Box Score Recap – 6/20/2014

Cam Perkins went 2-4 with 2Ks. He’s been scuffling since his call up, OPSing just .558 at AAA. Hector Neris and Jose Garcia pitched three scoreless innings to close out the Pigs win. Aaron Altherr was 2-5 with a double for Reading. Kelly Dugan left that game after a play down the right field line that Carlos Alonso fielded. Not sure what happened as I wasn’t watching the game. Anyone see it?

Roman Quinn and JP Crawford each walked twice, and Quinn stole two bases and had an outfield assist. Art Charles and Brian Pointer went deep – Pointer’s on a nice stream right now, OPSing .955 over his last ten games. He’s been known to be streaky, so we’ll see how cool he gets after the hotness wears off. MAG pitched an inning out of the CLR bullpen tonight, which makes you wonder if that’s what they’re plan is for him the rest of the year. Could be.

Malquin Canelo was 4-4 for Lakewood, and Jesen Therrien pitched three scoreless innings out of the pen. Cord Sandberg hit in his eight straight game dating back to the last game of 2013. He’s got a pair of home runs on the year now after hitting just two all year last summer in GCL. David Whitehead pitched well in the follow-up to his remarkable pro debut last weekend.

And the GCL season kicked off, with Damek Tomscha hitting his first pro home run and Olvy Marte getting on base three times. Larry Greene was 1-4 with 3ks on his rehab assignment, I think it was Jay Floyd who first reported Greene was going to have surgery, but I guess that didn’t happen. Matt Hockenberry and Brandon Liebrandt worked 5.2 scoreless innings and struck out seven. College starters throwing strikes.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.


28 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 6/20/2014

  1. All the sudden, we might actually have a (future) major league outfield in Sandberg, Quinn and Aaron Brown…very very SSS, but good stuff. I wonder if concentrating on infield defense was holding Quinn back – he seems more comfortable since his return to centerfield.

    Any reports on MAG’s velocity and stuff in general? Was he the intriguing guy from his Japanese videos? Is the bullpen the plan for him or is he just working his way back?

    Anyone know what’s up with Dugan? Is he okay? If he could just stay on the field he might be in Philly by now.

    1. I was at the Reading game in New Britain last night. I was behind home plate and the Dugan collision occurred down the left field line. It was a pop-up hit right over Stassi’s head. Stassi ran out. Alonzo zeroed in on it and Dugan was running hard. I think Alonzo called Stassi off but Dugan kept coming. Alonzo and Dugan collided. Alonzo originally looked like he took the bigger hit but Dugan didn’t get up for 3 or 4 minutes. Alonzo made the catch and held on. It looked like a cornerback taking out the feet of a wide receiver on an out pattern with Dugan as the cornerback. Dugan walked off under his own power and wasn’t limping or shaking anything. He was wondering in the outfield after he first got up like he wasn’t sure if he was staying in the game or going to the dugout. My first thought was he got his bell rung.

      1. I was working on a write-up to last night’s game but I’ll throw some highlights and lowlights out. The highlights are that the Fightin’s fought back all game long and came up short. The Rockcats came into the game with a 9 game win streak and they looked good for most of the game. Altherr made a flying, against the centerfield wall catch, that would have made the highlight reel. He also had an assist on a double that went past Collier to the wall. He jumped into the play and relayed to Duran who looked like the throw to the plate would get the runner but Stassi cut it off and threw the 3rd to get the runner trying to stretch it into a triple. The Phils were getting hits all over the place.

        The lowlights: Double plays galore. Reading was getting tons of singles and then having them wiped out by double plays. Altherr hit into 2. Duran botched a routine ground ball by airmailing the throw to first that went half way up the bleachers. I thought it might leave the park. He also bobbled a double play ball but still got the lead runner but that opened the gates to some extra runs. Fox might just be the slowest runner I ever saw. He tapped a ball toward first that the pitcher had to cover. The pitcher took a shot at getting Altherr at 2B and just got him. The relay to first got Fox by a country mile. Reading pitchers were not sharp. Milner battled the entire game. Fielding didn’t help him. Radar gun said he was consistently 87 MPH. He had 3 speeds. Fastball 87. Slider was 82 and something else that was 77. I called it a curve ball but it didn’t have much movement on it. It could have been a change. Ogando was clocking at 95 to 97 MPH but they he wasn’t getting the ball over the plate and then RockCats would sit on the grooved fastball. They hit him all over the place. Simon was pretty sharp but gave up a double that was really hit. O’Sullivan was also smacked around. Phillips had a bases clearing 2B in the boxscore but it was far from a hit. It was a lazy fly ball that the CF drifted over and was under for the catch. The RF’er called him off and they both watched it bounce at their feet. No one touched it but both guys could have had a cup of coffee while they waited to make the play. Jiwan James had a play in the OF that looked terrible from where I sat. The ball was hit on the screws but it looked like James could catch it. He took a step back and then ran in. He seemed to give up on the ball and it bounced right in front of him. If he came in right away, he’d have caught it chest high. If he went all in after his misstep he would have caught it at his shoe tops. A laid out dive would have been a catch too. If he missed it would have gone for a triple or an inside-the-parker but no guts.. no glory.

