philly in 2016. Its also hard not to get excited by Altherr’s progress as he seems to be improving daily.

    1. MAG only threw 2 innings…2 hits….two K’s……Stefan threw 3 innings …2 hits….3 K’s at least get ur facts correct

  6. So, in contrast to Franco’s struggles, which I find merely disappointing, I’m pretty freaked out about Biddle. He just seems to be unraveling. Hopefully it’s something mental instead of physical. But either way, that whole “his floor is a #4 starter” talk seems to have way underestimated the risk with him. Not saying he can’t turn it around, but it’s looking like yet another proof for the maxim, “there’s no such thing as a can’t miss prospect.”

    Also, I don’t mean to pile on the front office, but if his arm is all right, it really seems like there’s something amiss with the pitching instruction. Biddle’s development has been stalled for nearly a year, and now he’s dramatically regressing.

    1. If he’s still having concussion symptoms, that might explain it. This was reported in the previous thread (not sure of reliability).

      1. Right, he was hit by hail or something? It was like some serious Old Testament s#!t.

      2. My previous comment, which was “Right, he was hit by hail or something? It was like some serious Old Testament sh-t” is currently awaiting moderation. I wonder whether it’s the mild profanity or the biblical reference. In any case, didn’t mean to offend, WordPress propriety bots!

        1. I guess the immediate appearance of this comment would suggest it was the profanity.

          1. Although if I keep on commenting to myself people are going to start to wonder, who’s that crazy man cursing and talking about the Old Testament?

            “BEWARE oh ye sinister unbelievers! For the Lord shall smite ye from above, as he has the Southpaw!”

      3. It was a Mike drago article, from, you need a paid subscription to read it.

  7. Still no Larry Greene love? I’ve resisted the urge, but this has gone on long enough to deserve a mention. Two months ago, when he underwent surgery to repair the cartilage tear in his wrist, he wasn’t due back until early July, but since his early return lack week, he’s put up .556/.667/1.222 slash numbers. Obviously very small sample size, but there are both mental and physical reasons for this change, covered in this June 22 Ashbury Park Press article:

    They opened up his stance during his rehab and he seems to be seeing the ball better, as he’s been walking more, striking out less and smacking the ball around since his return.    Read the whole article but here are some quotes from Greene: 

    “They opened me up…It’s making me use my hands more, instead of flying open all the time. I actually like it.”

    “I did some soul searching and I found myself when I was down in rehab…I found out what it was really like to struggle…I think it now it made me a better person, a better player, a better teammate, a better everything.”

    “Now, I’ve got my confidence back….I’ve got that spark about myself back. I’m going to try and show it.”

    When a raw, former high draft pick returns from an injury humbled and puts up the best little hit streak of his career using a new approach, its worth a mention. Give the kid a break- he’s trying and it (and he) is actually working for a change. Its easy to dismiss him, and this small sample, but when he’s showing humility, listening to instruction and finally hitting the ball, might as well root for the guy.

    You can say he’s been in Lakewood for a while, but good thing he was 17 when drafted him because he’s still the same age as Lakewood teammates Pullin, Mecias and recent college draftees, and younger than last year’s college picks like Knapp…basically young enough to progress normally if the light switch is really on. We always knew he’d take a while with LGJ and that he needed a lot of work. There’s still time if this breakthrough is legit.

    1. I don’t think anyone is rooting against him. He’s (justifiably) not seen as a top prospect at the moment, but that could change in a hurry if he keeps hitting, and if his power starts showing up in game.

      1. “Still no Larry Greene love? I’ve resisted the urge, but this has gone on long enough to deserve a mention.”

        With all due respect – nobody here wants anything but the best for Larry Greene – but these comments are kind of silly at this point.

        What has gone on long enough? Greene has played in four games since he came off the DL. Four! We can’t draw any type of statistical conclusions from that.

        We know he’s not fast (that won’t change), he’s been a bad outfielder (that’s not likely to change), he’s show a decent eye, but has demonstrated effectively no power in over 700 at bats with a middle batting average at best. None of this suggests he’ll be succesful in the high minors, let alone the majors.

        Let’s see where we are in about two months before we say this guy has turned it around as a player. Certainly, the odds are against him.

    2. He’s done a little bit in the past to warrant some bad will, namely coming to camp out of shape in 2013, (when he or someone in the media half-way blamed his lady-friend (wife, maybe?) and him having a child that off-season), but there’s nothing else negative on his off-field resume. He was in shape this year, and apparently stayed in shape during his rehab.

    3. I harbor no ill-will againt LGJ. It just makes me angry thinking that he was our first pick that year. It’s not his fault, he’s just the reminder. I don’t blame him for taking the money because anyone in his place would.

      I do hope he proves (virtually) everyone wrong and becomes a great major leaguer. But I don’t see the tools. He hasn’t had sustained success like a Perkins or an Asche, and he doesn’t have a carrying tool like a Tocci or a Grullon (let alone a combination of the two like Crawford). So it’s hard to call him a prospect of any kind. He’s not quite too far gone yet, but he’s getting there.

      But again, I have no ill will towards him and I wish him the best. I’m just more realist than optimist.

    1. I’ll bet his mechanics are all over the place righ tnow.

      When I saw him last year (twice), he sat 92-93, touching up to 95 and his curve was utterly unhittable. What I saw was a top prospect.

      We’ll see.

    2. Wow. Key phrase on there was “Realistic: Long Reliever/Spot Starter”. That is woeful if he can’t turn his command around.

  8. Where will Chris Oliver and Yoel Mecias be sent too? I say Clearwater for Mecias and Williamsport for Oliver

    1. I agree with that. Can’t see Oliver any higher than that, (he may stay in GCL all summer, if there’s something in particular they’re working on with his mechanics, etc.) and Mecias close to “home” will help them keep tabs on his recovery more easily, plus he proved enough at Lakewood last year, IMO.

  9. I saw him pitch twice last year, also. One start was poor, the second near end of season was awful. My brother and I were asking ourselves how the Reading manager could be so cruel as to leave him in the game. The last two pitches he threw, before being lifted, weren’t really even pitches, just lobs, like eephus pitches that weren’t at all close to being strikes. We thought he had blown out his arm, due to his manager’s stubbornness. He’s thrown in games like that this year as well, along with some very good ones. Last season, the bad games were blamed on pertussis and then a foot injury, this year on lingering concussion symptoms. It’s like his manager and pitching coach are sadists. Pitching through physical problems is not good for your soul, or your body. Why do they keep insisting this guy pitch when he isn’t well? This is beyond stupid. If Biddle’s confidence is shot, this is why.

  10. Throw Biddle in LVH maybe a different coach can help.I like the way Hiciano kept on hitting and Cozens had 2 walks. I watched the Phillies game today Chase Utley can’t a pop up . he’s my Favorite player I think it’s a mental thing . They that Crawford and Franco in the World games. LGJ is not a 17 yr old he’s 21 so maybe that makes a difference. Nola had 2 scoreless then got hit in the 3rd. Williamsport had a lot of hits Quinn doing well.

  11. Wait until you see tommorrow box score Williamsport and Phillies GCl sure can hit.on another note per mlb trade rumors Chase Utley is not going anywhere he will not wave his 10 5 rule.

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