Anthony Hewitt Released

When you pick for the boom, sometimes you get the bust – Clearwater announced on Twitter that Phillies 2008 First Round Draft Choice Anthony Hewitt has been released. Hewitt was old for his class, when at 19 years old he was taken with the 24th overall pick in out of Salisbury Prep (CT). He received a $1.38 million signing bonus at the time.

Over 2300+ PAs of professional ball, Hewitt triple slashed 223/264/370, with 82 doubles, 24 triples, 63 home runs and 94 stolen bases, and 763 Ks to just 91 BBs.

Matt’s profile of Hewitt’s career is here, last updated in the fall of 2012, before he had what I guess you would call a resurgence in 2013. Last year, the right-handed hitting Hewitt OPSed above .700 for the first time in his career, and added a couple points to his walk rate, while feasting on left-handed pitching, prompting some to wonder at the time if he’d make a short big league career for himself as a platoon/bench option if he could play decent defense and steal some more bases. 2014 has been a train wreck, however, as he OPSed .317 over two levels, having been demoted from AA Reading to A+ Clearwater a few weeks ago.

By many accounts, Hewitt was one of the hardest working guys on every team on which he appeared, and it’s a shame to see a guy like that never figure it out. Sometimes that’s just not enough to force a good ballplayer out of a good athlete.

22 thoughts on “Anthony Hewitt Released

    1. This definitely doesn’t “suck”. Eventually, you’ve got to replace the underachievers.

  1. Making almost 1.5 million over the last six years is a decent consolation prize. Maybe he goes to an independent league and figures it out. Good luck and all the best to him.

  2. it is time to clean house, hopefully these new draft picks will be the beginning of something special

  3. AH should be the case for NOT drafting guys with “tools”, when they haven’t shown many of those “tools”.

    1. The ‘tools’ guys mostly have been 4.5 tool players…….unfortunately, that ‘.5’ is hitting the curve ball.

      1. Romus what i never could understand about hewitt, was the remarks scouts said, he didnt face good competion,didnt fare well in cape cod, i believe was the league he tried, yet they took him, seems almost the same with larry greene, work out giants, no body of work that showed the hit tool.

    1. I wish Mr. Hewitt success in his life and hope he used his signing bonus well to create future oppurtunities.

  4. Just think…they could have signed one of many pitchers then available. Horrendous jugement by the Phils’ scouts, coaches and the front office. Drafting him was the proverbial shot in the dark, more so because he was a HS player in weak competition. It was a reach, thinking that they well could have found a gem. His inability to hit a curve ball should have been discovered before they chose him.

    The loss (no chance) of that draft choice imploded when they then gave up more #1 choices in signing free agents followed, NOW resulting in the present status of the big club and the piss-poor condition of the farm system.

    PERHAPS, their present and continuing lousy play will result in a higher draft choice position in ’15. Maybe #1 or #2, etc. Then, with having tried to fill the mound now will allow our draft then of an outstanding position player with exceptional hitting/slugging ability matched with a good all-around game. An outfielder with those skills seems a good likely choice.

    For those conversant with NEXT year’s likely draftees, it might be good to predict who might be available then…?

  5. Don’t the Phillies now owe him a full ride college scholarship? I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes on to play big time college football.

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