Box Score Recap – 6/15/2014

Maikel Franco went 1-3 with a double and a walk to raise his OBP for the month to a whopping .408. Oh wait, that’s his OPS for the month. That’s not so whopping. But I may be weeping for a minute.

David Whitehead threw six hitless innings in his professional debut. The 2013 34th round pick, who missed last year after having Tommy John surgery a couple months before the draft, walked two and struck out five. Whitehead was #89 on BA’s 2013 pre-season Top 100 Eligible College Prospects, (one spot ahead of Andy Knapp), so he’s got more talent than round 34 would suggest. So everyone freak out.

Also in WIL, Cord Sandberg had his third two hit game to start the year. Perci Garner walked six in five+ innings for Reading, while Tyler Viza gave up nine hits in three+ for Lakewood. Willerker Isava went 3-4 in the VSL. The 2012 six-digit signee has been used sporadically this year, like he was last year.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.


75 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 6/15/2014

  1. I 4got all about Whitehead. Could be a nice value and definately someone worth keeping an eye on.
    As for Viza, it looks like he’s hit a wall. His last few outings haven’t been good. It looks like hell probably be repeating LWood next year. He’s playing up a level so it’s not the end of the world. However, given his early success I thought Phils may get lucky with him moving through the system.

      1. Adam Morgan had a very similar college career (albeit 3 years, not 2), but the Phillies saw something in him and he did not disappoint — when he was on the mound, anyway…

        1. I think the distinction would be that Morgan had slightly better strikeout and walk rates in a much more challenging conference.

          But I should not complain – Whitehead pitched well and I hope he keeps it up.

  2. Sandberg just might be the 2014 version of the 2013 JP Crawford…exploding onto the scene.
    Also………..6PM, June 29th…..if the Phillies are not a 10-5 club over the next 15 games by then…..Ruben,start the dismantling.

      1. Well he’s got the talent to do it. Romus is not drawing any conclusions, just stating the possibility. So far, his performance is the most exciting. We’ll have to see how it holds up over the course of the season.

    1. Thats definately not impossible. Sandberg was considered to be a 1st round type talent who fell because of signability issues. He’s not as advanced as Crawford but he seems to have really good instincts.

  3. Colton Murray has been pitching very well in Reading and is deserving of a promotion soon. I think he could function as a decent 7th inning reliever in the majors.

      1. I couldn’t find any recent scouting reports, but one from when he was in college says he has a low 90’s fastball with good movement, a good, consistent slider, and a usable change up. However, he most likely has changed since then.

  4. This is not directly Phillies related but did you see Daniel Bard’s rehab stats? He’s pitched .2 innings over 4 outings. He’s yet to give up a hit but has a 275.0 ERA.. not 2.75 but 275.0. He’s given up 13 Earned runs. He’s also walked 9 guys and I’m not even sure how many HBPs. And all that in A ball.

  5. I was at Lakewood game yesterday. Some thoughts:
    – sorry to say, but I don’t think Viza is a prospect. I have seen him pitch in person twice. He very rarely breaks 90mph. He gets hit very hard. Even outs are often hard hit. I see very few swing and misses. He looks way, way above his head.
    – Serra is really, really small. Looks lost a plate. And I wouldn’t call him a “wizard” in the field. Not even close to Galvis. Missed some plays and no where close to as fluid.
    – Tocci still looks way over his head at the plate. And while his routes are awesome, his arm is only above average IMO. Example, a runner tagged up on a can of corn to CF and Tocci lined it up perfectly, but one bounced the ball to the pitchers mound. It was a deep fly, but we are not talking an elite arm here.
    – Jessen looked horrible
    – on another note, the Crawdad’s had the worst relief pitching performance I have ever seen at any level including little league. Guy came in and hit 2 guys and walked 2 guys before getting pulled. He actually hit the backstop 6 times in his first 7 pitches. Threw behind Asche 3 times in 4 pitches. It was a comical reminder that it was minor league ball.

      1. yeah. even funnier is that he threw two wild pitches in warmups. lakewood has the bullpen in the foul areas up the base lines. so they had to stop the game twice just to get the balls while he was in warmups.