        If you want any other info, let me know.

        1. That’s the second time I’ve read something negative about Jiwan’s fielding. I have to tell you, Jiwan previously was thought to be the best defensive OF in our system. I’m wondering whether he’s really healthy. I don’t know all the symptoms of Crones disease but I know it zaps your strength big time and Jiwan was a pretty skinny guy to begin with. He’s a really good guy so I hope this isn’t the end for him.

          1. Another thing I noticed about James was when he was on base. He was taking a very small lead. Maybe 2 steps off the bag. Pitchers were throwing over based on reputation I guess but he wasn’t looking like a guy who wanted to strike fear on the base paths.

            Something just came to me about the infield. Stassi, Alonzo, Duran and Phillips (1st to 3rd) didn’t look like a strong infield. No one was covering a lot of ground. When I looked at the NB infield there seemed to be far fewer holes in the infield. A lot of balls were hit hard but the fielders gobbled them up like they knew where they were going. I remember going to a game when Freddy Galvis was playing and there wasn’t a hole to be found. I know I shouldn’t expect anyone to be Galvis but slow bouncers would go between SS and 3rd like someone took a 12 gauge shotgun to a bucket.

  2. Phillies inquired about Grandy Sizemore he’s a free agent.I had my eye on Chase Harris I think he may have Major league talent.just an FYI Philles don’t get the Comcast money until 2016.

  3. Glad to see Manaure Martinez now goes by Manny so his name doesn’t look like $hit.
    Countdown to Clearwater- 5 days. Hoping to see Nola, Imhof, JPC and maybe Mag will even surprise me.

  4. FYI- Threshers are now in first place. Ok, so the whole division is 1-1, but any positive news from there is a bonus.

  5. Quinn has 5 BB in the past 5 games, after drawing only two in the first 18. I expect he’ll be at or better than his career 9 percent rate by the season’s end. It makes me wonder if there’s a connection to the positional switch, as a poster suggested above.

    Also: Quinn appears to have a hose in CF. This makes me happy.

  6. Quinn starting to break out in Clearwater. If he keeps this up, I think he settles the question of who’s #5 in the system.

    Struggles at the top notwithstanding, I think we’re seeing a lot of progress from the #5-10 spots in the system. Quinn, Tocci, Altherr, and Sandberg all playing well right now. Grullon and maybe Brown (early, I know) in there too.

  7. Matt Shortall at WPT…coming out the gates on fire. I believe out of the same college as Hunter Pence down in Texas..

      1. Scott:
        Anything you write with ‘Hunter Pence’s’ name on a post will get a thumbs down.
        Try it sometime.

        1. This is not my personal feelings on you, but I think it might actually just be that some people don’t like you Romus. Seems like every time I read one of your posts it’s got thumbs down.

          1. I don’t agree with Romus very much but I give him a lot of respect for putting his handle to his opinions. Anyone can anonymously throw a grenade into a crowded tent but Romus says, I threw it in there. This isn’t directed to you as anonymous but there are a lot of guys who say things like this guy sucks or that guy is going to be the 2nd coming of Babe Ruth and don’t have anything to back it up and they hide behind the anonymous handle.

            I’m sure if Romus and I met in a bar we’d have a very heated discussion about a lot of things but we’d reach consensus on a few things and enjoy the beers all the while.

            1. Bellman…..agree about a discussion…..see you at the Connie Mack in the HoF on Tuesday vs Marlins, 645ish PM…..look for the blond Regina the barmaid…my partner likes to hang around her.

            2. I’m actually a regular here and I used to use a handle, so I don’t take any offense to what you said. The reason I stopped using a handle is partly laziness and partly because I don’t make claims, just observations, so I don’t really need to be able to point back at something and say “I said that.”