        1. Not sure why, but your post struck a nerve with me. I wouldn’t use the word ‘funny’ in describing the above. Daniel Bard used to be a very good reliever. He has struggled through injuries and perhaps some ‘Steve Blass’ disease. Watching someone struggle to do something in their profession does not seem as funny to me. Uncomfortable to watch perhaps, but not funny.

          (again, not sure this one got to me a bit, and felt the need to take 2 minutes to reply.. back to work).

          1. If 2 bullpen pitches onto the field of play followed by 6 to the backstop en route to 2 HBP and 2 walks isn’t funny I just don’t know what is anymore.

    1. Carlos Tocci looks overmatched because he is….wait for it….overmatched. He stinks. Sorry guys. I know he’s a fan favorite around here and please spare me the he’s only 18, and he will get stronger, and he supposedly has a good hit tool, and all the usual retorts. Yes, this is an Inexact science, and yes you probably think I’m jumping the gun, and yes I could be wrong. All that being said though… He stinks. Seen him 4-5 times. My opinion. Sorry if you don’t like it

      1. He may very well never amount to much as a ball player, but be patient. 18 is still young for the league. He has a long way to go and it looks like he may never fill out, but he has good instincts and guys like that shouldn’t be counted out so early. In a weak system like the Phillies, he’s a top 20 talent.

        1. Oh, please. He said he is top 20, which he CERTAINLY is. I tend to be a skeptic that he is top 10 (tI would say probably around 11 to 14); that’s something reasonable people may disagree about.

          What we have is this:

          (1) Plus defense in CF.
          (2) Hitting numbers which are improved from last year and which are decent – not great but not supportive of an opinion that “he stinks.”
          (3) Good reports from people who are paid to evaluate prospects.
          (4) Not a lot of muscle at 18, and varying opinions as to how much more he can add.
          (5) Reports from two readers who have seen him and don’t like what they see.

          Now, where does that leave us? As I said, 2 and 4 are enough for me to take a “show me” attitude and rank him a little lower than some do. But it’s silly to suggest (as you seem to be doing) that the fact that myself, Dfrey and most of us haven’t seen him means that we need to defer to the more extreme skeptics who have seen him (and whose scouting accumen is unknown at best). I’m sorry, but I’m relying upon 1 to 4 and putting almost no weight on 5.

          1. Larry – My reply was to TheAnswer333 who clearly stated that Tocci stinks based on seeing him 4-5 times.

          2. I think the reason people (like myself) are down on Tocci is because he is simply over-hyped.
            1. true, but that is only 1 tool
            2. hardly. k% is up, bb% is down. and his batting average increase is babip driven.
            3. haven’t seen a compelling report in a while, but i hope they are right
            4. added very little from past year
            5. have you seen him play? once? and it is not just bad reports from 2 non-scouts. he has no productivity.

            IMO, he would be better off if we did NOT hype him. and he was in XST to start the season and then went to WPT.

            1. His better numbers this year may be primarily BABIP-driven, but his .253 BABIP last year was probably not due to bad luck, but due to not hitting the ball hard.

              Now he has a .309 BABIP, his line-drive rate is up a lot, and his ISO is up from .040 to .070. And his June numbers are phenomenal (I would guess significantly better than any two-week span in his career so far).

            2. I think you are exactly right on your last point. As with Galvis, the Phillies have a strong tendency to over-promote guys with great gloves to levels where their bat is not just lacking, but non-competitive. I think they want the glove to help the pitching at the higher level, but this likely really stunts the glove-guys development. Is it really possible to develop effectively as a hitter in a league where you are simply in far over your head? When have the Phillies ever done this successfully? It is not as if Galvis and Tocci had bats that were behind their age-appropriate level, they were rushed through the system, compounding the problem. Jordan says that players won’t be promoted until they have mastered the level they are at. Well, Tocci has yet to master a level as a hitter. We drafted zero HS position players this season. Tocci really could be playing CF in the GCL after that season starts. Give him a chance to put up some decent offensive numbers and work with the Clearwater training staff to do some bulking up. If the PHillies have taken the sink or swim approach with him, then it is time to admit that he’s sinking.

          3. why is that someone who has seen him play in person is called ‘extreme skeptic’? I don’t think anyone on this board is a paid scout. What that means is your going to get a non-expert opinion which could be dead on or way off. That’s for each person to decide if it carries value. But labeling people who are going to these games as extreme skeptics is devaluing anything that have to say…which I think is wrong.