  8. I wonder if Nefi Ogando is hurt or if his delivery has just fallen apart or something. Less than two weeks ago he got a report in BP that made him sound like he could be Ken Giles part two, and now he’s given up 12 runs in his last 4 innings.

    1. He was consistently 95 to 97 yesterday in New Britain. He was missing inside and outside and then NB guys were salivating when the 97 MPH heater came down the pike. If he can command the inside and outside corners, he’ll be hard to hit. There wasn’t much movement on his pitches but he didn’t seem to be hurt. He was definitely mad at himself.

      I’m going to the Reading game in NB again tonight, I’ll give my impressions tomorrow or Monday.

  9. Meant to post this here the other day, time just didn’t allow. But I’ll throw it out here now.
    Had a long talk with Cutters pitching coach Aaron Fultz during BP the other day. I had asked him about Mitch Gueller’s start the night before and it turned into a 30-40 minute conversation about a lot of things. The highlights are below, but I wanted to share his Tony Gwynn story. He said he faced Tony Gwynn twice in his career. He looked at me with a big smile and said he got him to fly out to left field twice. Also said their gameplan to pitch Gwynn was to throw him fastballs down the middle. He said their thinking was if you threw him anything outside he’d shoot it down the left-field line for a double. If you pounded him in, he’s pull it down the right-field line for a double. But if you threw him fastballs down the middle, you knew he’d hit it hard, but he had a better chance of hitting it at someone. Just a cool story.

    Here’s the highlights from our talk about the minor league guys
    – Said Gueller was 86-90 in his first start, threw 29 fastballs for strikes and 28 fastballs for balls. Fultz said he actually thought it was a pretty good outing until he saw that number.
    – Said there’s far more velocity in his arm than that, but he doesn’t trust his fastball yet. Said he was consistently 91-93 early in the spring, which is what is about right for him. But he dealt with a little bit of a tired arm in the last two weeks of extended and they had to back off of him a little
    – Majority of his misses with the fastball were to the arm side, Fultz said this is a mechanical flaw. They’re trying to lengthen his stride because when he’s short with his stride he tends to close off and throw across his body a little bit, and that causes the ball to run arm side.
    – Was very pleased with Gueller’s new slider. Said it’s still very much a work in progress as far as commanding it, as he tends to pull it acorss his body, but it’s a much better fit than the curveball he was throwing. Said his change-up has been pretty good, it wasn’t great in his first start, but it’ll be a good pitch for him,
    – Said Bryan Sova was 83-86, but that’s OK for a guy who comes from the side. And he’s a legit side-armer. Not Chad Bradford submarine level, but it’s 90 degree angle side armer, and he gets some movement.
    – Calvin Rayburn is also a side-armer but was 89-92
    – Manny Martinez is struggling repeating a delivery. Said he’ll throw the first pitch of an AB at his new lower arm angle, and with each pitch the arm angle will get higher and higher. Said if he learns to repeat his mechanics and arm angle, he can move fast through the system. His fastball is 94-97 with great movement and he adds a hard-biting slider to it
    – Said he was talking with Doug Mansolino about Tocci. Said his defense isn’t a question. He can clearly play defense, his arm is pretty good but not great. He said last year he showed good hand-eye coordination, but the bat just got knocked out of his hands. Manso told him he is legitimately hitting the ball this year. He’s hitting balls strong the other way and he’s getting his hands inside and pulling balls down the line. He said the development staff is pretty happy with the strides he’s made this year. Just a matter of waiting for him to fill out. (We knew most of this, but I think hearing it from the staff is a good thing)
    – He said Tromp is just a step behind Tocci defensively, but is a better hitter at this point and definitely has more power. He seemed to think both were on the same plane in terms of their talent levels.
    – Guaranteed Roman Quinn will hit better now that he’s moved to center field. He said it was absolutely incredible he did what he was able to do when he was here in Williamsport considering everything he was trying to learn. He expects him to be able to relax offensively now that he’ll be comfortable in the outfield

  10. I’m not surprised that Quinn is more relaxed now and I think his offense will show it. Let’s hope we have a legit leadoff hitting CF in 3 years with him. I’m also very excited by what Altherr is doing. He goes back down after his “taste” and bangs out two hits and plays great defense. I still think he could be something in two years. Poor Dugan, he just needs to stay healthy. Encouraging news above on Gueller, let’s hope he continues to improve.

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