        2. Let’s start here…I’ve seen him play live multiple times which 99% of the people on here can’t say.

          As far as me proving my scouting acumen to you, what can I possibly say here that wouldn’t make me sound like a total jerkoff…short of me saying I was a major league scout at some point.

          Like I said, sorry if my opinion bothers you, but I encourage you to go see him play at least once before you attempt to invalidate my opinion.

          And if you really want to go back and judge my scouting acumen, you an do your own searching and find the various game summaries I’ve posted in comment threads over te years that ended up being spot on regarding Cody asche, maikel franco, and Mario Hollands among others. You see, I actually go to games and wath these guys, which separates me 99% of the people on here. Find someone else (other than me) that was touting Mario Hollands as a future major league reliever 3 summers ago, and report back. Thanks and have a good day

          1. I am glad someone finally said this. Its a really really good idea to see these guys play if you can. Trust me…it will change your opinion that is based purely on box scores. I had Zach Green as my biggest break-out candidate..then after seeing him play about 4 times (pre-injury)…you won’t hear me making that case anymore. If I hadn’t seen how slow he was running and how long his swing was….I would still be here thinking he was Godzilla in the batters box just waiting to break-out.

            1. Not much Zach Green can do about the leg speed, but still time to adjust his swing. However, my guess, his future positions will be first or LF

          2. Well you certainly are pretentious. So you took a WAG on some guys and two made it to the big leagues. Have you ever touted anyone that failed? I’m sure you haven’t because you would’ve shown that in your post to be fair correct?

            1. Hey man I just posted my opinion on Tocci and clearly said its jut my opinion in my original post. Then you make a point of questioning my “scouting acumen”.

              And I’m the pretentious one? Take a look in the mirror man.

              Of course I’ve been wrong about players. If i said I haven’t been if be full of it.

              Again, like I said, go see some players live sometime and then let me know what you see instead of what you read on a website.

              Thanks, and again, have a good day. Let me know if you need some insight on another player that you’ve never seen before and I’ll tell u all about them again

            2. I always try to appreciate in person scouting reports, and it’s true that we miss a lot just following the numbers.

              The problem occurs when someone makes very strong pronouncements after seeing a player just a few times, and based on seemingly shallow analysis (e.g. “he stinks, he’s skinny, doesn’t hit the ball hard”).

          3. Anonymous VOR was the first one to be positive on Hollands back in the day.

            There is room for evaluating players both with your eyes and through the lens of an analyst. People should stick to what they are good at. Hopefully we can bring opinions on both sides and get a better feel for what each minor leaguer really is. In general I am wary of anyone who is too stringent (having made that mistake myself) on either side.

            1. I make no claims about being first on Hollands. I just know that years ago I was posting about him being a future big league reliever while others were talking about him never getting past AA. That’s all.

              And I agree completely about judging players both with your eyes and with the advanced analytics stuff. In fact that’s exactly what I do. And that’s how I came to
              My opinion on Tocci. Like you said , the bigger problem are te people that only rely in one of those, like this Riggs guy that has never seen Tocci play but gets all over me because my opinion doesn’t agree with what he read on a website

            2. You speak in such hard terms. You know from your vast knowledge that I’ve never seen Tocci in person? How would you know that? What if I have? What if I’ve seen him multiple times and think that he’s an 18 year old playing in a league with a bunch of 20/21 year olds? That it takes time to develop into a prospect? That at this point in his career, I can’t say with any authority that he will be good, mediocre or terrible? Maybe I’m reserving judgement WHILE HE DEVELOPS. Instead of being right amongst some anonymous internet banter.

          4. No offense man, but you’re making some pretty definitive claims–if you’re going to say he “stinks,” based on seeing him 3 or 4 times in person, I think it’s justifiable for someone to say in reply: hey, who are you to judge? I’m not sure if your thing about saying you couldn’t go into your qualifications/background to offer such opinions based on your firsthand observation would make you look like a “total jerkoff” was meant to suggest you have lots of experience, and thus would seem to be boasting, or have no experience at all, and thus would be revealed to be talking out of your ass. I for one wouldn’t mind hearing you back up your opinions with some context for evaluating whether those opinions should carry weight.

            I understand that there are those that are skeptical about Tocci based on the fact that he hasn’t yet shown that hockey-stick type increase in production that you’d hope for from a talented player repeating Low-A ball. That’s totally reasonable in my view. What I don’t get is these seemingly daily talk-radio-esque rants about how he stinks or is overrated or isn’t worth bonus money or whatever.

            So, all that said: I’ve also seen Tocci play several times over the course of a couple of seasons (all in spring training), which I would say makes me qualified to say … exactly nothing based on my personal observation. Except to observe he is skinny. But like Larry, I do know there are several independent factors to suggest Tocci is a legit prospect, albeit one who is far from a finished product. I’m eager to see how he develops and disinclined to come to any definitive conclusions when he’s still this young. Does that make me one of those over-hyping Tocci? Because I feel like that’s pretty much the consensus opinion on him at this point.

            1. People, like TheAnswer333, like to make definitive statements on players and be proven correct. Unlike the majority of people who follow the minor leagues closely, some, like TheAnswer333, want to crap on prospects for his own personal satisfaction so that he can say “I told you so” to a bunch of anonymous people on the internet.

    1. So sad, condolences to Jr. and the rest of the family.

      Great guy – one of the best ambassadors baseball has ever had. Represented his city and ballplayers about as well as one could. Went on coaching and helping young players when he could have just sat around doing nothing or attended only to his son.

      Thanks for the memories Mr. Padre. You deserved the nickname!

  6. I thought brown might start at lakewood, I guess that is too high a level to start for him?? I just saw that the a international kid will sign for 3 million, what is the cap on international signings,

    1. Tale of two franchises:
      Phillies at 3.2M…don’t worry, they will not bust their allowance…not sure they will even get close.
      Yankees at 2.1M…..they will or some say have already busted theirs.

      1. If the Yankees and Cubs bust slot this year they can’t sign anyone next year. Do you or anyone know how much the Phillies actually spent on International signings?

  7. Saw a tweet from Matt Gelb that said Phillies recalled Aaron Altherrr to replace Tony Gwynn Jr. Phillies needed someone on the 40-man to call up. I doubt he’ll play much, if at all, and he’ll surely go back down once Gwynn gets off the bereavement list……….but at least it gives another reason to tune-in to the games.

    1. I guess the 40 man roster thing is why it was him over Castro, as i posted right after you did. i guess that makes sense, not gonna add someone to the 40 for a few days…hope alther gets a few abs…maybe one start just for the heck of it to see what hes got

    2. Congrats to Aaron for making the show (no matter the circumstance). Enjoy it while you are up there!

  8. Interesting, Altherr gets the call up in Gwynn Jr.’s place, over a guy like Castro who doesn’t have the upside Altherr has, but is certainly more ready for the show

    1. I could be wrong but I don’t think Castro is on the 40-man roster. I think it came down to either Altherr or Zach Collier from the farm.

      1. Collier is on the DL, so really it was only Altherr. Unless they wanted to mix up who’s on the 40-man.

    2. Altherr would only get into a game as a defensive replacement is my guess and he can play all 3 OF positions and CF at a very high level. I don’t believe that Castro can play CF.

      Had they actually wanted a guy who would take some AB’s while Tony Jr. is away then maybe it would have been Castro. Just a hunch.

  9. Geez all this non love over a skinny 18 . Congrats to Altherr like to see him get a abat. Sorry to see one of the best hitters in baseball pass on. OK did anyone see anything positive from the Lakewood game? Let’s hope the Phillies beat the Braves tonight.

    1. Good luck to Mr. Altherr. I’ve been a little skeptical about the bat, not because there isn’t potential there, but because I’m tired of 6’5″ toolsy guys who have such long arms that its hard for them to be effective – quick-to-the-ball- big league hitters. But Altherr is actually the kind of gamble you have to like – very lanky, athletic and projectable – a perfect lottery pick for a 9th rounder.

    1. I temper my enthusiasm for Aaron Brown based on the pure fact he turns 22 in a few days and age must be factored in when trying to project his future.
      I hope you comes in like gang-busters and tears up and climbs quickly thru the system.

      1. Unfortunately, his age means there’s less time to (say) switch him to pitcher if playing the outfield doesn’t work out. It’s easier to do that with someone starting at 18.

  10. It’s ashame Gillies got out righted a couple weeks ago. He prob wdve finally got the call up to the bigs .

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